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Added some documentation about the macro `from`.

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@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ the full environment. Following code touches file a.txt and writes some text.
(flose fp)}
-Macro `use`
+Macro `use` and `from`
The full environment of Lisphp provides `use` macro. It can import native
PHP functions and classes.
@@ -122,6 +122,20 @@ Static methods in imported classes are also imported.
(<PDO> "mysql:dbname=testdb;host=" "dbuser" "dbpass")
(Lisphp/<Program>/load "program.lisphp")
+There are the macro `from` also. It makes importing objects with resolved names
+ (from Lisphp [<Program> <Scope>])
+It has the same behavior as following code that contains `use`.
+ (use Lisphp/<Program> Lisphp/<Scope>)
+ (define <Program> Lisphp/<Program>)
+ (define <Scope> Lisphp/<Scope>)
+ (define Lisphp/<Program> nil)
+ (define Lisphp/<Scope> nil)

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