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[DEPRECATED] The objective of this project is to develop a "real" alternative to existing screencasting software. Even if there is a wide variety of software that offers to make screencasts, none of these programs do offer effective solutions combining the features / properties that we could expect of this kind of tool.
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barraq fix #115 and #99
This commit fixes issues caused by path manipulation.
Before this commit paths were badly handled and Dahu was not working properly on Windows platforms.

With the present commit paths are handled as Unix like paths within Dahu-core (JavaScript side), paths
are then normalized on the Java side for specific platforms such as Windows.
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dahu fix #115 and #99 Aug 30, 2014
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Dahu Next

Dahu Next is the code name of the new Dahu. Discussions about the major changes are available on the wiki page


Building Dahu Next requires Gradle and Grunt. Gradle is used to build and package the Java side of Dahu while Grunt is used to build and package the JavaScript side of Dahu.


With the help of Gradle wrapper you don't need to install Gradle on your system to build Dahu, instead just use gradlew (on Linux and MacOS) or gradlew.bat (on Windows).

Build the whole Dahu project:

$ ./gradlew build

Building the editor only:

$ ./gradlew :dahu:editor:build

Running the editor:

$ ./gradlew :dahu:editor:run


Grunt is a task runner for JavaScript. In Dahu Next we use Grunt for task automation (e.g. compilation, optimization, testing, etc.). In order to setup the Grunt environment please read note from the Core sub-project.

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