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OAuth API calls

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@@ -34,9 +34,42 @@ <h2 id="D2012-XX-XX-V1.23">2012-XX-XX Flickcurl Version 1.23 Released</h2>
<a href="">GitHub issue 15</a>
+<p>New API calls to set OAuth parameters</p>
+ const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_token(flickcurl *fc);
+ void flickcurl_set_oauth_token(flickcurl *fc, const char* token);
+ const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_token_secret(flickcurl* fc);
+ void flickcurl_set_oauth_token_secret(flickcurl* fc, const char *secret);
+ const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_client_key(flickcurl *fc);
+ void flickcurl_set_oauth_client_key(flickcurl *fc, const char* client_key);
+ const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_client_secret(flickcurl *fc);
+ void flickcurl_set_oauth_client_secret(flickcurl *fc, const char* client_secret);
+ const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_request_token(flickcurl* fc);
+ const char* flickcurl_get_oauth_request_token_secret(flickcurl* fc);
+ void flickcurl_set_oauth_request_credentials(flickcurl *fc, const char* request_token, const char* request_token_secret);
+<p>New API calls for initiating the OAuth flow</p>
+ int flickcurl_oauth_create_request_token(flickcurl* fc, const char* callback);
+ char* flickcurl_oauth_get_authorize_uri(flickcurl* fc);
+ int flickcurl_oauth_create_access_token(flickcurl* fc, const char* verifier);
<p>Updated to 2012-04-18</p>
<h2 id="D2011-12-28-V1.22">2011-12-28 Flickcurl Version 1.22 Released</h2>
<p>Add support for the upload field 'hidden' to set if a photo is
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