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Democratizing Artificial Intelligence Research, Education, and Technologies

DAIR.AI aims to democratize AI research, education, and technologies. We welcome contributions for articles, research summaries, tutorials, course notes, open source projects, and other educational materials.

Reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you have any questions or want to contribute.


  1. ml-visuals Public

    🎨 ML Visuals contains figures and templates which you can reuse and customize to improve your scientific writing.

    6.6k 845

  2. 📺 A place to discover the latest machine learning courses on YouTube.

    6.6k 779

  3. 🔥 A series of code examples for all sorts of machine learning tasks and applications.

    1.7k 201

  4. 🎓 Sharing course notes on all topics related to machine learning, NLP, and AI.

    2.6k 352

  5. GNNs-Recipe Public

    🟠 A recipe to study Graph Neural Networks (GNNs)

    701 71

  6. 🧠 A quick recipe to learn all about Transformers

    383 43



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