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2012-07-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rdf_storage_virtuoso.c: Good casts for calloc / memcpy
calculations [gcc warnings]
(librdf_storage_virtuoso_get_handle): Good cast to size_t for
figuring out the byte sizes.
* src/rdf_storage_virtuoso.c, src/rdf_storage_virtuoso_internal.h:
Use SQLUSMALLINT for ODBC column integer [gcc warnings]
(vGetDataCHAR, vGetDataINT, rdf2node): Take SQLUSMALLINT col
instead of short col.
(librdf_storage_virtuoso_get_contexts_next_context): Use
* src/rdf_storage_postgresql.c:
(librdf_storage_postgresql_get_handle): Cast for memcpy [gcc
* src/rdf_storage_postgresql.c:
Good casts for PQnfields to size_t [gcc warnings]
(librdf_storage_postgresql_find_statements_with_options): Good
casts in calloc.
* src/rdf_storage_virtuoso.c, src/rdf_storage_virtuoso_internal.h:
Move 4K Virtuoso output DSN buffer from stack to storage context.
librdf_storage_virtuoso_instance gains field outdsn
(librdf_storage_virtuoso_get_handle): Use above when calling
* src/rdf_hash_bdb.c: BDB DBT field size is a u_int32_t so cast
bad to that
* src/rdf_node.c:
(librdf_node_decode): Casts from binary to size_t are good [gcc
* src/rdf_node.c:
(librdf_node_decode): Casts from binary to size_t are good [gcc
* src/rdf_hash_bdb.c: Code style
* src/rdf_query_results.c: Range check of index for query results
value/name gets
(librdf_query_results_get_binding_name): Fail with negative offset
always and note FIXME that this should be an unsigned int in
* src/rdf_hash_bdb.c: Use u_int32_t to store BDB flags [gcc
* utils/rdfproc.c: Use int v_idx for indexing into result values
and names
2012-06-28 Dave Beckett <>
* RELEASE.html: 1.0.16
* docs/tmpl/general.sgml, docs/tmpl/unicode.sgml,
docs/tmpl/unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/world.sgml: Update tmpls
* src/rdf_storage_mysql.c:
Code fixes [gcc warnings]
librdf_storage_mysql_instance: Use char* for all char* fields
(librdf_storage_mysql_get_handle): Cast size_t connections count
array computations [gcc warnings]
(librdf_storage_mysql_init): Get port as a long and use it if it
was set it fits into int
(librdf_storage_mysql_terminate): Remove un-necessary casts for
non-const char* configuration variables.
* src/rdf_node.c: Use size_t for language length in internal
calculations [gcc warnings]
(librdf_node_encode, librdf_node_decode): use size_t casts to help
code clarity and mix of size_t and char-promoted-to-int warnings.
* src/rdf_node.c:
(librdf_node_get_literal_value_as_latin1): Use size_t for len
* utils/rdfproc.c: Add a none command and use index 0 as not found
* docs/redland-changes.tsv, src/rdf_utf8.c, src/rdf_utf8.h:
(librdf_utf8_to_latin1_2): unsigned char discard arg
* src/rdf_node.c:
(librdf_node_get_literal_value_as_latin1): Use
* docs/redland-changes.tsv, docs/redland-sections.txt,
src/rdf_utf8.c, src/rdf_utf8.h: Deprecate latin1/utf8 routines
that use int sizes
(librdf_latin1_to_utf8_2): Added deprecating librdf_latin1_to_utf8
(librdf_utf8_to_latin1_2): Added deprecating librdf_utf8_to_latin1
* src/rdf_query_virtuoso.c: Code cleanups for strcpy and size_t
[gcc warnings]
(librdf_query_virtuoso_init): Replace strcpy for known length
strings with memcpy
(librdf_query_virtuoso_execute): Capture strlens and use memcpy
twice rather than strcpy and strcat. Cast context->numCols to
size_t for array calloc [gcc warnings].
Use size_t for col names length.
