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A Spring Boot web crawler setup/example with crawler4j, Jsoup, Spring Data JPA (Hibernate), PostgresDB.
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Java Crawler Setup

Keywords: Crawler4j, Jsoup, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, PostgreSQL, Multi-threading, Image crawler.

A Spring Boot web crawler setup/example: crawler4j for crawling, Jsoup for parsing, Spring Data JPA as ORM, PostgreSQL or direct files output as persistence.

It will be crawling 800~p beautiful images as a working example.

I uploaded two versions:

CrawlerLocalFiles: stores local image files in a folder.

CrawlerWithDB: this one can switch between three output modes: stores as local files, stores into PostgreSQL or does both. It's set by a keyword in the

Quick Example

I included a fat jar(CrawlerLocalFiles) at the top level folder. Download it, you will need Java 8 jre, run java -jar CrawlerLocalFiles.jar in command line. You gonna see links flying through. A new folder named images will appears with freshly crawled jpgs in it. It will keep working till you hit exit ctrl + c. If not it will crawl all the links within the URL: (Don't do it).

Side Node for offers 4 sizes/tiers of images:

  1. thumbnail
  2. around 800p <==== We're getting this here, and only this.
  3. around 1440p
  4. 4k+

Tier 3 is behind a CAPTCHA; Tier 4 is behind authentication.

Side Nodes of the crawler4j

Crawler4j doesn't crawl links in HTML attribute 'srcset', so I have to prase it with Jsoup and send that links back to the crawl pool.


Tom H


Education only


The MIT License

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