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2010-12-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_world_guess_parser_name): Fix guessing by URI
* src/, src/, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_syntax_description.c: Restore
array counts to syntax description.
Pull out common validation.
raptor_syntax_description gains names_count, mime_types_count and
uri_strings_count all computed at registration.
(raptor_syntax_description_validate): Added to public API to
validate and compute counts.
raptor_world_register_serializer_factory): Call above for common
validation checks.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_json.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_html.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Update parsers and serializers to use
uri_strings for syntax description.
* src/ raptor_syntax_description has an array of URI
strings, loses mime types count.
2010-12-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c:
Lower RSS mime type q values to 0.8 since that
is good enough, raptor cannot ever reach 100%
2010-12-01 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,,
Bumped version to 1.9.2
* README.html:
2010-12-01 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor2_1_9_1 for 1.9.1 release (GIT
2010-11-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: Respect Content-Location: header in HTTP
responses for final URI
(raptor_www_curl_update_status): If HTTP header Content-Location:
was found, use that rather than the HTTP 3xx redirect URI.
(raptor_www_curl_header_callback): Use raptor_strncasecmp rather
than strncmp to find content type and content location. If
content location is found, set the final_uri
Fixes Issue#0000402
* docs/, docs/raptor1-eol.html: Add raptor1-eol.html
* INSTALL.html:
update - encouraging the released tarballs path
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Remove unused created_p args / variables from raptor_abbrev
internal APIs
2010-11-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/raptor_term.c: Added convenience methods
for constructing URI terms
raptor_new_term_from_uri_string): Added to replace a common
pattern of make uri, make term, free uri.
2010-11-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Update defensive
code for checking raptor_world
* src/raptor_general.c: autodocs
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add new symbols
2010-11-21 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml:
Update tmpls
* src/.gitignore:
ignore raptor.h
*, src/, src/raptor.h, src/,
(raptor_new_world): Turn into a macro around the internal
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_libxml.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_qname.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/raptor_term.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_uri.c,
src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Check world object is
valid for Raptor V2 in every constructor
RAPTOR2_WORLD_MAGIC: Alter the RAPTOR_MAGIC value to be different
for raptor V2 and rename it in code. RAPTOR1_WORLD_MAGIC is the
old value.
(raptor_check_constructor_world): Added to handle the check and
provide a function to debugger-break on. It warns once about the
pointer problems using a static var.
raptor_check_constructor_world() and replace generic
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_parse_start): Call
rdfa_set_processor_graph_triple_handler with context.
* scripts/
print_statement_field_renames_as_perl_script added.
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: more notes
* scripts/ Update titles
* scripts/ Fix delete enum output
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: RAPTOR_FEATURE_ASSUME_IS_RDF and
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv:
Add enum changes
* scripts/ Handle enums
* docs/ depends on tsv file
2010-11-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Replace rdfa_set_triple_handler with
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h, librdfa/triple.c: Update to
librdfa GIT 1a1a08c790b7649a7f6c12fb9e40c0d3dbe70481
2010-11-08 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/turtle_parser.y: Fixes for C++ - Casts for C++ from void* to
typed pointer/function pointers - Rename some prototype args to
avoid 'explicit' C++ keyword.
2010-11-07 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/section-stringbuffer.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml: Update generated docs
* src/raptor_stringbuffer.c: docs
* UPGRADING.html: deleted questions
* RELEASE.html: 1.9.1
* RELEASE.html, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_term.c: Removed
raptor_term_as_counted_string() and raptor_term_as_string()
replaced by _to_ versions. These were 'deprecated' in GIT but
since 1.9.0 Raptor V2 was beta, it is OK to delete them.
* RELEASE.html: 1.9.1
2010-10-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_avltree_print): Free avltree_iterator at end
2010-10-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c: N-Quads code tidying
* tests/ntriples/ Remove N-Quads from N-Triples test
files so Turtle parser doesn't barf.
* tests/ntriples/ #typo
* Typo in AM_CONDITIONAL enabling N-Quads parser
* tests/ntriples/ Add $(NQ_OUT_FILES) to dist
* tests/json/ example4.nt
*, src/, src/ntriples_parse.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
tests/ntriples/, tests/ntriples/testnq-1.nq,
tests/ntriples/testnq-1.out: Added N-Quads parser. Hey, that was
Don't allow literal graphs/contexts despite that being in the spec
at because it's a stupid idea.
Added test from the spec
2010-10-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c:
(raptor_stringbuffer_append_uri_escaped_counted_string): Added
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c:
(raptor_stringbuffer_append_hexadecimal): Added
2010-10-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize.c: #doc typo
2010-10-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Fix major copying too much error with
raptor_read_string_iostream_read_bytes() memcpy
(raptor_read_string_iostream_read_bytes): Adjust copied bytes to
the maximum available in the buffer, not the maximum requested by
user. Could cause crashes since memcpy is called to always copy
the maximum amount the user requests, whatever amount of data is
in the string.
2010-10-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serializer_start_to_iostream): Reset free_iostream_on_end
flag to prevent crashes on reuse.
2010-10-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
(raptor_ntriples_parse_recognise_syntax): Refuse to handle .ttl or
.n3 named content.
2010-10-09 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h: Update to librdf GIT commit
2010-10-07 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Add raptor_parser_parse_iostream -
was new in 1.9.0
2010-10-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_log.c:
(raptor_log_error): code tidy
* src/raptor.h: raptor_log_message: autodocs
2010-09-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c: Remove use of strncmp when strings are same
(raptor_uri_equals): Use memcmp() on same length strings to remove
need for strncmp that looks for NULs.
(raptor_uri_compare): Use memcmp() on same length strings to
remove need for strncmp that looks for NULs. Sort shorter urls
earlier by comparing lengths.
2010-09-28 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* tests/json/, tests/json/example4.json,
tests/json/example4.nt: Added a more 'real-world' JSON pasing test
file, that includes a rdf:type URI.
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_equals): small optimisation - URI lengths are now
compared before comparing strings.
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_compare): URI comparison now takes into account the
stored string length, and does not depend upon NULL-termination of
2010-09-24 Dave Beckett <>
Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for gcc flag test
2010-09-19 Dave Beckett <>
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.10,
Added ChangeLog.10 for 2009
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,, src/win32_raptor_config.h:
Bumped version to 1.9.1
* src/raptor_rss_common.c:
(raptor_new_rss_block): Copy block_term when needed, do not own
2010-09-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c:
Use raptor_term as arg to raptor_new_rss_block
(raptor_new_rss_block): Change blank node ID to a raptor_term arg.
(raptor_rss_start_element_handler): Adjust call to
2010-09-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_store_statement): Code tidy to move checks out of
2010-09-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Remove internal
uses of deprecated raptor_term_as_string()
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Copy statements when saving them for
(raptor_rss10_store_statement): Move copy statement only when not
handled, no need to do copy/free.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Pass on handled but do not do
copy statmenethere.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: When debugging free memory allocated
by raptor_term_as_string()
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_term.c:
Deprecated raptor_term_as_..._string() for _to_...string form
(raptor_term_to_counted_string): Added replacing
(raptor_term_to_string): Added replacing
(raptor_term_as_counted_string, raptor_term_as_string):
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Make rdfa (librdfa) parser correctly
initialize static statement
(raptor_librdfa_parse_init): Init static statement with
raptor_statement_init() so reference counting and copying works.
* src/raptor_rss.c: Make RSS parser correctly initialize static
(raptor_rss_parse_init): Init static statement with
raptor_statement_init() so reference counting and copying works.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_store_statement): Never call raptor_free_statement()
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Tidy logic looking for type
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Update debug messages to emit raptor
term not assume URIs
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Do not set block URIs from
blank nodes
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Fix crash in serializing to atom when comparing blank node as URI
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Do not assume object is URI.
NOTE: This should use raptor_term_equals and be rewritten to
remove the item_uri code.
2010-09-02 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
(raptor_json_serialize_start): Corrected option macro name from
2010-08-22 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
Normalised tabs into spaces #ws
2010-08-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: Update for Raptor 2 API.
2010-08-16 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor2_1_9_0 for 1.9.0 release (GIT
2010-08-15 Dave Beckett <>
* UPGRADING.html: remove overview section
* INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html, NEWS.html, README.html,
RELEASE.html, UPGRADING.html: Tidy HTML style and change title to
Raptor RDF Syntax Library
* TODO.html: Empty document and point at
* UPGRADING.html, Added UPGRADING.html
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml: Update tmpl for adding
* src/raptor.h: Remove newline so raptor_log_message gets scanned
by gtk-doc!
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add raptor_log_message
* docs/.gitignore: Ignore raptor-fake.i for real
* docs/.gitignore: Ignore raptor-fake.i
* docs/, docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml: Make
raptor-fake.i generate properly
* scripts/ restore CLEANFILES
* docs/, scripts/,
scripts/ Attempt to fix raptor.h header to
make gtk-doc happier
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: more words in notes
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: need base uri pointer
* docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: enumeration
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: enumeration
* docs/raptor-tutorial-querying-functionality.xml: typo
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: raptor 2
* docs/raptor-tutorial-intro.xml: raptor 2
* docs/.gitignore: Ignore
* scripts/build-formats.c: Call emit_format_to_syntax_list() at
end to emit last seen mime type.
