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2004-12-31 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Free all
namespaces, now they are not stacked explicitly. Free namespace
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Use raptor_new_namespace and don't
start the rdf namespace.
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Use raptor_new_namespace and don't
start the namespaces
((raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Make a namespace stack here, with
only xml: defined.
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c
(raptor_xml_writer_start_namespace_full): Deleted.
(main): Declare the foo namespace but don't start it, so that the
xml writer will do that.
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c: Optionally declare a namespace stack
(raptor_new_xml_writer): Add optional raptor_namespace_stack
parameter, if NULL declare one internally.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_results_write): Added,
writing query results in form of
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Undef RASQAL_DEBUG 2 always
* raptor/turtle_lexer.l, raptor/turtle_parser.y: Delete unused WS
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c, raptor/raptor_sax2.c,
raptor/raptor_rss.c, raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c,
raptor/raptor_internal.h, raptor/raptor.h, raptor/libraptor.3:
Rename raptor_sax2_element to raptor_xml_element throughout.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added feature_start_uri to
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_free_serializer): Tidy up any
feature_start_uri set.
(raptor_serializer_set_feature_string): Added, handling
feature_start_uri. created from a passed in string.
(raptor_serializer_get_feature_string): Added, handling
feature_start_uri as a returned shared string.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_parser_set_feature_string): Added,
always failing.
(raptor_parser_get_feature_string): Added, always failing.
* raptor/raptor.h: Added feature RAPTOR_FEATURE_START_URI Added
prototypes for raptor_parser_set_feature_string,
raptor_serializer_get_feature_string and raptor_feature_value_type
* raptor/raptor_feature.c: Added flag bits for string valued
features. Added startUri (RAPTOR_FEATURE_START_URI) with a string
(raptor_feature_value_type): Added, to return value of a feature.
2004-12-30 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/libraptor.3: Added SAX2 XML Element and XML Writer
* raptor/raptor_internal.h, raptor/raptor.h: Moved
raptor_sax2_element and raptor_xml_writer to public API.
* raptor/libraptor.3: Added rss-1.0 to raptor_new_serializer
* raptor/libraptor.3: More updates for 1.4.3
2004-12-29 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Make get_contexts fail rather than
do useless things.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Moved GET_COLUMN* defines to top.
Deleted all index_contexts - always supported.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_helper): Work when statement=NULL.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_add_statements): Handle when max=4 for
(librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise): Debug prepared query.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_add_statement): Handle when max=4 for
librdf_storage_sqlite_context_serialise_stream_context updated to add
sqlite fields.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_serialise): Implemented, based on
librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise and related functions.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_add_statement): Kill fixme, done.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_set_helper):
Add length arg.
librdf_storage_sqlite_literal_helper): Pass length to
(librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_helper): Do context nodes.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_add_statements): Do context node field when
(librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_operator_helper): Added, with
content mostly from librdf_storage_sqlite_contains_statement.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_contains_statement): Use above.
librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements): Always free stringbuffer.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_add_statement): Do context node field
when present.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_remove_statement): Implemented using
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
Added sqlite_DB define for another 2/3 hide
(librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise): Use raptor_stringbuffer_length(sb)
for request length.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
Alter GET_COLUMN* defines to take vm arg.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
Fix sqlite_FREE and GET_COLUMN defines for sqlite API v3
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: casts for c++
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
Replace all use of fields with unsigned char* fields.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (sqlite_string_escape):
Emit 'string' - 2 more chars.
librdf_storage_sqlite_blank_helper): Malloc expressions based on
actual lengths.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_literal_helper): Remove ''s
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_set_helper):
Take unsigned values string.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_get_helper): Take unsigned expression string.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_uri_helper): Use unsigned expression.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_literal_helper): Use stringbuffer to build
(librdf_storage_sqlite_contains_statement): use stringbuffer to build
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_open):
Auto-set new if file is missing.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Revert over EXEC named change.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
Add macros sqlite_STATEMENT, sqlite_EXEC, sqlite_CLOSE, sqlite_FREE
to hide more V2/V3 differences.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_open): For V2 open failing, set rc.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_get_next_common):
Free temporary datatype uri
* librdf/rdf_node.c (librdf_node_to_counted_string):
Free temporary datatype_uri_string.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c
(librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise_finished): Free any statement,
context node.
librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements_stream_context add to store
(librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements): Store query statement.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements_finished): Free any query
statement, statement or context node.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Change context parts pzTail, ppVm
to zTail, vm and for sqlite V2 use vm not vm & ppVm.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Use SQLITE_API with 2 or 3 to
distinguish apis
* Added --with-sqlite-version to choose V2 or
V3. pkg-config gets the details.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Casts for c++
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c
(librdf_serializer_raptor_set_namespace): Cast for c++
2004-12-28 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_exec):
Turn fprintf to debug message.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_get_next_common): turn printing all column
data into debug messages.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements): Turn fprintf to debug
* Set -g -DLIBRDF_DEBUG in maintainer mode - was
lost somehow.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: code style
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (sqlite_construct_select_helper):
Added, to build serialise and find_statements query parts.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise): Move most of query building into
sqlite_construct_select_helper and now call it.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements): Use
sqlite_construct_select_helper to build guts of query, then add
the WHERE ...
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise):
Use raptor_stringbuffer to construct big request.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_get_next_common): Add pointer to statement,
context_node args.
Fill in statement and context node from column values.
Debug print out column names, values.
librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements_next_statement, ): Update
call to librdf_storage_sqlite_get_next_common.
2004-12-27 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_get_helper,
librdf_storage_sqlite_context_add_statement): Use
raptor_stringbuffer to construct requests.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_set_helper):
Use raptor_stringbuffer to construct request.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Added TRIPLE_NONE node_type
(librdf_storage_sqlite_node_helper): Fail with NULL node.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_helper): Handle NULL nodes, set
ID to -1, type to TRIPLE_NONE.
(librdf_node_to_sqlite_string): Deleted, not used.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements): Use raptor_stringbuffer to
construct request.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_literal_helper):
Use IDs for datatype URI.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_open): Make uriindex.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (sqlite_string_escape):
Escape ' as '' not \'
(librdf_storage_sqlite_uri_helper): Renamed from
(librdf_storage_sqlite_blank_helper): Renamed from
(librdf_storage_sqlite_literal_helper): Added
(librdf_storage_sqlite_node_helper): Use
(librdf_storage_sqlite_open): If new, unlink the file so no need
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c (librdf_storage_sqlite_init):
is_new flag set right, really really.
Added data-driven table descriptions - table_info, NTABLES,
sqlite_table_numbers, sqlite_tables, triple_part, triple_node_type,
Reorder helper functions.
(sqlite_string_escape): Now always obeys raw_len and nul-terminates
the output.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_exec): Debug print all SQL exec
librdf_storage_sqlite_get_helper): Added, using table info.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_store_uri_helper): Added, returns or makes an
ID for the given URI.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_store_blank_helper): Added, returns or makes an
ID for the given blank node ID.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_node_helper): Added, turns a librdf_node into
appropriate table IDs, node type and returns to user.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_helper): Uses
librdf_storage_sqlite_node_helper to get node ids, types and field
names for all of a statement.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_open): Use data tables for DROP TABLE,
(librdf_storage_sqlite_size): Use librdf_storage_sqlite_exec only.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_add_statements): Updated dummy INSERT for
new schema.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_contains_statement): Use
librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_helper to build query.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_add_statement): Use
librdf_storage_sqlite_statement_helper to build INSERT. Ignores
context fields for now.
2004-12-26 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfproc.c: Added size command calling librdf_model_size.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: Handle sqlite3 and sqlite2
(librdf_storage_sqlite_init): Init is_new correctly.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_open): Create tables, indexes when new.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_get_1int_callback): Grab count value from
(librdf_storage_sqlite_size): Works.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_add_statements): Dummy INSERT works.
(librdf_storage_sqlite_contains_statement): Dummy sql added.
librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise_stream_context added sqlite3 fields
librdf_storage_sqlite_serialise_finished): sqlite3 support
librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements_stream_context added sqlite3
librdf_storage_sqlite_find_statements_finished): sqlite3 support
(librdf_storage_sqlite_context_add_statement): Dummy INSERT added.
(librdf_init_storage_sqlite): Storage name now 'sqlite'.
2004-12-25 Dave Beckett <>
* Check for sqlite3.h or sqlite.h after getting
sqlite paths.
* Use pkg-config sqlite3 or pkg-config sqlite2
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c, librdf/rdf_model.c (main):
Cast for size_t to int
* librdf/rdf_concepts.c: Removed librdf_concept_labels - never used.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_parser_processNode):
Turn <guid isPermaLink="true">val</guid>
into <guid rdf:resource="val"/>
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Always serialize rss:items at the end of
an rss channel.
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c, raptor/raptor_xml.c,
raptor/raptor_utf8.c, raptor/raptor_sax2.c, raptor/raptor_rss.c,
raptor/raptor_general.c: Casts for c++. Rename variables
namespace to nspace.
2004-12-24 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_www_test.c (main): Cast for size_t
2004-12-23 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss10_serialize_statement):
Fix item URI check to use correct
URI. In debugging unknown typed node, print type URI.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss10_serialize_statement):
Do not look in items with no URI.
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Do not make qnames for types with no
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss10_build_items):
Do nothing if there is no seq_uri
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_init_serializer_rss10):
Give rss 1.0 a URI
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (librdf_get_serializer_factory):
Ensure that if mime_type or type_uri are
not NULL, the factory must have a non-NULL item and it must match.
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (librdf_get_serializer_factory):
Ensure that if mime_type or type_uri are
not NULL, the factory must have a non-NULL item and it must match.
* librdf/rdf_parser.c (librdf_get_parser_factory):
Ensure that if mime_type or type_uri are
not NULL, the factory must have a non-NULL item and it must match.
2004-12-21 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c (librdf_storage_mysql_init): Applied
patch from Morten to only use mysql_real_escape_string if a
connection was made.
Do not call librdf_storage_mysql_find_statements_in_context_finished
when errors happen, the iterator class will do that on destruction.
(librdf_storage_mysql_get_contexts_next_context): Do not call
librdf_storage_mysql_get_contexts_finished when errors happen, the
iterator class will do that on destruction.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Added rss_namespace_prefix_strings to list
namespaces to declare. raptor_rss10_serializer_context gains
raptor_namespace_stack nstack field.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init): Init the namespace stack.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Clean namespace stack and any
defined qnames.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Padding.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Write namespace decls using stack.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Rename some destructors more normally:
(raptor_free_rss_item): Renamed from raptor_item_free.
(raptor_free_rss_items): Renamed from raptor_rss_items_free.
(raptor_rss10_move_statements, raptor_rss10_store_statement):
Record field counts per item.
(raptor_rss10_build_items): Find the rdf:_<n> items and put them
into a raptor sequence.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Skeleton rss item writer.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Make the final structures and do the
serializing in skeleton form.
2004-12-20 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Added seq_uri to
(raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Tidy seq_uri
(raptor_rss10_move_statements, raptor_rss10_store_statement):
Ignore checking fields with no URI.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): For rdf:Seq node, store the
URI or blank node - as fake URI. Make fake object node correctly
for general statements.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_common_init): Prevent 2x
(raptor_item_free): Free type URI
(raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Call raptor_rss_common_terminate.
(raptor_rss10_move_statements): Use RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_PREDICATE
set raptor_sequence_set_at destroy overwritten object.
(raptor_rss10_store_statement): Use RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_PREDICATE
Make fake URIs from blank node strings and free them.
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_free_statement):
Handle more statement part types.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: RAPTOR_RSS_FIELDS_SIZE now stops before
UNKNOWN for real field names.
(raptor_rss10_move_statements): Added, to move statements from the
sequence of triples to below a typed node once a new typed node of
the given type appears.
(raptor_rss10_store_statement): Added, to store a given statement
either below an existing typed node or in a sequence of triples if
it can't be found one.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): iostream
write turned into debug.
2004-12-19 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_print): Cast for gcc
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Use raptor_uri in raptor_rss_item.
(raptor_rss_context_init, raptor_rss_context_terminate): Added and
used in parser and serializer init and terminate.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init): Initialise list of triples, items.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Tidy up triples, items.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Look for known typed nodes,
identify ones matching rss 1.0 model and also look for the rdf:Seq.
Store other triples for later.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Added skeleton.
2004-12-18 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_print): Added.
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_uri_print
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_statement_copy):
Added statement copy constructor
(raptor_free_statement): Added statement destructor.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Added raptor_statement_copy and raptor_free_statement
* raptor/raptor_rss.c:
Moved parser namespace URIs to common code rss_namespace_uris.
(raptor_rss_common_init, raptor_rss_common_terminate): Added to
initialise and free up common rss items - namespace URIs, URIs for
types and uris for properties.
Added skeleton RSS 1.0 serializer
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init, raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate,
raptor_init_serializer_rss10): Added skeleton RSS 1.0 serializer
factory and methods.
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_init):
Added call to raptor_init_serializer_rss10
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_init_serializer_rss10
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_parse_recognise_syntax):
Add atom checks.
2004-12-17 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/ Added
check-mayfail-xml-rdf to run checks that may fail due to XML
parser bugs.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c, raptor/raptor_nfc.c,
raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c, raptor/raptor_sax2.c,
raptor/raptor_serialize.c: Initialising possibly using
uninitialised vars
* raptor/raptor.h, raptor/raptor_internal.h,
raptor/raptor_iostream.c, raptor/raptor_namespace.c,
raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c, raptor/raptor_serialize.c,
raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c, raptor/rdfdump.c: Casts for c++
* raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c: Fix using wrong element name in warnings.
* raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler):
Use raptor_sax2_element_set_attributes.
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c (raptor_xml_writer_empty_element): Added.
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element, raptor_xml_writer_end_element):
Updated raptor_iostream_write_sax2_element calls
(main): Add attributes and test writing empty element.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_sax2_element_set_attributes
Added is_empty arg to raptor_iostream_write_sax2_element
Added raptor_xml_writer_empty_element
* raptor/raptor_sax2.c (raptor_sax2_element_set_attributes): Added.
(raptor_print_sax2_element): tidy
(raptor_iostream_write_sax2_element): Added is_empty arg
and use it for <foo... /> form.
2004-12-14 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/libraptor.3: Updated for 1.4.3 so far
* raptor/tests/turtle/README.txt,
raptor/tests/turtle/test-00.out, raptor/tests/turtle/
Switch to base URI
* raptor/tests/turtle/bad-08.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/bad-09.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/bad-10.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/bad-11.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/bad-12.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/bad-13.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/manifest.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/test-13.out,
raptor/tests/turtle/test-13.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/,
raptor/tests/turtle/bad-04.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/bad-05.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/bad-06.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/bad-07.ttl:
Import more bad turtle tests, initial manifest files
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c (raptor_iostream_write_namespace):
Handle ns->uri is NULL and no prefix, i.e. emitting xmlns=""
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespaces_format): Handle
ns->uri is NULL and no prefix, i.e. emitting xmlns=""
2004-12-08 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_uri.c (librdf_new_uri_relative_to_base): Ask for 1
more char for new URI buffer for raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference
to allow inserting of a missing "/" path.
* librdf/rdf_uri.c (librdf_new_uri_relative_to_base): Ask for 1
more char for new URI buffer for raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference
to allow inserting of a missing "/" path.
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_default_new_uri_relative_to_base):
Ask for 1 more char for new URI to allow inserting of a missing
"/" path.
* raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c (raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Add
debug message. When adding a missing path "/", set the path_len
and the uri_len to match.
(main): Added test when a missing abs / path is added.
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/ (check-rdql-correct):
Set PATH then use -s $(srcdir) rather than
lots of envariable passing.
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql:
Merged in changes from check-sparql - use -s . argument now.
Delete changing PATH here for OSX. A bad idea as it makes the
configure environment different from the user's.
Added /opt/local to BDB search path for darwinports.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_init):
Init current_graph_pattern only if there
are graph patterns.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Handle 0 graph patterns.
