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Fix for --help
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2 parents 7c5492f + 281872f commit c08015172ab57fcc74f424b91244b91950231363 @dagwieers committed Oct 31, 2012
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@@ -165,8 +165,10 @@ mrepo options:
-q, --quiet minimal output
-r, --repo=repo1,repo2 restrict action to specific repositories
--remount remount distribution ISOs
+ -t, --type=type1,type2 mirror types to use. Default: file, fish, ftp, http, https, mc, rhn, rhns, rsync, sftp, mrepo, you
-u, --update fetch OS updates
-v, --verbose increase verbosity
+ --version print mrepo version information
-vv, -vvv, -vvvv.. increase verbosity more
--unmount unmount distribution ISOs

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