Use AngularJS to build a simple Tetris game.
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This is the completed redesign version of my previous Tetris game. This version is built on top of AngularJS. And the idea for ngTetris is inspired by ng-2048.

alt text


Use AngularJS to build a simple Tetris game. Demo link


  1. Colorful and beatiful UI
  2. Ghost piece support
  3. Able to do hard drop and either rotation direction
  4. Five different levels of customable speed control
  5. Let you design your own custom piece and auto saving configuration
  6. Able to save your game in anytime
  7. Able to restore your previous saved record
  8. Responsive UI design for Desktop and mobile
  9. Able to play in your mobile device. Wow
  10. Build from the one of best AngularJS practices, thanks for johnpapa
  11. Use one of most comperhance AngularJS boilerplates, really need to thank: ngbp

Quick Start

Install Node.js and then:

$ git clone
$ cd ngTetris
$ sudo npm -g install grunt-cli karma bower
$ npm install
$ bower install
$ grunt watch

Finally, open the app with the url: http://localhost:9000 in your browser