This project is a set of vRO workflows that allow you to interact with the wink api's to interact with lights, switches, garage doors, door locks, thermostats, smoke dectors, and other managed smart home devices.
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Author Details

Workflow Developed by: Sid Smith -
Product Documentation available at:

Workflow Description

This package is a set of workflows for interacting with the wink API with VMware vRealize ORchestrator.

workflow image

Workflow Installation

  1. Import package into vRealize Orchestrator.
  2. Create HTTP-Rest Endpoint and Operations. (See Rest Operations Info) below for settings.
  3. Map HTTP-Rest operations in "Wink REST Operation Elements" Configuration Element.
  4. Set client_id, client_secret, username, & password in the "Wink REST Operation Elements". (You must request api access from wink to obtain a client_id and secret)

Rest Operations Info

Operation Name Operation Template URL Method ContentType Config Element Attrib Name
Generate Rest Token /oauth2/token POST application/json generateRestToken_restOperation
Get Wink Device /users/me/{deviceType} GET application/json getDevice_restOperation
Activate Wink Object /{deviceType}/{deviceId}/activate POST application/json activateDevice_restOperation
Create Wink Object /users/me/{deviceType} POST application/json createDevice_restOperation
Delete Wink Object /{deviceType}/{deviceId} DELETE application/json deleteDevice_restOperation
Update Wink Device /{deviceType}/{deviceId} PUT application/json updateDevice_restOperation

Supported devices

  • Light Bulbs
  • Switches
  • Outlets
  • Thermostats
  • Door Locks
  • Garage Door

Current Features

  • Lock/Unlock Door Locks
  • Turn On/Off Light Bulbs
  • Turn On/Off Switches
  • Turn On/Off Outlets
  • Activate Wink Scenes (Shortcuts)
  • Open/Close Garage Doors (Except Chamberlain MyQ)
  • Get Smoke Dector Info
  • Get Sensor Info
  • Get Thermostat Info
  • Get Robot Info

To Do

  • Add ability to modify thermostat
  • Add ability to Open/Close Chamberlain Garage Doors
  • Add Support for Quirky Power Strip
  • Create Robots
  • Create Wink Scenes
  • Add Users and assign permissions
  • Create Installer
  • Add Event Subscription Support


This workflow and it’s components are provided for informational purposes only without warrant and support .
Included workflow and components are not intended for production use cases and should be used at your one risk.