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/ Added manifest.n3
Invoke check-sparql-correct test
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/manifest.n3: Test manifest
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/result-0triples.n3:
select with 0 triples result
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/ Added 0triples.rq
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/0triples.rq: Zero graph pattern triples
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/data.n3: typo
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c (raptor_sequence_set_at,
raptor_sequence_get_at): Check for non-negative idx
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c (raptor_sequence_get_at):
Fix index offset check
2004-12-07 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (PatternElementForms): Handle empty
GraphPattern1 (NULL sequences)
* rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/dawg-data-01.n3,
rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/dawg-data-01.n3: foaf:knowns to
2004-12-02 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/rdfdump.c: Make a raptor_sequence of namespace
declarations declared by '-f xmlns:foo="bar"' and then add them to
the serializer when initialised.
(rdfdump_free_namespace_decl): Added, to provide a helper to
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_serialize_set_namespace): Call
factory method declare_namespace.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_declare_namespace): Copy the passed in
namespace prefix, URI before storing the namespace.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_start): Delete the namespace sequence
contents as the namespaces are declared on the namespace stack,
which is the new owner of the namespaces.
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c
(raptor_new_namespace_parts_from_string): Added, to decode things
like "xmlns:foo='bar'" into prefix, uri strings.
* raptor/raptor.h: Added prototype for
raptor_sequence_free_handler prototype changed to return void
2004-11-30 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/ex2-1a-result.n3,
rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/ex3-result.n3: .
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_init): Add a
sequence of user-declared namespaces.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_terminate): Tidy sequence.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_declare_namespace): Use sequence to store
declared namespaces.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_start): Declare used-defined namespaces
and start them in the namespace stack.
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c (raptor_new_namespace_from_uri): Added
with raptor_new_namespace code.
(raptor_new_namespace): Now a wrapper around
(raptor_namespace_copy): Use raptor_new_namespace_from_uri.
* raptor/raptor_qname.c (raptor_iostream_write_qname):
Added to write a qname to an iostream.
* raptor/raptor.h: Add prototypes for raptor_iostream_write_qname,
* raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler,
raptor_xml_end_element_handler, raptor_xml_comment_handler,
raptor_start_element_grammar, raptor_end_element_grammar,
raptor_cdata_grammar): Update the use of xml_writer for building
parseType="Literal" content to use an iostream. Use more sax2
methods rather than direct access to internals - still some left.
(raptor_xml_parse_init, raptor_xml_parse_start,
raptor_xml_parse_terminate, raptor_inscope_xml_language,
raptor_inscope_base_uri): Move expat/libxml details to
raptor_new_sax2, raptor_sax2_parse_start, raptor_free_sax2,
raptor_sax2_inscope_xml_language, raptor_sax2_inscope_base_uri
(raptor_xml_parse_chunk_): Deleted, moved to
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c: Change to output to an iostream not
build up a stringbuffer.
(raptor_new_xml_writer): Add iostream arg, delete never-used
(raptor_free_xml_writer): Remvoe stringbuffer.
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element, raptor_xml_writer_end_element):
Delete stringbuffer and use raptor_iostream_write_sax2_element.
(raptor_xml_writer_cdata): Delete stringbuffer and use
(raptor_xml_writer_raw): Added to write just the bytes.
(raptor_xml_writer_comment): Fixed to emit <!-- and -->
(raptor_xml_writer_as_string): Deleted.
(main): Added with test case.
* raptor/raptor_sax2.c (raptor_new_sax2, raptor_free_sax2,
raptor_sax2_inscope_xml_language, raptor_sax2_inscope_base_uri,
raptor_sax2_get_depth, raptor_sax2_inc_depth,
raptor_sax2_dec_depth, raptor_sax2_parse_start,
raptor_sax2_parse_chunk, raptor_sax2_element_get_element): Added.
(raptor_iostream_write_sax2_element): Renamed from
raptor_format_sax2_element and now writing to a raptor_iostream
with no allocing/freeing buffers.
* raptor/raptor_xml.c (raptor_iostream_write_xml_escaped_string):
Added, to write an
XML-escaped version of a string to an iostream
2004-11-29 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c (raptor_iostream_write_namespace):
Added to write a namespace to a raptor_iostream
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_iostream_write_namespace
* raptor/ Added raptor_xml_writer_test
* raptor/raptor_expat.c (raptor_expat_init): Take void* user data
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: raptor_exp_init takes void*
Add user_data to raptor_sax2
Added prototypes or raptor_new_sax2, raptor_free_sax2,
raptor_sax2_parse_start, raptor_sax2_parse_chunk,
raptor_sax2_parse_handle_errors, raptor_sax2_get_depth,
raptor_sax2_inc_depth, raptor_sax2_dec_depth,
raptor_sax2_inscope_xml_language, raptor_sax2_inscope_base_uri,
raptor_sax2_element_get_element, raptor_iostream_write_sax2_element
Deleted raptor_format_sax2_element, raptor_xml_writer_as_string and
Changed raptor_new_xml_writer to write to a raptor_iostream
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_iostream_write_xml_escaped_string
and raptor_namespace_write
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_expression_evaluate):
now done with floating literals.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Export rasqal_literal_as_floating
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_new_floating_literal):
Changed to take a double arg
(rasqal_literal_as_floating): Export.
(rasqal_literal_compare): Improve promotion. Promote to float where
needed, especially assuming strings could be a float.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Do sscanf here and call rasqal_new_floating_literal with the double.
* rasqal/rasqal.h: rasqal_new_floating_literal takes a double arg
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql: diff backwards
* rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/dawg-result-002.n3,
rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/dawg-result-001.n3: Update to DAWG
latest results removing rs:size triples.
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_as_integer): For
RASQAL_LITERAL_STRING, also try to evaluate it as a double with
strtod, then return that cast to int if it worked.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y, rasqal/rdql_parser.y (UnaryExpression):
Make unary plus and minus work; removes 2
shift/reduce conflicts.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_free_expression, rasqal_expression_foreach,
rasqal_expression_evaluate, rasqal_expression_print):
rasqal_op_labels: added uminus
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added RASQAL_EXPR_UMINUS
2004-11-26 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added prototype for
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c
(raptor_xml_writer_write_to_iostream): Added
* raptor/raptor.h: Added prototype for
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c: (raptor_iostream_write_stringbuffer) Added
*, rasqal/, raptor/
--with-dmalloc default is now no
* librdf/ Remove rdf_storage_tstore.h rdf_storage_mysql.h
2004-11-25 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/ If expat_source is empty, set it to auto so
no path-to-source is added to libs, includes
2004-11-23 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/ex-55.out, raptor/tests/ex-55.rdf: ex-55
* raptor/tests/ Added ex-55
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.h, librdf/rdf_storage_tstore.h: Deleted
Rip out STORAGE_OBJS code and make all storage modules have
available/enabled set. memory is always available and required
file, hashes are always available and enabled by default.
Test for sqlite.h
Reduce mysql min to 3.23.56 - should go lower.
2004-11-22 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/
Use STORAGE_ conditionals instead of @STORAGE_OBJS@
* librdf/rdf_storage.c:
Delete rdf_storage_hashes.h and rdf_storage_list.h includes, they are
called from rdf_storage.h already.
(librdf_init_storage) Use STORAGE_ defines.
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c:
don't sleep now, this should be fixed later
* librdf/rdf_storage.h: Use STORAGE_ defines.
Delete rdf_storage_tstore.h and rdf_storage_mysql.h includes
* librdf/rdf_storage.c (librdf_init_storage):
Added call to librdf_init_storage_sqlite
* librdf/ Added rdf_storage_sqlite.c
* librdf/rdf_storage.h: added librdf_init_storage_sqlite prototype
* librdf/rdf_storage_sqlite.c: sqlite storage
2004-11-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_triples):
Init current column to -1 so no execution or tidy happens.
(rasqal_free_graph_pattern): Clean up until reach start_column, not 0.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_init): Do triple init work only if there are
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: s/puts/fputs(..., stdout)/
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_sequence):
Fold sequence of 1 graph
pattern into the return value, tidying up.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_print): Print just the triple columns that are
used. Print flags using words.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_next_match): Note failing not-implemented
sequence of graph_patterns.
(rasqal_engine_prepare): Do not invoke rasqal_query_order_triples -
does not make sense to do with the graph_pattern code.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Note failing not-implemented
sequence of graph_patterns.
Debug message when an optional graph pattern failed to patch.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_variable_set_value):
Debug fatal error when there is no name.
2004-11-20 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_sequence):
lose triples argument
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_next_match, rasqal_engine_get_next_result):
Check and fail for sequence of graph_patterns.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Update rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_sequence to lose triples argument
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (rasqal_rdql_query_engine_prepare):
Use rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_triples
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_new_query): Init triples here.
(rasqal_query_print): Print graph_patterns
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Add graph_patterns sequence to rasqal_graph_pattern.
Added prototypes for rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_triples and
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_triples):
Renamed from rasqal_new_graph_pattern
(rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_sequence): Added to handle a graph
pattern as a sequence of graph patterns.
(rasqal_free_graph_pattern): Handle cleanup for sequence.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_print): Handle sequence and simplify.
(rasqal_engine_execute_init): Abort with messsage if sequence has a
NULL graph pattern in it.
2004-11-19 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_init):
Init current_graph_pattern.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Attempt to walk through graph_patterns
without failing on optional ones.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Added current_graph_pattern to rasqal_query.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l (sparql_token_print): Added UNION token
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Added UNION token
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l: Added UNION|union keyword
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (rasqal_sparql_query_engine_prepare): Add
graph pqttern of all triples found.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (rasqal_rdql_query_engine_prepare): Add
graph pqttern of all triples found.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_graph_pattern):
No triples_size. Don't init triple_meta
here but on each execution.
(rasqal_free_graph_pattern, rasqal_graph_pattern_get_next_match):
update triple_meta offset
(rasqal_graph_pattern_init): Added, to init for execution.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_print): Added for debug printing.
(rasqal_engine_execute_init): Use query->graph_patterns - init them
with rasqal_graph_pattern_init
(rasqal_engine_execute_finish): Do not delete query->graph_pattern.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Pick 0th item from
query->graph_patterns to execute.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_new_query, rasqal_free_query):
query->graph-patterns sequence
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Delete triples_count from rasqal_graph_pattern.
Only use exactly what's needed - end-start+1 columns
Added rasqal_graph_pattern_init and rasqal_graph_pattern_print
* Doc fix, --with-mysql works for mysql 3/4
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (PatternElementForms):
'SOURCE * ...' Warn this is ignored.
'Source VarOrURI ...' Set triple origin from the literal
(UnaryExpressionNotPlusMinus): Delete ignored ArgList for now.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_graph_pattern_adjust prototype
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_graph_pattern,
rasqal_free_graph_pattern): Docs, code tidy.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_adjust): Added, to shift graph pattern
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_next_match): Code tidy.
2004-11-17 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/examples/grapper.c:
Extensively updated to use GTK 2.4, 2.5 features when available.
Triples/Errors windows have a scalable pane between them
Triple columns can be sorted by clicking, width resized.
All known parser features are available on the preferences menu.
Added parser guessing button.
Moved syntax menu to top of display.
Updated about box fields to include more info when possible to
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_get_next_result):
More code tweaks
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_get_next_result):
Evaluate constraint_expression
2004-11-16 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h, rasqal/rasqal_engine.c:
pattern_graph to graph_pattern
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_get_next_result):
Inner loop logic tidying.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_get_next_result):
triples_size deleted, never used.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c: source re-ordering
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_prepare): set flags here.
(rasqal_engine_execute_init): Always init a new pattern_graph.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_init,
rasqal_engine_run): Remove remaining use of query->column field.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: rasqal_query remove column field
* rasqal/rasqal.h: words
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c:
(rasqal_engine_execute_init); Added pattern_graph field, using
(rasqal_engine_execute_finish): Tidy up, deleting pattern_graph.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_next_triple): Renamed from
rasqal_engine_get_next_triple_pattern_result and using
rasqal_pattern_graph argument.
(rasqal_new_pattern_graph): tidy.
(rasqal_free_pattern_graph): Delete the triple_meta array.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Use
rasqal_graph_pattern_get_next_triple and evaluate the constraints
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: rasqal_query rename to pattern_graph field
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: rasqal_pattern_graph add column
Remove rasqal_triple_meta field from rasqal_query
and add graph_pattern field
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Update rasqal_new_pattern_graph prototype.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Replace calloc() with RASQAL_CALLOC(type,...)
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_pattern_flags enum.
Added rasqal_pattern_graph
Added rasqal_new_pattern_graph, rasqal_free_pattern_graph prototypes.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_pattern_graph,
rasqal_free_pattern_graph): Added.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_get_next_triple_pattern_result):
Added, split
off from rasqal_engine_get_next_result.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (rasqal_sparql_query_engine_prepare):
Call rasqal_engine_prepare.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (rasqal_rdql_query_engine_prepare):
Call rasqal_engine_prepare.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_prepare):
Added, split some bits from
rasqal_engine_execute_init that were just query preparation, rather
than execution.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_engine_prepare prototype
2004-11-12 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (PatternElementForms):
Set triple optional flags.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Added rasqal_triple_flag_strings consts
(rasqal_triple_print): Use rasqal_triple_flag_strings to print flags
* rasqal/roqet.c: Cast for c++
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_init): Set triple flags
RASQAL_TRIPLE_FLAGS_EXACT rather than triple meta is_exact.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Use triple flags
RASQAL_TRIPLE_FLAGS_EXACT rather than using triple meta is_exact.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_triple_set_flags,
rasqal_triple_get_flags): Added
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added enum rasqal_triple_flags
Added flags field to rasqal_triple.
Added prototypes for rasqal_triple_set_flags and
* raptor/rapper.1: Updated -f for serializer features
2004-11-11 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (GraphPattern):
Only join non-empty PatternElement
(PatternElement.1): Return something.
(PatternElementForms): Return NULL for AND Expression part.
2004-11-10 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (rasqal_init_query_engine_sparql):
URL now
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (rasqal_init_query_engine_sparql): No alias.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: typo
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l, rasqal/rdql_parser.y,
rasqal/sparql_lexer.l, rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Rename terminals:
PLUS MINUS STAR SLASH REM TILDE BANG to be the single symbol they
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Rename terminals: COMMA LPAREN RPAREN VARPREFIX to be the single
symbol they are.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l:
VARPREFIX AMP to be the single symbol they are.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Enable YYERROR_VERBOSE for now
VARPREFIX AMP to be the single symbol they are.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Removed ()s for groups
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Added {}s for groups
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/groups.rq: Added groups.rq
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c
* utils/rdfproc.c: Init partial_statement, uri_string
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c
raptor_serialize_set_namespace, typo
* utils/rdfproc.c: Init partial_statement, uri_string
* Need raptor 1.4.3 and rasqal 0.9.5
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c (raptor_sequence_join):
Copy pointers correctly
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (ConstraintClause): Don't add constraint
sequence here.
(CommaAndConstraintClause): Instead, add constraints here.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (GraphPattern): Use raptor_sequence_join
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (Query): Don't set contraints here.
(ConstraintClause): Use rasqal_query_add_constraint.
* rasqal/ require raptor 1.4.3
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c (raptor_sequence_join):
Added, to move all items between two
sequences leaving one empty.
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_sequence_join
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (librdf_serializer_set_namespace):
Note may not be implemented.
* librdf/rdf_query_results.c (librdf_query_results_as_stream):
Docs, note implemented.
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c
librdf_serializer_raptor_set_feature): Added to use new serializer
(librdf_serializer_raptor_set_namespace): Added calling
raptor_serializer_set_namespace which should work sometime.
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_serialize_set_namespace
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_serialize_set_namespace):
Added, not implemented.
* librdf/rdf_query_results.c (librdf_free_query_results): Add docs.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_parse_recognise_syntax):
Boost in recognising xml rss
* rasqal/rasqal.h, librdf/redland.h, librdf/rdf_utf8.h,
librdf/rdf_node.h, librdf/rdf_model.h, librdf/rdf_list.h,
librdf/librdf.h: Applied patch from René Puls to allow for Redland
public headers to be in a different directory structure. If
LIBRDF_OBJC_FRAMEWORK is defined, the headers are in a Redland
subdirectory. Only applies to public Redland header files that
#include other public header files. rasqal.h includes raptor.h so
needs modifying also.
