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2006-12-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Add profile_transformation_uri and
profile_uris list to grddl parser structure.
(raptor_xslt_parse_init, raptor_xslt_parse_terminate): init/free
the above fields. Add MATH_IS_VALUE_LIST and MATCH_IS_PROFILE
flags to match_table. Comment out hard-coded embedded RDF,
hCalendar xpaths. Added head profile xpath for profile URI
(raptor_grddl_relay_triples): Look for matches in the list of
profile_uris for getting XSLT uris.
(typedef raptor_grddl_xml_parse_bytes_context): Renamed from
(raptor_grddl_uri_xml_parse_bytes): Renamed from
(raptor_grddl_fetch_uri): Added to provide a single place to
retrieve URIs in the GRDDL operation. Set a user agent, send
accept header and handle no-net.
(raptor_grddl_run_grddl_transform_uri): Use raptor_grddl_fetch_uri
to retrieve the XSLT doc.
(raptor_grddl_seen_uri): Do a check only, mark done in new
(raptor_grddl_done_uri): Added.
(raptor_grddl_parse_uri_write_bytes): Added for use by
(raptor_grddl_parse_chunk): Mark done when received is_end. Use
profile_uris list to record root namespace as first item in list
at index 0. Accept an XPath result of element and use its
namespace name if seen, to allow an XPath matching the root
element - not yet used. Update to use the match_table flags
field. Handle MATCH_IS_PROFILE by storing in the profile_uris
list, skipping the profile URI.
Do all recursive GRDDL in one place over all the profile_uris
using raptor_grddl_fetch_uri.
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: (raptor_www_curl_fetch): set proxy if
www->proxy set
2006-12-28 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c: adjust whitespace so longer grddl description fits
* src/raptor_grddl.c: grddl docs, description updates
* src/, src/raptor_grddl.c (from
/raptor/trunk/src/raptor_xslt.c:11760), src/raptor_xslt.c:
Renameed raptor_xslt.c to raptor_grddl.c
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Rename all functions / structures to be
raptor_grddl / grddl not xslt.
* src/raptor_xslt.c: update spec reference
2006-12-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Track list of visited URIs across recursive
GRDDL parsers
(raptor_xslt_parse_init, raptor_xslt_parse_terminate): Share the
list of visited uris, allocated/freed at depth 0 parser.
(raptor_xslt_add_parent): Added to associate a parent with a child
GRDDL parser and to all share the depth 0 parser's list of visited
(raptor_xslt_relay_triples, raptor_xslt_ensure_internal_parser):
Return failure code and prepare for alternative when this may not
pass on all triples for namespace/profile GRDDL operations.
(raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_doc): Handle error code from
(raptor_xslt_seen_uri): Added to track URIs seen.
(raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Use seen URI tracking for initial
document and recursive GRDDLs.
* src/raptor_general.c: docs
2006-12-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Add GRDDL looking up of root namespace URIs.
(raptor_xslt_parse_init, raptor_xslt_parse_terminate): Init/free
doc_transform_uris and namespace_transformation_uri.
grddl_namespace_uris_ignore_list added with list of namespace URIs
to never attempt to retrieve.
(raptor_xslt_relay_triples): Added, to relay triples to user but
look for data-view:namespaceTransformation triples
(raptor_xslt_ensure_internal_parser): Added to init an internal
parser if needed, reusing otherwise. Relay triples via
raptor_xslt_relay_triples before sending to user handler.
(raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_doc): Moved internal parser code
to raptor_xslt_ensure_internal_parser.
(raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Get and store document root namespace
URI and then use it if not ignored. Do not do transforms
immediately but store in a sequence. Do a parse on the root
namespace URI if present to look for transformation triples.
Finally apply all transformation URIs seen in one go.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_parse_recognise_syntax):
Recognize RDF/XML in sample content by looking for the XML marking
the RDF namespace declaration, the root element and likely
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_guess_parser_name): Mime type
matches that are q<10 no longer return a match but use the q as
score. Guessing then continues with the recognise_syntax factory
method, if present.
2006-12-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_parse_init,
raptor_xslt_parse_start): Move xslt_parser->sax2 init from
raptor_xslt_parse_start - running on every parse to
raptor_xslt_parse_init - running once.
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Free any
previously used xpathObj before making a new one
2006-12-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Previous changes did this:
Fixes Issue#0000143
* src/raptor_xslt.c: struct raptor_xslt_parser_context_s gains
raptor_sax2* sax2 field.
(raptor_xslt_parse_terminate): Free sax2.
(raptor_xslt_parse_start): Create a new sax2 structure and
initialise it's locator and error handler params.
(raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Move error handler inits to
raptor_xslt_parse_start and do it once.
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_fatal_error_message_handler,
raptor_parser_warning_message_handler): No need to protectb
raptor_print_locator from NULL locator, it does that.
* src/raptor_libxml.c: (raptor_libxml_update_document_locator,
raptor_libxml_error_common): Protect from NULL locator.
(raptor_libxml_init_generic_error_handlers): Altered to take an
raptor_sax2* argument.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_libxml_init_generic_error_handlers
altered to take an raptor_sax2* argument.
2006-12-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Make a new
copy of the shared generate id prefix string.
Fixes Issue#0000141
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_statement): Do not store an rdf:type
predicate triple as the typed-node type unless the triple object
is a URI.
Fixes Issue#0000157
2006-12-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: (raptor_turtle_writer_reference):
Generate <> for the empty relative URI
2006-12-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Rename raptor_node to raptor_abbrev_node and raptor_subject to
raptor_abbrev_subject and rename functions to match the pattern
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Use limits.h to get LONG_MAX
* src/raptor_www_libxml.c: raptor_www_libxml_http_error prototype.
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Store a single parser that could be of any
name, not just 'rdfxml'.
(raptor_xslt_parse_init): Do not init rdfxml parser here.
9raptor_xslt_parse_terminate): Free internal parser if present.
(raptor_xslt_parse_start): Do not copy user state to internal
parser here.
(raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_doc): Delve into the XSL
transformation results and try to interpret a mime type out of the
output type (if present). Assume any XML mime type is actually
RDF/XML and refuse to do recursive grddl guesses this way. Tidy
up code to clean up error paths
* src/raptor_www.c: (raptor_www_file_fetch): Return 200, 403 or
404 status codes and set failed flag.