* scripts/build-formats.c:
(emit_format_to_syntax_list): Added to emit format -> list of
* scripts/build-formats.c: print previous mime type in types index
* src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c: Label nquads as "N-Quads"
2010-08-14 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/libraptor2.3: Cut down for raptor2 and point to API docs in
* README.html: N-Quads serializer
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml: JSON parser
* INSTALL.html, README.html, Update docs to point
to GitHub source and browse
* 000-README-GIT.txt: Remove migration text
* AUTHORS: Add Nicholas J Humfrey
* docs/tmpl/section-locator.sgml: Update generated tmpl for
locator rename
* RELEASE.html: 1.9.0 notes
* docs/raptor-serializers.xml: Add N-Quads section
* tests/trig/ Add bug370.out to dist
* tests/trig/, tests/trig/bug370.out,
tests/trig/bug370.trig, tests/trig/example1.out,
tests/trig/example2.out, tests/trig/example3.out:
Convert TRiG output results file to N-Quads to check graph
*, src/, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c:
Add N-Quads serializer name 'nquads' using N-Triples serializer.
Add conditions in makefile to allow ntriples and/or nquads
raptor_ntriples_serializer_context rename dummy field to is_quads
(raptor_ntriples_serialize_statement): Pass on flag to print
(raptor_nquads_serializer_register_factory): Added to register
nquads serializer with text/n-quads mime type
(raptor_init_serializer_nquads): Added
2010-08-11 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/bad-23.ttl:
Add bad test bad-23 for
2010-08-09 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor-sections.txt,
src/raptor.h, src/raptor_locator.c: Revert
raptor_locator_uri_string to raptor_locator_uri to protect Reland
*, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
Remove --with-dmalloc and dmalloc library support
2010-08-09 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_term.c: STANDALONE flagging for raptor_term unit
2010-08-08 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: ID function rename typo
2010-08-08 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml: Update tmpls
2010-08-08 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Update sections for ID handler changes
* Protect checks for optional configure tests
with quoting and X
2010-08-08 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_json.c: The JSON parser supports both
Resource-Centric and Triples.
2010-08-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Simplify libxslt save/restore logic
(raptor_libxslt_set_global_state): Always save default
security prefs.
(raptor_libxslt_reset_global_state): Always restore default
security prefs.
(raptor_init_parser_grddl_common): Init sec prefs if policy
allows and NULL
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Alter GRDDL init/cleanup of libxslt to be
done around transform
This means that raptor can operate in a single threaded
environment with other libxslt users, since it saves/restores all
the libxslt global vars that it needs back to their original state
after every xslt transform.
raptor_grddl_parser_context gains saved_xsltGenericError,
saved_xsltGenericErrorContext and saved_xsltSecurityPrefs fields.
(raptor_grddl_run_grddl_transform_doc): Use
raptor_libxslt_set_global_state() and
raptor_libxslt_reset_global_state() to save restore around
(raptor_init_parser_grddl_common): Do not set default security
(raptor_terminate_parser_grddl_common): NULL security prefs after
freeing them.
(raptor_libxslt_set_global_state): Added to save libxslt shared
state that grddl parser needs to overwrite.
(raptor_libxslt_reset_global_state): Added to reset state back to
original values.
Candidate for backporting to raptor1 since it has no API impact.
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Document libxslt global settings.
(raptor_grddl_run_grddl_transform_doc): set per-transform generic
error handler
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update from genid changes
Renamed 1.9.0 genid functions are renamed again, moving to world
- raptor_world_set_generate_bnodeid_parameters renamed from
- raptor_world_set_generate_id_handler renamed from
New 1.9.0 genid function renamed:
- raptor_world_generate_bnodeid renamed from
raptor_parser_get_new_generated_id and loses type arg.
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
Make XSLT security preference setting totally disableable
(raptor_world_set_libxslt_security_preferences): If user sets any
value, even NULL, record that.
(raptor_init_parser_grddl_common): If pointer is NULL and user
didn't set it, only then make raptor-specific policy.
(raptor_terminate_parser_grddl_common): If pointer is not NULL and
raptor set it, then free policy.
xslt_security_preferences_policy field of raptor_world internal
renamed from free_xslt_security_preferences
This patch is a candidate for backporting to raptor1.
* src/raptor_www.c:
(raptor_www_set_user_agent): memcpy comment
* src/raptor_libxml.c: memcpy replacing more strcpy for known
length strings. Check NUL copying.
* src/raptor_www.c: memcpy replacing more strcpy for known length
strings. Check NUL copying.
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_start_element): memcpy replacing strcpy with known
length string.
* src/raptor_qname.c: memcpy replacing more strcpy for known
length strings. Check NUL copying.
* src/raptor_namespace.c:
(raptor_new_namespace_from_uri): memcpy replacing strcpy
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string): memcpy replacing strcpy
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept): memcpy replacing strcpy
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_from_id): memcpy replacing strcpy
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_print): Correct error check and simplify code.
2010-08-05 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_term.c: Changed behaviour of
raptor_new_term_from_counted_blank() and
raptor_new_term_from_blank() to generate a new identifier if NULL
is passed in.
* src/ntriples_parse.c: Fix for ntriples parsing after the
raptor_world_generate_bnodeid() changes. Fix was to delete code -
blank nodes must be named in ntriples.
2010-08-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Remove internal
raptor_parser_get_current_base_id and raptor_parser_factory method
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Move
generate ID code from raptor_parser to raptor_world class
(raptor_world_generate_bnodeid): Replaces
raptor_parser_internal_generate_id with arg
Enum raptor_genid_type deleted - only RAPTOR_GENID_TYPE_BNODEID was
ever used.
raptor_generate_bnodeid_handler handler typedef renamed from
raptor_generate_id_handler since it now just applies to blank node
raptor_generate_bnodeid_handler handler renamed from
(raptor_free_world): Free user genid prefix if set.
(raptor_world_set_generate_bnodeid_handler): Renamed from
(raptor_world_generate_bnodeid): Renamed from
raptor_parser_get_new_generated_id and loses type arg.
(raptor_world_set_generate_bnodeid_parameters): Renamed from
Update all callers to mostly use raptor_world_generate_bnodeid()
except where a user bnode ID is given, such as in Turtle _:foo or
RDF/XML rdf:nodeid="foo".
Remove copying of genid fields from parsers to parsers when
creating sub-parsers for e.g. grddl.
typedef raptor_parser loses generate_id* and default_generate_id*
(raptor_world_internal_generate_id): Renamed from
raptor_parser_internal_generate_id and loses type arg.
typedef raptor_world gains generate_bnodeid and
default_generate_bnodeid fields.
(raptor_free_parser): Lose tidying user genid prefix.
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Remove copying of genid fields
between parser user states.
(raptor_parser_get_current_base_id): Deleted, no longer needed to
support copying genids between parser states.
2010-08-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_term.c: More raptor_term unit tests
* src/, src/raptor_term.c: Add unit tests for
2010-08-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_term_equals): Make terms *different* not equal if lengths
are different
2010-07-20 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa/ typo
* tests/rdfa/ Use automake conditional
RAPTOR_PARSER_RDFA to enable tests
* tests/json/ Use automake conditional
RAPTOR_PARSER_JSON to enable tests
* tests/grddl/ Use automake conditional
RAPTOR_PARSER_GRDDL to enable tests
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml: Added json parser section
* src/raptor_json.c: Note this is RDF/JSON parser (resource
centric) today
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c: Accept "text/json" mime type with
low Q for json serializers
* INSTALL.html: words
* INSTALL.html: correct autotools min versions
* INSTALL.html: add YAJL pointers
* add yajl pointer
* Added --with-yajl=DIR (or 'no') to configure where
yajl is installed.
* scripts/ docs
2010-07-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* tests/json/ Run JSON parser tests only if the parser
is enabled
2010-07-01 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_json.c: Added space after commas in parameter lists
* src/raptor_json.c: Removed spaces after if
* src/raptor_json.c: Changed single line if-statments to two line
if statements
* src/raptor_json.c: Changed C++ style comments to C style
* tests/json/, tests/json/bad-13.json: Added a Test
Case for missing out the term type
* src/raptor_json.c: Textual changes to error messages.
2010-06-30 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_json.c: Removed unused debugging code.
* tests/json/, tests/json/bad-00.json,
tests/json/bad-01.json, tests/json/bad-02.json,
tests/json/bad-03.json, tests/json/bad-04.json,
tests/json/bad-05.json, tests/json/bad-06.json,
tests/json/bad-07.json, tests/json/bad-08.json,
tests/json/bad-09.json, tests/json/bad-10.json,
tests/json/bad-11.json, tests/json/bad-12.json: Added example of
bad RDF/JSON to check for parse errors.
* src/raptor_json.c: Slightly stricter parsing of JSON. Better
error messages then things go wrong.
* src/raptor_json.c, tests/json/,
tests/json/example3.json, tests/json/example3.nt: Enabled allowing
comments in JSON
* src/raptor_json.c: Fixed comparision between signed and unsigned
2010-06-29 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_json.c: Improved JSON syntax detection to look at the
* src/raptor_json.c: Lots of code re-factoring.
- Improved error handling
- Using Raptor memory allocation
- Improved memory management
* src/raptor_json.c: Changed malloc() to RAPTOR_MALLOC, free() to
* src/raptor_json.c: Rewrote fprintf(stderr, ...) to
2010-06-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string): autodoc to note counted
string need not be NULL-terminated.
