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DAISY Pipeline 2 - v1.9

@rdeltour rdeltour released this Jan 21, 2015 · 200 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

  • Distribution
    • NEW new CLI implementation (in Go)
    • NEW per-platform distribution, with native CLI executables
    • improve Java detection on Mac OS X
    • notify users of unsupported Java version
    • improve build of Debian packages
  • Framework and API
    • NEW Primary outputs are returned in the jobs list from the web API
    • NEW Script version is returned in the web API
    • Update Calabash (XProc engine) to v1.0.23
    • Configurable number of concurrent threads
    • Fix support for UNC paths on Windows
  • Modules
    • NEW DAISY 2.02 validator
    • NEW DTBook to ODT script
    • NEW DTBook to EPUB 3 with TTS-narrated Media Overlays
    • NEW EPUB 3 to DAISY 2.02 script (experimental)
    • audio new API for audio encoders
    • audio make sure we have logs when Lame is failing
    • epub3 Set the title metadata in EPUB 3 HTML Content Docs
    • epub3 Fix improper tagging of spine items as "non-linear"
    • daisy202-to-epub3 Align audio-only conversion to the TIES guidelines
    • dtbook Fix loss of MathML IDs when converting to ZedAI or EPUB 3
    • dtbook Fix support for validation of DTBook 2005-1 and 1.1.0
    • nlp Proper detection of sentences and words in multiple HTML documents
    • tts Fix a bug with voice listing on Mac OS X
    • tts Possibility to use XSLT in TTS SSML adapters
    • tts Improve multithreading
    • tts Gender-based voice selection
    • tts New modules to process EPUB 3 documents
    • tts Fine selection of TTS voice with aural CSS
    • tts improve support for SAPI5
    • tts Delete the generated audio directory when the JVM exits gracefully

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