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first of all, great work on the tool, loving it!

I'm however having some problems fine tuning my system to work at peak efficiency. I am starting a listener like described "unoconv --listener &" and performing several conversions. What I observed however is that there seams to be only one LibreOffice instance running at a time and could not find a way of making it use all available resources (presumably running in n+1 threads). Is is possible to run several listeners with several office instances and load balance between them?

Any thoughts on how one can achieve that?



Have you tried running listeners on different ports ?

You'll need some sort of dispatcher if you want to have unoconv use different instances on different ports, but I haven't tried it.


Apparently this is not possible if I have to believe #172 , #209 and #225.
Maybe bring this up on the LibreOffice forums ?

I am closing this issue, please continue the discussion on #225 !

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