* src/raptor_term.c: autodocs to note counted string constructors
need not be given NULL-terminated strings.
2010-06-27 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/raptor_json.c: Added RATOR_JSON_ prefix to symbols. Code
* src/raptor_json.c, tests/json/,
tests/json/example1.json, tests/json/example1.nt,
tests/json/example2.json, tests/json/example2.nt: Added support
for parsing resource-centric JSON
*, tests/, tests/json/,
tests/json/example1.json, tests/json/example1.nt,
tests/json/example2.json, tests/json/example2.nt: Created some
tests for RDF/JSON.
* src/raptor_json.c: Added support for Bnodes and Datatyped
literals. Fix for parsing small files.
* src/raptor_json.c: Commiting initial work on writing an JSON
Currently only handles json-triples.
Lots of tidying up required: - symbol names - remove debugging
messages - sort out memory management
2010-06-26 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
*, src/, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c: Added libyajl library checking and json parser
building to automake
2010-06-06 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/grapper.c: code style
* examples/ Add grapper-future rule
* examples/grapper.c: fix menu preferences link
* examples/grapper.c: Remove more deprecated GTK - GtkToolTips and
trigger based on macro
2010-06-05 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/grapper.c: Better but preferences menu still broken
* examples/grapper.c: Another attempt, still crashes. GTK docs
also suck
* examples/grapper-ui.xml, examples/grapper.c: GtkUIManager and
external XML file is too damn complex to make work - disable.
* examples/grapper-ui.xml: Add GTK UI xml
* examples/grapper.c: more code explanation
* examples/grapper.c: Make both combo box alternatives work
* examples/grapper.c: Replace deprecated (in 2.4.x)
gtk_option_menu with gtk_combo_box
* examples/grapper.c: more 2.5.0+ code pruning
* examples/grapper.c: Require GTK 2.5.0+ (that's still quite old!)
* examples/grapper.c: code style
* examples/grapper.c: Update to Raptor 2 API
2010-06-02 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: added
* src/raptor_term.c: fix raptor_new_term_from_counted_blank
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_term.c:
Added raptor_new_term_from_counted_blank for term with counted
length ID.
(raptor_new_term_from_counted_blank): Added
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml: Update docs for
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_term.c: Added
raptor_new_term_from_counted_literal for constructing from strings
with known lengths.
(raptor_new_term_from_counted_literal): Added
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Now calls
2010-05-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Fail if language and datatype are
given like librdf_new_node_from_typed_literal
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/raptor.h,
(raptor_statement_ntriples_write): Add flag to decide whether to
write graph term.
* src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_statement.c:
raptor_statement_ntriples_write): Write N-Triples not N-Quads
2010-05-25 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Ownership of language should not
be taken.
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Do not overwrite literal length
with language length.
2010-05-24 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add new
statement methods to sections and functions map
* src/raptor_serialize_html.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_term_html_write, raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Use
literal and language length fields direct, remove strlen()s
* src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c:
(raptor_term_ntriples_write, raptor_statement_ntriples_write):
Check for NULL args and early write failures
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_term_as_counted_string, raptor_term_as_string,
raptor_term_print_as_ntriples, raptor_term_equals): Check for NULL
term args
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_statement_compare): Return stable order if both statements
are NULL
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_statement_print, raptor_statement_print_as_ntriples):
Check statement arg is not NULL
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_statement_equals): Added to public API
* src/raptor.h: Add raptor_statement_copy to public API
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_statement.c: Add new public function
(raptor_statement_clear): Added based on core of
(raptor_statement_free): Simplified.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
raptor_statement_copy): Validate args are not NULL
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Export
raptor_new_statement, raptor_new_statement_from_nodes and
raptor_statement_copy to public API
2010-05-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_term.c: Move
raptor_term class code to new raptor_term.c
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_compare): code tidier
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_compare): Make both NULL be equal.
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_compare): Update to match librdf_uri_compare when both
2010-05-16 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Added raptor_term_blank_value
* scripts/ add rule for building
* src/raptor_locator.c: #docs
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add raptor_term_blank_value
* utils/rdfdiff.c: Update to new raptor_term blank fields
* src/raptor_statement.c: Initialize raptor_term length fields
(raptor_new_term_from_literal, raptor_new_term_from_blank):
init the fields.
(raptor_term_equals): Use lengths as short cut for difference.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_html.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/turtle_parser.y: raptor_term blank is
now a new typedef raptor_term_blank_value with length field.
Update all callers
* src/raptor.h: raptor_term_literal_value gains string_len and
language_len fields
2010-05-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_qname.c, src/raptor_rfc2396.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c,
src/raptor_stringbuffer.c, src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_www.c,
src/raptor_www_curl.c, src/raptor_www_libxml.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y: code style:
Replace strncpy with memcpy - never need strncpy
zero-checking/filling semantics.
2010-05-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_internal.h: Deleted raptor_unique_id prototype
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_unique_id): Deleted - never used.
2010-05-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h: Adjust raptor_term_type so enum values match
librdf_node_type raptor_term_type: Made enum values match
librdf_node_type usage and introduce unused type '3'.
2010-05-05 Dave Beckett <>
* LICENSE.html: Link to specific GPL 2.1 version doc. Wording and
2010-05-04 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: pkg-config
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml: statement not triples
* docs/raptor-tutorial-querying-functionality.xml: Fix exampel of
listing parser options to use correct description.
* docs/raptor-tutorial-querying-functionality.xml: RAPTOR_OPTION_LAST
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update raptor_locator_print and
raptor_avltree_print signatures
* docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml,
docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: Update tutorial references
* docs/tmpl/section-avltree.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-locator.sgml:
Update tmpls
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_avltree_print): Gains an int return status like other
print functions
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_locator.c:
(raptor_locator_print): Gains an int return status like other
print functions
* src/raptor_avltree.c: autodocs
* docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml: Update tmpls for
raptor_term_compare and raptor_term_equals
* src/raptor.h: fix prototype for raptor_term_equals to match code
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add
raptor_term_compare and raptor_term_equals to public API
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Move raptor_term_compare
and raptor_term_equals to public API
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_term_equals): autodocs
* src/raptor_parse.c: autodocs
* docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml: Remove RAPTOR_IDENTIFIER docs
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml, docs/raptor-serializers.xml,
docs/raptor-tutorial-intro.xml, docs/raptor-tutorial-parsing.xml,
docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: Start to update tutorial -
still working through WARNING
* scripts/, scripts/ Update
2010-05-03 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/ Generate a perl script to rename
* scripts/ put docbook xml format generation
* scripts/ Use Getopt::Long and Pod::Usage for
proper option handling
* docs/ Rename to
* scripts/ Rename to
* scripts/ switch to file handle arg on print
functions Rename option to --docbook-xml DOCBOOK-XML file rather
than print to stdout
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: add note for raptor_statement_v2
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_log is not a type
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: # before names in notes
* scripts/ Make links to enum values
2010-05-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_xml.c: fixed compiler warning
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: #ws
* src/turtle_parser.y: fixed casts for !RAPTOR_DEBUG
2010-05-02 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/ fix rapper.html rule for scripts
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: annotations for raptor_identifier to
raptor_term renamings
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Add annotations for old raptor_www_
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Add more annotations for old
functions and types
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_new_iostream_to_string): Rename arg to malloc_handler
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: typo
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: annotate former message handler
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: annotate former URI handler _func
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_log_message is new
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/section-avltree.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c,
src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_iostream.c,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c, src/raptor_uri.c,
src/raptor_www.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Renamed typedefs ending in
_function to _handler.
Also changed parameter names and internal field names from foo_fn to
foo_handler to match.
(raptor_data_free_handler, raptor_data_context_free_handler,
raptor_data_context_print_handler and
raptor_data_context_print_handler): Signature of these typedefs
were changed to match the other handlers to became *pointers* to
functions so
e.g. a call with e.g.(raptor_data_context_free_handler*)blah
becomes (raptor_data_context_free_handler)blah.
raptor_data_compare_handler renamed from
raptor_data_malloc_handler renamed from
raptor_data_free_handler renamed from raptor_data_free_function
raptor_avltree_visit_handler renamed from
Updated all definitions, fields and arguments to match.
* scripts/.gitignore: ignore more
* scripts/ add change table titles
* scripts/ format types
* src/raptor.h: autodocs
* docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml: update tmpls
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Added raptor_serializer_flush
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: add new functions
* src/raptor.h: raptor_data_free_handler autodocs
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: more things were added not removed
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: more things were added not removed
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_uri_source type was deleted
not added.
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Add type changes
* scripts/ Ignore types for now
2010-04-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serializer_flush): Added
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_serializer_factory_s gains
serialize_flush factory method.
*,, docs/,
docs/build-formats.c, docs/, fix-groff-xhtml,
scripts/, scripts/build-formats.c, scripts/fix-bison,
scripts/fix-flex, scripts/fix-groff-xhtml,
scripts/, src/, src/fix-bison,
src/fix-flex: Move scripts and utility programs into new scripts
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml: Update tmpls
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml,
src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_www.c: Add typedef
raptor_data_malloc_function: added for a malloc() signature
(raptor_www_fetch_to_string, raptor_new_iostream_to_string): Use
for argument malloc_handler.
