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2015-10-27 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #33 from schnitzeltony/master do additional checks on libxml2 when library is found
2015-10-27 Andreas Müller <>
* do additional checks on libxml2 when library is found
In yocto cross environments we must use pkg-config. Configuring with
| checking for LIBXML... yes
| checking for libxml via pkg-config... yes - 2.9.2
| checking for LIBCURL... yes
| checking for libcurl via pkg-config... yes - 7.44.0
| checking for ICU... no
| checking for yajl installation... not found. Get it from and use --with-yajl=DIR if necessary to configure the installation directory.
| checking GRDDL parser requirements... no - libxml2 and libxslt are both not available
Applying this patch fixes configuration.
Signed-off-by: Andreas Müller <>
2015-07-20 Dave Beckett <>
* .travis.yml, scripts/ Revert "Make Travis-CI
run in a container"
This reverts commit e02d2c43ad2c3e2ba5a9279861c943c9559f967e.
* .travis.yml, scripts/ Make Travis-CI run in a
2015-07-05 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfdiff.c:
(rdfdiff_new_blank) resource leak on error [CID 122405]
2015-07-05 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfdiff.c:
(rdfdiff_new_file) resource leak on error [CID 122404]
2015-05-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_lexer.l:
(YY_FATAL_ERROR): Remove never reachable abort() after longjmp()
* Merge pull request #32 from dajobe/openbsd-fixes Fixes for
2015-05-02 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/subject.c: Define BNODE_BUFFER_LEN
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Fix librdfa end_element() generation without
* src/raptor_uri.c: remove another sprintf()
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_www.c: Several #ifdef fixes to avoid code after abort()
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Make
RAPTOR_ASSERT_DIE take parameter for non-abort case To prevent gcc
'will never be executed' warnings.
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/subject.c, src/turtle_lexer.l: Remove
sprintf() and replace with snprintf() or hard-coded format
* examples/grapper.c, librdfa/curie.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: Remove
strcpy() and replace with count and memcpy()
* src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_libxml.c,
src/snprintf.c: OpenBSD fixes
2015-04-24 Dave Beckett <>
* .gitignore, scripts/.gitignore, src/.gitignore, utils/.gitignore:
Update .gitignore
* Merge pull request #29 from 0u812/cmake-update-squashed
CMake build system upgrade to allow building from git sources
2015-04-24 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/feeds/test01-result.atom, tests/feeds/test02-result.atom,
tests/feeds/test03-result.atom: Fix atom results after serializer
2015-04-23 0u812 <>
* appveyor.yml: don't split echo command
* appveyor.yml:
Update appveyor.yml to let CMake build the lexers/parsers
Also download latest Cygwin setup due to the one installed
on appveyor being out of date
Squashed commit of the following:
commit 103bee37c4a215494f4929a00497ced9238c8164
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 14:20:30 2015 -0700
commit b4ef42b2c2449089a6295c19c2cced0bd485cade
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 14:12:07 2015 -0700
download latest Cygwin setup
commit 02d81375698a12b52ef4c0a61af2f105c214d5c7
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Wed Apr 22 23:24:55 2015 -0700
specify path to Cygwin-installed Perl/Bison/Flex in shared build as well
commit 20e5181b1d2b098179d199e67d47ef24dbebafd9
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Wed Mar 4 16:01:44 2015 -0800
prevent appveyor script from generating parser tables (done in
CMake instead)
2015-03-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: RSS 1.0 serializing default
namespaces fixes.
Separate default namespace from root element namespace
- Root element is rdf:RDF for rss 1.0 always
- Attributes are always rdf:name
2015-02-01 Dave Beckett <>
* Handle updated glibtoolize (OSX) name in --version
2015-01-29 0u812 <>
* CMakeLists.txt, tests/rdfa/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/rdfa11/CMakeLists.txt: Make rdfa/rdfa11 tests expected
failures (they are not counted as failing tests, so get 100%
Reject Bison at CMake config stage if major version
is older than 3.
