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= WiiPresent
The below list is an overview of missing functionality, ideas and known
shortcomings for both wiipresent as well as libwiimote.
== Priorities
- Make the mouse pointer move based on IR data (use WMD implementation)
(should probably go into libwiimote, not wiipresent)
- Pick the closest (< rssi) or stongest (> quality) wiimote if more than one
(should probably go into libwiimote, not wiipresent)
- Put keycode configuration in separate config-files that are activated
when mouseover application
- Disable screen blanking (xset dpms/xset -q) and restoring after use
== Ideas
- Allow to set a timeout time (to not drain battery when used as a remote)
- Allow to scroll up and down using B-key and tilting up/down (like the Wii)
- Rumble/flash lights when battery low
- Make sound when presentation is over
- Record timings and print timestamp + keypress for later review
(follow keypresses so we know on what slide we are too)
- Report when batteries of IR sensorbar are low
(calculate distance and compare with dot strength)
- Implement the power button to disconnect the device cleanly
(this is a bug in libwiimote)
- Use playertoggle to switch between skip forward and next playback
- Implement on-screen writing as replacement for laser
(needs IR working for making this practical)
- Auto-disconnect option to safe batteries (eg. when used as remote)
(and fast auto-reconnect)
- Make keys repeat like a keyboard (first press, wait 200ms than repeat)
== Bugs
- Known bug where for the root window (0x01) we find no application name
- qiv and vlc when going into fullscreen
== Bugs in libwiimote
- Battery status updates do not seem to work ?
- Infrared only works when acceleration sensors are enabled
- Unable to capture when wiimote is turned off
== Features for libwiimote
- Functionality to verify or get the Wiimote name
- Functionality to scan for wiimotes is missing
- Absolute positions for infrared handling is missing
- Sound support
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