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Switch your input method from terminal. This project is a basic support for VSCodeVim. It provides the command line program for VSCodeVim's autoSwitchIM function



Run following command in your terminal:

curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/daipeihust/im-select/master/install_mac.sh | sh

The im-select program will be downloaded to your /usr/local/bin/ path.


Download the im-select.exe, and move it to the proper path.(If you need the 64 bit version, you can download this one.)


Coming soon



If your PATH contains /usr/local/bin, you can just use im-select instead of /usr/local/bin/im-select

To get current input method key


To switch current input method

/usr/local/bin/im-select imkey

For example /usr/local/bin/im-select com.apple.keylayout.US


The im-select.exe is command line program, but it can't work in cmd or powershell. It's microsoft's fault, the keyboard API doesn't support in cmd and powershell. I recommend you babun, an open source windows shell.

To get current keyboard locale


To switch current keyboard locale

/path/to/im-select.exe locale

Note: The path in windows is like: C:\Users\path\to\file