Squashed commit of the following:
commit 5394d2817384d8ca18ca4b8f8b2eefd34aa60f4c
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 14:49:51 2015 -0800
add rdfa11 expected failures
commit 1c205f2444dfe7b4341a08e35c00cc9627f58d3b
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 14:44:44 2015 -0800
add rdfa expected failures
commit 81fbc40f08c430267559998024fdbaef5f67b532
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 14:41:42 2015 -0800
allow expected failures for tests
workaround: TRUE is not true in a CMake if statement
commit cae280b8ad68f98f8256b11db2f7ca7ae51aa7e1
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 14:11:20 2015 -0800
commit 14fa0f99419729b815c94e429a983174f0cc26fd
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 13:41:27 2015 -0800
specify bison ver
2015-01-22 0u812 <>
* src/parsedate.y, src/turtle_parser.y: Required version of Bison
too specific.
Must use 3.0 avail. via win_flex_bison-2.5.1. Compiles on Windows
via CMake with this change.
* src/CMakeLists.txt: missed a few paths
* src/CMakeLists.txt: use abs paths in custom commands/targets
2015-01-21 0u812 <>
* CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt: Upgrade CMake build system
to allow building from source. Generate parsers and
tokenizers using flex/bison. Tested compile on FC21 with GNU
Bison 3.0.2 and flex 2.5.37.
Squashed commit of the following:
commit 680a64599970b07d9e4c797bf9ae876536257ac1
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 13:42:21 2015 -0800
fix turtle flex dep
commit 4de1288bbf84b18834332747e30e3ca6c92fa301
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 13:35:28 2015 -0800
find flex
commit 446387d3778ebb760f395e354e3b6cfeb1c700f7
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 13:30:46 2015 -0800
commit 76e852ef1acc2309c1a78c6e264fd7c538edd633
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 13:26:32 2015 -0800
correct cmake rename command
commit 109c4a3159e338af0e0aa6c886110ea9e31749c6
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 12:21:35 2015 -0800
resolve paths of src and generated files
commit 5d8366ef60d72e99f5bac3c29e68c903b16265dd
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 12:17:05 2015 -0800
headers are not sources
commit 93e8ed1765ccc0da449a4515a264843954199838
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 12:11:34 2015 -0800
fix output names
commit 0a7e13ca88b4ffb6c0bf73b9eb635478cd852846
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 12:10:32 2015 -0800
add turtle flex tgt
commit 11c76cfa21b0457bb67411a1eae230c5f2f89008
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 12:02:25 2015 -0800
fix dependencies for autogenerated tgts
commit d30f99cecd27872edc5b9e2c31bef8079a717171
Author: 0u812 <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 11:53:57 2015 -0800
add custom cmd to generate turtle parser
2015-01-15 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #28 from philjohn/patch-1
Fixing build errors using raptor2.spec
2015-01-14 philjohn <>
Fixing build errors using raptor2.spec
The spec file uses the wrong libdir for raptor2,
/usr/lib(|64)/raptor instead of /usr/lib(|64)/raptor2, it also
excludes some files (.a and .la) that rpmbuild complains about.
2015-01-07 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: 2015
2015-01-04 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, TODO.html,
UPGRADING.html: 2015
2015-01-01 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #27 from dajobe/appveyor
CMake and windows fixes targetted for Appveyor builds
2014-12-23 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml: tmpls
2014-12-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #26 from hroptatyr/feat/turtle-chunk-parser
Provide turtle chunk parser
2014-12-20 Sebastian Freundt <>
* src/turtle_parser.y: Stop passing chunks to turtle_parser if
there have been errors
2014-12-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: code style
2014-12-18 Sebastian Freundt <>
* src/turtle_common.h:
hygiene, kick superfluous slot `statement'
It seems the turtle parser routines will use the `statement' slot
from the rdf_parser structure only.
2014-12-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: fix comment
2014-12-17 Sebastian Freundt <>
* src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y:
Provide turtle chunk parser
This changeset allows to parse huge turtle, trig and n3 files.
Huge hereby means file sizes bigger than the main memory. It has
been tested on the GND dataset of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
(121 MTriples), the dbpedia dataset (583 MT) and a private
production dataset (1225 MT).
Previously, the turtle parser tried to stack up all input in a
huge buffer which it then proceeded to process at once.
This changeset introduces a parser that attempts to parse each
given chunk immediately. Syntax errors that arise due to
end-of-buffer situations in the middle of a grammar rule are
accounted for by resolving statements using the special `error'
rule accompanied with error recovery that copies over the
remainder of the buffer to the beginning so it can be appended by
the next chunk.
