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Run an open-source project? Submit a Pull Request to add yourself to the list!

Visit the website:

Add your project

Each of the projects is a file in the projects folder - to add yours, create a new file named after your project, ending in .yml. Ensure all spaces and special characters are replaced with -, to make everyone's life easier. This guide shows you how to create the file directly in your browser without cloning the repository.

The contents of the file are just some details about the project:

name: *your project here*
desc: *some details about the project*
site: *home page or repository URL*
# Note those are tags categorizing your project, not issue labels.
- *tags*
- *to*
- *search*
- *on*
  name: *the label associated with your tasks*
  link: *URL which users can view the tasks*

Check out the up-for-grabs file for an example of this project structure.

Testing the site locally

If you haven't already, clone the repository to your machine:

git clone

If you have a fork of the repository, change dahlbyk for your GitHub account name above.

You need Ruby and Bundler installed to test the site - you can confirm these are present by running these commands:

ruby -v
bundle -v

If you're happy with that, run these commands in the directory where you cloned the up-for-grabs repository:

bundle install
jekyll serve --watch

Then open your browser to localhost:4000 to view the site.

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