DAISY Pipeline 2 - v1.10

@rdeltour rdeltour released this Feb 1, 2017 · 110 commits to master since this release

Release Notes


  • NEW new graphical user interface (GUI)
  • NEW installers for the GUI on Windows
  • NEW packaged application on Mac OS X
  • online Java installer bundled in the Windows installer
  • Java Runtime Environment bundled in the Mac OS X app

Command Line Interface

  • NEW clean command to remove jobs with an ERROR status
  • inputs and options arguments are no longer prefixed with --i and --x
  • the version command now works as expected
  • Properly detect Java under OpenJDK and Ubuntu 15.04

Framework and API

  • NEW Add datatypes to options and list them through the api
  • NEW Expose the default value for options
  • NEW Add support for job batches
  • Get rid of the folder in zipped ports and options
  • Catch out of memory errors
  • Return a more meaningful error when inputs are not corect
  • Improved control of script removal
  • Improved logging filters
  • Normalize whitespace in script documentation parsing
  • Do not strip out spaces if xml:space="preserve"
  • Allow posting job requests using a namespace prefix


  • NEW DAISY 2.02 validator
  • NEW DAISY 3 (audio-only) to DAISY 2.02
  • NEW EPUB 3 validator (EpubCheck)
  • NEW EPUB 3 to PEF script
  • NEW HTML to PEF script
  • Experimental audio-only DAISY 3 production
  • Improved MathML production in DAISY 3
  • Improved NIMAS validation
  • Optimized fileset lading
  • ... and various other bug fixes