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I'm trying to use unoconv with just the command line tools of libreoffice on a centos install.The neccessary tools seem to be, soffice.bin, and python (I couldn't find any python-core files). To do this I'm trying to modify the paths to look in to search in the current directory. However, I'm getting an error that the install can't be located. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not currently possible.
my code is
extrapaths += glob.glob(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))+'*') + \
Thanks, Jack


Can you explain what you mean with "just the command line tools of libreoffice" ?

Sure, I just copied the entire /usr/lib/libreoffice directory from my local machine to my remote one. I can't use rpm on my remote machine to install libreoffice, so I figured unpackaging it locally and then uploading would work. If this won't work then I'll try to find some other approach.


unoconv should be able to detect your installation, there should not be any reason to modify the extrapaths in this case.

Agreed, but I couldn't install at the same path as on my local machine since I don't have root access at my remote server. So i uploaded everything to a username/unoconv folder which is the path I am trying to get unoconv to recognize.

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