(raptor_www_fetch): Set failed flag if a status code was returned
and the result was not 200.
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Skip empty XSLT
URIs in the list found.
2006-12-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Add new features to switch()s
* src/raptor_abbrev.c: (raptor_new_node): init node always
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: (raptor_rdfxmla_emit_blank): Do
not double-encode blank node ids. Do not free a shared blank node
string value.
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject): Do not double-encode blank node
ids. Free only allocated attr_value.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init): Ensure rdf_type is initialized.
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Remove // comments
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: deleting commented-out code
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Code style, whitespace.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Move turtle write functions
into internal API for now
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_serialize_declare_namespace_from_namespace): Allow
a default namespace to be handled when prefix is NULL.
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: (raptor_turtle_writer_qname): Write
a QName using Turtle's rules either prefix:local or :local which
is not how raptor_iostream_write_qname() writes them for XML.
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: (raptor_turtle_writer_namespace_prefix):
Only emit a prefix if there is one.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, docs/raptor-serializers.xml,
docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml,, src/,
src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
tests/, tests/turtle/ Turtle serializer by
Dave Robillard
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: docs
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: (raptor_rdfxmla_find_subject):
Renamed from raptor_find_subject.
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Remove link to rdfxml-abbrev
serializer context and pass in namespaces stack parameters.
(raptor_lookup_node): Renamed from raptor_rdfxmla_lookup_node
(raptor_lookup_subject): Renamed from
(raptor_find_subject): Renamed from raptor_rdfxmla_find_subject.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c: Re order functions
* src/, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: (raptor_new_qname_from_resource,
raptor_new_node, raptor_free_node, raptor_node_equals,
raptor_node_matches, raptor_new_subject, raptor_free_subject,
raptor_subject_add_property, raptor_subject_add_list_element,
raptor_rdfxmla_lookup_node, raptor_rdfxmla_find_subject,
raptor_rdfxmla_lookup_subject): Move common abbreviated serializer
code from raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c to raptor_abbrev.c
* src/raptor_serialize_dot.c: gratuitous whitespace schanges
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml: New DOT features
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c copied from
/raptor/trunk/src/raptor_xml_writer.c:11666: copy for turtle
2006-11-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string):
Dynamically allocate the path buffer and realloc it if it's too
small. This helps Hurd which does not handle PATH_MAX like
* docs/raptor-serializers.xml, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c: Import updated DOT serializer.
Renamed features to remove _color/_COLOR from end of name. Added
feature descriptions
* src/raptor_serialize_dot.c: alter label
* src/, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c: Add DOT serializer
* libxml minimum version is now 2.6.8 since 2.6.7
crashes on PPC64 Linux. 2.6.8 was released March 2004 so this
should be no burden.
2006-11-20 Dave Beckett <>
* Update description and for SVN repository.
2006-11-19 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,,
src/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped version to 1.5.0
2006-10-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_13 for 1.4.13 release (SVN r11540)
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_end_element_handler): Only declare
name when debugging.
* src/win32_raptor_config.h: Update defines:
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_uri_parse_bytes): Use #ifdef
HAVE_XMLCTXTUSEOPTIONS to protect call to xmlCtxtUseOptions
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_parse_chunk): Use #ifdef
HAVE_XMLCTXTUSEOPTIONS to protect call to xmlCtxtUseOptions
* src/raptor_libxml.c: #ifdef HAVE_XMLSAX2INTERNALSUBSET replaces
* Remove unused check for xmlUseNewParser (defining
xmlCtxtUseOptions and existing xmlSAX2InternalSubset
2006-10-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_properties): Throw an error and skip
triple if cannot make URI from a predicate.
2006-10-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_uri_to_relative_counted_uri_string):
Check for equal scheme and authority correctly.
Fixes Issue #0000134
* src/raptor_uri.c: (main): Test for bug 134
2006-10-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_set_default_generate_id_parameters)
2006-10-08 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: (raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_start)
Free any existing xml_writer before making a new one.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_start)
Free any existing xml_writer before making a new one.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: (raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Free
any existing xml_writer before making a new one.
2006-10-05 Dave Beckett <>
* Found more -W flags.
* utils/rdfdiff.c: cast
* src/raptor_set.c: const
* In maintainer mode, add all the supported -W
options to the MAINTAINER_CFLAGS
* utils/rapper.c: Cast for signed/unsigned comparison
* src/raptor_libxml.c: redundant decl
* utils/rapper.c: Cast for unsigned vs signed int use of
* src/n3_common.h, src/n3_lexer.l, src/n3_parser.y,
src/raptor_libxml.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/turtle_common.h,
src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y: Make internal
error/warning/vargs functions use RAPTOR_PRINTF_FORMAT and fix a
few bad uses of args
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_syntaxes_enumerate): Discard test
for unsigned int < 0.
(raptor_parse_uri_no_net_filter); Fix raptor_parser_error format
* src/raptor_serialize.c: (raptor_serializers_init): Declare new
style void.
(raptor_serializers_enumerate): Discard test for unsigned int < 0.
* src/ntriples_parse.c: (raptor_ntriples_term): Cast for
raptor_parser_error arg.
* src/raptor_internal.h: Declare many error/warning/*varargs
prototypes with RAPTOR_PRINTF_FORMAT that they take a printf-style
format argument.
* src/raptor.h: Added RAPTOR_PRINTF_FORMAT to allow declaring of
functions with a printf-style format argument.
Declare raptor_vsnprintf using it.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_xml.c:
Turn content_cdata into using raptor_stringbuffer so that it does
a lot less copying (strncpy) when joining literals
2006-10-03 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/ Fix AM_* flags
2006-10-02 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: typo
raptor_serializer_set_namespace => raptor_serialize_set_namespace
* docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: Add single triple
serializing example rdfserialize.c
* docs/ Add rdfserialize.c
* examples/rdfserialize.c: tidy
* examples/ Added rdfserialize example.
* examples/rdfserialize.c: rdfserialize.c: serialize 1 triple to
2006-09-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_uri_parse_bytes): Only use
XML_PARSE_NONET if defined.
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_parse_chunk): Use
XML_PARSE_NONET only if defined.
