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Prevents users from doing concurrent editing in Django. Works out of the box in the admin interface, or you can integrate it with your own apps using a public API.
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What the heck is this?

Django has seen great adoption in the content management sphere, especially among the newspaper crowd. One of the trickier things to get right, is to make sure that nobody steps on each others toes while editing and modifying existing content. Newspaper editors might not always be aware of what other editors are up to, and this goes double for distributed teams. When different people work on the same content, the one who saves last will win the day, while the other edits are overwritten.

`django-locking` provides a system that makes concurrent editing impossible, and informs users of what other users are working on and for how long that content will remain locked. Users can still read locked content, but cannot modify or save it.


django-locking is fairly well-documented. Check out the docs!


django-locking comes with a simplified BSD license, see the included LICENSE file for details.
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