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Notepad++ plugin for Scintillua's LPeg lexers.
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Notepad++ plugin for supporting Scintillua's LPeg lexers. This adds nearly 70 new languages to Notepad++.

Note: This is still in early development. This is not meant to replace or replicate current Notepad++ behavior. This does not function as a normal "external lexer" as most other do, such as being configurable through the Style Configurator.


Download a release from the Release page. Extract the zip file then:

  1. Copy the Scintillua++.dll (or Scintillua++_64.dll for the 64bit version) to Notepad++'s plugin directory
  2. Copy the Scintillua++ directory into Notepad++'s plugin config directory - most likely located under %APPDATA%


This auto detects files based on file names or file extensions. By default this will only parse files that Notepad++ does not recognize. Setting the override flag to true in the settings file will parse files even if Notepad++ already supports the file type.

This comes with a default theme that is very similar to Notepad++'s default theme. You are also able to create your own as long as they are located in the themes directory and selected in the settings.

You can also create your own custom lexers using the LPeg Lua library.


The code has been developed using MSVC 2015. Building the code will generate the DLL which can be used by Notepad++. For convenience, MSVC automatically copies the DLL and files into Notepad++'s directories.


This code is released under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Other parts of this are covered under their respective licenses.

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