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* 0.6 - 10/09/2012
- Implement debugging output (-vvv)
- Fixes to office comparison
- Documentation improvements
- Improvements to Windows support (Volker Paulsen)
- Improvements to MacOSX support (Scott Prahl)
- Improvements to FreeBSD support (Peter)
- Fix for random segfaults with OpenOffice/LibreOffice (Volker Paulsen)
- Reliability check for unoconv listener (Volker Paulsen)
- Fix Text Encoded filter definition (Samuele Kaplun)
- Improve code quality according to pylint (Samuele Kaplun)
- Fix for export plugin options (-e)
- Change to how import plugin options (-i) work (incompatible change)
- Use instead of localhost to avoid potential resolver problems (Maik Penz)
* 0.5 - 16/04/2012
- Improve handling of LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Paul Polak)
- Change to how -o/--output/--outputpath works (can now output to filenames too)
- Added LibreOffice support (Hans de Graaff)
- Replaced OpenOffice by LibreOffice in source code and documentation
- Automatically look for installed LibreOffice and OpenOffice binaries/libraries
- Switch to LibreOffice python binary to load matching pyuno library
- Show Office location when using -v -v
- Fix a problem when not using UNO_PATH and LibreOffice (Daniel Díaz)
- Improvements to Windows support (Miklos Vajna)
- Improvements to MacOS X support (Troels Knak-Nielsen)
- Improvements to OpenBSD support
- Improvements to Gentoo support (David E. Narváez)
- Added -n/--no-launch option to prevent lanuching new office instance (Alexander Oryol)
- Fix for LibreOffice double-hyphen options since LibreOffice >= 3.4 (Lars Knickrehm)
- Deal with integer values in export filters (Steven Davidson)
* 0.4 - released 20/10/2010
- Now properly check if there is a GUI attached and terminate() or -unaccept instance
- Added official OpenOffice path '/opt/openoffice*/program'
- Added support for OpenOffice on Windows (*redacted*)
- Added --pipe option to communicate with UNO pipe (*redacted*)
- Added -o/--outputpath option to modify the output path (*redacted*)
- Added support for MediaWiki output (txt)
- Added OpenOffice path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var
- Added -nofirstwizard to ooffice invocations
- Improved the unoconv manpage
- Added proper exitcode (Alan D. Salewski)
- Fixed the license conflict between COPYING and header, the license is GPL, not LGPL
- Give a proper error when a library was found, but failed to get imported
- Make errors somewhat more identifiable
- Added -T/--timeout to try to connect every 0.5 second until timeout has reached default: 3 secs)
- Fixed a typo in bydoctype() (Hugo Lopes)
- Updated filter list based on OpenOffice 3.1
- Added Unified Office Format (uot/uos/uop) support
- Update indexes when converting (Winfried Rohr)
- Find soffice.bin binary (once) similarly to finding uno library
- Use soffice.bin binary instead of soffice wrapper so we can more reliable terminate the process
- Added -e/--export to set export filter options (eg. PageRange, Quality, UseLosslessCompression, ...)
- Added -i/--import to set import filter options (eg. utf8)
- Use subprocess module instead of os.spawnvp for better Windows compatibility
- Added docs/filters.txt with information about import and export filters
- Added official OpenOffice path for MacOSX (Jeff Harmon)
- First update links, then indexes (Nicolae Mihalache)
- More improvements to OpenOffice support on Windows (*redacted*)
- Improve terminating OpenOffice on Windows (*redacted*)
- Support OpenOffice installations on Windows on drive-letters other than C: (*redacted*)
- Allow to apply a style template during conversion
- Improvements to stdout and stderr messages consistency
- Updated documentation
* 0.3 - released 31/08/2007
- Determine doctype from input filename (if not specified)
- Created a seperate class and allow to use as a library (like
- Makefile now adds symlinks for different ODF formats like eg, odt2pdf or odp2pdf
- Added MacOSX NeoOffice path '/Applications/' (Peter Stevens)
- Added OpenSUSE 10 OpenOffice path '/usr/lib*/ooo*/program' (Leo Eraly)
- Start and stop OpenOffice automatically when needed (Matthieu Moy)
- Added --listener option to make OpenOffice accept client requests (Matthieu Moy)
- Changed -b option to -f option to match a2x options
- Add unoconv manual page
* 0.2 - released 20/05/2007
- Added support for almost 100 graphics, presentation and spreadsheet documents
- Added -d/--doctype option to specify the document type
- Added -v/--verbose to show more information
- Added Gentoo oofice path '/usr/lib/openoffice/program' (Peter Draho)
- Show proper error when file does not exist (Peter Draho)
- Make long options work :)
- If format is not recognized, scan by extension
- Use glob to find possible location of pyuno
- Option -d/--doctype now affects -l/--list
* 0.1 - released 19/05/2007
- Initial release
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