Full turtle statements (the ones ending in DOT) will never be part
of the remainder. However, because of blank nodes and collections
statements can't be issued immediately anymore, instead the
concept of deferring the emission of a statement is introduced.
This is to avoid dangling (bnodeid) statements in case a turtle
SPO statement isn't DOT ended yet but the blank node property list
or collection has been read already.
* struct raptor_turtle_parser_s: introduce slots for buffer book
* turtle_lexer.l: use YY_USER_ACTION to keep track of buffer
* turtle_parser.y:
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): split in two, see following
(raptor_turtle_clone_statement): prepare statement for handling
(raptor_turtle_handle_statement): call a parser's statement handler
(raptor_turtle_defer_statement): like
raptor_turtle_generate_statement() but instead of calling the
statement handler immediately put it on a list of deferred
statements, called (handled) only if the statement rule path has
been taken (triples DOT)
(raptor_turtle_parse_chunk): begin parsing on chunks for every
call, only stack up things in buffers if the remainder of a chunk
has been resolved through the `error' rule.
2014-12-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Fix check
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_mkr_emit_subject_resultset): code style
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Move
raptor_mkr_emit_subject_resultset statics into turtle context.
struct raptor_turtle_context gains fields mkr_rs_size / arity /
ntuple / nvalue / processing_value
(raptor_mkr_emit_subject_resultset): Switch statics to context
vars above.
* Merge pull request #25 from rhmccullough/master change mKR
relation to SPARQL compatible CSV format
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 2.0.16
* utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: Restore space between title and
2014-12-15 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/ Warn if no difference seen in
2014-12-14 Sebastian Freundt <>
* src/raptor_uri.c:
fix, do fputs() properly
2014-12-05 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/ Update install bison script to do
nothing if bison is new enough
2014-11-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Disable "-Wformat-nonliteral" with GCC
pragma for GRDDL error format
2014-11-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_escaped.c,
src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_json_writer.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c,
src/raptor_ntriples.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_html.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Replace
type %d (for enums) with %u in error messages (-Wformat)
2014-11-23 Dave Beckett <>
Redisable -Wconversion - generated lexer too noisy
* librdfa/curie.c, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_iostream.c,
src/raptor_ntriples.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
src/raptor_unicode.c, src/raptor_www_curl.c, src/raptor_xml.c:
Fixes for -Wconversion
- casting into to char near tolower and constructing chars from
- unsigned int foo : 1 for bit flag
- raptor_stringbuffer_length() to unsigned int
* Enable -Wconversion
* src/snprintf.c: Disable "-Wformat-nonliteral" with GCC pragma
for snprintf test code
2014-11-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_libxml.c: Disable GCC -Wformat-literal in a few
places using GCC pragma
Using #pragma GCC diagnostic <...> from
* utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: Remove static string printfs in
utilities (-Wformat)
*, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Enable -Wformat=2 for gcc and fix that
(raptor_parser_log_error): Added to allow passing in format
message and log level.
Use above in cases where a message can be an error or warning so
that -Wformat=2 will work with gcc: it can now check all
printf-style formats used in Raptor.
* RELEASE.html: 2.0.16
* .travis.yml: docs
* scripts/ Install bison with a C compiler
* .travis.yml: try compile c++
* .travis.yml: Add matrix for CC=cc, CC=c++
2014-11-21 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #21 from rhmccullough/master fix memory
leak with format, meaning
* docs/, scripts/, scripts/fix-groff-xhtml,
scripts/, utils/ Rename
scripts/fix-groff-xhtml to scripts/
2014-11-20 Richard H. McCullough <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: set pointers to NULL after
freeing memory
I even ran "make distcheck" this time. I noticed a few permission
errors, but I don't worry about those because Windows ACLs often
take control of your files.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: fix memory leak with format,
meaning check just before return at end of function
2014-11-19 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/ Add $(EXEEXT) to build-formats exe name
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, tests/mkr/rdf-schema.mkr,
tests/mkr/rdfq-results.mkr, tests/mkr/rdfs-namespace.mkr,
tests/mkr/test-07.mkr, tests/mkr/test-08.mkr,
tests/mkr/test-16a.mkr, tests/mkr/test-28.mkr,
tests/mkr/test-31.mkr, tests/mkr/test-32.mkr,
tests/mkr/test-34.mkr: Add mkr turtle writer flag, move it out of
internal API.
