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Dailymotion Player SDK for Windows UWP

This repository contains the official open source .NET SDK that allows you to embed Dailymotion Videos in your UWP application.

For a full documentation of the Player API, see



Just add the Release Lib DmVideoPlayer.dll to your project.


Check out the repository and open Dailymotion_VideoPlayer_Sample.sln for a working example of how to embed the Dailymotion Player into your app.

Also look at the Load methods of DmPlayerController for ways to embed the Dailymotion Player.

White-listing in Package.appxmanifest

You will need to add https://* to the application contentUri rules so that you can communicate with the player and it will need to have WindowsRuntimeAccess="all".

    <Application Id="App" Executable="$targetnametoken$.exe" EntryPoint="MyApp.App">
      <uap:VisualElements Mode code inhere />
        <uap:Rule Match="https://*" Type="include" WindowsRuntimeAccess="all" />


Queue System

The Commands sent to the SDK are sent into a queue, this queue will only be executed once the SDK has recieved and APIReady from the dailymotion endpoint. If you load another video before this event is raised the SDk will drop all previous commands.

Custom User Agent

The SDK allow you to set a custom user agent using the CustomUserAgent property.

help center

Question please use our help center: Issues may also be submited here: GitHub issues tracker or here File bugs or other issues

Demo App

A demo application has been been added that can help you query our public api and then launch the dailymotion player

Warning: This library is up-to-date and maintained if you want to use the Dailymotion Player on your native Windows UWP apps.