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from gazjango.accounts.models import UserProfile, UserKind
from gazjango.options.helpers import new_user_groups
from gazjango.subscriptions.models import Subscriber
from registration.backends.default import DefaultBackend
class RegistrationWithProfileBackend(DefaultBackend):
def register(self, request, **kwargs):
Creates a User and UserProfile for a new registration, based on
All of the User logic from the superclass is done; then we set the
User's `first_name` and `last_name` (based on a single `name`
argument), and create a UserProfile based on `kind` (one of
UserKind.KINDS) and, optionally, `year`. We also set the User's groups.
sup = super(RegistrationWithProfileBackend, self)
user = sup.register(request, **kwargs)
user.first_name, user.last_name = (kwargs['name'] + ' ').split(' ', 1)
user.groups = new_user_groups()
kind_args = { 'kind': kwargs['kind'] }
if kind_args['kind'] in ('s', 'a'):
kind_args['year'] = kwargs.get('year', None)
kind = UserKind.objects.get_or_create(**kind_args)[0]
profile = user.userprofile_set.create(kind=kind)
if kwargs['subscribe']:
Subscriber.objects.create(user=profile, receive='i',
racy_content = kwargs['kind'] in ('s','k'),
return user