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Installation (Mac/Linux)

  1. clone repository: git clone
  2. cd into the newly created directory
  3. run ./
  4. run jekyll serve


  • If you get dependency errors, try gem installing them.
  • If you still get dependency errors, look for a Gemfile.lock file in the top level of the local repo, delete it, and re-run jekyll serve.

Installation (Windows)

Follow these instructions. When given the choice, install Rouge instead of Pygments for syntax highlighting. Here are some other considerations when using Jekyll on Windows.

Alternatively, use a VM:

  1. Download VirtualBox
  2. Grab a copy of the latest version of Ubuntu Server.
  3. Install the Ubuntu Server ISO in a VirtualBox VM.
  4. Configure VirtualBox port forwarding from VM port 4000 to host port 4000.
  5. Follow the instructions for Mac installation above.



  1. Develop on your own feature branch. Only the data editor should commit to master.
  2. Follow the coding practices outlined in the docs and the conventions established in existing posts.

Pull requests which do not conform to the above will not be accepted. If you have any questions on how something should be done, please ask the data editor.

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