@base ends in ; raptor_turtle_writer_flags is now part of internal
API with bitflag values TURTLE_WRITER_FLAG_AUTO_INDENT and
(raptor_new_turtle_writer): Gains flags arg.
(raptor_turtle_writer_namespace_prefix, raptor_turtle_writer_base):
Lose emit_mkr arg and take it from the turtle_writer struct flags
field. Update mkr tests to end @base lines with ';' like other
mkr lines.
2014-11-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Remove trailing ws from lines
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Code style fixes around mkr
serializer code
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Free rs_ResultSet_uri and
2014-11-14 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 2.0.16
* README.html, docs/raptor-serializers.xml: Add mKR serializer
references to docs
* Merge pull request #18 from dajobe/mkr-serializer mKR serializer
- single commit
2014-11-12 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/, scripts/ Update perms
* scripts/ Add AM_CPPFLAGS
2014-11-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c: Fix error returns in
new world methods
raptor_world_get_serializers_count): Fix return value in
2014-11-01 Dave Beckett <>
* CMakeLists.txt, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bumped
version to 2.0.16
* Snapshotted raptor2_2_0_15 for 2.0.15 release (GIT 815e4a75a0e1f15a5cf35de48a3d0b32a14c5663)
* src/turtle_lexer.l, tests/trig/,
tests/trig/bug-584-dos.out, tests/trig/bug-584-dos.trig,
tests/trig/bug-584-unix.out, tests/trig/bug-584-unix.trig: Handle
\r in TRiG "graph-name {"
Fixes Issue #0000584
* src/turtle_lexer.l:
(turtle_token_print): Add GRAPH_NAME_LEFT_CURLY
* src/turtle_lexer.l:
(turtle_token_print): Add LEFT/RIGHT_CURLY
* src/turtle_lexer.l:
(main): Fix turtle_lexer_test to pass in string, not use yyinput
* tests/ntriples/, tests/ntriples/bug-577.nt,
tests/ntriples/bug-577.out: Add ntriples test bug-577 for URI
* src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_parser.y: Rename
raptor_turtle_expand_name_escapes to
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/turtle_common.c, src/turtle_lexer.l:
(raptor_stringbuffer_append_turtle_string): Enforce URI
Add is_uri argument to distinguish. Report type label correctly.
URIs may not have \t \b \n \r \f or raw ' ' or \u0020 or \u003C or
Update all raptor_stringbuffer_append_turtle_string callers to
pass URI flag.
* src/raptor_ntriples.c:
(raptor_ntriples_parse_term_internal): Enforce URI restrictions.
URIs may not have \t \b \n \r \f or raw ' ' or \u0020 or \u003C or
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_ntriples.c,
src/turtle_common.c, src/turtle_lexer.l:
Remove raptor_turtle_check_uri_string() which is at wrong level.
Needs to be checked in earlier lexing so e.g. illegal escapes in
URIs such as \b are found. For example.
2014-10-28 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-changes.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c:
raptor_world_get_serializers_count): Added
Fixes Issue #0000581
2014-10-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c: doc fix
Fixes Issue #0000579
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Code tidy; use nobj for
raptor_iostream_write_bytes() return value.
Related to Issue #0000575 fix
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
Fix return values for
raptor_iostream_hexadecimal_write): Return non-0 if number of
objects returned from raptor_iostream_write_bytes() does not match
expected length.
Fixes Issue #0000575
* src/raptor_ntriples.c, src/raptor_term.c,
tests/ntriples/, tests/ntriples/bug-574.nt,
tests/ntriples/bug-574.out: Accept '_' as alias/typo for '-' in
lang strings.
Replace on parsing.
Fixes Issue #0000574
2014-10-20 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #16 from rhmccullough/rdf-nil do not change
"( )" to "rdf:nil"
2014-10-19 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/, docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv,
docs/raptor-changes.tsv: Rename changes file to raptor-changes.tsv
Not just about v1 to v2
* scripts/ Make report wrong
fields count
* .travis.yml: run not configure twice
* scripts/
delete working dir
* scripts/ sudo
* .travis.yml: Looks like Travis OS support is not generally
2014-10-19 Richard H. McCullough <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: do not change "( )" to "rdf:nil"
In tests/turtle: rapper -i turtle -o turtle test-08.ttl
changes "( )" to "rdf:nil".