2006-09-17 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/ (AM_CFLAGS, AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove duplication
* src/ (AM_CFLAGS): Remove duplication of @CFLAGS@
2006-09-08 Dave Beckett <>
* Allow LEX to be set to things that aren't exactly
2006-08-27 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html,, src/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped
version to 1.4.13
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_12 for 1.4.12 release (SVN r11256)
* docs/libraptor.3: 1.4.12 no API changes
* src/raptor_serialize.c: (raptor_serializers_init): Restore order
from 1.4.10
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: (raptor_init_serializer_rdfxmla):
Restore order from 1.4.10
2006-08-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/win32_raptor_config.h,, NEWS.html: Bumped
version to 1.4.12
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_11 for 1.4.11 release (SVN r11244)
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_start_parse): Throw an error if no
base URI is given and it is needed.
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_parse_start): Free any existing
base URI before assigning a new one.
* src/ntriples_parse.c: (raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Use
raptor_new_uri since base_uri is never used, and all the URIs are
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-unicode.sgml: Updated templates for 1.4.11
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_start_parse): Return failure if need
a base URI and none was given.
2006-08-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h: Add RAPTOR_API before
raptor_namespaces_qname_from_uri to export it properly for windows.
Fixes Issue #0000112
* src/raptor_rss.c: Use raptor_strcasecmp.
Fixes Issue #0000110
2006-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/libraptor.3: Updates for 1.4.11
2006-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added raptor_get_feature_count and
* src/n3_parser.y, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_xslt.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Added raptor_get_need_base_uri to return new
field need_base_uri_flag in raptor_parser_factory that is set by
all parsers now
2006-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c: Use raptor_get_feature_count and add
raptor_finish() before all exits.
* src/raptor.h: Added raptor_get_feature_count prototype
* src/raptor_feature.c: (raptor_get_feature_count): Added
* src/raptor_serialize.c: Turn serializers into a raptor_sequence
(raptor_free_serializer_factory): Added.
(raptor_serializers_init): Init sequence, reverse order so
N-Triples remains first.
(raptor_serializers_finish): Free with raptor_free_sequence
raptor_get_serializer_factory, raptor_serializers_enumerate):
Update to use sequence.
* src/raptor_parse.c: Turn parsers into a raptor_sequence
(raptor_free_parser_factory): Added.
(raptor_parsers_init): Init sequence, reverse order so RDF/XML
remains first.
(raptor_parsers_finish): Free with raptor_free_sequence
(raptor_parser_register_factory, raptor_parser_factory_add_alias,
raptor_get_parser_factory, raptor_syntaxes_enumerate,
raptor_guess_parser_name): Update to use sequence.
(main): Added test for raptor_parser_get_accept_header_all
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added prototypes for raptor_parsers_init,
raptor_serializers_init, raptor_parsers_finish and
raptor_serializers_finish. Rename raptor_init/finish_sax2 to
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_init): Renamed from
(raptor_sax2_finish): Renamed from raptor_finish_sax2
* src/raptor_general.c: (raptor_init): Call raptor_parsers_init
and raptor_serializers_init.
(raptor_finish): Call raptor_parsers_finish and
* src/raptor_serialize.c: (raptor_serializers_init): Added.
(raptor_serializers_finish): Renamed from
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parsers_init): Added.
(raptor_parsers_finish): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_register_factory): Delete mime_type and uri_string
(raptor_parser_factory_add_uri): Added for registering a URI
* src/n3_parser.y, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_xslt.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Remove mime_type and uri args from
* src/n3_parser.y, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_xslt.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: (raptor_parser_register_factory): Remove mime
type arg, nothing uses it now
* src/ntriples_parse.c: (raptor_ntriples_parse_chunk): Make junk
at end of input errro return from the function as a failure.
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove %destructor tidy for PREFIX
* src/n3_parser.y: Remove %destructor tidy for PREFIX
* src/n3_parser.y: Add %destructor to tidy up tokens when doing
error recovery.
(directive): Hack to stop Bison moaning about not using $1
* src/turtle_parser.y: Add %destructor to tidy up tokens when
doing error recovery.
(directive): Hack to stop Bison moaning about not using $1
* src/n3_parser.y: Added labels for tokens to enable better error
* src/turtle_parser.y: Added labels for tokens to enable better
error messages.
* Track where programs are discovered.
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parse_uri_with_connection,
raptor_set_feature, raptor_get_feature, raptor_set_parser_strict):
Update to use array of features throughout.
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Copy all features when copying
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_uri_parse_bytes,
raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_uri): Update to use array of
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_start_element_handler,
raptor_rdfxml_parse_start, raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement,
raptor_rdfxml_end_element_grammar, raptor_rdfxml_cdata_grammar,
raptor_rdfxml_record_ID): Update to use array of features
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_parse_start): Update to use array
of features.
* src/raptor_guess.c: (raptor_guess_parse_chunk): Use
raptor_parser_copy_user_state to copy over pointers and feature
flags to the inner parser.
* src/raptor_internal.h: struct raptor_parser_s - replace
individual feature fields with an array.
* src/raptor_parse.c: Removed static raptor_get_parser_factory
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_get_parser_factory
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_get_parser_factory): Now internal
not static
* flex check - warn before failing
* src/raptor_xslt.c: comma chameleon
* recommend flex 2.5.33
* Update to point at main flex site whichq finally
gets 2.5.33 after 9 years
* src/raptor_guess.c: Rework to call an internal use of a parser
rather than "exec"ing into the guessed parser.
Fixes Issue#0000091
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_exec): Deleted
* src/raptor_internal.h: Delete raptor_parser_exec
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Disable dc-extract.xsl
2006-08-19 Dave Beckett <>
* RELEASE.html: Updated for 1.4.11
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: Added raptor-parsers.xml and
* docs/ Added raptor-parsers.xml and
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml, docs/raptor-serializers.xml: Added list
of parsers and serializers
* docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml: Updated
* docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml: Updated
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml: Updated
* docs/libraptor.3: Rename raptor_uri_filter_func
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: tweak title
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: params
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Rename raptor_uri_filter_func
* utils/rapper.c: Allow --show-namespaces to print to stderr while
relaying them to the serializer.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_declare_namespace_from_namespace): Don't
declared multiple prefixes for the same namespace URI.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_declare_namespace_from_namespace): Don't
declared multiple prefixes for the same namespace URI.