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c, librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c,
librdf/rdf_storage_file.c: Changed sync methods to return an int
* librdf/rdf_storage.c (librdf_storage_sync): Changed to return an
int. API change but most C won't care much.
* librdf/rdf_storage.h: sync factory method returns a status int
API CHANGE: librdf_storage_sync returns an int
* librdf/rdf_model_storage.c (librdf_model_storage_sync):
Changed to return an int.
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_sync):
Changed to return an int. API change but most C won't care much.
* librdf/rdf_model.h: sync factory method returns a status int
API CHANGE: librdf_model_sync returns an int
2004-11-09 Dave Beckett <>
* Redland.i: Add base_uri argumemt to librdf_new_query
* utils/rdfproc.c: Add NULL base_URI arg to librdf_new_query calls.
* librdf/rdf_query_triples.c (librdf_query_triples_init):
Add new base_uri argument, not used.
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_init): Use new
base_uri argument and store that, not language URI.
* librdf/rdf_query.h:
Update query factory init method to add base_uri argument.
API CHANGE: Add base_uri argument to librdf_new_query and
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_new_query, librdf_new_query_from_factory):
Add optional base_uri argument. Stop overloading query language
identifier URI and base URI.
(main): Update test to match.
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_get_query_factory):
librdf_uri_equals test was negated
2004-11-08 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c (librdf_storage_mysql_init): Return
failure early if connection failed.
* raptor/rdfdump.c: allow -f to set serializer features
* raptor/raptor_feature.c (raptor_features_enumerate_common): return -1
2004-11-07 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_path_make_relative_path):
C style, indenting, const unsigned char. Remove a small memcpy.
(raptor_uri_to_relative_counted_uri_string) C style, indentng, docs.
Remove a large if {} block. Rename 'reference' var since libxml2
defines it (SEP). Use buildresult to make empty string result.
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement):
use feature feature_relative_uris to decide when to emit an
absolute or relative URI, the latter using
* raptor/raptor_uri.c:
Added raptor relative URI generating code patch from René Puls
(raptor_uri_path_common_base_length): Added. Helper to return the
common base length of two paths
(raptor_uri_path_make_relative_path): Added. Helper to build the
result relative URI string from already analysed parts.
(raptor_uri_to_relative_counted_uri_string): Added. Get the relative
URI string between a base and reference URI.
(raptor_uri_to_relative_uri_string): Added. Wrapper about the above.
(assert_uri_to_relative): Added. Helper for tests for above.
(main): Added relative URI string generation tests.
* raptor/raptor.h:
Added prototypes for raptor_uri_to_relative_counted_uri_string and
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c
(librdf_storage_mysql_find_statements_with_options): Ensure
subject, predicate and object are initialised.
* librdf/rdf_query_triples.c (librdf_query_triples_init):
Ensure subject, predicate are
initialised. Free them only if they are set.
* librdf/rdf_node.c (librdf_node_to_counted_string): Init
datatype_uri_string, language_len.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_parser_processNode): Add cast
for name when returned from xmlTextReaderConstLocalName.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_parser_processNode):
Always declare name as xmlChar*
2004-11-06 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/rdfdump.c: Tidy help messages about features, other words.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_feature_from_uri):
Moved to raptor_feature.c
* raptor/raptor.h:
Moved raptor_feature_from_uri to separate section, not just parsers
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Deleted raptor_feature_from_uri_common
* raptor/raptor_feature.c (raptor_feature_from_uri):
Defined here, no need for
* raptor/rdfdump.c:
In feature help code, list parser and serializer features
separately, using new raptor_features_enumerate.
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_serializer_features_enumerate):
Added, a wrapper around
(raptor_serializer_set_feature): Added.
(raptor_serializer_get_feature): Added.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c: Moved raptor_features_list to raptor_feature.c
(raptor_features_enumerate): Changed to be a wrapper around
raptor_features_enumerate_common now containing the body of the code.
(raptor_feature_from_uri): Changed to be a wraper around
raptor_feature_from_uri_common now containing the body of the code.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Added feature_relative_uris for raptor_serializer.
Added prototypes for raptor_features_enumerate_common and
* raptor/raptor.h: Added RAPTOR_FEATURE_RELATIVE_URIS for serializing.
Added prototypes for raptor_serializer_features_enumerate,
raptor_serializer_set_feature and raptor_serializer_get_feature
* raptor/ Added raptor_feature.c
* raptor/raptor_feature.c:
Moved common raptor_feature code from raptor_parse.c
* raptor/raptor_rss.c:
Added <none> entry to raptor_rss_fields_info so that when indexed
with RAPTOR_RSS_FIELDS_NONE, does not access invalid data.
Fixes for xmlReader API for older libxml2s:
Added node type defines for <2.5.9
Use xmlTextReaderLocalName, xmlTextReaderNamespaceUri instead of the
Const versions with additional corresponding xmlFree()s for <2.6.0
2004-11-02 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (ordinal_as_uri): Utterly broken
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql (run_test):
Take array of data files and use them to invoke roqet
Tidy some rapper invoking.
Add more debug messages.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (GraphPattern):
Merge the two sequences to make one sequence of triples.
(PatternElement): Pass on PatternElementForms sequence
(GraphPattern1:) Make a new triple sequence and pass on
* rasqal/roqet.c (main): Add sources before prepare.
* rasqal/roqet.c (main):
Form a list of files/source URIs to add using a
raptor_sequence and add them once the query is created.
* librdf/win32_rdf_config.h, Bumped version to
* rasqal/, rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h: Bumped
version to 0.9.5
2004-11-01 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/, raptor/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped
version to 1.4.3
* Snapshotted redland_0_9_19 for 0.9.19 release
* LICENSE-2.0.txt, LICENSE.html, MPL.html,, NOTICE,
README.html, TODO.html, librdf/ LGPL / Apache 2.0
license - remove MPL MPL.html add Apache2 LICENSE-2.0.txt NOTICE
* Switched to LGPL / Apache 2.0 license in the sources
CVS tags before: redland_license_lgpl_mpl,
and after: redland_license_lgpl_apache2
* rasqal/, Need raptor 1.4.2
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h, raptor/ Bumped
version to 1.4.2
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c (raptor_xml_writer_cdata):
Return when raptor_xml_escape_string fails.
* raptor/raptor_xml.c (raptor_xml_escape_string):
Return -1 on UTF-8 encoding failure
* raptor/raptor_xml.c: docs
* utils/rdfproc.c (log_handler):
Check level against fatal, not facility.
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c, librdf/rdf_serializer.c,
librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c, librdf/rdf_query.c,
librdf/rdf_parser.c, librdf/rdf_model.c, librdf/rdf_init.c: Casts
for C++
2004-10-29 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/ Minimum raptor 1.4.1
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (ordinal_as_uri): Helper, added to
Properly calculate uri_string from rdf:_n ordinals
(raptor_statement_as_rasqal_triple): Use above for subject,
predicate, object
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_free_triple):
Handle a partially constructed triple.
2004-10-28 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_xml.c (raptor_xml_escape_string): Ensure an empty
string is copied out; write a NUL.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y, rasqal/rdql_parser.y,
rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c: Casts for C++
* raptor/libraptor.3: int return on raptor_xml_escape_string in body
* raptor/libraptor.3: 1.4.1 raptor_xml_escape_string return value
now int, <0 on failure.
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c (raptor_xml_writer_cdata):
Use int for raptor_xml_escape_string
return variables and use error return <0
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c:
raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement) Use int for
raptor_xml_escape_string return variables. Handle empty string
attribute when len=0.
* raptor/raptor_sax2.c (raptor_format_sax2_element):
Use int for raptor_xml_escape_string return.
* raptor/raptor.h: raptor_xml_escape_string changed return value to int
* raptor/raptor_xml.c (raptor_xml_escape_string):
Return value now int, <0 on failure to
allow escaping an empty string to return 0 bytes required.
(main): Add empty string escaping test. Check for failure of first
raptor_xml_escape_string call.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c (raptor_rss_parser_processNode):
Fix url attribute failing for
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: Use PATH to find programs.
(run-test): More debug messages
Add -s $srcdir arg to find manifest
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/ Invoke check-sparql with
PATH set and -s $(srcdir) arg
* rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/manifest.n3,
rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/manifest.n3: Update to latest DAWG
tests, no file:
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Remove YY_INPUT since it never worked.
(main): Read query string into a buffer and use *_lexer__scan_buffer
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (main):
Use full rasqal_init/finish sequence since setup and cleanup
is rather complex now.
2004-10-27 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (sparql_parse):
Added workaround to crash when regex is at very end
of input, by appending a space to the parsed query string.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (rdql_parse):
Added workaround to crash when regex is at very end of
input, by appending a space to the parsed query string.
* raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c (raptor_new_uri_detail):
Do not add schema_len twice to dest pointer;
stop buffer overrun
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql: OK to assume raptor 1.4.0
* rasqal/roqet.1: updated RDQL URL
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/data.n3: skeleton data file
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/ Added check-bad-sparql rule
Added nojam.rq bad test
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/nojam.rq: failure with ? and non var
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Restore ID state which is used to allow things like ?select.
However, make sure ID state is left on errors.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l:
In <ID> state with unknown token, return to INITIAL and report the
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Remove ID state - not used and jams parser with non-matched chars in
<ID> state.
* rasqal/tests/sparql/ Added syntax dir
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (VarOrURIList):
Fix calls to rasqal_new_variable_literal.
* rasqal/ Added dir tests/sparql/syntax
* rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/syntax/describe1.rq: syntax tests for SPARQL
* rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/ Remove check-sparql-works
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/ Remove check-rdql-works
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Note that describe is a sequence of rasqal_literal*
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (VarOrURIList):
Build a list of rasqal_literal*
2004-10-26 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/roqet.c: fix file reading
* rasqal/roqet.c: Tidy up after failure to get query document
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (rasqal_raptor_error_handler):
Added to pass on raptor parser errors
to rasqal, and onwards.
(rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source): On failure to parser, abort and
tidy up.
* raptor/raptor_locator.c (raptor_format_locator):
Only print line if > 0
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_free_query):
Tidy up any half-constructed rasqal_expression
sequence when query parsing/execution fails.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l (sparql_token_free):
Free raptor_uri objects in URI_LITERAL. Debug function.
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l (rdql_token_free):
Free raptor_uri objects in URI_LITERAL. Debug function.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (main):
Use full rasqal_init/finish sequence since setup and cleanup
is rather complex now.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_triples_source):
Do not abort when no explict list of
sources are given.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l: More renames
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Rename static functions to have rdql_ prefix to aid setting
breakpoints in debugging.
(<PATTERN>.): Only return PATTERN_LITERAL if rdql_copy_regex_token worked.
(rdql_copy_regex_token): Report EOF in regex rather than continue.
(rdql_copy_string_token): Fix debug message parameters.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l:
Rename static functions to have sparql_ prefix to aid setting
breakpoints in debugging.
(<PATTERN>.): Only return PATTERN_LITERAL if sparql_copy_regex_token
(sparql_copy_regex_token): Report EOF in regex rather than continue.
* rasqal/rasqal-config.1: zap ASCII 160
* rasqal/rasqal-config.1, raptor/raptor-config.1:
Fix --libtool-libs desc
2004-10-25 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_execute):
Fix for rasqal bug in
rasqal_new_triples_source that refuses to run if query->sources is
NULL. Remove this when rasqal 0.9.4 is out.
* rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h, rasqal/
Bumped version to 0.9.4
* rasqal/ Use AC_TRY_LINK correctly for regcomp test.
* rasqal/
Use AC_TRY_LINK for regcomp test; no need to run it.
* rasqal/roqet.c: Many casts for c++
(roqet_xml_print_xml_attribute, roqet_query_results_print_as_xml):
Use type raptor_simple_message_handler for error callbacks.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Casts for C++
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_prefix_print): Handle NULL prefix
* rasqal/
Do a 'return 0' after regcomp check to ensure the program exits ok
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql: Handle empty list of vars
* rasqal/
Execute rasqal_query_test specially, passing in full path to
* rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c:
Pass in data file as an argument and allocate the query string with
path to the file burnt in.
* rasqal/roqet.c:
(roqet_xml_print_xml_attribute, roqet_query_results_print_as_xml):
Move experimental XML output code here.
* rasqal/ Remove rasqal_xml.c from library for now.
* rasqal/rasqal.h:
Remove rasqal_query_results_print_as_xml from pre-release public API
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (FromClauseOpt):
Store the list of sources got from URIList
(URIList): Use rasqal_literal_as_uri to make a list of raptor_uri*
from individual rasqal_literal* made by term URI.
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_as_uri):
Added for getting a URI out of a literal.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_literal_as_uri
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (sparql_query_error_full):
Added, allowing varags.
(Literal, URI): Use above to report failure to expand qnames
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (Literal, URI):
Invoke rasqal_literal_expand_qname when handling a
(sparql_parse): Check for unexpanded QNames. SPARQL does the
expansion in order, so do not invoke expansions here.
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_has_qname):
Added, for checking when a QName is
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_engine_sequence_has_qname,
rasqal_engine_constraints_has_qname, rasqal_literal_has_qname,
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_expression_has_qname):
Added for use with
rasqal_expression_foreach to check for a leftover QName.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_sequence_has_qname,
rasqal_engine_constraints_has_qname): Added, for checking when a
QName is leftover.
* rasqal/roqet.c: Set the raptor_www error_handler
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added rasqal_prefix depth field.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_declare_prefix):
Use query->prefix_depth and increment
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_add_prefix):
Undeclare older prefixes with the same prefix.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added prefix_depth to rasqal_query_s
Added rasqal_engine_undeclare_prefix prototype
2004-10-24 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/ Added missing ex-24a files
* rasqal/roqet.c (main):
C99 fix - Move FILE*fh declaration to start of block.
* rasqal/librasqal.3: Updates for 0.9.3
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_query_register_factory):
Take a uri_string argument.
* librdf/rdf_query.h:
Modify librdf_query_register_factory to take a uri_string
* utils/rdfproc.c:
Allow query command to give '-' for default query language name.
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_constructor):
Use rasqal_languages_enumerate to
register all languages that rasqal has.
* rasqal/roqet.c (main):
Use raptor_www_fetch_to_string from raptor 1.4.0
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h, raptor/ Bumped
version to 1.4.1
* raptor/libraptor.3: typo
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Added generation of triples for RSS
enclosures based on a patch from Suzan Foster. Changes made
include correcting the enclosures namespace, tidying some memory
leaks and printing some debug information.
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement):
Make rdf:_<n> 'ordinal' properties serialize correctly.
* raptor/raptor_www_test.c (main):
Use raptor_www_fetch_to_string for testing.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_string_iostream_finish): Code tidy.
* raptor/libraptor.3, raptor/raptor.h: Added
* raptor/raptor_www.c (raptor_www_fetch_to_string_write_bytes):
Added handler for following function:
(raptor_www_fetch_to_string): Added, to get content back as a string.
* rasqal/roqet.c:
(roqet_get_www_content); Use raptor_stringbuffer_copy_to_string.
* rasqal/ enable sparql for regular users
2004-10-23 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/libraptor.3: Updates for 1.4.0
* raptor/raptor.h, raptor/raptor_iostream.c: s/fh/handle/ for clarity.
* rasqal/, rasqal/ Added
* rasqal/ Rasqal DOAP description
* raptor/
Update descriptions to include serializers
2004-10-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/, rasqal/,
rasqal/LICENSE-2.0.txt, NOTICE: LGPL / Apache 2.0 license
* rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/, rasqal/docs/build-docs,
rasqal/tests/, rasqal/tests/rdql/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/, rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql,
rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/, rasqal/docs/,
rasqal/sparql_parser.y, rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h,
rasqal/rdql_parser.y, rasqal/roqet.c, rasqal/sparql_common.h,
rasqal/sparql_lexer.l, rasqal/, rasqal/,
rasqal/, rasqal/,
rasqal/rasqal.h, rasqal/, rasqal/rasqal_engine.c,
rasqal/rasqal_expr.c, rasqal/rasqal_general.c,
rasqal/rasqal_internal.h, rasqal/rasqal_literal.c,
rasqal/rasqal_query.c, rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c,
rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c, rasqal/rasqal_redland.c,
rasqal/rasqal_xml.c, rasqal/rdql_common.h, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
LGPL / Apache 2.0 license
* rasqal/win32/rasqal.dsp, rasqal/win32/rasqal.dsw:
win32 updates including sparql (not tested)
* librdf/rdf_parser_raptor.c
(librdf_parser_raptor_new_statement_handler): Do not copy datatype
URIs for new statements.