This change to src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c will produce "( )" in
the output file.
2014-10-19 Dave Beckett <>
* .travis.yml: Quote TRAVIS_OS_NAME that doesn't always seem to be
* .travis.yml: use test not [ ]
* RELEASE.html: 2.0.15
* .travis.yml, scripts/ Travis update attempt
2014-10-12 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa11/ doc
* tests/rdfa11/0297.out, tests/rdfa11/ 0297 passes
* tests/rdfa11/0303.out, tests/rdfa11/ 0303 passes
* tests/rdfa11/ 26 failures
* tests/rdfa11/0235.out, tests/rdfa11/ 0235 passes
* tests/rdfa11/ Fix error report again
* tests/rdfa11/0134.out: fix 134 out
* tests/rdfa11/0134.out, tests/rdfa11/ 0134 passes
* tests/rdfa11/0197.out, tests/rdfa11/ 0197 passes
* tests/rdfa11/ 0197 now fails, 0302 now passes.
* tests/rdfa11/ Tidy failure output
* tests/rdfa11/0295.out: Update 0295 output
2014-10-10 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/curie.c: Support full URLs for typeof.
librdfa commit 5b73975a778ee00f328457356a69163911d540a5
2014-10-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ Further fix flex/bison rules to silence them in
normal runs
*, src/parsedate.y, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Use __FUNCTION__ (c99) replacing __func__
* src/sort_r.h: Add BSD header checks from sort_r
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Trailing ,
* Add some GCC5 warning flags
* Merge pull request #14 from hroptatyr/compiler-support Intel C
compiler (icc) support
2014-10-09 Sebastian Freundt <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/triple.c, utils/rapper.c: const'ify
string literals and char pointers that needn't be changed
librdfa (start_element): const'ify umap_key
librdfa (rdfa_complete_object_literal_triples): const'ifty
rapper (print_graph): const'ify label
* Always use AC_LANG_WERROR when checking for
compiler warning flags
Many gcc-compatible compilers (icc, clang, etc.) verbosely ignore
gcc command line flags issuing a warning of some sort. Catch
these warnings and turn them into errors when checking for support
of specific warning flags.
2014-10-04 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/, scripts/fix-bison, scripts/,
scripts/fix-flex, scripts/, src/ Rename
fix-flex, fix-bison to have .pl suffix
* ChangeLog, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html:
2014-09-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_filter_triples): Fix <uri> <uri> <uri> check [gcc5]
This has been broken since 2007 but just meant too much work was
being done. Original commit that added this
2014-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfdiff.c: Provide title and usage if args are missing
[Coverity CID 72385]
2014-08-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_blank): Accept "" as same as NULL blank
2014-08-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c: raptor_uri_counted_filename_to_uri_string
handles a counted string
(raptor_uri_counted_filename_to_uri_string): Do not look for end
NUL char, count lengths.
Fixes Issue #0000576
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
raptor_turtle_writer_quoted_counted_string handles a counted
(raptor_turtle_writer_contains_newline): Add len param and use it,
drop strlen().
(raptor_turtle_writer_quoted_counted_string): Use len, drop
strlen() and call raptor_turtle_writer_contains_newline with
passed in len.
Fixes Issue #0000576
* src/raptor_uri.c:
Do not assume NUL terminated string in
(raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string): Remove debug assert and use
fwrite to emit counted URI string to debug file handler.
Fixes Issue #0000576
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/turtle_parser.y: Add RAPTOR_DEBUG_FH
define internally
2014-08-02 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html: Fix flex url
2014-07-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Document sink handlers
2014-07-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
(raptor_uri_normalize_path): Check size of output buffer is big
2014-07-07 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html, INSTALL.html: bye bye sf
* README.html: Update TRiG pointer, conformance
2014-06-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sort_r.c: correct docs; does not always use sort_r
* src/ssort.h: one more rename
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/,
src/raptor_sequence.c, src/sort_r.c:
raptor_data_compare_arg_handler renamed from raptor_sort_r_compare
Added it to changelog too
* src/sort_r.c: Make sort test quiet on success
* src/sort_r.c: const
* src/sort_r.c: portability
*, src/, src/sort_r.c, src/ssort.h:
public domain ssort_r if qsort_r and qsort_s are not present
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/,
(raptor_sequence_sort_r): Added based on raptor_sort_r()
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/, src/,
(raptor_sort_r): Added based on public domain sort_r()
* src/sort_r.h, sort_r.c: Public Domain sort_r() by Isaac Turner
Imported GIT commit 7c60ef94753624291055af0b1eec291f8c4bd5a7 from
2014-05-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/parsedate.y:
Update to point to PHP GIT
* src/parsedate.y: Fix -99 <= var <= 99 timezone interval check.