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: Update for uri filter arg change
* src/raptor_parse.c: Renamed raptor_www_uri_filter_func uri_filter to
raptor_uri_filter_func uri_filter and removed raptor_www* arg to
the filter function.
* src/raptor.h: Renamed raptor_www_uri_filter_func uri_filter to
raptor_uri_filter_func uri_filter and removed raptor_www* arg to
the filter function.
* src/raptor_www.c: Renamed raptor_www_uri_filter_func uri_filter
to raptor_uri_filter_func uri_filter and removed raptor_www* arg
to the filter function.
* src/raptor_internal.h: Renamed raptor_www_uri_filter_func
uri_filter to raptor_uri_filter_func uri_filter and removed
raptor_www* arg to the filter function.
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_uri_parse_bytes): Take in a
small structure to get the raptor_parser* pointer as well as the
libxml parser context. Use it to pass on the nonet option to
libxml if it is set.
(raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_uri): Use new struct.
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_parse_start): Pass on
raptor_parser feature no_net to raptor_sax2.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_parse_init): Do feature
related initialising at the start of every parse, not once for all
rdf/xml parser instances.
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_start): Init feature_normalize_language and
feature_no_net here.
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_parse_chunk): Set libxml option
(raptor_sax2_set_feature): Handle RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_sax2 gains feature_no_net
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: Add parser URI filtering
examples to tutorial
* docs/libraptor.3: Updated for 1.4.11
* utils/rapper.c: Reorder help message. Use triples in messages
and fix that plurals thing.
2006-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: Add IDs to examples
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: Add IDs to examples
* docs/raptor-tutorial-querying-functionality.xml: Make it xml
* src/raptor_sax2.c: Added autodocs for raptor_xml_element_is_empty
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add raptor_parser_set_uri_filter,
raptor_www_set_uri_filter and raptor_www_uri_filter_func
* docs/raptor-tutorial-querying-functionality.xml: Fix example, add ID
* src/raptor.h: Document RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET
* src/raptor_parse.c: (main): Print all features for a parser,
don't stop at first non parser feature.
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_uri): Set
URI filter or if feature NO_NET is set,
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Add RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET to switches
* src/raptor_sax2.c: Add RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET to switches
* src/raptor_serialize.c: Add RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET to switches
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parse_uri_no_net_filter): Added to
use in parsers to deny network fetches when feature NO_NET is in
(raptor_parse_uri_with_connection): Set URI filter or if feature
NO_NET is set, raptor_parse_uri_no_net_filter
(raptor_parser_set_uri_filter): Added.
(raptor_set_feature, raptor_get_feature): Handle
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Copy uri filter fields.
* src/raptor_www.c: (raptor_www_set_uri_filter): Added to add a
filter function to check a URI before it is resolved.
(raptor_www_fetch): call URI filter function before resolving.
* src/raptor_feature.c: Added RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET to deny
network requests, primarily in parsing.
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add feature_no_net Added
raptor_parse_uri_no_net_filter prototype raptor_parser and
raptor_www gain fields uri_filter_user_data and
raptor_www_uri_filter_func uri_filter
* src/raptor.h: Added RAPTOR_FEATURE_NO_NET
Added raptor_www_uri_filter_func filter.
Added raptor_parser_set_uri_filter prototype.
Added raptor_www_set_uri_filter
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Make
sure the allocated URI is always freed.
* Strip more -O flags from incoming CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS
* Patch to remove un-necessary tests
for C++ or F77++ compilers that libtool stupidly insists on
2006-08-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: Replace reference counting with
counting blank/resource nodes used as subjects and objects to
prevent dual-triple generation.
Fixes Issue#0000014
Add function documentation and tidy code style.
* src/n3_parser.y: (raptor_n3_parse_start): Enforce that a base
URI is required.
* src/turtle_parser.y: (raptor_turtle_parse_start): Enforce that a
base URI is required.
2006-07-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Allow GRDDL value to be a space-separated
list of URIs, so now can support dataview:transformation in XML
taking a list of transformations as defined in
(raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Split the value into a list of XSLT
URIs and use each of them on the document.
Fixes Issue #0000041
* src/raptor_xslt.c: Added a table of xpaths and optional XSLT
URIs to use, which allows non-GRDDL to be given as long as
XML/XHTML is recognised and the XSLT sheet does the transformation
work. Added transform pointers for DC <meta>, Embedded RDF and
raptor_xslt_run_grddl_transform_uri): Added, pulled out of
raptor_xslt_parse_chunk which was too long.
(raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Much smaller and tidied error messages.
Use the given XSLT URI to do a transform if it exists rather than
the node value(s) as URIs for multiple transforms.
* Remove libwww support
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_www.c,
src/raptor_www_libwww.c: Remove libwww support
2006-07-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: (raptor_rss10_build_items):
Recognize ordinals also by their URI, not just from the deprecated
ORDINAL special type - this makes RSS 1.0 serializing work again.
Based on patch from Shin-ichi Hirata.
2006-07-15 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html,, src/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped
versions to 1.4.11
2006-07-14 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_10 for 1.4.10 release (SVN r11070)
2006-07-04 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/ Remove @LDFLAGS from and src/
Fixes Issue#0000097
2006-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h: (raptor_identifier_type): no more
* src/n3_parser.y: Remove duplicate symbol PREFIX.
(raptor_n3_generate_statement): Do not turn a rdf:_n into an
ordinal but just check it for validity.
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove duplicate symbol PREFIX.
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): Do not turn a rdf:_n predicate
into an ordinal but just check it for validity.
* src/ntriples_parse.c: (raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Do
not turn a rdf:_n predicate into an ordinal but just check it for
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Turn a
predicate ordinal into a resource using
raptor_new_uri_from_rdf_ordinal Handle reifying this afterwards.
* src/raptor_general.c: (raptor_statement_copy): Turn a subject,
predicate or object ordinal into a resource using
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_new_uri_from_rdf_ordinal
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_new_uri_from_rdf_ordinal): Added - internal.
2006-06-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Add
predicate_ordinal field, for now. Fix up calls to this to use it.
2006-06-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_parse_chunk): Return 0 on success
2006-05-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_comment_handler): Do nothing
when a comment is given outside an xml_element context.
