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Dailymotion Player SDK for iOS

This repository contains the official open source Objective-C SDK that allows you to embed Dailymotion Videos in your iOS application.

See documentation at

For a full documentation of the Player API, see



Just add the following line to your Podfile (See for more information)

pod 'dailymotion-player-objc'


Just drag and drop the dailymotion-player-objc folder into your project.


Check out the repository and open dailymotion-sdk-objc.xcodeproj for a working example of how to embed the Dailymotion Player into your app.

Also look at the init methods of DMPlayerViewController for ways to embed the Dailymotion Player without using storyboards.


We are relying on the GitHub issues tracker for feedback. File bugs or other issues


Here is what is coming in the next months:

  • Player SDK for Mac OS X
  • New API SDK for iOS and Mac OS X

Need the API SDK?

NOTE: This is the version 2.9.0 and higher of the Dailymotion SDK. This version no longer supports the API SDK.

Check out released tag 2.0.2 for the latest API SDK version:

If you need iOS 3+ support, please check out

Warning: This is not maintained anymore and will be totally replaced in the coming future. Be sure to check this page again to know when the new version of the API SDK will be available.

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