Google Cloud Vision API Client: Flask + tfPhotoPalette
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Google Cloud Vision API Client

This is a GUI tool to try the feature LABEL_DETECTION of Google Cloud Vision API.

Set your API key


Install pip modules

$ pip install -r pip_modules.txt

Install tfPhotoPalette

You can get it in Chrome Web Store:

Run local server

$ python

Run tfPhotoPalette

You can launch tfPhotoPalette app in following steps:

  • Open chrome://apps/
  • Click the app icon of tfPhotoPalette

Send requests

Give your favorite photo. You can give a photo in following two ways.

  • Drag and drop a photo file onto tfPhotoPalette app.
  • Enter the URL of a photo on the Web and click "Load" button.

And then, click "Play" button in right-bottom of the window. The small window for sending request to local server will open. Select the value Original photo in a left-top select button. In the last step, click "Classify" button to send LABEL_DETECTION request to Google Cloud Vision API through the local server you launched earlier.

Get response

You can get labelAnnotations results.

Please go to for more details.