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_parse_chunk,
raptor_rss_parse_terminate): Make triples appear at end of
parsing, not on parser destruction which was terribly wrong.
(raptor_rss_comment_handler): Do nothing when a comment is given
outside an xml_element context.
2006-05-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_serialize_start):
Reset "written header" flag. Without this, reusing a serializer
2006-04-30 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/libraptor.3: Updated for some final 1.4.9 changes
2006-04-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_guess.c: (raptor_guess_parse_chunk): Tired of seeing
guess parser name, move to verbose debugging.
* src/raptor_www.c: (raptor_www_set_http_accept): Tired of seeing
accept headers, move to verbose debugging.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: (main): Rewrite to remove warning
* src/raptor_www_test.c: (main): Rewrite to remove warning punning
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename_fragment):
Rewrite to remove warning punning
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: (raptor_rss10_emit_item): Init
element to NULL
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_end_element_handler): Init
cdata_len to 0
*, src/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped version to
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_9 for 1.4.9 release (SVN r10822)
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_sax2_new_namespace_handler):
Move var def to start of block.
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parse_uri_with_connection): Move var
def to start of block.
2006-04-20 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/, examples/rdfcat.c, examples/rdfprint.c:
Add tutorial examples rdfcat.c and rdfprint.c here.
* docs: DocBook updates: new Tutorial chapter on serializing plus
completing of parsing chapter.
* src/raptor_uri.c: Change all calloc/mallocs for URI strings to
add enough room for a full pointer at the end of a URI string to
stop valgrind moans on 64bit systems when they are looking for the
end of string NUL.
2006-04-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: Delete alternate path using
CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE instead of grepping headers.
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: Add alternate path to use
CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE instead of grepping headers. Downside is
that the content type appears long after content. Add more debug
messages when RAPTOR_DEBUG > 2
(raptor_www_curl_init): Tidy alternate defines
* src/raptor_internal.h: Deleted raptor_uri_init_default_handler
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_uri_set_handler,
raptor_new_iostream_from_handler): Ajusted to take const handler
(raptor_uri_init_default_handler): Deleted.
(raptor_uri_init): No need to init static struct.
* src/raptor.h: Adjust raptor_uri_set_handler and
raptor_new_iostream_from_handler prototypes to take const handler
* src/raptor_rss.c: make raptor_rss_uplift_map const
* src/raptor_iostream.c: make handler field a const
(raptor_new_iostream_from_handler): Take a const handler.
2006-04-14 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/all-escape.nt, tests/all-escape.rdf: All 0-7F ascii
escapes and the XML 1.1 output
2006-04-11 Dave Beckett <>
* docs: DocBook updates
2006-04-10 Dave Beckett <>
* docs: DocBook updates: Tutorial introduction, parsing.
2006-04-09 Dave Beckett <>
* docs: DocBook updates
* src/raptor_xml.c: (raptor_xml_element_declare_namespace): Add
int return value for when a namespace is failed to be declared,
when it is already there.
* src/raptor.h: raptor_xml_element_declare_namespace now has an
int return value
2006-04-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_xslt_parse_chunk): Added debug statement.
2006-04-03 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/turtle/manifest.ttl: Added test-25
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/test-25.out,
tests/turtle/test-25.ttl: Added comment test
2006-04-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_start_element_handler): Tidying of
logic near type attribute
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_start_element_handler): More
atom/old atom/rss guessing. Look for type=xml and an XML mime
type to trigger xml writer Look for attribute version on feed to
ensure old atom is found
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_init_parser_rss): Add another mime
type possibility.
* src/raptor_rss.c: Add is_atom field to rss_parser structure.
(raptor_rss_start_element_handler): Use elements seen to pick
is_atom flag. Use is_atom flag to switch between rss author and
atom author handling.
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_init_parser_rss): Add more
unregistered rss mime type possibilities.
* src/raptor_guess.c: (raptor_guess_parse_content_type_handler):
Strip ';' onwards from content type for guessing.
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_parse_recognise_syntax): Use xml
in mime type guess
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_get_accept_header,
raptor_parser_get_accept_header_all): Do not format with ;q=1.0
* src/turtle_parser.y: (raptor_init_parser_turtle): Register
application/x-turtle once only.
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_guess_parser_name,
raptor_parser_get_accept_header_all): Fix type_q list walking to
detect end of loops vs early exit properly.
* src/turtle_parser.y: (raptor_init_parser_turtle): Register N3
mime types here with lower Q, if no N3 parser is present.
* src/n3_parser.y: (raptor_init_parser_n3): Add another N3 mime
type possibility.
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_guess_parser_name): Fix i/j problem.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: (raptor_rss10_emit_item): Handle
atom:summary XML content
* No longer require libxml for rss-tag-soup parser.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: casts
* src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Switch to using raptor_sax2 API from
xmlReader, and now can do atom type 'xhtml' content using
* src/raptor.h: Add prototype for raptor_xml_element_is_empty
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_characters_handler,
raptor_rdfxml_cdata_handler, raptor_rdfxml_comment_handler): Add
xml_element parameter.
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_xml_element_is_empty): Added.
(raptor_sax2_characters_handler, raptor_sax2_cdata_handler,
raptor_sax2_comment_handler): Add xml_element parameter.
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add xml_element field to
raptor_sax2_characters_handler, raptor_sax2_cdata_handler and
2006-03-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: update function names in fatal/debug messages
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_start_element_handler): Tidy
tests for looking for an empty element.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_xml_element gains a user_data
2006-03-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c: Replace raptor_rss_parser_context* with
2006-03-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/win32_raptor_config.h: raptor win32 build files update from
John Barstow
* win32/rapper.vcproj, win32/raptor.sln, win32/raptor.vcproj:
raptor win32 build files update from John Barstow
* docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml: docs update
* docs/raptor-overrides.txt: Do not override raptor_statement
* docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml: RAPTOR_DEPRECATED
2006-03-26 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added raptor_parser_get_accept_header
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_get_accept_header): fix q format
* src/n3_parser.y: (raptor_init_parser_n3): Register n3 mime type
* src/turtle_parser.y: (raptor_init_parser_turtle): Register
turtle experimental mime types
* src/raptor_xslt.c: (raptor_init_parser_grddl): Register HTML and
XHTML mime types at low q.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_init_parser_rdfxml): Register
rdf/xml and older mozilla-era mime type.