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Remove internal raptor_avltree_check
and raptor_avltree_dump
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml:
Update tmpls
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Move raptor_avltree_dump
and raptor_avltree_check debug prototypes to internal header
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add raptor_graph_mark_flags,
raptor_parser_parse_iostream, raptor_syntax_bitflags
* docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xml-namespace.sgml:
Update tmpls
2010-04-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: code style
* src/raptor_serialize.c: code style
* src/raptor_abbrev.c: code style
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: code style
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Update to add RAPTOR_OPTION_STRICT
to cases.
2010-04-28 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/ intro section
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: More replacements Replace
raptor_serializer_get_option_string with
raptor_serializer_get_option Note replace
raptor_iostream_write_string_turtle with
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Add replacement note for delete
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Remove
raptor_world_enumerate_parsers with
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: update for
graph_handler->graph_mark_handler renames
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Update functions for changes
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update functions for 2010-03-26 to
2010-03-28 changes missed
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_set_parser_strict removed
* utils/rapper.1: Note -m/--mode removed but wasn't in the raptor
V1 man page.
* src/raptor_parse.c, utils/rapper.c: Replaced
raptor_parser_set_strict() with RAPTOR_OPTION_STRICT
(raptor_parser_set_strict): Removed from public API and made
static, internal.
(raptor_parser_set_option): When RAPTOR_OPTION_STRICT is seen,
call above function to set the values. Update rapper to remove
the -m/--mode lax/strict favouring the -f strict option with
boolean value.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_option.c: Add RAPTOR_OPTION_STRICT for
parser with bool value
* tests/rdfxml/
(check-scan-rdf): Use -f scanForRDF instead of removed option -s
2010-04-27 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/build-formats.c:
Fix use of wrong array index. Rewrite for
* utils/rapper.1: changes
* utils/rapper.1: adjust date
* utils/rapper.1: Remove -s / --scan
* utils/rapper.c: Remove option --scan / -s since it's the same as
-f scanForRDF
2010-04-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Set mime types for RDFA parser with higher
Q than GRDDL parser
* docs/build-formats.c: Add intro section and remove version from
* docs/build-formats.c: Note when there is no parser or serializer
for a mime type
* src/raptor_serialize_html.c: Set html serializer Q 1.0
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c: Pick json resource serializer as
json Q 1.0 choice
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c: Make rdfxml serializer accept
text/rdf with lower q
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Make turtle serializer accept
other turtle mime types with q < 10
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Make RSS tag soup serializer accept
other rss mime types with low q
* src/raptor_rss.c: Make RSS tag soup parser accept
application/atom+xml q=1.0 for atom.
* docs/build-formats.c: Emit mime types index section
2010-04-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_qname.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Make all raptor object destructors handle
NULL object pointer.
All raptor_free_CLASS() functions when given a NULL object now
just return rather than a) crash or b) abort()
* docs/.gitignore:
ignore more
* tests/turtle/
remove deprecated rapper -n when testing
turtle parser with with ntriples test
* docs/.gitignore:
ignore more
* tests/rdfxml/
check-assume-rdf does not need -a flag.
* docs/tmpl/section-avltree.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-constants.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-locator.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-memory.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-sax2.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-unicode.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml-qname.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml:
Update doc tmpls
* docs/build-formats.c: init parsers/serializers count to 0
* docs/.gitignore, docs/rdfcat.c, docs/rdfprint.c,
docs/rdfserialize.c: Remove rdf*.c example files from git; copied
in by maintainer rule
* examples/.gitignore: Update examples for raptor2 API
* .gitignore: Do not ignore examples dir
2010-04-19 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/build-formats.c: ws
* docs/build-formats.c: tidy words
* docs/build-formats.c: do not put a title on variablelist
* docs/build-formats.c: optional desc list title
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: Added raptor-formats.xml
* docs/ Added raptor-formats.xml
* docs/build-formats.c: now using raptor_iostream
2010-04-18 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/build-formats.c: Helper to print raptor syntaxes into
docbook xml
2010-04-17 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c: code style
* utils/rapper.c: Remove unused -a flag. sort options strings
* utils/rapper.1: 2.0.0
* utils/rapper.c: Remove long deprecated -n flag to set syntax to
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_iostream.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_qname.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Make all constructors check for non-NULL
args/world and call raptor_world_open()
Adjusted some documentation to allow NULL args that weren't noted,
such as raptor_new_turtle_writer() can take a NULL base_uri.
* src/raptor.h: raptor_syntax_description docs
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
raptor_syntax_description need_base_uri now raptor_syntax_bitflags
(raptor_syntax_description): Change need_base_uri filed to a
bitmask of bits defined in enum raptor_syntax_bitflags. Enables
this structure to be used beyond parser and serializer formats.
(raptor_syntax_bitflags): Added with RAPTOR_SYNTAX_NEED_BASE_URI
2010-04-06 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_guess.c:
(raptor_guess_guess_get_description): Do not call
raptor_parser_get_description() with NULL arg.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_html.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Removed writable static data.
Changed *_names arrays to be const. Also fixed dimensions of
*_names arrays to match number of elements.
(raptor_syntax_description): Changed syntax names array to const
to not lose const qualifiers in initialization/assignment.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c:
raptor_world_get_serializer_description): Removed const qualifier
from pass-by-value args.
* src/raptor_serialize.c: #ws
2010-04-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_html.c: code style
2010-04-01 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog to include new HTML Table
*, src/, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_html.c: Added HTML
Table serialiser.
2010-03-31 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c: ntriples writes text/plain
* utils/rapper.c: Use raptor_world_get_serializer_description()
for serializer info.
2010-03-29 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/raptor_abort.c, examples/rdfcat.c, examples/rdfprint.c,
examples/rdfserialize.c: Update examples to raptor2 API
* examples/ 2010
* package name is raptor2 makes things a little
* Do not toy with distdir
* Update for raptor2
* link with -lraptor2
* tests/ Use
* adjust includedir to be prefixed by package name
* utils/ Use
* src/
* .gitignore, docs/.gitignore, src/.gitignore: Update git ignores
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml-namespace.sgml: update doc tmpls
*,, docs/, docs/libraptor.3,
docs/libraptor2.3,,,,,,,, src/, src/raptor-config.1,
src/ Rename raptor to raptor2
2010-03-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_parse.c: Added
raptor_parser_parse_iostream() to parse from an iostream
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_emit): Implement emit graph marks for rss-tag-soup
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Implement emit graph marks for rdfxml
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Implement emit graph marks for librdfa
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Tidy emit graph mark
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: ws
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_generate_statement): Do nothing if there is no
statement handler.
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_parse_chunk): Implement graph marks for GRDDL
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_ensure_internal_parser): Disable graph marks for
child parsers.
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_start_graph, raptor_parser_end_graph): Use
emit_graph_marks flag.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c: Add internal
raptor_parser flag emit_graph_marks default set.
* src/raptor_parse.c: save editor before commit!
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_copy_flags_state): Added to copy flags to/from
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Copy failed,
emitted_default_graph bit flags.
* src/ntriples_parse.c: Implement graph marks for ntriples parser
* src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_parser.y: Switch to use
raptor_parser emitted_default_graph field
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_parser_s gains
emitted_default_graph flag.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Added raptor_parser_get_graph() and factory
(raptor_parser_get_graph): Added to get current graph for a
raptor_parser_factory: Added optional method get_graph. If
missing this indicates that start/end graph marks need to be
(raptor_turtle_get_graph): Added to implement this for Turtle and
TRiG parsers.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Rename raptor_namespace_copy to
(raptor_namespace_stack_start_namespace): Renamed from
raptor_namespace_copy to follow conventions; this is not a copy
constructor for the raptor_namespace class, it's a method on the
raptor_namespace_stack class. Update all callers
* src/raptor_qname.c:
(raptor_qname_copy): Handle NULL qname arg.
* src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_parser.y, utils/rapper.c: Update
Turtle and TRiG parsers to emit new graph marks
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c: Updated
graph mark handler mechanism in a stream of triples
raptor_graph_mark_handler: Renamed from raptor_graph_handler since
it returns not just a URI (or NULL for default graph) but flags
that indicate if it was a start/end and whether the graph name was
declared in the syntax or implicit by the stream of statements.
raptor_graph_mark_flags: Added used above to record the start/end
marks and declared/not.
(raptor_parser_set_graph_mark_handler): Renamed from
raptor_parser: Renamed field to graph_mark_handler and changed
type to match above.
(raptor_parser_start_graph): Renamed from
raptor_parser_set_graph_name and added is_declared flag.
(raptor_parser_end_graph): Added.
2010-03-26 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml: doc
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: fix name
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, src/raptor.h:
Add extra typedefs for
union to help gtkdoc
* src/raptor.h:
* docs/raptor-sections.txt:
Update sections with renames
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update for serializer descriptions
raptor_serializers_enumerate* replaced by
Added raptor_serializer_get_description
* src/, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c: Remove obsolete 'simple'
serializer' from sources that has not been enabled for a long time
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, utils/rapper.c: Syntax description
replaces serializer enumeration and get desc methods.
(raptor_world_get_serializer_description): Renamed from
raptor_world_enumerate_serializers and now just takes single int
(raptor_serializer_get_description): Added Updated all serializers
to register static descriptions of names, mime types, label, uris.
