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Due to the SSLv3 CVE-2014-3566 vulnerability, the Dailymotion API ser…
…vers are about to drop SSLv3 support. This change allows PHP to chose the best SSL version available by itself. Please update your installations!

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* Better documentation to address misunderstandings about how the SDK…
… works regarding authentication.

* Exposed the `Dailymotion::getAccessToken()` method for those who hate _lazy authentication_.
* Fixed issues with the current URL detector.

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Read release notes


Refreshed the SDK codebase to 2014 standards
* Added more code commentaries and fixed most typos
* Added the possibility to specify a username/password for the proxy (thanks to quazardous)
* Added fluent returns to most setters to allow method chaining (return $this)
* Added redirection follow if allowed by the execution environment
* Added a debug for the CLI SAPI (for xterm-compliant shells)
* Updated the SDK version to better reflect the changes
* Updated the method comments to make it IDE friendly
* More robust version of the HTTP response parser
* Scopes are now always referenced as arrays
* Refreshed the tests to better reflect the state of the Graph API in 2014
* Adding new oauth authorize endpoint URL

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Added support for CurlFile object


Restore getCurrentUrl visibily to protected


Add DROP_QUERY_PARAMS : parameters that get automatically dropped whe…
…n rebuilding current url
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