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# ^c^v t to export code
* RType: your fastest Relational database :tryout:
* RType: your fastest Relational database :BETA:
** A table is described as a /set/ of column names only
Internally the system can be meta-described by ordered set.
@@ -65,45 +65,8 @@ RType core is based on embedded SQLite
** RType did not delete :beta:
RType mark elements for deletation only.
An async job re-build tables when system is on low load.
** RType system can manage load peaks, but not constant load peaks
In low-load condition RType do the following actions:
1. Try to reduce to zero the async queue
** No polling: Simple Event engine
RType provide also a event-listener model to attach event to set modifications like:
+ addition of a new element
+ mark-removal of an element
** RType has no transactional semantic :beta:
Storing data has a fixed, predictive cost.
** RType has no replication policy :beta:
Client library manage a pool of replicated RType system.
RType has a async operation model in which all operations are asyncronous.
A standard way of ensuing operation is to do a cascate set of async
operation, one after one.
** RType storage engine is pluggable.
The reference implementation provide a very fast engine
** Symbolic language support
RType is based on /atoms/ which are unique in the system.
* TODO RType secret trick: optimal for simple relational database :resee:
If you have a simple relational database, with a lot of one-to-many relations you can use RType to get the job done.
A small SQL-like declarative language is provided in RType for easy access:
#+begin_src js
db.add("myfriends", "jresig","bgates")
db.add("yourfirends", "jresing", "gking")
db.add("guy-description:jresing", "JQuery Master and Commander")"gui-description:*").from("*").from("myfriend"))
["JQuery Master and Commander"]
Many2Many relations can be mapped via two pairs of one-to-many relations.
* Reference

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