Updated rapper utility to use raptor_serializer_get_description()
for listing serializers.
* src/raptor_parse.c:
code style
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update changes for parser
descriptions raptor_get_label, raptor_get_mime_type,
raptor_get_need_base_uri are deleted and use result fields from
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Use
raptor_world_get_parser_description to replace
* src/raptor_parse.c: autodocs
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, utils/rapper.c: Syntax description replaces
parser enumeration and get desc methods.
(raptor_world_get_parser_description): Renamed from
raptor_world_enumerate_parsers and now just takes single int param.
(raptor_parser_get_label, raptor_parser_get_mime_type,
raptor_parser_get_need_base_uri): Deleted; use
raptor_world_get_parser_description() result fields instead.
raptor_parser_factory gains an optional get_description factory
(raptor_parser_get_name): Note this returns main name and point to
raptor_parser_get_description() to get other names and info.
(raptor_parser_get_description): Added to either use the factory
method or else return the factory desc.
(raptor_guess_guess_get_description): Updated guess parser to
return internal description rather than that of 'guess'. Updated
rapper utility to use raptor_parser_get_description() for listing
* src/raptor.h: group public typedefs (code style)
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Use
raptor_syntax_description inside raptor_parser_factory
raptor_parser_factory loses fields about description replaced by a
static raptor_syntax_description desc field.
Updated all users to use factory->desc.FIELD rather than
factory->FIELD for the descriptive fields.
* src/raptor.h: Added raptor_type_q and raptor_syntax_description
types to public API.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Update parsers to register mime types count
* src/raptor_parse.c: Check and use mime_types_count field.
(raptor_world_register_parser_factory): Add maintainer/debug check
of mime types count.
(raptor_world_enumerate_parsers, raptor_parser_get_mime_type): Do
not access mime types unless there is one.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_parser_factory gains
mime_types_count field
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
Remove raptor_parser_simple_error - only used once.
(turtle_parser_error): Call raptor_log_error() direct.
(raptor_parser_simple_error): Deleted.
* src/raptor_parse.c: ws, code style
2010-03-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Alter
parser registration to be more static and declarative.
raptor_parser_factory: field name turns into C array of names.
field mime_types turns into a C array of #raptor_type_q
(raptor_free_parser_factory): Do not free data fields that are now
static and shared.
(raptor_world_register_parser_factory): Reduce args to just world
plus factory handler.
(raptor_world_get_parser_factory, raptor_world_enumerate_parsers,
raptor_parser_get_mime_type, raptor_world_guess_parser_name,
raptor_parser_get_accept_header_all): Update to handle mime_types
as array of #raptor_type_q
Alter all parser registrations to pass in static data for names,
mime_types, label and uri_string in factory registration function
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
(raptor_world_register_parser_factory): Renamed from
2010-03-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_internal.h: struct raptor_parser_factory_s: docs
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_register_factory): autodocs
2010-03-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_term_as_counted_string): Fixed warning about strict
2010-03-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/strcasecmp.c: Fixed gcc4 warnings about using a char where an
int is required
2010-03-21 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_option.c:
Remove raptor_option_get_value_type() - can use option description
to get this and more details.
2010-03-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_new_parser): Set default options *after* initialising
options block.
* src/raptor_option.c: autodoc words
* src/raptor_option.c: raptor_world_get_option_from_uri - autodocs
* src/raptor_option.c: raptor_option_get_value_type - fix autodoc
* src/raptor_general.c: Added turtle writer label to
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add raptor_option_description
* src/raptor.h: raptor_option_description reformatting for
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: add notes
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Added new raptor_option_description
functions raptor_world_get_option_description and
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added raptor_free_option_description
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: raptor_parser_get_option_count renamed
to raptor_option_get_count
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor-sections.txt: Update
docs and API ref to remove options enumeration functions.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Remove all
raptor_world_enumerate_CLASS_options functions.
(raptor_world_options_enumerate_common): Remove internal function
no longer used.
Update parser test code to use option descriptions for testing
option URIs.
Update autodocs to refer to raptor_world_get_option_description()
for getting the valid option IDs.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_option.c, utils/rapper.c: Added option
description class to describe any domain option.
typedef raptor_option_description added
(raptor_world_get_option_description): Added, to create an option
description object for a domain and option ID.
(raptor_free_option_description): Added to free an option
(raptor_option_get_option_area_for_domain): Added internal helper
to map option IDs to area bits.
Update rapper to use option description instead of options
enumeration calls.
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_option.c,
utils/rapper.c: Rename raptor_parser_get_option_count() to
2010-03-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c: Changed
raptor_*_set_option() to take in a const char* instead of char*.
2010-03-09 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: code style
* src/raptor.h: code style
* docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml: Update doc tmpls
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update
raptor_xml_writer_set_feature/string new names
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Remove raptor_world_set_www_flags
which was added in raptor2
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c,
(raptor_world_set_flag): Replaces raptor_world_set_www_flags with
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Remove get/set option_string forms
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update serializer and xml_writer
get/set options to use just 1 function.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c: Update sax2 set options (there is no get) to
use generic code.
(raptor_new_sax2): Init options structure.
(raptor_free_sax2): Clear options structure.
(raptor_sax2_set_option): Alter signature to use new format. This
API is not yet public.
Update code and callers to use the option access macros.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_new_xml_writer): Call raptor_object_options_init
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c,
Update xml writer set/get option API to use generic code
Add raptor_object_options field and delete flags, indent,
xml_version, xml_declaration fields that are now managed by it.
(raptor_new_xml_writer): Init options with
raptor_object_options_init. Set defaults that are not 0 or NULL.
(raptor_free_xml_writer): Use raptor_object_options_clear() to
tidy up option strings.
(raptor_xml_writer_set_option): Use
(raptor_xml_writer_set_option_string): Deleted, merged into above.
(raptor_xml_writer_get_option): Use
(raptor_xml_writer_get_option_string): Deleted, merged into above.
Update many references in xml_writer code to numeric and string
Update callers of raptor_xml_writer_set_option() inside
serializers to pass in NULL string arg. Update rapper utility to
use new set_options style calls for parser and serializer.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Update
serializer set/get option API to use generic code
raptor_serializer_s: Add raptor_object_options field and delete
multiple option_* fields that are now managed by it.
(raptor_new_serializer): Init options with
raptor_object_options_init. Set defaults that are not 0 or NULL.
(raptor_free_serializer): Use raptor_object_options_clear() to
tidy up option strings.
(raptor_serializer_set_option): Use
(raptor_serializer_set_option_string): Deleted, merged into above.
(raptor_serializer_get_option): Use
(raptor_serializer_get_option_string): Deleted, merged into above.
Update many references in serializers to numeric and string
code tidying to break long lines.
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Update API docs for
raptor_parser_set_option: args changed
raptor_parser_set_option_string: deleted, use above
raptor_parser_get_option: args changed
raptor_parser_get_option_string: deleted, use above
* src/raptor_parse.c: autodocs
* src/raptor_option.c: autodocs
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c: Update
parser set/get option API to use generic code
raptor_parser_s: loose cache_control and user_agent char* option
fields that are now managed by the raptor_object_options.
(raptor_free_parser): Use raptor_object_options_clear() to tidy up
option strings.
(raptor_parser_set_option): Use
(raptor_parser_set_option_string): Deleted, merged into above.
(raptor_parser_get_option): Use
(raptor_parser_get_option_string): Deleted, merged into above.
Update references to string options to use
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c: Move support for
option get/set into generic code and handle strings.
(raptor_object_options_copy_state): Copy strings when copying
(raptor_object_options_init): Set integers / strings to 0 / NULL.
(raptor_object_options_clear_state): Added to free strings.
(raptor_object_options_get_option): Added to get any option for an
option area.
(raptor_object_options_set_option): Added to set any option for an
option area.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c:
Added raptor_object_options_init to initialise options object.
(raptor_object_options_init): Added
(raptor_new_parser): Call above to init parser's options block.
* src/raptor_internal.h: Made raptor_object_options contain an
array of union str/int values and area.
raptor_object_options gains raptor_option_area area field and
options is now an array of raptor_str_int (union of char*/int)
Adjusted RAPTOR_OPTIONS_GET/SET_NUMERIC macros to use integer part
of union.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c:
Rename raptor_object_options_copy to
raptor_object_options_copy_state since it is not a copy
(raptor_object_options_copy_state): Renamed from
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c:
Add raptor_object_options_copy() for copying options
state (raptor_object_options_copy): Added.
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Use above.
* src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c: Move per-parser-project
options into a raptor_object_options type.
raptor_object_options typedef added. raptor_parser_s: use above
rather than array of int.
and used by parsers.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_term_as_counted_string): Use raptor_term_ntriples_write()
Intended to address Issue#0000357
2010-03-08 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-docs.xml, docs/tmpl/section-uri-factory.sgml: Remove
remaining uri-factory files
* src/raptor_general.c:
(raptor_world_set_log_handler): Allow setting after world is open.
* docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml: Update doc tmpls
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_new_iostream_from_handler is
arg change. no notes
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_uri_is_file_uri is just a
* docs/ tweak format_notes regexes
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: more deprecation notes
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: update raptor_new_identifier/_v2
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor_syntax_name_check and
raptor_syntax_name_check_v2 replaced by
* docs/ Make format_notes() take is_inline param
* docs/ remove # from formatted type name
* docs/ format notes
* docs/ format notes when present
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Add change notes field
* docs/ read notes field
* docs/ ignore comments
2010-03-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_general.c:
(raptor_world_set_flag): Set uri_interning to passed in value.
2010-03-07 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/ headers for changed
* docs/ adjust headers
* docs/.gitignore, docs/, docs/,
docs/raptor-docs.xml: Add raptor changes formatting script
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: Move
raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv to docs
* raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: move to 1 line TSV
* raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv: raptor 1 to raptor 2 function API map
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Add RAPTOR_V2_AVAILABLE to sections.
* docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml, src/raptor_uri.c: fix docbook
escapes for % in comments
* src/raptor_uri.c: autodocs and docbook for uri-hex literals
* src/raptor.h: autodocs for raptor_data_compare_function and
* src/raptor.h: autodocs for raptor_avltree,
raptor_avltree_iterator and raptor_avltree_visit_function.
* src/raptor_avltree.c: autodocs for raptor_avltree_print
* src/raptor_unicode.c: autodocs and docbook for linking to urls
with #s
* src/raptor_xml.c: autodocs
* src/raptor_statement.c: autodocs
* docs/tmpl/section-avltree.sgml: Added avltree template
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-sequence.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-unicode.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml-qname.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml:
Updated sgml templates
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: raptor_avltree_dump not
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_avltree.c:
Added enum raptor_avltree_bitflags for raptor_new_avltree() flags
with docs. raptor_avltree_bitflags added with docs on flags.
(raptor_new_avltree): Updated docs to point to above.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_libxml.c: Rename
raptor_world_flag enum values to remove plural FLAGS
* src/raptor.h: autodocs
* src/raptor_statement.c: autodocs
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: autodocs
* src/raptor_iostream.c: autodocs
* src/raptor_locator.c: autodocs
* src/raptor_avltree.c: autodocs
* src/raptor.h: autodocs
* src/raptor_namespace.c: autodocs
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: more new names
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_libxml.c, src/raptor_uri.c: Give raptor_world a flags
mechanism for pre-open configuration
raptor_world_flags: Replaces raptor_libxml_flags and is an enum
not a bitmask.
interning using an AVL-Tree.
raptor_world_set_log_handler): Gains an int return value to report
failure if world is already opened.
(raptor_world_set_flag): Replaces raptor_world_set_libxml_flags
and has both an enum flag, int value and int error return. Update
libxml code looking for world->libxml_flags to use new enum names
as bitmasks.
* src/, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_log.c: Move
raptor logging code to new raptor_log.c
2010-03-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_option.c: code style static int
raptor_option_uri_prefix_len replaces #define
* src/raptor_parse.c: autodocs
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c: Added raptor_domain and add
it to raptor_log_message structure
2010-03-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c: Code style
2010-03-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: Added raptor_log_message for
message callbacks.
raptor_log_message: added struct
raptor_log_handler function prototype now takes just user dat and
raptor_world_s gains a static raptor_log_message for use in errors.
No field here is reference counted.
(raptor_log_error): Rename arg to text and init raptor_log_message
structure in world object.
Updated rapper and rdfdiff log handler functions to new signature.
2010-02-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c:
(raptor_log_level_get_label): Added
* src/raptor.h: Move raptor_log_level earlier
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(graph): Do not free graph name twice for TRIG { }
* src/raptor_general.c: 2010
2010-02-26 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_term_compare): Allow NULL terms in comparison
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_new_statement_from_nodes): free passed in graph term on
alloc failure
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(graph): No need to NULL something that's already NULL.
* src/raptor.h:
(raptor_statement): fixed docs
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(raptor_turtle_parse_terminate): Set graph_name to NULL after
freeing to prevent a double free.
2010-02-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_parser.y: Generate graph name in
raptor_statement object for TRIG syntax
struct raptor_turtle_parser_s gains raptor_term* graph_name.
Turtle parser: if trig is set, update graph_name field when { and
} are parsed, in addition to the raptor_parser_set_graph_name()
(raptor_turtle_parse_terminate): Free any existing graph name.
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): Set statement graph name for
TRIG, free it if copied in. End early if there is no statement
handler, no need to compute and free terms.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_free_term): Return if term is nULL
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Added graph name to raptor_statement
raptor_statement typedef gains an optional raptor_term* graph
field for the graph name of the triple.
(raptor_new_statement_from_nodes): Gains an optional graph
(raptor_statement_copy, raptor_free_statement,
raptor_statement_print, raptor_statement_print_as_ntriples):
Updated to use graph field if present. Updated
raptor_new_statement_from_nodes() callers in turtle parser.
2010-02-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_finish): Set world->uris_tree to NULL after freeing
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_serialize_init): Free rdf_type_uri, uri_term -
already copied to other objects.
2010-02-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_factory_add_alias): Do not leak previously added
aliases. FIXME: Discards previously added aliases.
2010-02-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_nfc_test.c,
src/raptor_unicode.c, src/turtle_common.c:
(raptor_unicode_utf8_string_put_char): renamed from
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Export raptor_term_copy to
public API.
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_nfc.c, src/raptor_nfc_test.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_unicode.c,
src/raptor_xml.c, src/turtle_common.c: Define
raptor_unicode_max_codepoint for magic number U+10FFFF
2010-02-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_nfc.c,
src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_unicode.c, src/raptor_xml.c:
(raptor_unicode_utf8_string_get_char): Renamed from
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/raptor_unicode.c:
(raptor_unicode_check_utf8_string): Renamed from
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
(raptor_unicode_check_utf8_nfc_string): Renamed from
raptor_utf8_is_nfc() Internal function rename.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_nfc.c,
src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_unicode.c, src/raptor_xml.c:
(raptor_unicode_decode_utf8_char): Renamed from
* src/, src/raptor_unicode.c, src/raptor_utf8.c:
Renamed raptor_utf8.c to raptor_unicode.c
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_avltree.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_set.c, src/raptor_uri.c: raptor_new_avltree() loses
world arg. (raptor_new_avltree): Delete world arg that is unused
and not necessary to tie an avltree to raptor world.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_json_writer.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_qname.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Rename raptor_iostream write bytes/string
method to raptor_iostream_TYPE_write form with iostream arg at
(raptor_iostream_write_bytes, raptor_iostream_write_byte,
raptor_iostream_read_bytes): Put iostream arg at end but don't move
type, bytes are the lowest level iostream read/writing routines so
use a different convention to writing 'types'.
(raptor_iostream_string_write); Renamed from
(raptor_iostream_counted_string_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_counted_string(). Update callers - lots of
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_iostream_write_bytes): Move offset after a successful write.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_json_writer.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml.c: Rename iostream writing methods to
raptor_iostream_TYPE_write form.
(raptor_iostream_decimal_write): Renamed from
(raptor_iostream_hexadecimal_write): Renamed from
(raptor_stringbuffer_write): Renamed from
(raptor_uri_write): Renamed from raptor_iostream_write_uri()
(raptor_xml_element_write): Renamed from
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Renamed
raptor_namespaces_qname_from_uri() to
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_xml.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Rename
XML escaping utility functions to be consistent
(raptor_xml_escape_string_any): Renamed from
(raptor_xml_escape_string_any_write): Renamed from
(raptor_xml_escape_string_write): Renamed from
2010-02-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_init,raptor_sax2_finish,raptor_world_s): Removed
sax2_initialized flag as no longer necessary.
* utils/rdfdiff.c: raptor_parse_uri() -> raptor_parser_parse_uri()
2010-02-17 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-locator.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xml-namespace.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml-qname.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml:
update doc templates and sections for function renames
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, utils/rapper.c: Rename serializer
methods to match raptor_CLASS_METHOD convention
(raptor_serializer_serialize_end): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_set_namespace): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_set_namespace_from_namespace): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_start_to_file_handle): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_start_to_filename): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_start_to_iostream): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_start_to_string): Renamed from
(raptor_serializer_serialize_statement): Renamed from
raptor_serialize_statement(). Updated callers
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, utils/rapper.c: Rename parse methods to match
raptor_CLASS_METHOD convention
(raptor_parser_parse_file_stream): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_parse_file): Renamed from raptor_parse_file()
(raptor_parser_parse_uri): Renamed from raptor_parser_uri()
(raptor_parser_parse_uri_with_connection): Renamed from
* utils/rapper.c:
Update call to raptor_namespaces_format
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c, utils/rapper.c: Rename namespace methods
to match raptor_CLASS_METHOD convention
(raptor_namespace_format_as_xml): Renamed from
(raptor_xml_namespace_string_parse): Renamed from
raptor_new_namespace_parts_from_string() since it is not a
constructor for anything. Tidied docs and code. Updated callers.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_www.c:
(raptor_world_set_www_flags): Renamed from
raptor_www_no_www_library_init_finish() and gains flags arg.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_statement.c: raptor_term_print_as_ntriples() now uses
(raptor_term_print_as_ntriples): Put handle at end like other
FILE* print methods. Update callers
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c: Remove
raptor_print_ntriples_string() debug function
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c: Give
raptor_term_ntriples_write() and raptor_statement_ntriples_write()
a return value
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_json_writer.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_qname.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Rename write to
iostream methods of class to follow raptor_CLASS_write() form
(raptor_term_ntriples_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_term_ntriples() and moved iostream to last
(raptor_xml_any_escaped_string_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_xml_any_escaped_string() and moved iostream
to last arg.
