Microservices SDK for .NET applications
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Microservices SDK for .NET applications

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Microservices are groupings of lightweight services, interconnected, although independent of each other, without direct coupling or dependency. Microservices allow flexibility in terms of infrastructure; application traffic is routed to collections of services that may be distributed across CPU, disk, machine and network as opposed to a single monolithic platform designed to manage all traffic.

Click here for an in-depth tutorial on building Microservices using this framework. Image of Microservices as Gears


PM> Install-Package Daishi.AMQP

Sample Code

Connect to RabbitMQ

var adapter = RabbitMQAdapter.Instance;

adapter.Init("hostName", 1234, "userName", "password", 50);

Send a Message

var message = "Hello, World!";
adapter.Publish(message, "queueName");

Retrieve a Message

string output;
BasicDeliverEventArgs eventArgs;

adapter.TryGetNextMessage("queueName", out output, out eventArgs, 50);

Continuously Poll for Messages

var consumer = new RabbitMQConsumerCatchAll("queueName", 10);


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