Waste no more time entering insert mode just to insert enters!
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Waste no more time entering insert mode just to insert enters!

Are you sick of having to go into insert mode just to enter a newline? Do you wish Vim had an even easier way of entering several newlines at once? Are you sick of people on #vim telling you:

"just use o<Esc> and get over it already!"?

Well, wish no more! Because, this plugin is for you!!1!

How much would you pay for this awesome functionality? One dollar? Maybe even two dollars?!

Well, wait! Don’t answer yet, because…​ There’s More!

Have you ever wanted to be able to Backspace in normal mode? Of course you have! Who hasn’t?! Well, now you can! Absolutely free, with the Insertlessly plugin! Try it today! Go to a line and just start banging away on the Backspace key and watch those characters fade away! You don’t even need to be in insert mode! It even wraps around the start of lines! And it even does so intelligently! Even!

And that’s not all, because for no extra charge, we’ve added the same intelligent, line-spanning delete action you’ve seen on the Backspace key to…​ the Delete key! Amazing, isn’t it? Now you can delete characters AND join lines with one simple key press. Can life in Vim get any better?!

Yes! That’s right! Two, no, three awesome features in one humble little plugin!

Now, how much would you pay?! Just think of the hours of frustration Insertlessly will save you, not to mention the wear and tear on your Escape key.

You might be thinking that you can already do all these things yourself in Vim and that you don’t need this amazingly friendly little plugin, but…​ There’s even more!

That’s right! Not only does Insertlessly let you insert enters without entering insert; not only does it backspace and delete across lines intelligently, but…​ Insertlessly also cleans up any trailing whitespace in your document (or, optionally, only the current line) when leaving insert mode! Tired of seeing rubbish spaces left strewn around other people’s text files? Wish you had a magic wand that would clean all that crap up for you? Well, Insertlessly is here for you!

And wait! I know, right?! It gets even better! Yes! All of these features are customisable with plugin option variables (g:insertlessly_<option>) and <plug> maps for all default key bindings. If it got any better, I’d need to bundle rainbows and unicorns with this plugin!

Quick! Grab your Vim plugin manager and get Insertlessly today! :D