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c: less namespace debugs
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c: less cdata debugs
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c: Make most namespace debug messages
appear only if #ifdef RAPTOR_DEBUG_VERBOSE
* raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c:
Make most rdf/xml parsing debug messages appear only if
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c
librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_string): Do not require a
* examples/example6.c:
Redland example code using model methods load and to_string
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c
(librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_statement): Convert statement
object URI correctly.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_model_to_counted_string): Zap
string, string_length before starting.
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serialize_start, raptor_serialize_start_to_filename,
raptor_serialize_statement, raptor_serialize_end):
Fail if no iostream is made or available.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_new_iostream_to_string):
Docs, zap string and length before
* examples/ Added example6.c
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement):
Print datatype URIs correctly.
2004-10-20 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c:
Update redland support to rasqal changes after addition of origin.
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c (rasqal_redland_bind_match):
Take array of 4 bindings.
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c:
Update redland support to changes after addition of origin.
* rasqal/rasqal_general.c:
Added rasqal_initialising and rasqal_finishing statics
(rasqal_init, rasqal_finish): Use the above to prevent
recursion in these methods when rasqal uses redland using rasqal.
* rasqal/
use $srcdir not .. when looking for raptor sources nearby
* rasqal minimum version 0.9.3
* raptor/, raptor/win32_raptor_config.h: 1.4.0
*, rasqal/ raptor minimum version 1.4.0
* rasqal/roqet.c: cast for fprintf
* librdf/rdf_model.h:
Change librdf_model_to_counted_string and librdf_model_to_string to
return unsigned char*
* librdf/rdf_model.c
(librdf_model_to_counted_string,librdf_model_to_string): Return
unsigned char*
* Redland.i: Added librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_string
* Redland.i: Added librdf_model_to_string
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_to_counted_string,
librdf_model_to_string): Added.
(main): Added test for above.
* librdf/rdf_model.h:
Added librdf_model_to_counted_string, librdf_model_to_string
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c:
Added errors, warnings counting in context.
librdf_serializer_raptor_warning_handler): Added, called by raptor
serializing code.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_model_to_file_handle): Link to
error, warning handlers above.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_model_to_counted_string): Added.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_register_factory): Update for new factory
method names.
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c
(librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_counted_string): Added to
return string length.
(main): Test serialize to string.
* librdf/rdf_serializer.h:
Rename factory method to serialize_model_to_counted_string
Added librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_counted_string
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (main):
rdf/xml bad predicate URI is now an error
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Added warning_user_data, warning_handler to serializer
Added prototypes for raptor_serializer_warning and
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_serializer_warning,
raptor_serializer_warning_varargs): Added
(raptor_serializer_set_warning_handler): Added
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_serializer_set_warning_handler
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (main):
Use librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file_handle
* raptor/, rasqal/, autoconf mode
* raptor/rdfdump.c: default serializer simple
* utils/rdfproc.c: allow base URI to serialize command
* librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c: Deleted. raptor does all this now
* librdf/ Remove rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c
* librdf/rdf_serializer.h:
Renamed factory method serialize_model to
Added factory method serialize_model_to_string.
Deprecated librdf_serializer_serialize_model
Added librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file_handle as new name
Added librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_string
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (librdf_serializer_serialize_model):
Deprecate name.
(librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file_handle): Added, new name
for above.
(librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_string): Added.
(librdf_init_serializer): Let raptor make all
* librdf/rdf_storage_file.c (librdf_storage_file_sync): Use
librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file_handle not deprecated
* librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c: Converted to use raptor_serializer.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_model_to_file_handle): Renamed
from librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_model.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_serialize_model_to_string): Added.
(librdf_serializer_raptor_constructor): Register from raptor's
enumeration of serializers.
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement):
Handle URI subject, object right.
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_serialize_start_to_filename,
raptor_serialize_start_to_file_handle): Don't enforce base URI is
2004-10-19 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor.h:
Updated raptor_new_iostream_to_string with malloc_handler argument
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c (raptor_serialize_start_to_string): Update
raptor_new_iostream_to_string for malloc_handler argument
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_string_iostream_finish):
Use passed-in malloc_handler to
make string, raptor_stringbuffer_copy_to_string to copy directly in.
(raptor_new_iostream_to_string): Add optional malloc_handler argument
so caller can control allocation.
(main): Update tests for above.
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_stringbuffer_copy_to_string
* raptor/raptor_stringbuffer.c (raptor_stringbuffer_copy_to_string):
Added to allow exporting to
externally alloced buffers - handy for cross-library/heap work.
(main): Added test for above.
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_init): Don't register 'simple' type.
* Raptor minimum version 1.3.4 for serializer
* pick up raptor libs for --libs
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c, raptor/raptor_namespace.c,
raptor/raptor_serialize.c, raptor/raptor_iostream.c: Casts for C++
* raptor/tests/, raptor/tests/turtle/
Replace direct dependency on $(top_builddir)/rapper with build-rapper
so re-compile check is forced before testing.
* raptor/raptor.h, raptor/raptor_namespace.c,
raptor/raptor_serialize.c: Fix a bunch of constitency typos in
namespace URIs
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Add locator, error_user_data and error_handler to raptor_serializer.
Add raptor_init_serializer_rdfxml, raptor_serializer_error,
raptor_serializer_simple_error and raptor_serializer_error_varargs.
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c:
Export raptor_xml_namespace_uri, raptor_rdf_namespace_ms_uri,
raptor_xmlschema_datatypes_namespace_uri, raptor_owl_namespace_uri,
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_init):
Call raptor_init_serializer_rdfxml
* raptor/raptor.h:
Export raptor_xml_namespace_uri, raptor_rdf_namespace_ms_uri,
raptor_xmlschema_datatypes_namespace_uri, raptor_owl_namespace_uri,
Add raptor_serializer_set_error_handler,
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c: Added RDF/XML serializer.
Added locator to serializer.
(raptor_serializer_error, raptor_serializer_simple_error,
raptor_serializer_error_varargs): Added internal support for errors.
(raptor_serializer_set_error_handler, raptor_serializer_get_locator):
Added public methods
2004-10-18 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c: (main) casts for fprintf
* raptor/rdfdump.c:
Remove ad-hoc serializing code and use raptor_serializer.
Update help and usage messages to use raptor_serializers_enumerate
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Added raptor_serializer_factory and declarations for factories
raptor_init_serializer_ntriples, raptor_init_serializer_simple and
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_init):
Call raptor_init_serializer_ntriples and
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_serializer class and methods:
raptor_serializers_enumerate, raptor_serializer_syntax_name_check,
raptor_new_serializer, raptor_free_serializer,
raptor_serialize_start, raptor_serialize_start_to_filename,
raptor_serialize_statement, raptor_serialize_end,
Added new raptor_iostream class constructor raptor_new_iostream_to_sink
and methods: raptor_iostream_write_end, raptor_iostream_write_string,
raptor_iostream_write_decimal, raptor_iostream_format_hexadecimal
* raptor/ Added raptor_serialize.c
Added $(LIBS) to rfc2396 tests for -ldmalloc when present
* raptor/raptor_serialize.c: Serializers
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_iostream_write_counted_string):
Added as a wrapper.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_iostream_format_hexadecimal):
Added for writing
field-formatted hex.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_iostream_get_bytes_written_count):
Renamed from raptor_get_bytes_written_count
(raptor_iostream_write_decimal): Added to print a decimal to the
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c (raptor_new_iostream_to_file_handle):
Do not fclose at end.
(raptor_string_iostream_finish): Free malloced context.
(raptor_iostream_write_string): Helper to write C string.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c: Added sink iostream
(raptor_sink_iostream_write_byte, raptor_sink_iostream_write_bytes):
(raptor_new_iostream_to_sink): Added to create a throwaway data
(raptor_free_iostream): Ensure write_end is always called once only.
(main): Test sink.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c:
Added ended flag, once write_end is done, all further calls fail.
(raptor_filename_iostream_finish): Removed; write_end does this.
(raptor_filename_iostream_write_end): Added to fclose() on end
(raptor_string_iostream_finish): More checks when stringbuffer is
(raptor_new_iostream_to_string): Handle error tidy up better.
(raptor_iostream_write_end): Added.
(main): Code tidy.
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c: casts for c++
* raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_iostream class and methods.
* raptor/ Added raptor_iostream.c and raptor_iostream_test
* raptor/raptor_iostream.c: Raptor I/O stream class
* raptor/n3_lexer.l, raptor/n3_parser.y, raptor/turtle_lexer.l,
raptor/turtle_parser.y, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l, rasqal/rdql_parser.y,
rasqal/sparql_lexer.l, rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Rename rather
generic define ERROR to ERROR_TOKEN to help win32.
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l, rasqal/sparql_lexer.l: words
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_set_triples_source_factory):
Export this, to match rasqal.h
and add docs.
2004-10-17 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/roqet.c: Tidy some #defines
(main): Don't print all of huge query_string on errors.
* rasqal/roqet.1: formatting
2004-10-16 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql:
Destroy duff relative file: URIs only
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: validate $roqet path
No Data::Dumper
* rasqal/roqet.c: Remove extra print of query URI
* rasqal/roqet.c (roqet_get_www_content): Remove goto
* rasqal/roqet.1: Update for options changes. Note SPARQL support.
* raptor/rapper.1: die .UE
* rasqal/roqet.c (roqet_error_handler): Added, used by www fetching.
(roqet_get_www_write_bytes): Added, used by roqet_get_www_content
(roqet_get_www_content): Added, creates a big string of a URI
content using the raptor_www class routines to retrieve it
and raptor_stringbuffer to assemble it.
(main): Use roqet_get_www_content to retrieve queries from URIs.
* rasqal/sparql_lexer.l, rasqal/sparql_parser.y:
Deleted FOR and USING tokens
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Remove PatternLiteral
* rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/examples/manifest.n3: SPARQL examples from
query WD
* rasqal/tests/rdql/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/ Use indirect rules for the
lexer, parser tests for rdql, sparql and roqet
* rasqal/ Added tests/sparql/examples/Makefile
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y:
Added SPARQL URI token replacing URI_LITERAL | QNAME_LITERAL for
Makes several List tokens shorter
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (VarOrURIList, VarList): Made left recursive.
(VarOrURI): Don't allow a QName.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (TriplePatternList): rewrite as left recursive
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (VarList): rewrite as left recursive
* rasqal/roqet.c (main):
When adding source_uri as a triple source, URI is now
managed by the query, so drop the source_uri pointer.
2004-10-15 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (PrefixDeclOpt):
Actually use query->prefixes list.
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y (PrefixDeclOpt):
Add new prefix to existing prefixes list.
(main): Update test code to initialise/free static query.prefixes.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (Query): Do not initialise query->prefixes.
(PrefixDeclList): Shift new prefixes to existing prefixes list.
(main): Update test code to initialise/free static query.prefixes.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_new_query):
Init query->prefixes here rather than in each QL
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Remove prefix from %union - not needed
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h, rasqal/sparql_lexer.l,
rasqal/sparql_parser.y: Updated SPARQL parser to approximately
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (main):
Add serializer error and warning report tests
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_results_get_bindings):
Casts for variable names array.
* librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c
(rdf_serializer_rdfxml_print_xml_attribute): Take serializer arg.
Use librdf_log directly to give a better error message since
raptor_xml_escape_string only dies on UTF-8 errors.
(librdf_serializer_print_statement_as_rdfxml): Replcae
librdf_serializer_warning with direct librdf_log call as above.
* librdf/rdf_serializer.h:
Deleted librdf_serializer_error and librdf_serializer_warning
* librdf/rdf_serializer.c (librdf_serializer_error,
librdf_serializer_warning): Deleted.
* librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c
(rdf_serializer_rdfxml_print_as_xml_content): Deleted and inlined.
Use raptor_xml_escape_string to properly escape UTF-8.
* librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c
(rdf_serializer_rdfxml_print_xml_attribute): Add an error return
value and pass on failures.
librdf_serializer_print_statement_as_rdfxml): Add an error return
value and pass on failures. Try to slightly recover from errors.
* librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c
(librdf_serializer_rdfxml_serialize_model): Use raptor_free_memory.
* raptor/raptor_xml.c (raptor_xml_escape_string):
Call error_handler correctly.
2004-10-12 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/
Use EXPECTED_SPARQL_CORRECT_FAILURES and count the list at run time
2004-10-10 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y, rasqal/sparql_lexer.l,
rasqal/rdql_parser.y, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l,
rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c, rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Use
rasqal_basename to make 'program' in test code messages.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_finish):
Do a terminating loop through columns.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_basename prototype
* rasqal/rasqal_general.c (rasqal_basename): Added utility function
* rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c (main):
Check prepares and multiple executes work.
* rasqal/win32/rasqal.dsp: Rename parser, lexer files
Add sparql
* rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h: Add RDQL and SPARQL defines
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Make all RASQAL_INLINE functions static.
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: RASQAL_INLINE at start of line
2004-10-08 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/sparql_parser.y, rasqal/sparql_lexer.l,
rasqal/sparql_common.h, rasqal/rasqal_internal.h,
rasqal/rasqal_general.c, rasqal/ BRQL to SPARQL
2004-10-07 Dave Beckett <>
* Redland.i: Export librdf_world_get_feature and
* librdf/rdf_init.h: Update librdf_world_get_feature and
librdf_world_set_feature to use librdf_node*
* librdf/rdf_init.c (librdf_world_get_feature): Document and
change to return librdf_node*
(librdf_world_set_feature): Document and change to use
librdf_node* value.
2004-09-30 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: -warnings, new perl only
* rasqal/roqet.c: On query failure (prepare or execute) tidy and
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/ count expected failures
the old way
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql,
rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle query parsing, execution
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/ Handle test failures
with/without a regex library
* rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/ echo messages for correct,
works targets
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: A few more fixes predicting
optional results working. Unique test works
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql,
rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle missing vars or with
undef value
* rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/ Use check-sparql to run
queries driven by manifests and check results are correct. Enable
this in check-local
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: Read manifest
* rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/
Remove expected test failures code.
* rasqal/tests/sparql/ Added check-sparql
* rasqal/tests/sparql/check-sparql: run sparql tests
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql: Relative to root is ../../..
use -d on roqet to dump query
Added -d flag here to run in debug mode
* rasqal/roqet.c: Added -d/--dump-query to print query to stdout
* rasqal/tests/sparql/ sparql tests
* rasqal/ sparql parser/lexer tests
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: sparql label
* rasqal/ BRQL to SPARQL
* rasqal/rasqal_general.c: brql to sparql
* rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/ list files
* rasqal/ Added sparql subdirs
* rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/part1/manifest.n3: sparql part1 tests
* rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/,
rasqal/tests/sparql/simple/result-tp-04.n3: Added sparql simple tests
* rasqal/ brql to sparql
* rasqal/tests/ brql to sparql
* rasqal/tests/brql/D.n3, rasqal/tests/brql/E.n3,
rasqal/tests/brql/, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-C-1,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-C-2, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-D-1,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-D-2, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-D-3,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-F2F3-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-F2F3-2,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-OPT-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-OPT-2,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-S-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-S-2,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-SOURCE-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-SOURCE-2:
* rasqal/ Add rasqal_xml.c
* rasqal/roqet.c: Use rasqal_query_results_print_as_xml
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added rasqal_query_results_print_as_xml
* rasqal/rasqal_xml.c: Rasqal XML
* rasqal/roqet.c (roqet_print_results_as_xml):
If xml, don't print datatype attribute.
* rasqal/roqet.c: indent
* rasqal/roqet.c (roqet_print_results_as_xml): no need to
malloc/free when escaped string is same len as original.
* rasqal/roqet.c: debug
* rasqal/roqet.c (roqet_print_results_as_xml): Print XML Literals
* rasqal/roqet.c: Added OUTPUT_FORMAT_XML experiment
(roqet_print_xml_attribute): Added, based on
librdf_serialize_rdfxml code.
