Workflow package to add / remove computer objects from dynamically defined OU's in Active Directory.
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Author Details

Workflow Developed by: Tom Bonanno -
Product Documentation available at:

Workflow Description

The workflow add a virtual machine to a dynamically determined Active Directory OU. It also temoves the machine when it is decomissioned..

Workflow Type

This is a State Transtion Event workflow that executes at the Building Machine state.

Workflow Installation

  1. Import Package in to vRO
  2. Run "Install AD Computer Management" located under VMware -> SDE-SET -> vRealize Automation -> Ad Computer Management -> Configuration
  3. In vRA edit property group created by installer

Tested Product Versions

vRA 7.0 / 7.0.1
vCenter 6.0


This workflow and it’s components are provided for informational purposes only without warrant and support .
Included workflow and components are not intended for production use cases and should be used at your one risk.