* src/raptor_www.c: (raptor_www_set_http_accept): debug message
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_parse_recognise_syntax): look in
mime type for rss or atom.
(raptor_init_parser_rss): Register two rss mime types.
* src/raptor_guess.c: (raptor_guess_accept_header): Added
(raptor_guess_parser_register_factory): Use
raptor_guess_accept_header to accept all known types.
* src/raptor.h: Added prototype for raptor_parser_get_accept_header
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_delete_parser_factories): Delete new
mime_types list.
(raptor_parser_register_factory): Use
(raptor_free_type_q): Added.
(raptor_parser_factory_add_mime_type): Added.
(raptor_syntaxes_enumerate): Use mime types from sequence to
return first as primary.
(raptor_parse_uri_with_connection): Use
raptor_parser_get_accept_header to do the work.
(raptor_get_mime_type): Use mime_type sequence in factory to
return first mime type if registered.
(raptor_guess_parser_name): Use mime types from sequence to find
(raptor_parser_get_accept_header): Added
(raptor_parser_get_accept_header_all): Added to return an accept
header for all types
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_type_q for storing mime
type+Q values. raptor_parser_factory gains raptor_sequence*
mime_types replacing a single mime_type const char* and an
accept_header method to return the Accept: header rather than use
it from the mime_types list. Added prototypes, for
raptor_parser_factory_add_mime_type, raptor_free_type_q and
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: (raptor_www_curl_fetch): Get the curl
status into a long, not an int which causes failure on 64 bit
archs. Fixes issue#0000075
* src/raptor_internal.h: (struct raptor_www_s): Removed CURLcode
2006-03-20 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-chapter-intro.xml: docs
2006-03-19 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-chapter-intro.xml: docs
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: Added raptor-chapter-intro.xml
* docs/ Added raptor-chapter-intro.xml
* docs/raptor-chapter-intro.xml: intro
* deleted obsolete deb rule
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_parse_recognise_syntax): Add
foaf and doap to suffixes that are likely RDF/XML
* gtkdoc-mkdb reports "100% symbol docs coverage"
* docs/raptor-overrides.txt: Override internal struct names.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_sequence.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_xml.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
2006-03-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_utf8.c, docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml-qname.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-unicode.sgml:
* src/raptor_utf8.c: (raptor_unicode_char_to_utf8): Add docs.
(raptor_utf8_to_unicode_char): Add docs. Now also checks for
overlong UTF-8 sequences, illegal code positions or out of range
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added new functions
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove generating
RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_RESOURCE for statement predicates as
deprecated in 1.4.8
* src/raptor_rss.c: Remove generating
RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_RESOURCE for statement predicates as
deprecated in 1.4.8
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Remove generating
RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_RESOURCE for statement predicates as
deprecated in 1.4.8
* src/ntriples_parse.c: Remove generating
RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_RESOURCE for statement predicates as
deprecated in 1.4.8
* src/n3_parser.y: Remove generating
RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_RESOURCE for statement predicates as
deprecated in 1.4.8
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_new_uri): Fail on NULL or empty uri_string.
(raptor_new_uri_from_uri_local_name): Fail on NULL uri or local_name
(raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base): Fail on NULL base_uri or uri_string
(raptor_new_uri_from_id): Fail on NULL base_uri or id.
(raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept): Fail on NULL name.
(raptor_uri_copy): Fail on NULL uri.
(raptor_uri_as_string): Fail on NULL uri.
(raptor_uri_as_counted_string): Fail on NULL uri.
(raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string): : Fail on NULL filename.
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename_fragment): Fail on NULL or empty
(raptor_uri_uri_string_is_file_uri): Fail on NULL or empty uri_string.
(raptor_new_uri_for_xmlbase): Fail on NULL uri.
(raptor_new_uri_for_retrieval): Fail on NULL uri.
(raptor_uri_to_relative_counted_uri_string): Fail on NULL
reference_uri. Document allowing NULL base_uri.
(raptor_uri_print): Print "(NULL URI)" for NULL URI.
(raptor_uri_to_counted_string): Fail on NULL uri.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: More raptor_* to raptor_rdfxml_* renames
* src/raptor_internal.h: Delete prototypes for functions only used
in rdfxml
* src/raptor_qname.c: Return const namespace from
* src/raptor.h: Return const namespace from
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_record_ID): Renamed from
(raptor_rdfxml_inscope_base_uri): Renamed from
raptor_inscope_base_uri and now static
(raptor_inscope_xml_language): Deleted, replaced with 1 call to
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: raptor_element to raptor_rdfxml_element renames
2006-03-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xml.c: (raptor_iostream_write_xml_any_escaped_string):
Write XML-escaped ASCII 9 and A as XML with trailing ';'
* tests/, tests/ex-60.nt, tests/ex-60.rdf: Added ex-60
rdf/xml serializing test
* src/raptor.h: Added raptor_qname_get_namespace
* src/raptor_qname.c: (raptor_qname_get_namespace): Added.
* src/raptor_www.c: (raptor_uri_uri_string_is_file_uri): Renamed
from raptor_uri_string_is_file_uri.
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_uri_uri_string_is_file_uri): Renamed
from raptor_uri_string_is_file_uri.
* src/raptor.h: (raptor_uri_uri_string_is_file_uri): Renamed from
2006-03-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_parser.y: (directive): Use
raptor_new_namespace_from_uri and save string conversions.
* src/n3_parser.y: (directive): Use raptor_new_namespace_from_uri
and save string conversions.
* src/raptor_www.c: (raptor_www_fetch): Use
raptor_uri_string_is_file_uri instead of deprecated
* src/raptor_serialize_simple.c:
(raptor_simple_serialize_statement): Use new raptor_iostream_write_uri.
* src/raptor_uri.c: (raptor_uri_is_file_uri): Deprecated for
(raptor_uri_string_is_file_uri): Added.
* src/raptor.h: Deprecated raptor_uri_is_file_uri for
Added raptor_iostream_write_uri.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: (raptor_iostream_write_uri): Added.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_statement): Do not free shared string
returned from raptor_uri_as_string. Fixes issue#0000065
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Use raptor_uri_to_string so
that new strings are allocated then freed. Fixes issue#0000065
* src/raptor_stringbuffer.c:
raptor_stringbuffer_append_string): Do nothing on appending a NULL
string or a string of length 0.
