Android Animation Easing Functions. Let's make animation more real!
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Android Easing Functions Build Status

This project is originally from my another project, AndroidViewAnimation, which is an animation collection, to help you make animation easier.

While, I was still unsatisfied with the animation effect.

So, I started to explore how to make it more and more real.

I found the Easing Functions made by Robert Penne, then, I implemented Easing Functions and make a lovely demo.



NineOldAndroids has been removed since version 2.0. Thanks Jake Wharton.

minSdkVersion: 11

Step 1


implementation ''
implementation 'com.daimajia.easing:library:2.1@aar'

or maven


Step 2

Just like a glider.

AnimatorSet set = new AnimatorSet();
         Glider.glide(Skill.BounceEaseInOut, 1200, ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(mTarget, "translationY", 0, 100))



If you encounter exceptions such as ClassNotFoundExceptions (#4), please add the following to your proguard-project.txt:

-keep class com.daimajia.easing.** { *; }
-keep interface com.daimajia.easing.** { *; }

More details visit official guide.

About me

A student in mainland China.

Welcome to offer me an internship. If you have any new idea about this project, feel free to contact me.