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Simple Logger 

How to use

npm install lognj

var doct=require('lognj');

var l=doct.getLogger('filelog','/tmp/log/'); //if you want to log into a file 
var l=doct.getLogger('dblog','mydb','log'); // log into db...currently only mongodb is supported  'mydb' is database name and 'log' is collection name
var l=doct.getLogger('socketlog','');
and the codes on the other server side should be 
  socket.on('debug', function (data) {console.log( ;});
  socket.on('error', function (data) {console.log( ;});
  socket.on('info', function (data) {console.log( ;});
  socket.on('warn', function (data) {console.log( ;}); is the log msg you have send through the socket
var l=doc.getLogger();  //do nothing log into command line

it has debug(logmsg) error(logmsg) info(logmsg) warn(logmsg)  trunOffDebug() turnOffInfo() turnOffWarnning() methods
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