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Find a char, across lines

If you like Fanf,ingTastic; and want to share the W00t!, I’m grateful for tips or beverages.

Fanf,ingTastic; is a Vim plugin that enhances the builtin F f , T t and ; keys by allowing them to wrap over lines with the full gamut of normal, visual and operator pending mode supported. This is all the default configuration of Fanf,ingTastic; provides, however the following enhanced functionality can be enabled through configuration options:

  • Case insensitivity Fanf,ingTastic; is case sensitive by default but can be set to ignore case so that fx will match either x'' or X''.

  • Aliases Fanf,ingTastic; allows you to create aliases which specify a set of characters that will be scanned for when FfTt;, is used on that alias. For example:

    :FanfingTasticAlias b ()
    :FanfingTasticAlias B {}

    would allow fb to search forward to the next ('' or )'' character (spanning lines as necessary). Likewise, TB would scan backwards (spanning lines) to place the cursor just to the right hand side of the {'' or }'' character prior to the cursor’s current position. Of course, with both of these aliases enabled, the user will not be able to find plain b'' or B'' characters with the fFtT;, commands.

Fan,fingTastic; now depends on Tim Pope’s [repeat] plugin for accurate dot operator support in Vim. At this stage, the f,ing commands cannot be composed with the dot operator within a :norm command.