A free puzzle tetris game built in Canvas
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font update to 1.2.1 Apr 6, 2011
images update for new features Mar 31, 2011
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This is a javascript base tetris game. open the index.html in your browser and play. You are free to modify the code.

New Feature in 1.1.1 (update on March 31th 2011)

  1. projection for block.
  2. add two short-cut keys, when you press "P" key to pause the game, and "R" key to restart the game.

Update in version 1.2.1 ( update on April 6th 2011)

  1. Create a pause and game over scene
  2. fix the bug that projection block will not over draw on visible block
  3. fix the bug that when user use space bar, the block will not move when it is in the ground.
  4. fix the bug that, when block appears, it will not have space between the top.