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PlanisphereJS (or simply planisphere) is a web application generator based on Meteor. You can generate an application by configuring components provided by various plugins. The configutation is mostly in JSON format and can be edit by GUI.

This is a core package of PlanisphereJS. This package is debugOnly and the editor won't show up in production.

How to use

meteor create planisphere-example
cd planisphere-example
meteor add daishi:planisphere-core
meteor add daishi:planisphere-plugin-main-layout
meteor add daishi:planisphere-plugin-login-page
meteor add daishi:planisphere-plugin-welcome-page
meteor add daishi:planisphere-plugin-tabular-page
meteor add daishi:planisphere-plugin-submit-page
meteor add accounts-password
meteor run

Then, open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.


Note: this demo above is in production mode and there's no editor shown.

You can try the editor by:

git clone
cd planisphere-demo
meteor run

Then, open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.


  • add packages by GUI
  • search plugins at Atomosphere
  • improve the GUI editor