(roqet_print_results_as_xml): Added, printing an entire result
stream to the given handle in XML.
(main): Added the xml output format.
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c, rasqal/rasqal.h: Export
* rasqal/roqet.c: source_uri check
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: brql to sparqal (keeping alias)
* rasqal/roqet.c: terminology s/data/source/ -d/-s --data/--source
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_add_source,
rasqal_query_get_source): Handle NULL query->sources and
initialise it first time when adding.
(rasqal_query_add_variable, rasqal_query_get_variable,
rasqal_query_has_variable, rasqal_query_set_variable): Handle NULL
query->selects and initialise it first time when adding.
(rasqal_query_add_triple, rasqal_query_get_triple):Handle NULL
query->triples and initialise it first time when adding.
(rasqal_query_add_constraint, rasqal_query_get_constraint): Handle
NULL query->constraints and initialise it first time when adding.
(rasqal_query_add_prefix, rasqal_query_get_prefix): Handle NULL
query->prefixes and initialise it first time when adding.
* rasqal/roqet.c: Added -d URI to specify a data URI to load
before running the query.
2004-09-29 Dave Beckett <>
* Redland.i:
Added REDLAND_TYPEMAP_I protecting redland-typemap.i early on
2004-09-26 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/brql_parser.y:
(TriplePatternList) Append constraint to right sequence.
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: Merged CommaAndConstraintClause into
TriplePatternList to remove another shift/reduce conflict with
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: CommaAndConstraintClause tidy
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: Removed SOURCE alias for FROM, reducing a
shift/reduce cnflict
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: URIList tidy
* rasqal/fix-bison: Delete yyerrlab1 label only if used in a goto
* rasqal/tests/brql/Q-F2F3-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-F2F3-2: F2F3
* rasqal/rasqal_general.c: debug messages
* rasqal/tests/brql/Q-SOURCE-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-SOURCE-2:
PREFIX syntax
* rasqal/rasqal.h: rasqal_triples_source_s: remove source_index.
rasqal_triples_source_factory: remove UI from new_triples_source
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c:
rasqal_redland_triples_source_user_data: Add source_uris array of
size source_uris_count and source_index to use it when loading
(rasqal_redland_new_triples_source): Walk through each source URI
in turn and load data.
(rasqal_redland_free_triples_source): Tidy up new array of uris.
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source,
rasqal_raptor_free_triples_source): Allocate and free source_uris
and source_literals array.
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c (rasqal_redland_new_triples_source):
Handle 0 sources
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c:
rasqal_raptor_triples_source_user_data: Add source_uris and
source_literals array of size source_uris_count and source_index to
use it when loading data.
(rasqal_raptor_statement_handler): set origin URI as pointer into
URI literals array.
(rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source): Remove URI arg. Walk through
each source URI in turn and load data.
(rasqal_raptor_triple_match): Remove URi arg, use origin_uri from
(rasqal_raptor_free_triples_source): Tidy up new arrays of data.
(rasqal_raptor_bind_match): Update call to triple_match with no URI
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_triples_source):
Do not assume there is just one URI
(rasqal_triples_source_next_source): Deleted.
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Remove call to
rasqal_triples_source_next_source - sources are not applied in order.
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: expect 4
(TriplePatternList): Rewrite and add SOURCE, OPTIONAL
(ConstraintClause): Removed, now in TriplePatternList
(URIList): No commas
* rasqal/
Added fix-bison. Use it for rdql and brql parsers.
* rasqal/fix-bison: fix-bison
2004-09-24 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor-config.1: Restore deleted content
2004-09-22 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage.c (librdf_storage_context_add_statement,
librdf_storage_context_add_statements): With a NULL context, call
the non-context method as documented. Fix NULL statement pointer
2004-09-20 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h,
raptor/ Bumped version to 1.3.4
* raptor/examples/, raptor/examples/grapper.c,
raptor/examples/raptor_abort.c, raptor/raptor_locator.c,
raptor/raptor_namespace.c, raptor/raptor_nfc.c,
raptor/raptor_nfc.h, raptor/raptor_nfc_test.c,
raptor/raptor_parse.c, raptor/raptor_qname.c,
raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c, raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c,
raptor/raptor_rss.c, raptor/raptor_sax2.c,
raptor/raptor_sequence.c, raptor/raptor_set.c,
raptor/raptor_stringbuffer.c, raptor/raptor_uri.c,
raptor/raptor_utf8.c, raptor/raptor_win32.c, raptor/raptor_www.c,
raptor/raptor_www_curl.c, raptor/raptor_www_libfetch.c,
raptor/raptor_www_libwww.c, raptor/raptor_www_libxml.c,
raptor/raptor_www_test.c, raptor/raptor_xml.c,
raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c, raptor/rdfdump.c,
raptor/tests/, raptor/tests/empty.c,
raptor/tests/ex-14.out, raptor/tests/ex-20.out,
raptor/tests/ex-22.out, raptor/tests/ex-52.out,
raptor/tests/turtle/, raptor/tests/turtle/README.txt,
raptor/tests/turtle/test-00.out, raptor/turtle_common.h,
raptor/turtle_lexer.l, raptor/turtle_parser.y,
raptor/win32_raptor_config.h, raptor/,
raptor/, raptor/, raptor/n3_common.h,
raptor/n3_lexer.l, raptor/n3_parser.y, raptor/ntriples_parse.c,
raptor/raptor-config.1, raptor/,
raptor/, raptor/raptor.h,
raptor/, raptor/,
raptor/raptor_expat.c, raptor/raptor_general.c,
raptor/raptor_identifier.c, raptor/raptor_internal.h,
raptor/raptor_libxml.c: LGPL / Apache 2.0 license
* raptor/ Check for libxml 2.5.10+ for RSS tag soup
parser requirements, not features.
2004-09-19 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Added prototype for rasqal_engine_declare_prefix
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_declare_prefix):
Added to declare a namespace
prefix/uri once only in a query.
(rasqal_engine_declare_prefixes): Use above.
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added declared field to rasqal_prefix
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: Initial BRQL updates post DAWG F2F3
Deleted OPTIONAL, replaced with []s around set of triples
using new terms LSQUARE and RSQUARE
Removed USING work and replaced with PREFIX earlier. Declare
prefixes as soon as they appear.
* rasqal/brql_lexer.l: Added PREF state for post-PREFIX word handling
Define PREFIX, NAME, QNAME more precisely (not checked vs spec)
Made "PREFIX"/"prefix" set state PREF
Made <PREF> state handle foo: and : names for namespace prefixes
2004-09-16 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Added prototype for rasqal_triples_source_next_source
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added origin field to rasqal_triple
Added rasqal_triple_set_origin and rasqal_triple_get_origin
Made bindings be [4]array
Added raptor_uri param to rasqal_triples_soruce_factory method
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c (rasqal_redland_new_triples_match):
Added origin, not checked
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (rasqal_new_triples_source):
Set uri from first in list, call
updated factory with that uri.
(rasqal_free_triples_source): Tidy triples source and user data
only if not alreayd done.
(rasqal_triples_source_next_source): Added for switching to next
data source.
(rasqal_triples_match_bind_match): Handle 4 bindings
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Handle origin queries and switching
to next data source when current one exhausted (goto restart)
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c (rasqal_triple_print): Handle origin.
(rasqal_triple_set_origin, rasqal_triple_get_origin): Added
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_new_triples_source):
Set uri from first in list, call
updated factory with that uri.
(rasqal_free_triples_source): Tidy triples source and user data
only if not alreayd done.
(rasqal_triples_source_next_source): Added for switching to next
data source.
(rasqal_triples_match_bind_match): Handle 4 bindings
(rasqal_engine_get_next_result): Handle origin queries and switching
to next data source when current one exhausted (goto restart)
* rasqal/brql_parser.y: Added SOURCE ?foo before triple
* rasqal/tests/brql/, rasqal/tests/brql/E.n3,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-SOURCE-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-SOURCE-2: tests
2004-09-12 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_as_string): Handle BLANK
2004-09-11 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal.h: docs
* rasqal/brql_parser.y (OptionalClause):
Make print handler for seq of seq.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_assign_variables):
Handle no selects
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source):
Handle no sources
* rasqal/roqet.c: Use raptor_free_memory on uri_string
* rasqal/ clean up local_tests
* rasqal/tests/brql/ fix tool building paths
* rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c: Use data/dc.rdf
* rasqal/, rasqal/ Added data
* rasqal/data/, rasqal/data/dc.rdf: data
2004-09-10 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c: foo
* raptor/raptor_namespace.c (raptor_new_namespace):
Debug message only when level >1
* rasqal/brql_lexer.l, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l (main):
Use raptor_free_memory
* rasqal/tests/brql/ BRQL Makefile
* rasqal/tests/rdql/ RDQL Makefile
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_free_query):
Added describes, optional_triples and constructs.
(rasqal_query_print): Print describes, optional_triples and
constructs when present. Make most things printing only if present.
* rasqal/ fix line directives in bison generated files
* rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/testsuite/tests2turtle.patch: Adjustments for
dir renaming
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Added constructs, optional_triples, describes sequences
Added select_is_describe, construct_all flags.
Declare rasqal_init_query_engine_brql prototype
* rasqal/rasqal_general.c (rasqal_init):
Use conditionals for query language inits.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_expand_triple_qnames):
Don't fail if there are no
triples. BRQL doesn't need them.
* rasqal/tests/brql/D.n3, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-C-1,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-C-2, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-D-1,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-D-2, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-D-3,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-OPT-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-OPT-2,
rasqal/tests/brql/Q-S-1, rasqal/tests/brql/Q-S-2: BRQL tests
* rasqal/tests/ Switch to just subdirs here
* rasqal/
Split tests into BRQL and RDQL ones enabled separately.
Use makefile conditionals for sources
* rasqal/
Added --enable-query-languages and automake conditionals
to avoid building them.
* rasqal/ Remove rdql-testsuite dir.
Add BRQL sources and tests
* rasqal/brql_common.h, rasqal/brql_lexer.l, rasqal/brql_parser.y: BRQL
* rasqal/tests/rdql/dc.rdf, rasqal/tests/rdql/example1.rdql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/example2.rdql, rasqal/tests/rdql/example3.rdql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/example4.rdql, rasqal/tests/rdql/example5.rdql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/note-ex1.rdql, rasqal/tests/rdql/note-ex2.rdql,
rasqal/tests/rdql/note-ex3.rdql, rasqal/tests/rdql/note-ex4.rdql,
rasqal/tests/dc.rdf, rasqal/tests/example1.rdql,
rasqal/tests/example2.rdql, rasqal/tests/example3.rdql,
rasqal/tests/example4.rdql, rasqal/tests/example5.rdql,
rasqal/tests/example_at_1.rdql, rasqal/tests/example_at_2.rdql,
rasqal/tests/example_at_3.rdql, rasqal/tests/example_at_4.rdql,
rasqal/tests/example_at_5.rdql, rasqal/tests/example_at_6.rdql,
rasqal/tests/example_at_7.rdql, rasqal/tests/example_at_8.rdql,
rasqal/tests/note-ex1.rdql, rasqal/tests/note-ex2.rdql,
rasqal/tests/note-ex3.rdql, rasqal/tests/note-ex4.rdql: Moved to
rdql subdir
2004-09-09 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/
Just link raptor_uri_test, raptor_uri_win32_test with raptor_rfc2396.lo
* raptor/raptor_uri.c: (main) Don't use raptor_basename
* raptor/raptor_uri.c:
Revert wrapping so that -DWIN32 raptor_uri_win32_test can be
compiled. OSX 'make check' will have to live with the moans.
* raptor/raptor_uri.c:
Wrap functions with #ifndef STANDALONE ... #endif to
prevent multiple link warnings on OSX with tests.
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (main):
Use program and raptor_basename in messages
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c, raptor/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
raptor/raptor_xml.c, raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c:
Wrap functions with #ifndef STANDALONE ... #endif to
prevent multiple link warnings on OSX with tests.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c, raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c: Fixes for C++
* raptor/, raptor/ Added NOTICE
* raptor/ Mention atom 0.3
* raptor/ Update for LGPL/Apache 2
* raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c: Header
2004-09-08 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c (raptor_new_uri_detail):
Handle NULL string - failure.
Increase alloced size to compensate for possibly 5 extra \0s
for each URI component.
(main): Check "" URI parses and NULL doesn't crash it.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_uri_detail.
Added internal raptor_basename.
* raptor/raptor.h: docs
* raptor/ Added raptor_rfc2396.c and raptor_rfc2396_test
Link all tests with $(LIBS)
* raptor/raptor_rfc2396.c: RFC2396 URI detail
* raptor/raptor_uri.c: Remove old URI resolving code.
* raptor/raptor_xml.c, raptor/raptor_parse.c,
raptor/raptor_sequence.c, raptor/raptor_set.c,
raptor/raptor_stringbuffer.c, raptor/raptor_nfc_test.c: Use
raptor_basename in test code main()
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_basename): Added
* raptor/raptor_rdfxml.c: correct comment
* raptor/
Enable raptor_set_test raptor_xml_test tests only when rdf/xml enabled.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_stats_print):
Only print rdfxml stats if compiled in.
* raptor/ Change test to be raptor_parse_test
Use raptor_rdfxml.c only if rdf/xml enabled.
* raptor/raptor.h: Export raptor_xml_literal_datatype_uri_string_len
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Declare raptor_delete_parser_factories.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c, raptor/raptor_general.c:
Moved the following parser related functions and methods to
raptor_delete_parser_factories, raptor_feature_from_uri,
raptor_features_enumerate, raptor_free_parser, raptor_generate_id,
raptor_get_feature, raptor_get_label, raptor_get_locator,
raptor_get_mime_type, raptor_get_name, raptor_get_parser_factory ,
raptor_guess_parser_name, raptor_new_parser,
raptor_new_parser_for_content, raptor_parse_abort,
raptor_parse_chunk, raptor_parse_file, raptor_parse_file_stream,
raptor_parse_uri, raptor_parse_uri_with_connection,
raptor_parse_uri_write_bytes, raptor_parser_error,
raptor_parser_error_varargs, raptor_parser_fatal_error,
raptor_parser_fatal_error_varargs, raptor_parser_register_factory,
raptor_parser_simple_error, raptor_parser_warning,
raptor_parser_warning_varargs, raptor_parsers_enumerate,
raptor_set_default_generate_id_parameters, raptor_set_error_handler,
raptor_set_fatal_error_handler, raptor_set_feature,
raptor_set_generate_id_handler, raptor_set_parser_strict,
raptor_set_statement_handler, raptor_set_warning_handler,
raptor_start_parse, raptor_stats_print, raptor_syntax_name_check,
* raptor/ -MPL1.1 +Apache2.0
* raptor/LICENSE-2.0.txt: +Apache2
2004-09-07 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-16.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/test-16.out:
10000 triples exactly now
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c: docs
* raptor/turtle_parser.y (blank):
Revert mis-edited triple sequence change.
* raptor/turtle_parser.y (propertyList):
Switch to left-recursion to prevent stack problems
with bison.
(raptor_turtle_parse_terminate): Call turtle_lexer_lex_destroy properly.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (rasqal_rdql_query_engine_terminate):
Call rdql_lexer_lex_destroy properly.
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-14.ttl, raptor/tests/turtle/test-14.out:
Use exactly 10000 all different triples.
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-15.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-15.ttl:
Use different objects and no collections so there are exactly 10000
triples, all different.
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-16.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-16.ttl:
Use different objects so all 10000 triples are different
* raptor/turtle_lexer.l (turtle_token_print):
Add INTEGER_LITERAL for debugging.
* raptor/ Make turtle_parser.c appear as C source name
* raptor/turtle_parser.y (statementList, objectList):
Switch to using left recursion to
prevent stack overflow in bison with 10000 statements (possible) or
objects (rarer).
* raptor/tests/turtle/,
raptor/tests/turtle/test-14.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-14.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/test-15.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-15.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/test-16.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-16.ttl:
Added large turtle tests test-14,15,16
* raptor/turtle_parser.y (raptor_turtle_parse_chunk):
Use RAPTOR_REALLOC for massive speed
improvements on some systems.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added RAPTOR_REALLOC
2004-09-06 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_finish):
Don't free triple_meta before
checking the columns
* rasqal/ Added rasqal_query_test to TESTS
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_init):
Init triples_source, triple_meta only
if not already done.