(librdf_query_virtuoso_results_formatter_write): Use memcpy
Replace strcpy for known length string with memcpy
* src/rdf_hash_memory.c: Revert
d2d6a7a54342deff47ee686fda8d9b87e17ffefa - broke hash memory
* utils/rdfproc.c: unsigned int i for indexing [gcc warnings]
* src/rdf_storage_postgresql.c:
(librdf_storage_postgresql_get_handle): pool size casting [gcc
* src/rdf_storage_mysql.c:
(librdf_storage_mysql_hash): Use size_t length arg [gcc warnings]
* src/rdf_log.c, src/rdf_log_internal.h: Mark librdf_fatal as
REDLAND_NORETURN [gcc warnings]
* src/ Add REDLAND_NORETURN using gcc 3.2+ attribute
* src/rdf_utf8.c: Simplify size_t UTF to/from latin1 work [gcc
(librdf_utf8_to_latin1, librdf_latin1_to_utf8): Make a slength
first then do everything in size_t
* src/rdf_utf8.c: Do UTF to/from latin1 work in size_t and make
bad casts at end
(librdf_utf8_to_latin1, librdf_latin1_to_utf8): Truncate final
results after working in size_t
* src/rdf_hash_memory.c: unsigned int for keys, values, capacity
and bucket sizes [gcc warnings]
(librdf_hash_memory_find_node): u32 for hash_key computation but
then put in an unsigned int bucket
Rest of code: Code style fixes
- many whitespace added around operators.
- pulled assigments out of if - broke long lines
* src/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
(sqlite_string_escape): Use size_t for lengths [gcc warnings]
* src/rdf_storage_trees.c: Good int cast comparing node types [gcc
(librdf_storage_trees_node_compare): Cast to ints is ok when
comparing node types.
* src/rdf_storage_hashes.c:
(librdf_storage_hashes_init_common): Good casts to size_t [gcc
* src/rdf_log.c: Good casts to size_t from int for log lengths
[gcc warnings]
log messages are short
(librdf_log_simple, librdf_fatal): Add
size_t length variables for rewriting more clearly.
* src/rdf_serializer_raptor.c: unsigned int for indexing [gcc
(librdf_serializer_raptor_constructor): unsigned int it
* src/rdf_utf8.c: Many bad size_t casts for utf8/latin1 work [gcc
(librdf_unicode_char_to_utf8, librdf_utf8_to_unicode_char,
librdf_utf8_to_latin1, librdf_latin1_to_utf8): Added casts and
updated docs with warnings. Turned some existing bad casts into
explicit ones.
* src/rdf_heuristics.c, src/rdf_parser_raptor.c,
src/rdf_storage.c, src/rdf_storage_sql.c: More fixes for #if
LIBRDF_DEBUG when it is not defined.
* src/rdf_heuristics.c:
(librdf_heuristic_gen_name): Good cast for length calc [gcc
warnings] Code style fixes
* src/rdf_storage_sql.c:
(librdf_new_sql_config): Good cast for predicates count [gcc
* src/rdf_serializer.c:
(librdf_serializer_enumerate): Good cast for signed seq offset [gcc
* src/rdf_parser.c:
(librdf_parser_enumerate): Good cast for signed seq offset [gcc
* src/rdf_storage.c:
(librdf_storage_enumerate): Good cast for signed seq offset [gcc
* src/rdf_model.c:
(librdf_model_enumerate): Good cast for signed seq offset [gcc
* src/rdf_init.c:
(librdf_new_world): Good cast signed long time_t to unsigned long
* src/rdf_hash.c:
(librdf_hash_from_string): Do pointer arithmetic in size_t [gcc
* src/rdf_hash.c: Good casts to size_t between pointers that
increase [gcc warnings]
(librdf_hash_from_string, librdf_hash_interpret_template): Add
good casts from pointer arithmetic (int) to size_t that will
always be positive.
* src/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Protect #if use of undefined
* src/rdf_query_rasqal.c: Protect #if use of undefined
* src/rdf_list.c: Protect #if use of undefined LIBRDF_DEBUG
* src/rdf_init.c: long and size_t fixes
(librdf_world_set_feature): use long for time_t
(librdf_world_get_genid): Calculate length in size_t
* src/
Add prototypes for license and home url strings
* docs/redland-changes.tsv, docs/redland-sections.txt,
src/rdf_init.c, utils/rdfproc.c: Add license and home url constant
strings to API
Added librdf_license_string and librdf_home_url_string to public
API following Raptor and Rasqal naming convention.
