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AngularJS GitHub Contributors

This project is a port of the YUI 3.5 app GitHub Contributors to AngularJS.

The CSS has been taken unchanged from the original app. The html structure has also been taken from the original app, but it has been modified to work with AngularJS.

Known differenses between this port and the original app:

  • No pluralization of the word contributor in the on hover title, of the contributors thumbs.
  • One more json query to GitHub, 4 instead of 3.
  • Fewer lines of javascript code, 93 compared to 387, excluding lines with comments and empty lines!


View the app AngularJS GitHub Contributors.


  • All my code is licensed under the Modified BSD License, excluding the lib directories.
  • The html code in the partials directory is also licensed under the same BSD License as the original app.