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A Chrome extension to destroy the meaningless web tests in Japanese job hunting.
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A Chrome extension to destroy the meaningless web tests in Japanese job hunting.

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How It Works

A lot of Japanese university students have answers to major web tests in the form of a Microsoft Excel file. I collected many of such answers, turned them into JSON files per type of test, and created a Chrome extension that will automatically look up the questions in the JSON file, find an answer and select the answers for you. Basically, you just have to click the extension and it will do the test for you. Hurray.

How To Use

This entire directory is the source code as a Chrome extension, load this as an unpacked extension and you can use it in your Chrome.

Might be uploading to Chrome Web Store in the near future.

This extension has not been tested for the actual web test. It is more like a statement to destroy the whole concept of web tests. Japanese corporations please, stop making students take this stupid tests, they are absolutely useless in every single way for assessing job applicants.

It definitely does, however, work on this simulation website for TG-WEB tests. Regardless of whether it gives a right answer or not (no one can actually tell), you will be surprised how the JSON file gives a match for pretty much every single question.

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