(rdfproc main): Use in help.
2012-06-27 Dave Beckett <>
Require raptor 2.0.7+
* INSTALL.html,, examples/,
src/, src/rdf_init.c, src/rdf_internal.h,
src/, utils/ Remove dmalloc and
memory signing
Removed --with-dmalloc and --with-memory-signing configure options.
* src/rdf_init.c: 2012
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 1.0.16
2012-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* EXTRA_DIST: Remove ChangeLog NEWS since they are in
dist by default
* src/rdf_storage_virtuoso.c:
Error path cleanups [clang]
(vGetDataCHAR): On query failure, free pLongData.
(librdf_storage_virtuoso_get_handle): On connection falloc
failure, free connections before returning. Protect looking up
connection to make clang happier.
(librdf_storage_virtuoso_context_remove_statement): Protect
multiple strlens from a statement to prevent NULL lookup.
(librdf_storage_virtuoso_get_contexts0: Protect looking up storage
to make clang happier.
* src/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
(librdf_storage_sqlite_query_flush): Add NULL storage check [clang]
* src/rdf_storage_list.c:
Error path cleanups [clang]
(librdf_storage_list_get_contexts): On alloc failure for key, free
* src/rdf_storage_hashes.c:
Error path cleanups [clang]
(librdf_storage_hashes_register): Protect from NULL source_desc to
make clang happier
(librdf_storage_hashes_init_common): Protect from NULL hash
descriptions to make clang happier
(librdf_storage_hashes_get_contexts): On alloc failure for key,
free icontext
* src/rdf_storage_file.c:
Error path cleanups [clang]
(librdf_storage_file_sync): free backup_name on failure
* src/rdf_query_virtuoso.c:
Error path cleanups [clang]
(librdf_query_virtuoso_execute): free results on failure
(librdf_query_virtuoso_results_as_stream): Free scontext on
* src/rdf_query_rasqal.c: Fix allocation of stream context [clang]
(librdf_query_rasqal_results_as_stream): Allocate correct stream
context size.
* src/rdf_heuristics.c:
(librdf_heuristic_object_is_literal): Protect a lookup to make clang
* src/rdf_hash.c:
Error path cleanups [clang]
(librdf_hash_keys_iterator_finished): Protect a lookup to make
clang happier
(librdf_hash_print): Free key on alloc failure of value
* src/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Type length casts for sqlite3
(sqlite_string_escape): Turn sqlite rowid into narrower int (BAD
(librdf_storage_sqlite_get_contexts): Narrow known query string
lengths to int from size_t - good since we construct the query
strings inside this module.
* src/rdf_query_virtuoso.c, src/rdf_storage_virtuoso.c: bad casts
for narrowing size_t to SQLUINTEGER
(librdf_query_virtuoso_init, BindCtxt, BindSP, BindObject):
Multiple bad casts for turning size_t from a strlen into
SQLUINTEGER (which seems to be smaller).
* src/rdf_storage_postgresql.c: size_t for length
(librdf_storage_postgresql_node_hash): Now take size_t args Update
(librdf_storage_postgresql_size): Bad cast for turning PGgetvalue
into long via atol and then returning an int.
* src/rdf_hash_bdb.c:
LIBRDF_BAD_CAST BDB key sizes to int
*, src/rdf_storage_trees.c: Use ptrdiff_t for
comparing void pointers
* src/rdf_query_rasqal.c, src/rdf_storage_hashes.c: size_t for len
in multiple places
query rasqal module:
(librdf_query_rasqal_init): size_t for len
storage hashes module:
(librdf_storage_hashes_register, librdf_storage_hashes_init)
(librdf_storage_hashes_context_remove_statement): size_t for len
* src/rdf_digest_sha1.c:
(SHA1Update): Bad cast a size_t len to u32 :/
* src/rdf_internal.h:
* src/rdf_utf8.c:
(librdf_utf8_print): Cast to char when in range
* src/rdf_hash.c:
(librdf_hash_get_as_long): strtol returns long (!)
* src/rdf_digest.c, src/rdf_hash.c, src/rdf_hash_memory.c,
src/rdf_parser.c, src/rdf_parser_raptor.c: Use size_t for len in
multiple places digest module
(librdf_digest_to_string): use size_t for mdlen and index. hash
(librdf_hash_from_string): size_t for len and index var.