Thanks to Richard Trieu for the report.
2014-05-11 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: 2014
2014-05-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_locator.c, src/snprintf.c:
(raptor_locator_format): Add a NUL to terminate output string.
See librdf commit aa3bf4ccf4cc9381a1c198566428812af28944de that
works around this.
2014-05-05 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.1: Use \- for hyphen
* CMakeLists.txt, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bumped
version to 2.0.15
* ChangeLog:
Snapshotted raptor2_2_0_14 for 2.0.14 release (GIT
* src/raptor_uri.c: fix autodoc
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 2.0.14
* Update tmpls
* Snapshotted raptor2_2_0_14 for 2.0.14 release (GIT 93bc8ef8fa1c0b6b4278412f5d12e558b70db708)
2014-05-03 Dave Beckett <>
* Import flex check from rasqal
2014-04-28 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/fix-bison: Remove dead code from bison output
2014-04-27 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa/ Fix failure test and update expected
failures: +0294.xml +0349.xml
* tests/rdfa11/ Echo message when failures are not
what expected
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(rdfa_init_base): Fix <base href > Fixes support broke in commit
2014-04-26 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa11/ Fail exit on test failures - broken
for a long itme
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(collection): Use YYERR_MSG_GOTO to stop early break and add debug
* src/turtle_parser.y: Import header code from turtle-parser.y
2014-04-20 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/turtle_lexer.l: Define FLEX_VERSION_DECIMAL
and use to not duplicate column prototypes.
* scripts/fix-flex: Convert buffer check for PREFIX_restart into
simple form
* scripts/fix-flex: Use YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE in
PREFIX_pop_buffer_state [coverity CID 29295]
* scripts/fix-flex: pop_buffer_state does not get changed with
rule; delete ref
* src/turtle_lexer.l: YY_FATAL_ERROR always calls abort() -
hopefully coverity notices
* scripts/fix-flex:
Remove dead code after YY_INPUT - which is a
return NULL [coverity CID 29302]
* scripts/fix-flex:
Match (static) yy_ prefix functions too
* scripts/fix-flex:
Use YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE when ensured ok
[coverity CID 29242 29252 29253 29295]
functions after a PREFIX_ensure_buffer_stack() call has been seen.
* scripts/fix-flex:
Give function processing a state var %fn_state
* scripts/fix-flex: Cleanups - Figure out lexer prefix from input
- Capture current function name in $cur_function - Rewrite some
checks to use exact function name - Added $debug var
2014-04-19 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/fix-bison: Set yytoken to non-negative value for
[coverity CID 29259]
* scripts/fix-bison: Add a default value for yyformat for
[coverity CID 10838]
* src/raptor_xml.c: Added coverity[negative_returns] for second
use of unichar_len [CID 29257]
* librdfa/lists.c:
(rdfa_complete_list_triples): Init tmp for error path [coverity
CID 36737]
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_run_xpath_match): Free base_uri on error path
[coverity CID 34618]
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_emit_subject): Free iterator on error path [coverity
CID 34617]
2014-04-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): root_element NULL [coverity
CID 34616] (raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): start xml root_element if
not NULL [coverity CID 34616]
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_uri): Check end_index2 is not NULL [coverity CID
* librdfa/lists.c:
(rdfa_complete_list_triples): strdup and strstr output. [coverity
CID 29260]
(rdfa_complete_list_triples): Be careful for strdup and strstr
returning NULL. [coverity CID 29260]
* src/raptor_namespace.c: Check return of raptor_xml_escape_string
for errors [coverity CID 29258]
(raptor_namespace_format_as_xml): Check return values of
raptor_xml_escape_string() for negative failure before casting to
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(test_read_from_filename): Use int for read bytes values
* src/raptor_parse.c: Treat raptor_iostream_read_bytes() returning
int [coverity CID 29256]
(raptor_parser_parse_iostream): Treat raptor_iostream_read_bytes()
return as int, convert to size_t when it's known to be
non-negative. [coverity CID 29256] The real fix is incompatible
API change to make iostream return size_t or ssize_t for reads.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Restore *name always [coverity
CID 29255]
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(end_element): Do not call rdfa_complete_list_triples() with no
new subject [coverity CID 29254]
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element_common): attribute namespaces
[coverity CID 29244]
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element_common): Process attribute
namespaces only if there is a namespace stack [coverity CID 29244]
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: rdfa requires a base URI [coverity CID
(raptor_librdfa_parse_start): Add check for base URI
(raptor_librdfa_parser_register_factory): Mark 'rdfa' parser needs
a base URI.
