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.idea frontend updates May 10, 2016


Redo of Sam's print-archive site :

Basically, the Daily Bruin's print archives are available in two formats: 1915-2002: Scans stored at in 200 "reels" uploaded by the UCLA Library; accessible by downloading large (700mb) PDFs or by using's lazy loading viewer that allows text searching within the scanned documents 2003-2016: PDFs stored in a Google Drive folder under; updated every night by the Copy department

The goal of the site is to have one place where a reader can easily access the day's paper from any day in our history. The tricky thing is, some of the reels cover multiple years, while others cover only a few months; and there's no way to know the start or end dates without going through them manually. Additionally, searching for a date in the middle of the reel, which contains different newspapers of different page lengths, is a challenge. The Google Drive folder also grows nightly.

Major things to rebuild:

-A way of indexing the reels that makes sense. In Sam's repo, he named a bunch of points within each reel including a "start" point; if a user enters a date after the one named in script.js then their browser will take them to the corresponding reel.

-A way to search that is at least as good as the current search capabilities. Currently you can pick a date, then search in the viewer and it will search within the reel you're currently looking at.

-Make the site prettier

-There should be an emphasis on getting folks to pay for this old copyrighted content. Maybe we could disable download unless folks pay (doesn't need to mean we implement a payment system; just link to our download site) or have a popup after 5 minutes saying that to continue you should donate to DB.

Setting up the Server

  1. Preferably in a virtualenv - pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Setup ENV variables.
  3. python