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MathType equations in docx file generates very small images #91

chinakr opened this Issue · 6 comments

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All MathType equations in docx file generates very small images with unoconv convertion.

Generally, the generated equation images are hard to regonize. For example, the equation 1/10 will be 12 x 23 pixles and 3^2 will be 10 x12 pixels. The equation images are in GIF format.

How can I deal with these situations? Is there an argument that can scale the equation images? Thanks a lot!


What happens if you export to DOCX using LibreOffice ? I would expect that the same thing happens.


The MathType equations are originally edited in a doc file. If I save it as a docx file in LibreOffice, all the equations will be lost and appears as blanks. So the unoconv generated html file will never have the equation images either.

If I save it as as a docx file in MS Office 2007, the equations will remain and can be edited as MathType objects. Now unoconv will work with the euqations, but the generated images are very small and hard to regonize. This is why I hope to find the way that can scales the images.


Ok, zou you convert from DOCX to HTML, right ? You did not mention that before, so I assumed this happened when exporting to DOCX, I am still not a mind-reader.

So let me rephrase my original question. What happens if you export to HTML through LibreOffice ? The reason why I asking you this is that if it doesn't work in LibreOffice, it surely will not work in unoconv. And in that case you should be opening a bug with the LibreOffice project instead.


If I re-save an doc file with MathType equations into HTML file, the equation images will be normal. But if I re-save an docx file into HTML, the equation images files will be too small, which is the situation unoconv meets.

Maybe I should complain it as a bug to LibreOffice project. Thanks for your patient and excellent work!


If you open a ticket in LibreOffice bugzilla, please leave a reference to the ticket in this issue so other can track it as well. I will keep the issue open until it is resolved upstream. Thanks for your perseverance ;-)


I save the docx file as odt file in microsoft office and covert the odt file to html with unoconv, then I get the normal size equations.

any ideas?

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