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Create a plugin/extension framework for document manipulations #84

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We often get very specific feature requests from expert users that are hard to implement in generic ways. For this I think it could be useful to allow users to run one or more plugins/extensions between the import and the export phase.

Possible extensions could do one or more of the following manipulations:

  • search-and-replace content
  • metadata changes
  • content or encoding changes
  • adding/manipulating fields (#193)
  • export selections (#34 and #51)
  • page (dimension, orientation) changes (#32 and #116 )
  • style, paragraph, character changes
  • complete reformatting
  • adding indexes, headers, footers
  • removing images (#83)
  • add encryption (#48)
  • disabling comments, merging/hiding/showing changes (issue #40)  - disabling/enabling options

The benefit of this is that users are no longer limited to the existing functionality and hopefully some of those contributed extensions that do have a more generic use can be integrated as options, while specialized use-cases can be shared among users.

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