(raptor_xml_escaped_string_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_xml_escaped_string() and moved iostream to
last arg.
(raptor_qname_write): Renamed from raptor_iostream_write_qname()
and moved iostream to last arg.
(raptor_namespace_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_namespace() and moved iostream to last arg.
(raptor_string_ntriples_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples() and moved iostream to last
(raptor_string_python_write): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_string_python() and moved iostream to last
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_www.c: Move
raptor_www_init and raptor_www_finish to internal API.
* src/raptor_parse.c: Define ACCEPT_HEADER_LEN since this has been
a crash bug twice.
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Let datatype URI be freed
after making literal term.
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_get_accept_header): strncpy 9
* src/ntriples_parse.c: Use raptor_free_statement() to clear
static statement.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_free_statement): use if(dynamic...)
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_free_statement): NULL triple part pointers after free
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
(raptor_ntriples_parse_init): Init static statement.
2010-02-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_www_test.c: test fix for www
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_www_test.c: Rename raptor_www
constructor / destructor to standard names
(raptor_new_www): Renamed from raptor_www_new
(raptor_new_www_with_connection): Renamed from
(raptor_free_www): Renamed from raptor_www_free Update all
2010-02-16 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_free_statement): Free terms contained in statically
allocated statements.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: raptor_iostream write_bytes handlers are
supposed to return the number of bytes written or 0 on failure
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_get_world): Added new API helper function. Needed to
prevent API breakage in librdf_uri.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Fixed compilation with
* src/turtle_parser.y: Replaced raptor_term_print() calls with
raptor_term_print_as_ntriples() to compile with RAPTOR_DEBUG > 1.
2010-02-14 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-locator.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-parser.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-world.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml: Update generated docs
* README.html: GIT
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_get_accept_header): Static accept header should be
9 when string is correct.
2010-02-12 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h: Reintroduced RAPTOR_V2_AVAILABLE flag so that
library users can support both raptor1 and raptor2.
2010-02-11 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Pulled
raptor_statement_init(), raptor_free_statement() to public
2010-02-10 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_statement.c:
Pulled raptor_new_term_from_{uri,literal,blank}(),
raptor_free_term() to public API. Added API documentation.
2010-02-09 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_option.c:
Fixed warnings about enum-int mismatches.
2010-02-05 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c,
src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_xml.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
indent + whitespace
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Made daml_namespace_uri_string_len
const. Does not need to be initialised data.
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_iostream_write_end): Return success (0) if iostream
handler does not implement write_end. Was returning an
uninitialized value (most likely non-0).
* src/fix-bison, src/turtle_parser.y:
Removed fix-bison/yydestruct hack to pass in YYPARAM* to
%destructors. Was required for raptor_uri cleanup before
raptor_uri became a struct containting raptor_world*.
* src/raptor_www.c:
(raptor_www_init,raptor_www_finish): Pulled functionality
from similar _common functions (removed, no longer a need to
share functionality).
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Remove accidental formatting
whitespace from string literal.
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c: Fixed code formatter artifact in
comment URL.
* src/raptor.h: Fixed typo in comment.
2010-02-06 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/turtle/ Add check-warn-rdf to check-local
* tests/turtle/ Move test-35 to TEST_WARN_FILES
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Remove language used with
typed literal and generate warning
* src/turtle_parser.y: Fix warning message
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove language used with typed
literal and generate warning
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/test-35.out,
tests/turtle/test-35.ttl: Add turtle test 35 to ensure
language is removed when datatype is present
2010-02-05 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: some more fn renames
* docs/raptor-docs.xml: rename section-feature.xml to
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(main): need program even when not debugging
* docs/raptor-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml: Rename feature to option - tutorial
docs not updated
* utils/rapper.c: Use raptor_option_get_value_type_label to print
option types
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_option.c:
(raptor_option_get_value_type_label): Added
* src/raptor_option.c: Update option descriptions to give specific
instance names.
* utils/rapper.c:
feature->option in API calls except leave -f/--feature alone
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c: Renamed
raptor_options_enumerate_common to
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_www_test.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_stringbuffer.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(main): Make test code less verbose except when very debuggy.
* src/raptor_option.c: Restore old feature URI prefix
* src/, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c,
src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Rename
feature to option
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Move raptor_world_enumerate_*_features
functions to raptor_feature.c
* src/raptor_serialize.c: #autodocs
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Replace raptor_feature_get_areas with
Deleted. (raptor_feature_is_valid_for_area): Added to check if a
feature is valid for a given area; this all the calls to
raptor_feature_get_areas() ever was used for.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Check for valid xml writer features
before getting or setting them.
raptor_xml_writer_get_feature_string): Use
raptor_feature_get_areas() to check the features are valid.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Check for
valid turtle writer features before setting them.
(raptor_world_enumerate_turtle_writer_features): Renamed from
raptor_turtle_writer_set_feature_string): Use
* src/raptor_serialize.c: Check for valid serializer features
before getting them
raptor_serializer_get_feature_string): Use
raptor_feature_get_areas() to check for valid serializer features.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Remove unused
* src/raptor_serialize.c: Check for valid serializer features
before setting them
raptor_serializer_set_feature_string): Use
raptor_feature_get_areas() to check for valid serializer features.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sax2.c: Added
* src/raptor_sax2.c: Check for valid features before setting
(raptor_sax2_set_feature): Check for a feature that applies using
raptor_feature_get_areas() then set the values.
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Added
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_NONE
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Added
RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_SAX2 for raptor_sax2 features
raptor_feature_area gains RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_SAX2
raptor_features_list: Use RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_SAX2 for
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Reapply: Remove
RAPTOR_FEATURE_ASSUME_IS_RDF - obsolete since 2003
Reapply GIT d7b9a598372cf1630dad79943ecd262427240719
raptor_feature enum loses RAPTOR_FEATURE_ASSUME_IS_RDF
(raptor_parser_set_feature, raptor_parser_get_feature): Remove check
* ChangeLog, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Revert the commits that removed the
switch()s around features
Reverts commits
2010-02-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: code style
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_xml_writer_get_feature, raptor_xml_writer_set_feature):
Use raptor_feature_get_areas() to check for valid xml writer
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(raptor_turtle_writer_get_feature): Use raptor_feature_get_areas()
to check for valid turtle writer features.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Set turtle
writer features using feature data tables
(raptor_turtle_writer_set_feature): Use raptor_feature_get_areas.
(raptor_world_enumerate_turtle_writer_features): Renamed from
* src/raptor_serialize.c: Make raptor_serializer_get_feature and
raptor_serializer_get_feature_string use area and numeric checks
to remove cases
(raptor_serializer_set_feature_string): docs.
raptor_serializer_get_feature_string): Use
raptor_feature_get_areas() and raptor_feature_value_is_numeric()
to validate features for serializers.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Remove unused RAPTOR_FEATURE_START_URI
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serializer_set_feature_string): Use
raptor_feature_get_areas() to check for valid serializer features.
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serializer_set_feature): Use raptor_feature_get_areas() to
check for valid serializer features.
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_set_feature): use bit &
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sax2.c: Added
* src/raptor_sax2.c: Make raptor_sax2_set_feature smaller using
(raptor_sax2_set_feature): Check for a feature that applies using
raptor_feature_get_areas() then set the values.
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Added
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_NONE
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Added
RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_SAX2 for raptor_sax2 features
raptor_feature_area gains RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_SAX2
raptor_features_list: Use RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_SAX2 for
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Remove
RAPTOR_FEATURE_ASSUME_IS_RDF - obsolete since 2003
raptor_feature enum loses RAPTOR_FEATURE_ASSUME_IS_RDF
(raptor_parser_set_feature, raptor_parser_get_feature): Remove
* src/raptor_parse.c: Use raptor_feature_value_is_numeric() in
get/set parser features
(raptor_parser_set_feature, raptor_parser_get_feature): Use
raptor_feature_value_is_numeric rather than huge cases with very
similar checks.
* src/turtle_parser.y: Remove obsolete raptor_init()
raptor_finish() calls
* utils/rapper.c: Update for feature type api
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added raptor_feature_value_is_numeric for
internal use.
(raptor_feature_value_is_numeric): Added.
Replaced most uses of same pattern:
int value_is_string = (raptor_feature_get_value_type(feature) == RAPTOR_FEATURE_VALUE_TYPE_STRING);
with a raptor_feature_value_is_numeric() call.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Add
raptor_feature_value_type enum and use for features
raptor_features_list gains a raptor_feature_value_type value_type
field and uses enum values in data.
raptor_feature_area gains RAPTOR_FEATURE_AREA_TURTLE_WRITER since
XML writer features don't all apply; just indenting ones.
typedef raptor_feature_value_type added to public API
(raptor_feature_get_value_type): Renamed from
raptor_feature_value_type to return raptor_feature_value_type and
updated callers.
* src/raptor_feature.c: #ws
* src/raptor_feature.c: Use raptor_feature_area to split
raptor_features_list area / value type.
raptor_features_list flags field is split into area and value_type.
Use raptor_features_list enum values in data.