* librdfa/triple.c:
(rdfa_complete_object_literal_triples) strchr on NULL [coverity CID
(rdfa_complete_object_literal_triples): Need non NULL
context->xml_literal to do strchr() on it [coverity CID 29429]
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Remove always 0
end_predicate_element [coverity CID 29238]
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): Free root_qname in logical
place [coverity CID 29236]
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element_common): nstack [coverity CID
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element_common): Defining xml language
declaration requires namespace declarations so add nstack check.
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_run_xpath_match): Check if uri_string is not NULL
[coverity CID 29243]
* src/raptor_log.c:
(raptor_log_error): Allow world to be NULL [coverity CID 29241]
* src/raptor_log.c:
(raptor_log_error_varargs): Allow world to be NULL [coverity CID
* librdfa/triple.c:
(rdfa_complete_current_property_value_triples): Remove duplicate
variable [coverity CID 29240]
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_parse_chunk): Remove logically dead code [coverity CID
29239] loop is always 0 or 1 so don't check for other values.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): Remove logically dead code
[coverity CID 29237] No need to test freeing serializer twice.
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_run_grddl_transform_doc): Check parse start/chunk
returns [coverity CID 29235]
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_emit_subject): check raptor_avltree_iterator_next()
return [coverity CID 29234]
2014-04-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_fatal_error): set parser failed if not NULL [coverity
CID 29283]
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element_common): nspace_declarations is
never NULL on return path [coverity CID 29284]
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_xml_writer_start_element): element is not NULL [coverity CID
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_end_element_handler): rss_element is never NULL
[coverity CID 29286]
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_abbrev_subject): Do not use subject->properties on debug
path [coverity CID 29287]
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_counted_filename_to_uri_string): Error path cannot use
NULL buffer [coverity CID 29302]
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Free object_uri_string always
[coverity CID 29269]
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_emit_subject_collection_items): Free iter on error
[coverity CID 29263]
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Free stringbuffer on error case [coverity
CID 29273]
2014-04-16 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(rdfa_init_base): Fix uri_start dead code again [coverity CID 29700]
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_abbrev_subject): node arg is never NULL [coverity CID
* src/raptor_qname.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name): move strlen after
local_name NULL check [coverity CID 29289]
* utils/rdfdiff.c:
(main): from_string and to_string are never NULL [coverity CID
29290, CID 29291]
* librdfa/triple.c:
(rdfa_complete_object_literal_triples): NULL check for
context->xml_literal [coverity CID 29292]
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_xml_writer): Check xml_writer NULL
[coverity CID 29293]
* src/raptor_log.c:
(raptor_log_error_varargs): Can assume world is not NULL [coverity
CID 29294]
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(end_element): Add parent_context check around block [coverity CID
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(rdfa_init_base): Check for uri_start before use [coverity CID
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_emit_subject_collection_items): Free iter on error
path [coverity CID 29263]
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_world_guess_parser_name): Free scores on error path
[coverity CID 29264]
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_run_recursive): Free ibuffer [coverity CID 29265]
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_end_element_handler): Free field on error path [coverity
CID 29266]
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_insert_rss_link): Free field on error path [coverity CID
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Free object_uri_string on error
path [coverity CID 29269]
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Error path entry_uri cleanup [coverity
CID 29270]
* librdfa/lists.c:
(rdfa_complete_list_triples): Free bnode after loop [coverity CID
29272] Also strdup() the rdf:nil string so it can be freed.
