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Change Log

Release 1.2.0

This release breaks backward compatibility.

Bug fixes

Wrong import statement cause OSGi to fail

Parameter encoding issue

Test case by Martin Traverso.

Connection Pool: Make sure the channel is still open

NettyAsyncProvider optimization: avoid invoking onStatusReceived and onHeadersReceived multiple time per transaction

Do not set a default Content-Type

fix redirect loop issue

Patch provided by Jenny Loomis.

NettyAsyncHttpProvider.construct incorrectly appends default port to host header

NettyAsyncHttpProvider.construct allows empty Request-URIs in Request-Line

The current reaper may close connection event if they are active

Escape from redirect loops & allow more urls

Patch provided by Jenny Loomis.

Http to Https redirect broken

Mixing secure and not secure connections on a single client causes issues

Support custom HTTP methods

Configurable Connection Pool

NettyAsyncHttpProvider.construct should default to using Accept: / header

AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder leaks executors

onCompleted may get called twice

Race condition when the remote server close the connection and ConnectionsPool is used

Issue HTTPS tunneling when ProxyServer being set on the AsyncHttpConfig

Infinite redirects on some server because “:80” is appended to host name

Use full url (including host : port ) for request thru proxy

Channel must be closed when idle timeout fires

Per request follow redirects

Patch provided by Erwan Loisant.

MaximumConnectionsTotal doesn’t work

Fix Idle timeout

Patch provided by felixtrepanier.

New features

Add security support to ProxyServer

Add support for zero-copy file upload

Progress callbacks

Add CONNECT support

Add request timeout per request

Add support for zero-copy bytes to ResponseBodyPart

Make Response getter more robust, add helper

Add support for preemptive authentication configuration

Expose ByteBuffer in HttpResponseBodyPart to reduce byte copy

Add support for AsyncProviderConfig object that can be used to configure proprietary properties

SSL failure leaks channel

Test case and a fix provided by Michael Pilquist.

Repackage the providers/* to providers/netty

Compile with 1.6+ and run with 1.5+

Add NTLM authentication support

Add WebDav support

Add support for a JDK Provider