(main): Add tests for this. Fixes issue#0000073
2006-02-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Use
raptor_namespaces_qname_from_uri to prefer using an existing XML
namespace for creating a qname, otherwise make a new one just for
this element.
* src/raptor_namespace.c: (raptor_namespaces_qname_from_uri):
Added, to make a qname from the in-scope namespaces in a stack.
* src/raptor.h: Added prototype for raptor_namespaces_qname_from_uri
2006-02-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c: raptor_rss_parser_context_s gains is_empty and
nstack fields.
(raptor_rss_context_init): Initialise new namespace stack and the
nspace field of raptor_rss_namespace_info.
(raptor_rss_context_terminate): Delete new namespace stack.
(raptor_rss_parse_start): Synthesise the namespace events.
(raptor_rss_start_element): Push is_empty flag into rss parser
context and reorganize empty case.
(raptor_rss_parser_processNode): set element_is_empty flag and use
* src/raptor_rss_common.c: Add RDF namespace for RSS use
* src/raptor_rss.h: Add RDF namespace for RSS use
2006-02-19 Dave Beckett <>
* AUTHORS: update me
2006-02-18 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add raptor_xml_element_get_attributes
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: Remove // comments
* src/raptor_guess.c: Cast for C++
* src/n3_parser.y: Cast for C++
* src/turtle_parser.y: Cast for C++
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_parse_start,
raptor_sax2_end_element): Code tidying, move decls to top of
functions and don't end early if there is no handler.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Remove several unused uses of raptor_sax2*
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Change to use field name xml_element for a
raptor_xml_element inside raptor_element.
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_free_sax2): Delete obsolete
raptor_libxml_libxml_free_entities. Free base URI.
(raptor_sax2_inscope_base_uri): Return SAX2 base URI if nothing is
in scope.
(raptor_sax2_parse_start): Save Base URI.
(raptor_sax2_start_element): Add all code from old
(raptor_sax2_end_element): Add all code from old
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_sax2_new_namespace_handler):
Add raptor_parser_start_namespace call.
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_handler): Deleted and merged into
(raptor_rdfxml_end_element_handler): Use raptor_xml_element*
(raptor_inscope_base_uri): Tidy code.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_sax2_start_element_handler and
raptor_sax2_end_element_handler now take raptor_xml_element*
raptor_sax2 gaisn base_uri field.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_end_element_handler): Split
into XML and RDF/XML parts now calling
(raptor_rdfxml_end_xml_element_handler): Added, splitting RDF/XML
part out of raptor_rdfxml_end_element_handler
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_free_sax2): Run
(raptor_sax2_simple_error): Added, to report errors from
namespaces upwards.
(raptor_sax2_parse_start): Init namespaces stack.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Deleted raptor_namespace_stack, now in
(raptor_rdfxml_start_xml_element_handler): Added, splitting
RDF/XML part out of raptor_rdfxml_start_element_handler
(raptor_rdfxml_end_element_handler): Prepare for splitting XML and
RDF/XML parts.
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_start): Moved namespaces stack init into
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_sax2 gains raptor_namespace_stack
from rdf/xml parser
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: (raptor_rdfxml_sax2_new_namespace_handler):
Added, as callback raptor_sax2_set_namespace_handler.
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_handler): Split XML and RDF/XML
namespace processing parts in preparation for moving them
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_init): Use raptor_sax2_set_feature to set the
XML namespace handler.
* src/raptor.h: Added prototypes for
raptor_xml_element_get_attributes and
* src/raptor_xml.c: (raptor_xml_element_get_attributes,
raptor_xml_element_get_attributes_count): Added.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_sax2 gaisn namespace_handler and
feature_normalize_language fields. Added prototypes for
raptor_sax2_set_namespace_handler and raptor_sax2_set_feature.
* src/raptor_sax2.c: (raptor_sax2_set_namespace_handler): Added,
to allow callbacks when an XML namespace is defined.
(raptor_sax2_set_feature): Added, with one feature
RAPTOR_FEATURE_NORMALIZE_LANGUAGE for normalizing xml:lang values.
2006-02-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_warning): Restored.
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_error_varargs): Restored.
* src/ Added fix-bison
* src/fix-bison: Format output generated by bison
* src/raptor_internal.h: revert experiment not intended to be
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add prototypes for
raptor_invoke_message_varargs and
* src/raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_simple_error,
raptor_parser_warning): Use raptor_invoke_message_varargs
(raptor_parser_error_varargs, raptor_parser_warning_varargs):
* src/raptor_general.c: (raptor_invoke_simple_message_varargs,
raptor_invoke_message): Helper functions for invoking
error/warning/fatal error handlers with varargs, just given a
handler that takes a single message string.
2006-02-03 Dave Beckett <>
* allow --enable-parsers/serializers=none
2006-02-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c: (raptor_rss_start_element,
raptor_rss_end_element, raptor_rss_cdata):
Added, pulling big chunks of code out of the switch in
2006-01-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Do not write XML header here, XML
writer does it.
2006-01-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_guess.c: (raptor_guess_parse_chunk): Tired of seeing
debug message. Goodbye.
2006-01-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_namespace.c: (raptor_namespaces_format):
NULL-terminate the namespace string.
Fixes bug 0000062
* tests/test.nt: Remove svn:eol-style native property so that
multiple line endings in one file work
* win32/rapper.dsp, win32/rapper.vcproj, win32/raptor.dsp,
win32/raptor.dsw, win32/raptor.sln, win32/raptor.vcproj,
win32/raptortest.cpp, win32/raptortest.dsp,
win32/raptortest.vcproj: Restore CRLF end of lines, set
svn:eol-style CRLF
2006-01-14 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml-namespace.sgml: update docs for new
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added
* utils/rapper.c: (relay_namespaces): Added, calling
raptor_serialize_set_namespace_from_namespace when namespaces are
not just printed out. Makes serializers use namespace prefix/URIs
found in parsed RDF.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: Delay the writing of the
namespaces on the rdf:RDF root element till as late as possible,
allowing user declaration of namespaces to effect the output.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init): Add rdf:RDF's namespace to the
list of namespaces to declare.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_terminate): Do not free namespace #0
because of above.