(macro ONE_AT_A_TIME_HASH): use size_t for len parser module
size_t for len
* src/rdf_digest_internal.h: Use void* for digest context
librdf_digest_s field context is void*
* src/rdf_uri.c:
(librdf_new_uri_normalised_to_base): size_t for len
* src/rdf_init.c, src/rdf_init_internal.h: Genid are now unsigned
(librdf_world_get_genid): Format as %lu
* src/rdf_query_rasqal.c: #if LIBRDF_DEBUG
* Update warnings
* src/rdf_storage_postgresql.c: Supply default host 'localhost'
for postgresql storage.
(librdf_storage_postgresql_init): Check for missing host and set
it to localhost. Report required storage config parameters in
error failure message.
* src/rdf_storage_mysql.c: Supply default host 'localhost' for
mysql storage.
(librdf_storage_mysql_init): Check for missing host and set it to
localhost. Report required storage config parameters in error
failure message.
* src/rdf_storage_hashes.c: Make statement present (ASK) work for
hashes storage and contexts
(librdf_storage_hashes_contains_statement): Get index contexts
flag from context not storage. Why? Not immediately clear at a
Fixes Issue #0000515
* updates
- Abort run if a configuring program fails.
- Generate NEWS with old timestamp if missing so automake can run
- small doc and message updates
2012-06-19 Dave Beckett <>
* Search for BDB 5.3
* src/rdf_storage_postgresql.c: Make loading triples from a stream
to postgresql actually work
(librdf_storage_postgresql_context_add_statements): Skip to next
statement in non bulk mode.
2012-06-17 Dave Beckett <>
* Support NOCONFIGURE variable, like Lib{XML2,XSLT}
2012-05-20 Dave Beckett <>
* ChangeLog, RELEASE.html: 1.0.16
2012-05-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rdf_query.c: sparql
2012-05-17 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfproc.1: typo
2012-03-07 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #2 from zoggy/master Fixing bad test on query
allocation (postgresql storage) + WS changes
2012-02-13 Lauri Aalto <>
require automake 1.11.2+ for -Wextra-portability
2012-02-11 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html:
Doc corrections
Remove docs of --with-raptor=internal and --with-rasqal=internal
These were removed from on Mon Mar 30 02:07:57 2009
+0000 in commit 94687555d3b328fc920dd8180b1b2a563199fea0 Emphasise
--prefix=/usr more
2012-02-10 Dave Beckett <>
* build/.gitignore,, docs/tmpl/world.sgml: Add
automake option -Wextra-portability and AM_PROG_AR to make it
* docs/redland-sections.txt: Remove librdf_world_get_raptor
librdf_world_set_raptor from unused
* docs/redland-sections.txt: add librdf_world_get_raptor
2012-02-01 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rdf_storage.c:
(librdf_storage_contains_statement): Return >0 only for invalid
statements according to API contract. Treat NULL storage as empty
storage not containing statements. Use
librdf_statement_is_complete() for testing statement validity.
* src/rdf_model.c:
(librdf_model_contains_statement): Treat NULL statement as invalid
* src/rdf_model.c:
(librdf_model_contains_statement): Return >0 only for invalid
statements according to API contract.
Fixes Issue #0000489
2012-01-02 Dave Beckett <>
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.12, FAQS.html, INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html,, NEWS.html, README.html, RELEASE.html, TODO.html: 2012
* docs/redland-changes.tsv, docs/redland-sections.txt,
src/rdf_init.h, src/rdf_init_internal.h, src/rdf_query_rasqal.c,
src/rdf_raptor.c: Add handlers to allow application code to
configure raptor and rasqal
librdf_world_set_rasqal_init_handler): Added methods to set
handlers for configuring internal raptor and rasqal after they
have been constructed but before they are initialized; before
raptor_world_open() or rasqal_world_open() are run, respectively.
Added librdf_raptor_init_handler and librdf_rasqal_init_handler
typedefs for the handlers.
2012-01-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rdf_init.c:
(librdf_world_set_rasqal): reset rasqal_world_allocated_here
2012-01-02 Dave Beckett <>
* Remove doc references to Raptor V1
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