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Free stringbuffer on error case [coverity
CID 29273]
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rfc2396.c,
src/raptor_uri.c: Added raptor_uri_counted_filename_to_uri_string
(raptor_uri_counted_filename_to_uri_string): Added based on
raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string. Updated to properly check the
length of the incoming filename and ensure (on unix) that the path
buffer is big enough. Eliminate strcat() calls while here. For
win32, properly calculate the length when there is a :\ in the
filename. RAPTOR_FATAL4 added for debugging URI length failures
* src/turtle_common.c: (raptor_turtle_expand_name_escapes): arg
free on error path [coverity CID 29303]
(raptor_turtle_expand_name_escapes): Remove RAPTOR_FREE of name
argument on error paths - this function does not own name.
2014-03-24 Dave Beckett <>
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.14, ChangeLog.14 for 2013
2014-03-24 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/lists.c, librdfa/rdfa.c: librdfa fixes for
-Wunreachable-code (clang)
2014-02-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_json.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Fixes for -Wunreachable-code (clang)
(raptor_rss_insert_identifiers): When inserting identifiers, allow
the loop to continue searching.
(raptor_rss_start_namespaces): Remove loop since 1 value is
* Add -Wunreachable-code (clang)
2014-02-13 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/turtle-2013/, tests/turtle-2013/oops.nt,
tests/turtle-2013/oops.ttl: Add test and expected response for RDF
1.1 Turtle post-REC error
Expected answer requested:
2014-02-12 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ntriples-2013/LITERAL.nt,
tests/ntriples-2013/, tests/ntriples-2013/README,
tests/ntriples-2013/literal_with_squote.nt: Renames to match W3C
mercurial repo names
2014-01-29 Dave Beckett <>
* CMakeLists.txt, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bumped
version to 2.0.14
* Snapshotted raptor2_2_0_13 for 2.0.13 release (GIT
2014-01-29 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html:
2014-01-27 Dave Beckett <>
* ChangeLog, INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html, NEWS.html, README.html,
RELEASE.html, TODO.html, UPGRADING.html: 2.0.13 and 2014
* Use presence of libxml / curl config programs as
test for presence
Symptom was that after configuring, curl was present but not used
for WWW fetching.
Original commit that changed this was
commit 7da03ba5cd6e45ea41afebd4955acf6e96e9d622
Date: Fri Apr 5 19:01:55 2013 +0100
which was Raptor 2.0.10 onwards
2014-01-15 Dave Beckett <>
* Create NEWS and README
2014-01-14 Dave Beckett <>
* fix html rules more
* .travis.yml: Travis CI fix
* fix html rule
2014-01-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
Revert: (raptor_abbrev_subject_find): Remove
double free of lookup_node.
This reverts commit c1c82f1be5d86ebf95fa10b86a938d6799e35626.
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Handle NULL ref->path
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_abbrev_subject_find): Remove double free of lookup_node
Remove call to raptor_free_abbrev_node()
2014-01-07 Dave Beckett <>
* Use AC_CHECK_PROGS to find jing
AC_CHECK_PROG doesn't default to setting it as found!
2014-01-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c: 2014
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Remove YY_INPUT - never want to read from
2014-01-02 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #12 from dajobe/bison3.0-new Switch to use
and require Bison 3.0
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Provide missing flex prototypes for flex
2.5.35 or earlier
* src/parsedate.y:
(raptor_parse_date): No need for cast to void* for yyparse
2014-01-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove redundant declaration of
*, src/ Alter configure to accept bison
3.0.0 or newer, no yacc
* src/parsedate.y: Add bison 3.0 directives
* src/parsedate.y: Bison 3.0 the parsedate parser
- Update to new directives
- Set %param
- Update error call
* src/turtle_parser.y: Bison 3.0 the turtle parser
- Use bison 3.0+ directives replacing all command line arguments
- Update lexer and parser parameters (remove use of YYLEX_PARAM)
- (turtle_parser_error): Add scanner arg.
- Use rdf_parser argument directly rather than via casted variable.
- Add %empty directives
- Remove casts to raptor_parser* that are no longer needed
- (turtle_parse): Pass in scanner
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove YY_DECL
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Add %option bison-bridge
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Remove turtle_lexer_lex prototype / header
No longer use YYDECL - the default works.
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Replace turtle_parser_lval with yylval
* src/turtle_common.c: Move turtle_lexer.h include earlier so
YYSTYPE can be found
* src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y: Remove token union
unused integer field
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