Added, to set a namespace declared once only, preventing the same
prefix appearing twice.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_declare_namespace): Use the above.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_start): Do not write root element here.
(raptor_rdfxmla_ensure_writen_header): Added to write root element
and namespace declarations.
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_end): Call
raptor_rdfxmla_ensure_writen_header before emitting syntax.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serializer_register_factory): Register
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c: Delay the writing of the
namespaces on the rdf:RDF root element till as late as possible,
allowing user declaration of namespaces to effect the output.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_init): Add rdf:RDF's namespace to the
list of namespaces to declare.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_terminate): Do not free namespace #0
because of above.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_declare_namespace_from_namespace): Added,
to set a namespace declared once only, preventing the same prefix
appearing twice.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_declare_namespace): Use the above.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_start): Do not write root element here.
(raptor_rdfxml_ensure_writen_header): Added to write root element
and namespace declarations.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement, raptor_rdfxml_serialize_end):
Call raptor_rdfxml_ensure_writen_header before emitting syntax.
(raptor_rdfxml_serializer_register_factory): Register
* src/raptor.h: Added prototype for
* src/raptor_serialize.c: (raptor_serialize_set_namespace): Now a
wrapper around:
(raptor_serialize_set_namespace_from_namespace:): Added, to set a
namespace for serialzing from an existing raptor_namespace
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_serializer_factory gains a factory
method declare_namespace_from_namespace
* tests/ Report error output on rdfxml-abbrev failure
* tests/ (check-rdfxmla): Don't die on first error,
report all then die.
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added
* src/raptor.h: Added prototype for raptor_namespace_get_counted_prefix
* src/raptor_namespace.c: (raptor_namespace_get_counted_prefix):
Added to return prefix and it's length.
* src/turtle_parser.y: (statementList): Rewrite to remove all
shift/reduce conflicts.
* src/n3_parser.y: (statementList): Rewrite to remove all
shift/reduce conflicts.
2006-01-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/n3_parser.y: Make literal be just literals, resource only
* src/turtle_parser.y: Use TRUE and FALSE boolean literals to make
xsd:boolean values. Make literal be just literals, resource only
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Added true & false boolean literals
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/manifest.ttl,
tests/turtle/test-24.out, tests/turtle/test-24.ttl: Added boolean
literals tests
* src/turtle_parser.y: Compatibility fixes for older bisons (1.7x)
and whitespace edits.
* src/n3_parser.y: Compatibility fixes for older bisons (1.7x) and
whitespace edits.
2006-01-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_parser.y, src/n3_parser.y: Compatibility fixes for
older bisons (1.7x) and whitespace edits.
* examples/ Fix raptor_abort link dependencies
2006-01-08 Dave Beckett <>
* fix-groff-xhtml: footer
2006-01-07 Dave Beckett <>
*,,, docs/,
examples/, examples/grapper.c,
examples/raptor_abort.c, fix-groff-xhtml,,, src/, src/fix-flex,
src/n3_common.h, src/n3_lexer.l, src/n3_parser.y,
src/ntriples_parse.c, src/parsedate.y, src/raptor-config.1,
src/raptor-config.1, src/, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_expat.c, src/raptor_feature.c,
src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_identifier.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_libxml.c,
src/raptor_locator.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_nfc.c, src/raptor_nfc.h, src/raptor_nfc_test.c,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_qname.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rfc2396.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c, src/raptor_set.c,
src/raptor_stringbuffer.c, src/raptor_uri.c,
src/raptor_utf8.c, src/raptor_win32.c, src/raptor_www.c,
src/raptor_www_curl.c, src/raptor_www_libfetch.c,
src/raptor_www_libwww.c, src/raptor_www_libxml.c,
src/raptor_www_test.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c, src/raptor_xsd.c,
src/raptor_xslt.c, src/strcasecmp.c, src/turtle_common.c,
src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_lexer.l,
src/turtle_parser.y, src/win32_raptor_config.h,
tests/, tests/empty.c, tests/ex-52.svg,
tests/test.html, tests/test.nt, tests/test.svg,
utils/, utils/getopt.c, utils/rapper.1,
utils/rapper.c, utils/raptor_getopt.h, utils/rdfdiff.c:
Remove RCS ID. Copyright 2006
* .cvsignore, data/.cvsignore, docs/.cvsignore,
examples/.cvsignore, src/.cvsignore, tests/.cvsignore,
tests/turtle/.cvsignore, utils/.cvsignore, win32/.cvsignore,
delete .cvsignore files
2006-01-07 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped version to 1.4.9
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml: Added
* Switched to Subversion version control.
CVS tag for raptor 1.4.8: raptor_1_4_8
Subversion revision ID for raptor 1.4.8: r3091
2006-01-03 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_8 for 1.4.8 release (SVN r3091)
2006-01-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_namespace.c (main): Cast for string
* src/n3_lexer.l: Apply more turtle to n3 changes for names.
* src/n3_parser.y: Update N3 parser to turtle.
* src/n3_lexer.l: Update N3 lexer to turtle.
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/turtle_parser.y, src/turtle_lexer.l: 2006 and urls
* tests/turtle/ Added test-23
* tests/turtle/test-23.out, tests/turtle/test-23.ttl: Test long
literal ending in a double quote
* tests/turtle/manifest.ttl: Added test-23 testing long literal
ending in a double quote
* src/turtle_common.c (raptor_stringbuffer_append_turtle_string):
Fix comment to match code and report hex char of bad escapes.
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Try to handle \-escapes inside """ properly.
* tests/turtle/README.txt: url
* tests/turtle/ Add TEST_MANIFEST_FILES to
* tests/turtle/manifest-bad.ttl, tests/turtle/manifest.ttl:
Updated manifests from Arjohn Kampman
* src/turtle_parser.y (DECIMAL_LITERAL): Added turtle decimal and
double after SPARQL 2005-11-23
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Added turtle decimal and double after SPARQL
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/test-19.out,
tests/turtle/test-21.out, tests/turtle/test-21.ttl,
tests/turtle/test-22.out, tests/turtle/test-22.ttl: Added
decimal/double/integer + and - checks from
2006-01-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespaces_find_namespace):
Handle searching for default namespace with prefix=NULL.
(main): Add test code for above.
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