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Reposync fixes #28

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A couple of fixes for reposync support. One option being passed was not present on RHEL5, but wasn't really needed. The other was using the wrong logic for an option.


For debugging purposes, I suggest the dryrun flag passed on the reposync section to effectively run the reposync command (with the "--urls" option, already present), rather than printing the raw command that would be executed.


@tranky: you mean always run reposync like in

-    ret = run("%s %s -t -c '%s' -r %s -p '%s'" % \
-              (cf.cmd['reposync'], opts, reposync_conf_file, reponame, path))
+    ret = run("%s %s -t -c '%s' -r %s -p '%s'" % \
+              (cf.cmd['reposync'], opts, reposync_conf_file, reponame, path),
+               dryrun=True)

Can this be tested and added to the pull request please?


@zyv: exactly as I meant, tested and verified.

@dagwieers dagwieers merged commit b53d52a into from
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@@ -1469,11 +1469,9 @@ def mirrorreposync(url, path, reponame):
opts = opts + ' --urls'
if cf.reposynccleanup:
opts = opts + ' --delete'
- if not cf.reposyncnewestonly:
+ if cf.reposyncnewestonly:
opts = opts + ' --newest-only'
- opts = opts + ' --norepopath'
# store a temporary YUM config to use with reposync
reposync_conf_contents = """[%s]
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