(rasqal_engine_execute_finish): Free triple_meta and any variables
still set if not cleared.
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (rasqal_raptor_free_triples_source):
Free the rasqal_triple in the loop.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_execute): Re-execute if wanted.
* rasqal/tests/, rasqal/tests/dc.rdf: Added dc.rdf
* rasqal/, rasqal/rasqal_query_test.c:
Added rasqal_query_test.c
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_expand_qname):
Zap old string pointer.
* raptor/raptor_set.c (raptor_free_id_set):
Free the set after freeing the list.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_prepare):
Allow re-prepare when finished or executed.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_execute_init):
Do not overwrite query->variables on
a re-execute init.
* librdf/rdf_log.c (librdf_fatal): Off by 1 in snprintf on OSX
2004-09-02 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-13.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-13.ttl:
Make serializable as rdf/xml
2004-09-01 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfproc.c: Init results to NULL
* raptor/tests/turtle/, raptor/tests/turtle/README.txt:
Turtle tests readme
2004-08-30 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c (librdf_storage_mysql_get_contexts):
Removed bogus '+' in the sql statement. Thanks to DJ Adams for
finding this.
2004-08-29 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l:
Fix copy_regex_token prototype - delim is not const.
2004-08-27 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: compare namespace URIs the cheaper way
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Added atom:copyright
Rewrite atom fields earlier.
Compare namespaces too, if they have them.
* raptor/raptor_rss.c: Handle atom 0.3 somewhat.
- Add atom author type.
- Add atom 0.3 NS and atom 0.3 properties
- Add DC Ns and all DC element properties.
- Always rewrites atom:content into rss:description which is not
correct for all situations.
- Cannot handle multiple <link> with different attributes; just uses
rel=alternate ones.
General changes:
Use XML_READER type enums.
Fix copying properties to use RAPTOR_RSS_FIELDS_SIZE.
Allow item field x to have a URI value in item->uri_fields[x] as well
as literal in item->fields[x].
2004-08-23 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/turtle_parser.y (blank rule): Do not free a generated id here
2004-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/ Remove old reference to g_utf8_normalize
* rasqal/tests/example_at_8.rdql: RDQL @semantics example 8
* rasqal/tests/ Added example_at_8.rdql
* rasqal/ Re-fix generation of rdql_parser.c
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y:
Allow optional comma in prefix declaration lists.
* rasqal/ Update rdql_parser bison output fix for no .tab.c
2004-08-19 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/ Add libraptor_la_SOURCES += for NFC.
2004-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_set.c: Wrap main code with #ifndef STANDALONE
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_init, raptor_finish):
Use new static raptor_initialised to
protect these from being run twice.
2004-08-17 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/ Give nfc_needed a default
* raptor/, raptor/
Added conditional makefile support for XML parsers (expat, libxml),
selecting RDF parsers (RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triples, RSS tag soup),
NFC checking.
Added new configure argument --enable-parsers to control this.
* raptor/raptor_utf8.c (raptor_utf8_is_nfc):
Protect NFC check with define RAPTOR_NFC_CHECK
* raptor/raptor_locator.c (raptor_update_document_locator):
Protect RDF/XML bits with define RAPTOR_PARSER_RDFXML
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_stats_print):
Protect RDF/XML bits with define RAPTOR_PARSER_RDFXML
* raptor/raptor.h: Added prototype for raptor_calloc_memory
* raptor/raptor_set.c, raptor/raptor_nfc.c: Casts for C++
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_as_integer,
rasqal_literal_as_floating): Edit casts near strtol, strtod to
cause less moaning and still work with C++.
* librdf/win32_rdf_config.h: 0.9.19
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h: 1.3.3
* rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h: 0.9.3
* rasqal/ Remove link with expat (!) in posix regex check
2004-08-13 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/win32/ rasqal not raptor
* rasqal/win32/, rasqal/win32/rasqal.dsp,
rasqal/win32/rasqal.dsw: win32 build configuration
* rasqal/, rasqal/ Add win32 dir
* rasqal/roqet.c:
Use #ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H ... #endif around include of <unistd.h>
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c, rasqal/rasqal_expr.c:
Use RASQAL_INLINE instead of inline.
* rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h: win32 updates from Chris Pointon
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Define RASQAL_INLINE here but don't condition it.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Add RASQAL_INLINE, empty on WIN32
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Export rasqal_set_triples_source_factory
* raptor/turtle_lexer.l, raptor/n3_lexer.l: grammar
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y: Use win32_rasqal_config.h
* rasqal/rdql_lexer.l, rasqal/fix-flex, raptor/turtle_lexer.l,
raptor/n3_lexer.l, raptor/fix-flex:
fix-flex now inserts the raptor and win32 config includes block
at the top of the lexer C.
* raptor/n3_parser.y, raptor/n3_lexer.l: win32
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y, rasqal/rdql_lexer.l, rasqal/
Do not generate *.tab.[ch] for rdql parser but process and rename
to make .c, .h.
* raptor/win32/raptor.dsw, raptor/win32/raptor.dsp:
win32 updates from Chris Pointon
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h:
No need for #define YY_NO_UNISTD_H here, it's done in the turtle
lexer and parser C source.
* raptor/turtle_parser.y, raptor/turtle_lexer.l: Use turtle_parser.h
* raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c, raptor/raptor_sax2.c,
raptor/raptor_qname.c, raptor/raptor_parse.c,
raptor/raptor_namespace.c, raptor/raptor_libxml.c: Calloc fixes.
* raptor/ Do not generate *.tab.[ch] for turtle parser
but process and rename to make .c, .h.
Apply fix-flex to the generated flex header file, to catch another
unprotected include of unistd.h.
* raptor/libraptor.3: Document raptor_calloc_memory.
* raptor/raptor_general.c: Added raptor_calloc_memory
* raptor/raptor_www_libwww.c:
Add #ifdef RAPTOR_WWW_LIBWWW ... #endif block around content
* raptor/raptor_www_libfetch.c:
Add #ifdef RAPTOR_WWW_LIBFETCH ... #endif block around content
Use #ifdef HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H for sys/param.h
* raptor/raptor_www_curl.c:
Add #ifdef RAPTOR_WWW_LIBCURL ... #endif block around content
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h: win32 updates from Chris Pointon
* raptor/raptor_www.c: Calloc fix.
(raptor_www_get_connection): Return NULL if no WWW library available.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Correct RAPTOR_CALLOC macro param names.
* raptor/raptor.h: Export raptor_xml_literal_datatype_uri_string
* raptor/win32/, raptor/win32/README.txt,
raptor/win32/README: README renamed to README.txt
* librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c, librdf/rdf_storage.c,
librdf/rdf_parser.c, librdf/rdf_model_storage.c,
librdf/rdf_model.c: Documentation - Note that the model, storage
and parser get_feature methods return new librdf_node objects
* Redland.i: librdf_model_has_arc_in/out return int not an
Use %newobject to record that librdf_model_get_feature and
librdf_parser_get_feature return new librdf_node objects.
2004-08-12 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_context_add_statement,
librdf_model_context_as_stream, librdf_model_context_serialize):
Return failure when contexts are not supported, don't just carry on.
* raptor/raptor_nfc.c: Tidy debug messages.
Reset prev_class explicitly.
2004-08-11 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_record_ID): c99
* raptor/raptor_nfc.c: Return 0 from raptor_nfc_check on failure
* raptor/raptor_nfc_test.c: Raptor NFC test
* raptor/ Added raptor_nfc_test.c
* raptor/ Add raptor_nfc_data.c raptor_nfc.c raptor_nfc.h
Added raptor_nfc_test
* raptor/raptor_utf8.c (raptor_utf8_is_nfc): Use raptor_nfc_check.
* raptor/raptor_nfc.c, raptor/raptor_nfc.h: Unicode NFC
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added prototype for raptor_nfc_check
* raptor/
Check for lengths of u8, u16, u32, char, short, int, long
* raptor/raptor_nfc_data.c: Unicode NFC data tables
* raptor/raptor_parse.c:
Updated for raptor_set to raptor_id_set renaming.
(raptor_record_ID): Pass in the base_uri to the raptor_id_set_add, do
not malloc / free a larger string.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Rename the raptor_set* typedef and functions to be raptor_id_set
* raptor/raptor_set.c:
Change the implementation to a list of (set of IDs)-per base URI.
Each time a base URI is checked it is swapped with the first in
the list. The set of IDs (raptor_base_id_set) takes a lot less
memory since it isn't storing the string concat(base URI,ID) but just
ID. The capacity and size parts are part of the raptor_base_id_set.
Rename the structures and functions to be raptor_id_set not raptor_set.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_end_element_grammar):
Add check for a non-empty property
element with both a node element <rdf:Description/> child and
property attributes. For bad test bad-23.rdf
* raptor/tests/bad-23.rdf:
bad-23.rdf - property attributes and node element content check
* raptor/tests/ Added bad-23.rdf
* Add srcdir for Redland.i install
* Preserve the Redland.i timestamp on an install, so
that redland-bindings can build against it reliably, not
necessarily requiring SWIG to compile.
2004-08-10 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/libraptor.3: Document check_rdf_id feature
2004-08-03 Dave Beckett <>
* Bumped version to 0.9.19
* Snapshotted redland_0_9_18 for 0.9.18 release
* librdf/rdf_statement.h, librdf/rdf_statement.c:
Revert statement usage counting.
* Bumped version to 0.9.18
* Snapshotted redland_0_9_17 for 0.9.17 release
* librdf/rdf_init.c (librdf_free_world): Destroy nodes, statements
(librdf_world_init_mutex): Init nodes, statements mutexes.
* librdf/rdf_init.h: Added statements mutex
* librdf/rdf_statement.c: Statements are now usage counted,
Removed old macros throughout.
(librdf_new_statement): Set usage to 1.
(librdf_new_statement_from_statement): Rewrite to use usage.
(librdf_free_statement): Free when usage is zero, using mutex to
protect shared structures.
* librdf/rdf_statement.h: Statements are now usage counted,
Removed old macros
2004-08-02 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_parser_raptor.c
librdf_parser_raptor_parse_into_model_common): Add a length parameter,
calculate it if it is 0.
librdf_parser_raptor_parse_string_as_stream): Updates for change above.
librdf_parser_raptor_parse_counted_string_into_model): Added, taking
a counted string with length>0, calling one of the common functions
(librdf_parser_raptor_register_factory): Register new methods.
* librdf/rdf_parser.c (librdf_parser_parse_counted_string_as_stream,
librdf_parser_parse_counted_string_into_model): Added, taking a
counted string with length>0, calling the new parser factory
(main): Test code updated to test rdfxml, ntriples and turtle
with four different parsing methods for one parser. This
tests - a) memory model checks for same triples
b) parsing works with four methods
c) parsing with same parser multiple times works
* Redland.i: Added librdf_parser_parse_counted_string_as_stream and
* librdf/rdf_parser.h: Added factory methods
parse_counted_string_into_model, parse_counted_string_as_stream as
variants of the uncounted versions. Added prototypes for
2004-07-30 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_internal.h:
Switch to WWW read buffer size of 4096 (from 256 bytes!)
* raptor/raptor_general.c: Switch to read buffer size of 4096
2004-07-28 Dave Beckett <>
*, rasqal/, raptor/
move 'rm's inside loop
* rasqal/, raptor/, typo
* raptor/, rasqal/,
Ensure subdirs get config.guess, config.sub
* librdf/rdf_storage_tstore.c (librdf_storage_list_add_statement):
Note FIXME - cannot enforce not adding duplicate statements.
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c (librdf_storage_mysql_add_statement,
librdf_storage_mysql_add_statements): Enforce not adding duplicate
* librdf/rdf_storage_list.c (librdf_storage_list_add_statement):
Enforce not adding duplicate statements.
(librdf_storage_list_add_statements): Enforce not adding duplicate
statements. Tidy the code.
* librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c (librdf_storage_hashes_add_statement):
Enforce not adding duplicate statements.
This is not needed for librdf_storage_hashes_add_statements since
it calls the above method.
* librdf/rdf_storage.c:
(librdf_storage_add_statement, librdf_storage_add_statements):
Document that duplicate statements are ignored on addition.
* docs/ In model class intro, document that duplicate
statements are ignored on adding.
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_add_statement):
Document that duplicate statements are
ignored and use librdf_model_contains_statement to enforce it.
(librdf_model_add_statements): Document that duplicate statements are
For maintainer-mode, always invoke AC_CONFG_SUBDIR on raptor
and rasqal. The extra configures for the maintainer is fine
and ensures the tarball is made OK.
* Zap customised DIST_SUBDIRS again
* raptor/win32/raptortest.cpp:
Added raptor_init, raptor_finish (untested).
2004-07-27 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c, raptor/raptor_locator.c: casts for c++
2004-07-27 Morten Frederiksen
* Updated to latest version of the MySQL storage written
by Morten Frederiksen
* librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c: Add new storage options:
bulk - if inserts should be optimized by locking and index
merge - if a table with merged models should be maintained
Added a digest object to the storage context for use and re-use
of MD5 digesting.
(librdf_storage_mysql_hash): Changed to use context digest option.
(librdf_storage_mysql_init): Added and documented the bulk and merge
options. Document the new option, already implemented, to create
tables. Update the MySQL schemas.
(librdf_storage_mysql_merge): Added, to re/create merged view of all
(librdf_storage_mysql_terminate): Tidy up digest from context.
(librdf_storage_mysql_sync): Added to flush tables. Now used
by librdf_storage_mysql_close.
(librdf_storage_mysql_size, librdf_storage_mysql_node_hash): Updated
for new schema.
(librdf_storage_mysql_start_bulk, librdf_storage_mysql_stop_bulk):
Added, to start and stop bulk op.
(librdf_storage_mysql_context_add_statements): Add bulk start
operations when enabled.
librdf_storage_mysql_remove_statement): Docucomments.
Updated for new schema.
Updated for new schema.
librdf_storage_mysql_find_statements_in_context): Docucomments
(librdf_storage_mysql_find_statements_with_options): Docucomments.
Updated for new schema.
Add checking there is a statement to return.
Updated for new schema.
2004-07-27 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Add #ifndef STANDALONE ... #endif around
test functions, linked via library.
* Remove extra -DLIBRDF_DEBUG when using dmalloc
* rasqal/ Remove -DLIBRDF_DEBUG
* rasqal/
raptor-config, redland-config --version-decimal 2>/dev/null
* rasqal/
Use raptor-config, redland-config --version-decimal
* rasqal/ Remove duplicate redland-config test
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c, librdf/rdf_parser_raptor.c,
librdf/rdf_node.c, librdf/rdf_log.c: Casts for C++
* Added DIST_SUBDIRS for maintainer mode
Replace SD_PRE with LOCAL_SUBDIRS to enable make distcheck to work.
Note that this will create a smaller tarball while doing the 'make
dist' in the build tree, which should not be used to make the
release tarball.
No need for SD_POST, CONFIG_SUBDIRS (not used here anyway)
* No need for SD_POST
Do not configure raptor, rasqal directories unless compiling and
using them.
That should save a lot of configure time.
2004-07-26 Dave Beckett <>
* AUTHORS: Merged out csharp/AUTHORS
* raptor/raptor_general.c:
Add #ifndef STANDALONE ... #endif around body.
2004-07-23 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_parser.c, librdf/rdf_model.c:
Replace parser name "raptor" with "rdfxml"
* raptor min version 1.3.2
* examples/example4.c, examples/example2.c:
Replace parser name "raptor" with "rdfxml"
2004-07-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/strcasecmp.c, rasqal/roqet.c, rasqal/rasqal_redland.c,
rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c, rasqal/rasqal_query.c,
rasqal/rasqal_literal.c, rasqal/rasqal_general.c,
rasqal/rasqal_expr.c, rasqal/rasqal_engine.c, rasqal/,
rasqal/win32_config.h, rasqal/win32_rasqal_config.h: rename
win32_config.h to win32_rasqal_config.h
* raptor/ Bumped version to 1.3.3
* raptor/
Removed configuration for gnome glib, pkgconfig and glib-config
to get g_utf8_normalize for Unicode NFC checking.
