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Permission in unoconv aren't applied to PDF #75

tcarmen opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I'm trying to create a PDF that can be read and printed but not modified.

With unoconv 0.5 from github, running on Fedora 17:

unoconv -e RestrictPermissions=True -e PermissionPassword=abcdef -e Changes=False -o /tmp/out.pdf -f pdf /tmp/in.fodt

works perfectly except that there are no permissions set (PDF can be modified).

I added some debugging code to unoconv and the parameters do seem to be getting passed in, but I haven't got a clue how to debug the interface to LO.

Anybody have any idea how to fix it, or where to look?



@dagwieers dagwieers referenced this issue from a commit
@dagwieers Cannot use UnoProps for FilterData property
The UnoProps abstraction function cannot be used for more complex
datatypes like DataFilter needs. This fixes the regressions reported
in issue #75.

Thanks for reporting this. While looking into this specific issue, I discovered none of the export filter options (e.g. PageRange) where working correctly. I fixed this troubling bug now. Please verify and reopen if you still have this issue.

@dagwieers dagwieers closed this
@dagwieers dagwieers was assigned
@dagwieers dagwieers referenced this issue from a commit
@dagwieers Fixes for something that broke ?
Closes #75 and #76.
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