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MOS6581 SID Emulator Arduino Library with stereo capability
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MOS6581 SID Emulator Arduino Library

This library emulates the SID sound chip of the famous Commodore 64.
It is based on the Atmega8 MOS6581 SID Emulator from Christoph Haberer.
Library conversion and memory optimization by Mario Patino.
Stereo Effect by Giovanni Giorgi

Take a look also at
for a dump of common-used musics.
I added the sid_player example from the faravdin source code for a demo of this
library capabilities.


To install this library, just place this entire folder as a subfolder in your
Arduino/lib/targets/libraries folder.

When installed, this library should look like:

Arduino/lib/targets/libraries/SID              (this library's folder)
Arduino/lib/targets/libraries/SID/SID.cpp      (the library implementation file)
Arduino/lib/targets/libraries/SID/SID.h        (the library description file)
Arduino/lib/targets/libraries/SID/keywords.txt (the syntax coloring file)
Arduino/lib/targets/libraries/SID/examples     (the examples in the "open" menu)
Arduino/lib/targets/libraries/SID/readme.txt   (this file)


After this library is installed, you just have to start the Arduino application.
You may see a few warning messages as it's built.

To use this library in a sketch, go to the Sketch | Import Library menu and
select SID.  This will add a corresponding line to the top of your sketch:
#include <SID.h>

To stop using this library, delete that line from your sketch.

Using the stero effect

 The  pin9 is used for  Voice1, Voice3
 The pin10 is used for Voice2

So, the SID Voice2 is redirected to the PWM pin 10 (on ArduinoUno).
No additional load is expected/required
Is up to the client to know how to use this stereo capability.
A small manual is included in the doc/ folder

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