* raptor/raptor_utf8.c (raptor_utf8_is_nfc):
Removed use of g_utf8_normalize for Unicode NFC
checking, it seems to give false negatives, is also rather slow since
it does normalization rather than just checking for NFC.
2004-07-19 Dave Beckett <>
* no need for perl dirs
* librdf/ remove redland-perl, redland-python
* Added --libtool-libs
* docs/,,
Updates for move of files and dirs to redland-bindings package
* docs/ruby.html, docs/tcl.html, docs/csharp.html,
docs/fix-pod-xhtml, docs/fix-python-xhtml, docs/java.html,
docs/perl.html, docs/php.html, docs/python.html: Moved to
redland-bindings package
* Moved csharp, java, perl, php, python, ruby, tcl directories and
supporting doc files in docs to the redland-bindings package.
* Redland.i:
Remove #include <rdf_config.h> since this is now a public file.
2004-07-16 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/, raptor/tests/ex-54.out,
raptor/tests/ex-54.rdf, raptor/tests/warn-03.out,
raptor/tests/warn-03.rdf: Renamed warn-03 to ex-54 - it is not an
error or a warning, the data is good
2004-07-14 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/, raptor/tests/bad-22.rdf:
bad-22.rdf testing rdf:li forbidden as a property attribute
(Graham Klyne)
2004-07-14 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/, raptor/tests/bad-22.rdf:
bad-22.rdf testing rdf:li forbidden as a
property attribute (Graham Klyne)
2004-07-12 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/
Ship /usr/share/redland/Redland.i in redland-devel
Added --swig option to print the path to the SWIG interface file
* Install Redland.i in $(pkgdata)
* Redland.i: Split SWIG bits into general and language-specific
* librdf/rdf_query_results.c (librdf_query_results_get_bindings):
Fix docucomment so jade works again
* docs/ id="query-results"
2004-07-09 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/
Don't ship old pictures overview.png overview.pdf
2004-07-09 Edd Dumbill <>
* librdf/rdf_log.c:
Add accessors for components of the librdf_log_message type.
Replace librdf.h, raptor.h with redland.h.
* librdf/rdf_log.h: add accessors for components of the
librdf_log_message type.
2004-07-09 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/redland.h: Include rasqal.h, reorder so raptor.h is first.
* librdf/rdf_query_results.c, librdf/rdf_utf8.c, librdf/rdf_uri.c,
librdf/rdf_stream.c, librdf/rdf_storage_tstore.c,
librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c, librdf/rdf_storage_list.c,
librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c, librdf/rdf_storage_file.c,
librdf/rdf_storage.c, librdf/rdf_statement.c,
librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c, librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c,
librdf/rdf_serializer.c, librdf/rdf_query_triples.c,
librdf/ChangeLog, librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c, librdf/rdf_query.c,
librdf/rdf_parser_raptor.c, librdf/rdf_parser.c,
librdf/rdf_node.c, librdf/rdf_model_storage.c, librdf/rdf_model.c,
librdf/rdf_list.c, librdf/rdf_iterator.c, librdf/rdf_init.c,
librdf/rdf_heuristics.c, librdf/rdf_hash_memory.c,
librdf/rdf_hash_cursor.c, librdf/rdf_hash_bdb.c,
librdf/rdf_hash.c, librdf/rdf_files.c, librdf/rdf_digest_sha1.c,
librdf/rdf_digest_openssl.c, librdf/rdf_digest_md5.c,
librdf/rdf_digest.c, librdf/rdf_concepts.c: Use redland.h in all
files not a selection of librdf.h, raptor.h and rasqal.h
* librdf/ChangeLog: ChangeLog in CVS now
2004-07-09 Edd Dumbill <>
* raptor_locator.c: add accessors for parts of the raptor_locator
* raptor.h: add prototypes for the accessors
2004-07-09 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/ChangeLog, ChangeLog, raptor/ChangeLog: ChangeLog in CVS now
2004-07-08 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/example5.c: Updated to use librdf_query_results
* librdf/rdf_query_results.c (librdf_query_results_get_bindings):
Added a doc example
* librdf/rdf_query_results.c: doc
* librdf/rdf_log.c (librdf_log_simple):
Use correct user_data. Patch from René Puls.
* utils/rdfproc.c (log_handler):
Added, used to report things here, rather than let the
default code do it.
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_parse_uri_with_connection):
Pass up WWW errors to the parser
error handler.
* docs/ Added QueryResults as a separate file
* docs/python.html, docs/perl.html, docs/csharp.html:
Link to docs for query_results.html
* docs/ Added QueryResults
* docs/ Re-add query_results to DOC_CLASSES
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Added internal librdf_query_add_query_result,
librdf_query_remove_query_result prototypes
* librdf/ Added rdf_query_results.c
* librdf/rdf_query.c, librdf/rdf_query_results.c:
Moved librdf_query_results to separate file, for doc purposes mostly
* docs/ remove query_results
* docs/ added query_results to DOC_CLASSES
2004-07-06 Dave Beckett <>
* formatting
Added GACUTIL, SN, ILGAC and report ECMA CLI in languages available
* Added ilgac, gacutil, sn
2004-07-05 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfproc.c: fixes for erroring out on query failure
* librdf/rdf_storage.c (librdf_storage_node_stream_to_node_create):
node2 can be NULL such
as when called by librdf_storage_get_arcs_out,
2004-06-30 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/ Added $(DEFS) to test compile & link lines
* librdf/rdf_types.h: Define u64 for WIN32 as a typedef for __int64
* librdf/librdf.h:
Added REDLAND_STATIC to define REDLAND_API to nothing.
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_init):
* librdf/ Added win32_rdf_config.h
* librdf/win32_rdf_config.h: redland WIN32 hard-coded config
* librdf/rdf_storage.c, librdf/rdf_storage_file.c,
librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c, librdf/rdf_storage_list.c,
librdf/rdf_storage_mysql.c, librdf/rdf_storage_tstore.c,
librdf/rdf_stream.c, librdf/rdf_uri.c, librdf/rdf_utf8.c,
librdf/rdf_hash_memory.c, librdf/rdf_heuristics.c,
librdf/rdf_init.c, librdf/rdf_iterator.c, librdf/rdf_list.c,
librdf/rdf_log.c, librdf/rdf_model.c, librdf/rdf_model_storage.c,
librdf/rdf_node.c, librdf/rdf_parser.c,
librdf/rdf_parser_raptor.c, librdf/rdf_query.c,
librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c, librdf/rdf_query_triples.c,
librdf/rdf_serializer.c, librdf/rdf_serializer_raptor.c,
librdf/rdf_serializer_rdfxml.c, librdf/rdf_statement.c,
librdf/rdf_concepts.c, librdf/rdf_digest.c,
librdf/rdf_digest_md5.c, librdf/rdf_digest_openssl.c,
librdf/rdf_digest_sha1.c, librdf/rdf_files.c, librdf/rdf_hash.c,
librdf/rdf_hash_bdb.c, librdf/rdf_hash_cursor.c: Added #include
<win32_rdf_config.h> when WIN32 defined
* raptor/win32_raptor_config.h: 1.3.2
* raptor/turtle_parser.y, raptor/turtle_lexer.l,
raptor/strcasecmp.c, raptor/rdfdump.c, raptor/raptor_xml_writer.c,
raptor/raptor_xml.c, raptor/raptor_www_test.c,
raptor/raptor_www_libxml.c, raptor/raptor_www_libwww.c,
raptor/raptor_www_libfetch.c, raptor/raptor_www_curl.c,
raptor/raptor_www.c, raptor/raptor_win32.c, raptor/raptor_utf8.c,
raptor/raptor_uri.c, raptor/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
raptor/raptor_set.c, raptor/raptor_sequence.c,
raptor/raptor_sax2.c, raptor/raptor_rss.c, raptor/raptor_qname.c,
raptor/raptor_parse.c, raptor/raptor_namespace.c,
raptor/raptor_locator.c, raptor/raptor_libxml.c,
raptor/raptor_identifier.c, raptor/raptor_general.c,
raptor/raptor_expat.c, raptor/ntriples_parse.c,
raptor/, raptor/win32_raptor_config.h,
raptor/win32_config.h: Renamed win32_config.h to
2004-06-29 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_storage.c (librdf_storage_find_statements_in_context):
When applying map, copy the statement so it can be freed later.
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_find_statements_in_context):
When applying map, copy the statement so it can be freed later.
2004-06-25 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_parse_line):
Make language on a datatyped literal a warning.
2004-06-24 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_general.c: docs
* raptor/libraptor.3: date
* raptor/libraptor.3:
Added raptor_alloc_memory. Note where and why it and
raptor_free_memory may need to be used in the descriptiona
and next to the methods that it applies to.
* raptor/raptor_general.c: docs
* raptor/raptor_general.c, raptor/raptor.h: Added raptor_alloc_memory
* librdf/rdf_node.c (librdf_node_get_li_ordinal):
if oops, do not always return -1
2004-06-23 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/ Add rule to make
2004-06-22 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Added results field to query.
Added next field to query_results.
* librdf/rdf_query.c:
(librdf_query_add_query_result, librdf_query_remove_query_result):
Now take query_results args.
* removed --with-libwww - has not been used for
anything for a long while.
* librdf/rdf_query.c:
Added usage counting of query between query & query-results.
(librdf_query_add_query_result, librdf_query_remove_query_result): Added
(librdf_free_query, librdf_new_query_from_factory,
librdf_new_query_from_query): Added usage counts.
(librdf_query_execute): Link query to query_results on success.
(librdf_free_query_results): Do not return after factory cleanup but
continue to clean up more.
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Added usage count to query
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_free_results):
Do not free query_results here,
it is done by librdf_free_query_results
* raptor/ Added --with-expat-source option to build
against an external expat source.
Handle old and new style expat source areas.
Report expat source dir in summary.
Tidy up default messages.
Only use expat subdir if it exists.
* raptor/tests/
AM_LDFLAGS does not need LIBS, includes it all.
2004-06-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/ Added --with-dmalloc
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_free_results):
Free the query_results
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c, librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c
(rasqal_redland_bind_match): free the literal returned by
redland_node_to_rasqal_literal since a new one is made by
* librdf/rdf_query.h:
query factory free_results method returns no value
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_free_query_results): Add debug assertion
2004-06-17 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/, raptor/ Zap extra $@ on rule line
2004-06-17 Dave Beckett <>
2004-06-13 Dave Beckett <>
* Added csharp/examples dir
* rasqal/ Bumped version to 0.9.2
* raptor/ pkg-config is too noisy on errors
* rasqal/ Require raptor 1.3.1
* rasqal/docs/ README should be maintainer-clean
* rasqal/ removed dup enable-release
* rasqal/,, raptor/
Only muck about with removing -O2 from flags in maintainer mode.
* rasqal/librasqal.3:
Added query results class, moved methods over and renamed.
* rasqal/librasqal.3: example updated
2004-06-12 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/, raptor/
Added local distclean-compile rule to override the insane
one automake uses by default: rm -f *.tab.c
* rasqal/librasqal.3: Add 0.9.1 changelog
* raptor/ Bumped version to 1.3.2
* raptor/tests/ add CLEANFILES
* raptor/tests/
Added TESTS with raptor_empty_test the only one right now.
Added C include, linking lines
* raptor/tests/empty.c: Test of empty C file, just using raptor.h work
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string, raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename_fragment):
Casts and char/unsigned
char fixes for C++
2004-06-08 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_default_new_uri):
Avoid free(NULL) for filename.
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_parse_file):
Check before fopen that it is not a directory
attempting to be fopen()ed - unix only, with lstat.
* raptor/raptor_www.c (raptor_www_file_fetch):
Check before fopen that it is not a
directory attempting to be fopen()ed - unix only, with lstat.
* raptor/rdfdump.c:
Add error for failure of raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string):
Unix malloc too large by 2.
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_default_new_uri): Zero fragment pointer.
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_default_new_uri):
Do not use a NULL filename.
* raptor/raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename_fragment):
Fail if the URI has no
path or was going to return an empty string.
(assert_filename_to_uri): Test code allow checks for NULL.
(main): Test code for silly URIs that should work or fail.
2004-06-06 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added RAPTOR_FATAL3
* raptor/raptor_uri.c:
Fix win32 file/URI encoding to use file:///name and escape things better.
(raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string): Calculate new length correctly,
with %-escaping.
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename_fragment): Calculate new format.
Also do less strlen, strcpy.
(main): Change tests to match new win32 file URI, test %-escaping
and %-unescaping correctly.
2004-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_uri.c:
NOTE: Not all below is fully working - 3 tests fail at this point.
(raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string): %-escape ' ' and '%' at least
as a minimum. Document this. On Windows, generate file:///c:/ ...
not c|
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename_fragment): Add %-unescaping.
(main): Added test cases for %-escaping, %-expanding
* raptor/ Added raptor_uri_win32_test
2004-06-03 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/turtle/rdfq-results.ttl:
Updated to
CVS $Id$
2004-06-01 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_free_query_results,
rasqal_query_results_get_count, rasqal_query_results_next,
rasqal_query_results_finished, rasqal_query_results_get_bindings,
rasqal_query_results_get_bindings_count): Defensive checking for
non-NULL query_results.
* rasqal/docs/kernel-doc, docs/kernel-doc:
ensure id in the SGML is always same size with md5sum
* utils/rdfproc.c, Redland.i: Added librdf_query_results.
Renamed all librdf_query results methods to match (like rasqal 0.9.1)
* librdf/librdf.h: Added librdf_query_results
* librdf/rdf_storage.c, librdf/rdf_storage.h:
Removed librdf_storage_query_as_stream,
librdf_storage_query_as_bindings and replaced with
* librdf/rdf_model_storage.c:
Removed librdf_model_storage_query_as_stream,
librdf_model_storage_query_as_bindings and replaced with
* librdf/rdf_model.c:
Removed librdf_model_query, librdf_model_query_string,
librdf_model_query_as_stream, librdf_model_query_as_bindings and
replaced with librdf_model_query_execute
* librdf/rdf_model.h:
In factory, removed query_as_stream, replaced with query_execute.
Removed librdf_model_query, librdf_model_query_string,
librdf_model_query_as_stream, librdf_model_query_as_bindings and
replaced with librdf_model_query_execute
* librdf/rdf_query_triples.c, librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c,
librdf/rdf_query.c, librdf/rdf_query.h: Added librdf_query_results.
Renamed all librdf_query results methods to match (like rasqal 0.9.1)
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_remove_query_result): Init prev.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c:
Renamed from rasqal_query_results_get_binding_by_name.
* rasqal/rasqal.h: rasqal_query_results_get_binding_by_name to
* rasqal/roqet.c: Use rasqal_query_results apis
* require Rasqal 0.9.1
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_new_query, rasqal_free_query):
Use usage.
(rasqal_query_execute): Return a new rasqal_query_results* object
and add it to the query object with rasqal_query_add_query_result.
(rasqal_query_add_query_result, rasqal_query_remove_query_result): Added
(rasqal_free_query_results): Added to destroy rasqal_query_results* object
rasqal_query_get_result_count => rasqal_query_results_get_count
rasqal_query_next_result => rasqal_query_results_next
rasqal_query_results_finished => rasqal_query_results_finished
rasqal_query_get_result_bindings => rasqal_query_results_get_bindings
rasqal_query_get_result_binding_value => rasqal_query_results_get_binding_value
rasqal_query_get_result_binding_name => rasqal_query_results_get_binding_name
rasqal_query_get_result_binding_by_name => +rasqal_query_results_get_binding_by_name
rasqal_query_get_bindings_count => rasqal_query_results_get_bindings_count
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
rasqal_query_s: Added usage counts, results pointing to active
rasqal_query_results* for this query.
Added rasqal_query_results_s structure.
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added rasqal_query_results class.
Made rasqal_query_execute return a rasqal_query_result*
Renamed all rasqal_query*result* methods to be rasqal_query_result_*
Added rasqal_free_query_results to tidy up.
* rasqal/rasqal_engine.c (rasqal_engine_build_constraints_expression):
Use AND between constraints.
