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-* 0.66-SNAPSHOT
+* 0.66
+- Java 7 is now required
- Replaced EWMA with DecayCounter, an implementation that doesn't require a thread pool
+- Add HttpUriBuilder from Airship (Formally Galaxy)
+- Add support for binding Jackson key serializers and deserializers in Guice
+- Add support for fromString method in configuration type coercion
+- Better testing for nulls an unrelated classes in EquivalenceTester
+- [Bug] Http client could attempt to connect to port zero; now throw an exception
+- Minor fixes for windows
* 0.65
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-Airlift 0.66-SNAPSHOT
+Airlift 0.66
-* CounterStats no longer requires a thread pool. It is based on DecayCounter, an implementation
- of a counter that decays exponentially.
+* Java 7 is now required
+Moving forward Airlift will be written using the new Java 7 syntax and APIs, and
+releases will be compiled using Java 7. This means Java 7 is required for
+running Airlift-based servers.
+* No thread pool for CounterStats
+We changed the CounterStat implementation to use forward decay, which eliminates
+the need for a thread pool (and having to manage a thread pool).
+* HttpUriBuilder a fluent api for HTTP URIs
+Building HTTP URIs using is difficult and error prone, so we added
+a simple fluent API for building up HTTP URIs. For example:
+ URI uri = uriBuilder()
+ .scheme("http")
+ .host("")
+ .port(8081)
+ .replacePath("/a/b/c")
+ .replaceParameter("k", "1")
+ .build();
+Additionally, the API can manipulate existing URIs:
+ URI uri = HttpUriBuilder.uriBuilderFrom(URI.create(""))
+ .replaceParameter("a", "apricot")
+ .appendPath("a/b/c")
+ .build();
+* Bind Jackson key serializers and deserializers in Guice
+We've added the ability to bind Jackson key serializers and deserializers with
+the JsonBinder.
+* Configuration types can now use a fromString method for coercion
+The configuration system will look for methods in the folowing order:
+ fromString(String);
+ valueOf(String);
+ <init>(String);
Airlift 0.65
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