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A search engine for programming language based on ruby and redis

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Code Zauker: your code, indexed

Code Zauker is a search engine for programming languages. Code Zauker is based from ideas taken by old Google Code Search and uses Redis as a basic platform

For news and discussion:


To install Code Zauker,simply issue

gem install code_zauker

You need also redis-2.4.6 or better. For a sample redis configuration see the etc/ directory of the project

Release History

Version Date Summary
0.0.4 12 Feb 2012 PDF Searching
0.0.3 03 Feb 2012 Added Case insensitive search.UTF-8 trigram database
0.0.2 29 Jan 2012 Removed dependency on unix find for czindexer.
0.0.1 26 Jan 2012 First RubyGems Release (for testing purpose only)


For developing with Code Zauker you need bundler 1.0.21 or above See file

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