2004-05-31 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_parser_error_varargs,
raptor_parser_warning_varargs): Chop off trailing \n from
* raptor/raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_error):
Chop off trailing \n correctly.
2004-05-30 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/turtle_lexer.l: Set the uri union field for ':' qname.
* raptor/turtle_parser.y (raptor_turtle_parse_start):
Delete any existing buffer content before
* raptor/raptor_general.c:
Added feature warn_other_parseTypes, default true in lax mode.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c:
Added feature warn_other_parseTypes and used to warn when a parseType
Literal is assumed.
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added feature warn_other_parsetypes
* raptor/raptor.h: Aded feature warn_other_parsetypes
* raptor/tests/warn-07.out, raptor/tests/warn-07.rdf:
Replaced by warn-07
* raptor/tests/ Remove ex-50, warn-07 covers it
* raptor/tests/ex-50.out, raptor/tests/ex-50.rdf: Replaced by warn-07
* raptor/tests/ Add warn-07
Check for right values for warning tests, not just presence of a
* rasqal/
Don't use RASQAL_INTERNAL_LIBS except in dependencies of
* utils/, librdf/, examples/
Don't use LIBRDF_INTERNAL_LIBS except in dependencies of
* librdf/rdf_log.h: librdf_log_level_func has a return value
* librdf/rdf_log.c (librdf_log_simple):
Return if error, warning messages are handled
by the specific handlers.
* examples/ Tidy up AM_*FLAGS, remove @LIBRDF_LIBS@
* utils/ Remove @LIBRDF_LIBS@
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: remove duplicate and broken YYDEBUG lines
* Add data to dist subdirs
* data/dc.rdf moved from old perl dir
* data/ dc.ttl
* data/, data/dc.nt, data/dc.rdf, data/dc.ttl: data
*, Added data dir
2004-05-29 Dave Beckett <>
*, rasqal/, raptor/
Add --enable-maintainer-mode
* raptor/
Add check for glib-2.0 presence rather than an error barf.
Added LIBRDF_PKGCONFIG_LIBS for redland.pc
Remove use of LIBRDF_LIBS - merge into LIBRDF_EXTERNAL_LIBS and do not
Always append to LIBRDF_LIBS, LIBRDF_CPPFLAGS rather than prepend,
append mixtures.
2004-05-28 Dave Beckett <>
* Look for BDB in /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.$version
* raptor/tests/, rasqal/tests/,
rasqal/rdql-testsuite/ Add set +e, set -e around
multiple tests so they only fail at the end.
* docs/
do not overwrite redland.3 if not in maintainer mode
* librdf/ Use automakefile conditional MEMCMP
* utils/ Use automakefile conditional GETOPT
* Use automakefile conditionals MEMCMP and GETOPT
* rasqal/ Add flex version check, only in maintainer mode
* rasqal/ Make lex and yacc rules be maintainer only.
* raptor/ Only check flex version in maintainer mode
* raptor/ Re-order directives and tidy up.
Make lex and yacc rules be maintainer only.
* rasqal/
Use automakefile conditionals STRCASECMP and GETOPT
* rasqal/ Use automakefile conditionals STRCASECMP and
GETOPT for conditional sources. Re-order the directives slightly.
* raptor/ Use automakefile conditionals STRCASECMP and
GETOPT for conditional sources.
* raptor/
Use automakefile conditionals STRCASECMP and GETOPT
2004-05-27 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/, raptor/ check for perl
* rasqal/, raptor/ Add fix-flex and use it
* rasqal/fix-flex, raptor/fix-flex: Fix flex output
* raptor/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_libxml_free
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_parse_start,
raptor_xml_parse_terminate): Use raptor_libxml_free to tidy up.
* raptor/raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_free):
Added to tidy up after a parsing.
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_parse_terminate):
Clean up sax2_element stack after
2004-05-26 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/turtle_lexer.l: Allow _ after : in qnames.
Make bare ':' work.
* raptor/tests/turtle/rdf-schema.out,
raptor/tests/turtle/rdf-schema.ttl: RDF namespace document
* raptor/tests/turtle/rdfs-namespace.out,
raptor/tests/turtle/rdfs-namespace.ttl: RDFS namespace
* raptor/tests/turtle/
Added test-13, rdf-schema, rdfs-namespace
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-13.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-13.ttl:
test bare :
* raptor/turtle_parser.y: Fix RAPTOR_DEBUG args in old format.
* raptor/tests/turtle/ Added test-12
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-12.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-12.ttl:
test for _ after : in qnames
* raptor/libraptor.3:
Describe use of UTF-8 for literals and strings
* raptor/libraptor.3: 1.3.1 changes
2004-05-25 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor.h:
Added RAPTOR_STATIC for WIN32 when statically linking
Fix raptor_print_statement arg s/const//
2004-05-24 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/raptor_general.c (raptor_free_memory, raptor_system_free):
Do not return, no return value.
2004-05-21 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/tests/turtle/rdfq-results.ttl,
raptor/tests/turtle/rdfq-results.out: Replace XML Schema namespace
with 2001 versi
2004-05-19 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/rdfdump.c: Includes re-order, doc
* raptor/rdfdump.c: don't do stdarg.h here - it should be in raptor.h
* raptor/raptor.h:
Add include for stdarg.h to get va_list for raptor_vsnprintf
* raptor/raptor_xml.c (raptor_xml_escape_string):
q should be an unsigned char*
* raptor/raptor_utf8.c (raptor_unicode_char_to_utf8):
Cast for unsigned long to unsigned char
* raptor/raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler):
Cast for memcpy.
* raptor/win32_config.h: patch from Jose for VC6
2004-05-18 Dave Beckett <>
* Redland.i: Fake librdf_new_query taking char* not unsigned char*
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c:
Update for renaming of librdf_query_get_result_binding_by_name to
librdf_query_get_result_binding_value_by_name and factory equiv.
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Renamed librdf_query_get_result_binding_by_name
to librdf_query_get_result_binding_value_by_name
and factory equiv.
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_query_get_result_binding_value_by_name):
Renamed from
* Redland.i: Export librdf_query class and methods.
Export model methods librdf_model_query_as_stream,
* raptor/ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_generate_statement):
Remove use of ntriples_parser, not used.
2004-05-15 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/ Bumped version to 0.9.1
* rasqal/, raptor/ SNAP
* rasqal/rdql-testsuite/
Improve checking works/correct against expected failures.
* rasqal/rdql-testsuite/
Check works/correct RDQL tests against expected failures.
* rasqal/rdql-testsuite/check-rdql: Use portable diff -u in errors
2004-05-14 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal/ 0.9.0
* rasqal/docs/ Added README, README.html
* rasqal/ Add RELEASE.html
2004-05-13 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_internal.h: Use positive assert enable defines.
* Turn assert enable options into positive form.
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c: docucomments
* rasqal/fix-groff-xhtml, raptor/fix-groff-xhtml: update for rasqal
* rasqal/librasqal.3: updated for release
* rasqal/rasqal.h: dead prototype
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (rasqal_redland_bind_match):
use redland_node_to_rasqal_literal
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h, rasqal/rasqal.h:
Export rasqal_literal_as_node.
* rasqal/rasqal_redland.c (rasqal_redland_bind_match):
use redland_node_to_rasqal_literal
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_equals):
Boolean literals compare equal to string
literals "true" or "false".
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c: Throughout - use RASQAL_CALLOC
(rasqal_literal_as_floating): Added
(rasqal_literal_compare): Add more debug messages.
Promote to floating right.
(rasqal_literal_as_node): Make a new string literal for integer,
floating here.
* rasqal/rdql-testsuite/check-rdql:
Do not hack around roqet emitng integer, floating,
Do hack around rapper/raptor 1.3.0 bug
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_literal_compare):
In promoting comparisons, check both ways
round before turning to next type.
* rasqal/rasqal_raptor.c (rasqal_raptor_bind_match):
Use rasqal_literal_as_node in setting
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h: Add rasqal_literal_as_node
* rasqal/rasqal_literal.c (rasqal_new_string_literal,
rasqal_literal_expand_qname): Discard language if datatype is
* rasqal/rdql-testsuite/check-rdql:
Turn internal integer, floating into typed literals.
2004-05-12 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/turtle_parser.y, raptor/turtle_common.h,
raptor/ntriples_parse.c: Do not allow any language with datatype
* rasqal/rdql-testsuite/check-rdql: report failures
* raptor/tests/turtle/ add zip, targets
2004-05-11 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor/ Bumped version to 1.3.1
* raptor/ Added RELEASE.html
* raptor/ Added RELEASE.html
* raptor/turtle_lexer.l: Allow - in qnames, prefix qnames.
* raptor/tests/turtle/ Added test-11
* raptor/tests/turtle/test-11.out, raptor/tests/turtle/test-11.ttl:
- and _ in qnames, prefixes
* use = not == in test
* Make rasqal build internal and external.
Add ruby test, lib dirs.
2004-05-07 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c: New error/warning handler names
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_print):
Don't try to print NULL sequences.
* rasqal/docs/,
rasqal/docs/, rasqal/docs/build-docs,
rasqal/docs/kernel-doc: Rasqal docs and API manual
* rasqal/, rasqal/ Added docs
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c: docucomment
* rasqal/rasqal_general.c:
Rename various functions, moved from here to rasqal_query.c:
rasqal_query_get_name, rasqal_query_get_label,
rasqal_query_set_fatal_error_handler, rasqal_query_set_error_handler,
rasqal_query_set_warning_handler, rasqal_query_set_feature
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c:
Rename various functions, moved to this rasqal_query.c:
rasqal_query_get_name, rasqal_query_get_label,
rasqal_query_set_fatal_error_handler, rasqal_query_set_error_handler,
rasqal_query_set_warning_handler, rasqal_query_set_feature
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Renames: Now rasqal_query* for the following name:
rasqal_get_name, rasqal_get_label,
rasqal_set_fatal_error_handler, rasqal_set_error_handler,
rasqal_set_warning_handler, rasqal_set_feature
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: Docucomments for variable class.
* rasqal/rdql_parser.y (rasqal_rdql_query_engine_prepare):
Handle NULL query_string.
* rasqal/rasqal_internal.h:
Internal: rasqal_literal_as_boolean, rasqal_literal_as_integer
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Do not export rasqal_literal_as_boolean
* rasqal/ Add rasqal_literal.c
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c, rasqal/rasqal_literal.c:
Rasqal literal moved from rasqal_expr.c
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: docucomment
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c:
Docucomments for all literal constructors, destructors, methods,
* rasqal/rasqal_expr.c: code style
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_prepare):
Note query_string can be NULL.
* examples/example5.c:
Error check model or storage failure; make new store.
* librdf/rdf_parser_raptor.c
(librdf_parser_raptor_generate_id_handler): Use raptor_free_memory
to free raptor alloced id
* librdf/rdf_query.c: Don't use uninitialised names.
* librdf/rdf_query.c, rasqal/rasqal_query.c: docucomments
* utils/rdfproc.c:
Use names/values methods for query results, no need for a static array.
* rasqal/roqet.c:
Use names/values methods for results, no need for a static array.
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_get_result_bindings):
Use rasqal_query_get_bindings_count.
(librdf_query_rasqal_get_bindings_count): Added, calling
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_query_get_bindings_count): typo
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Added get_bindings_count factory method
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Added librdf_query_get_bindings_count
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_query_get_bindings_count): Added.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c: Docucomments.
(rasqal_query_get_bindings_count): Added
* rasqal/roqet.c, utils/rdfproc.c: Don't use uninitialised values.
* rasqal/roqet.c: Don't use uninitialised names, values.
* utils/rdfproc.c:
(query command) Don't use uninitialised names, values, count.
Run the query(!) before trying to get results.
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Added rasqal_query_get_bindings_count
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_prepare):
Free raptor-alloced memory with raptor_free_memory.
(rasqal_query_get_bindings_count): Added.
* raptor/raptor_sequence.c, raptor/raptor_internal.h: Add assert macros
* utils/rdfproc.c:
Add URI field to query arg, allow - for optional name, URI
Handle query constructor failing.
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c (librdf_query_rasqal_error_handler,
librdf_query_rasqal_warning_handler): Added
(librdf_query_rasqal_init): Hook up above when initialising a new
* librdf/rdf_log.c (librdf_log_simple):
Too annoying to die for regular errors when debugging.
* rasqal/roqet.c: Add list of valid inputs for -i/--input errors.
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c: parameter naming consistency (no code changes)
* Redland.i: Added librdf_statement_match
* utils/rdfproc.c:
Remove check here for contexts and rely on run time warnings from
model and/or storage classes.
* librdf/rdf_storage_list.c
Run time warning if called with a non-NULL context and contexts
are not supported.
librdf_storage_list_get_contexts): Run time warning if called
and contexts are not supported.
* librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c (librdf_storage_hashes_get_contexts):
Run time warning if called
and contexts are not supported.
* librdf/rdf_storage_hashes.c
Run time warning if called and contexts are not supported.
(librdf_storage_hashes_context_remove_statement): Run time warning
if called with a non-NULL context and contexts are not supported.
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_supports_contexts):
Added helper, internal.
(librdf_new_model_with_options, librdf_new_model_from_model):
Initialise supports_contexts.
librdf_model_get_contexts): Run time warning if called and contexts
are not supported.
(librdf_model_find_statements_in_context): Run time warning if called
with a non-NULL context and contexts are not supported.
* librdf/rdf_model.h: Added supports_contexts internal field.
* Redland.i: Added librdf_statement_equals
2004-05-06 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_query.c (main): Free model, storage
* librdf/rdf_query.c: (main) free returned query variable values
* examples/example5.c, utils/rdfproc.c:
free returned query variable values
* examples/example5.c: comments
* librdf/rdf_parser.h:
Deleted internal librdf_parser_error and librdf_parser_warning
Deprecated librdf_parser_set_error and librdf_parser_set_warning.
* librdf/rdf_parser.c (librdf_parser_error, librdf_parser_warning):
Deleted - internal and never used.
(librdf_parser_set_error, librdf_parser_set_warning): Deprecated,
never worked.
* librdf/rdf_query.c: docucomments
* docs/ remove list
* docs/
less doc classes; no real need for the implementation classes.
Removed GFDL. The docs have the same license as Redland now.
* docs/
less doc classes; no real need for the implementation classes.
* docs/ Added query_rasqal for docs
* librdf/rdf_query.c: Added assertions
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c:
Renamed librdf_query_rasqal_get_result_binding to
Added librdf_query_rasqal_get_result_binding_name
* librdf/rdf_query.h:
Renamed librdf_query_get_result_binding to
Added librdf_query_get_result_binding_name
Changed factory methods to match.
* librdf/rdf_query.c (librdf_query_get_result_binding_value):
Renamed from
(librdf_query_get_result_binding_name): Added.
* rasqal/rasqal.h: Renamed rasqal_query_get_result_binding to
rasqal_query_get_result_binding_value. Added
* rasqal/rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_get_result_binding_value):
Renamed from
rasqal_query_get_result_binding. Fix dubious offset checking.
(rasqal_query_get_result_binding_name): Added.
* librdf/rdf_query_triples.h: deleted, not needed
* librdf/rdf_query.c: docucomment
2004-05-05 Dave Beckett <>
* librdf/rdf_query.c: add vars
* librdf/rdf_query.c (main): Added a real query language test.
* utils/rdfproc.c: Added query, use of query with variable bindings
* librdf/rdf_model.h:
Added librdf_model_query_as_stream, librdf_model_query_as_bindings,
* librdf/rdf_model.c (librdf_model_query_as_stream,
librdf_model_query_as_bindings): Added
(librdf_model_query_string): Deprecated
* librdf/rdf_storage.h:
Added librdf_storage_query_as_stream, librdf_storage_query_as_bindings
* librdf/rdf_storage.c
* librdf/rdf_query.h: Substantially changed.
open, close methods gone.
Added all the binding access methods from rasqal.
* librdf/rdf_query.c: Substantially changed.
open, close gone.
(librdf_query_run_as_stream,librdf_query_run_as_bindings): Added
Added all the binding access methods from rasqal.
* librdf/rdf_query_rasqal.c: Querying with Rasqal
* librdf/rdf_model_storage.c
librdf_model_storage_query_as_bindings): Added.
* examples/ Added example5