(raptor_features_enumerate_common): Get features for an
area. (raptor_feature_value_type): Use VT_STRING define.
* src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added raptor_feature_area enum for
raptor_feature_area added internally.
(raptor_features_enumerate_common): Switch flags arg to use enum.
Update callers.
* src/raptor_parse.c: #autodocs
* src/raptor_feature.c: Turn feature flag magic numbers into
* src/raptor_feature.c: Add feature flag 32 for features with
URI-string values
raptor_features_list: Split the flags into their bits and set
URI string value.
2010-02-03 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/.gitignore: Ignore bak files
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-locator.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-sequence.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml:
Update docbook tmpls
* src/raptor_sequence.c: code style
* src/raptor_sequence.c: Use RAPTOR_SEQUENCE_MIN_CAPACITY to
declare magic number
* src/raptor_sequence.c: #autodocs
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sequence.c: Make raptor_sequence_sort
take raptor_data_compare_function typedef
(raptor_sequence_sort): Adjusted parameters to use
raptor_data_compare_function. It's the same parameter type but
now via a typedef.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c: iostream write_end now
returns a status code
typedef raptor_iostream_write_end_func returns an int
(raptor_iostream_write_end): Returns an int.
(raptor_filename_iostream_write_end): Update file write handlers
to return fclose value.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c: Rename
raptor_iostream_handler2 to raptor_iostream_handler
typedef raptor_iostream_handler: renamed from
Update all callers and rename parameters and variables from
handler2 to handler.
(raptor_new_iostream_from_handler): Renamed from
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
Remove support for xml"..." N-Triples
literals, long obsolete.
* tests/ntriples/, tests/ntriples/bad-07.nt: Add
bad07.nt to test literal form xml"..." is refused
* .gitignore:
do not ignore rdf files
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sequence.c: Remove
raptor_sequence_print_string from public API
(raptor_sequence_print_string): Moved to static and used for test
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sequence.c: Remove
raptor_compare_strings from public API
(raptor_compare_strings): Moved to static and used for test only.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Rename raptor_new_term_from_term to
(raptor_term_copy): Renamed from raptor_new_term_from_term Updated
all callers with new name. All copy constructors should be
raptor_CLASS_copy now.
2010-01-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h: Reorder prototypes to group class and methods.
* src/raptor.h: #ws
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_locator.c: Renamed
raptor_format_locator to raptor_locator_format
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_locator.c,
utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: raptor_print_locator renamed to
* src/raptor.h: Reorder and group by class.
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Remove legacy
raptor_avltree cursor functions
raptor_avltree loses cursor_iterator field.
(raptor_avltree_cursor_first, raptor_avltree_cursor_last,
raptor_avltree_cursor_prev, raptor_avltree_cursor_next,
raptor_avltree_cursor_get): Deleted
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
code style - whitespace, line breaks
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_avltree.c: Rename
raptor_avltree_iterator_end to raptor_avltree_iterator_is_end
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Move
raptor_avltree_s internals into raptor_avltree.c module.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c: Use term->world to save knowing internals
of raptor_avltree.
* docs/raptor-docs.xml, docs/raptor-sections.txt, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Move raptor_avltree
to public API.
Public opaque typedefs: raptor_avltree and raptor_avltree_iterator
Public function typedefs: raptor_data_compare_function,
raptor_data_free_function and raptor_avltree_visit_function
Public functions: raptor_new_avltree, raptor_free_avltree,
raptor_avltree_add, raptor_avltree_delete, raptor_avltree_print,
raptor_avltree_remove, raptor_avltree_search,
raptor_avltree_set_print_handler, raptor_avltree_size,
raptor_avltree_visit, raptor_new_avltree_iterator,
raptor_free_avltree_iterator, raptor_avltree_iterator_end,
raptor_avltree_iterator_get and raptor_avltree_iterator_next NOTE:
These were not made public and seem to be internal/unused:
raptor_avltree_cursor_first, raptor_avltree_cursor_last,
raptor_avltree_cursor_prev, raptor_avltree_cursor_next and
* docs/raptor-docs.xml:
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html:
Merge 1.4.21 news and release notes
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.9,
ChangeLog.9 for 2008
* .gitignore:
Do not ignore ChangeLog*
* utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: Update raptor_print_locator
calling convention
2010-01-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Ensure serialized Turtle names
are legal
(raptor_turtle_is_legal_turtle_qname): Added to enforce prefix and
local name character constraints.
(raptor_turtle_emit_resource): Use above to ensure that XML Qnames
that are not legal Turtle Qnames are never serialized.
Fixes Issue#0000337
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/test-34-out.ttl,
tests/turtle/test-34.ttl: Add Turtle serializing test 34 for not
serializing a qname with a .
Test for Issue#0000337
2010-01-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Create a new set for checking for duplicate
rdf:ID at start of every parse.
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_init): Remove creating set from when parser is
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_start): At start of parsing, delete any
existing id set and only create a new one if the feature
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Alter Turtle lexer to refuse to accept . in
namespace prefix/local names
Adjust Turtle lexer to match spec for the prefixName and name
This makes some previously accepted not-to-spec turtle documents be
It makes new bad turtle syntax tests bad-21 and bad-22 pass.
(NCNAME_PREFIX): Updated for prefixName
(NCNAME): Update for name
Fixes Issue#0000326
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/bad-21.ttl,
tests/turtle/bad-22.ttl: Add bad turtle tests 21, 22 for . in
prefix and qname
* src/ntriples_parse.c: Make ntriples parser accept text/plain
with q=0.1
(raptor_ntriples_parser_register_factory): Register mime type
text/plain via raptor_parser_factory_add_mime_type.
Fixes Issue#0000319
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Make Turtle lexer handle \\ at end of
triple-quoted literals
Alter literal regex and let
raptor_stringbuffer_append_turtle_string report problems with
buffer ending in middle of \u and \U.
Add rule for bare \ on it's own which can only happen if input
ends on a \.
Fixes Issue#0000318
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/bad-20.ttl: Add
bad-20.ttl test for end of file in middle of \ escape
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/test-33.out,
tests/turtle/test-33.ttl: Added test-33 for \\ at end of
triple-quoted turtle literal
Added tests/turtle/test-33.ttl and tests/turtle/test-33.out files
to test Issue#0000318
* librdfa/iri.c: Update to librdfa GIT commit
* librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/iri.c, librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h,
librdfa/triple.c: Merge librdfa changes to GIT
Fixes several buffer alloc/realloc problems and failure to terminate
strings when using them with strstr().
Other librdfa changes:
- added "first" to list of allowed reserved words.
- allow @rel/@rev reserved word values to be in any case (TC 134)
- librdfa now treats the following characters as valid whitespace
characters: SPACE, \t, \n, \v, \f, and \r. (TC 131)
- fix generation of xml:lang if language was already in XML
Literal (TC 102)
2010-01-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c: ws
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_statement.c:
Adjust raptor_print_ntriples_string params to put FILE* last
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_locator.c: Adjust
raptor_print_locator params to put FILE* last like other print
* src/raptor_locator.c: ws
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c:
Remove raptor_log_error_to_handlers and call raptor_log_error
(raptor_log_error_to_handlers): Deleted. Update several sax2
modules to call raptor_log_error instead.
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_avltree.c,
src/raptor_internal.h: Update raptor_avltree to us
typedef raptor_data_print_function: deleted
(raptor_new_abbrev_subject, raptor_avltree_set_print_handler): Use
raptor_data_print_handler* to replace raptor_data_print_function.
(raptor_print_abbrev_po): Swap args to match
raptor_data_print_handler calling convention.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_sequence.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Rename
sequence-specific handlers typedefs to be more raptor-general
raptor_data_free_handler renamed from raptor_sequence_free_handler
raptor_data_context_free_handler renamed from
raptor_data_print_handler renamed from
raptor_sequence_print_handler and update docs
raptor_data_context_print_handler renamed from
raptor_sequence_context_print_handler and update docs
Update all users.
* src/raptor_internal.h: Make all print methods return an int
status code
(raptor_statement_print, raptor_uri_print, raptor_sequence_print,
raptor_term_print_as_ntriples): Return int success code.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/raptor_uri.c: Make all print methods return an int status code
(raptor_statement_print, raptor_uri_print, raptor_sequence_print,
raptor_term_print_as_ntriples): Return int success code.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_sequence.c:
Update sequence _v2 constructor/methods to use _with_context
Rename typedefs for handlers to match, update constructor
documentation to explain the difference.
typedef raptor_sequence_context_print_handler renamed from
raptor_sequence - renamed fields to add context_NAME for the
formerly _v2 handler names.
Add explanations of what they are for.
(raptor_new_sequence): autodocs and example of use
(raptor_new_sequence_with_context): Renamed from
raptor_new_sequence_v2 and autodocs.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sequence.c: Remove unused
raptor_sequence_set_print_handler() and
raptor_sequence_set_print_handler_v2): Deleted.
2010-01-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(verb): Get rdf:type term from static term and do not lose an URI
* src/turtle_parser.y: Free literal strings passed into
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(resource): Free uri object references when making resource from
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): Redo - free constructed terms
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): UNDO Free constructed terms
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): Free constructed terms
* src/turtle_parser.y: Free blank_id not blank
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
When creating new URIs or terms, free allocated values early.
Since functions like raptor_new_term_from_uri() take copies of their
arguments, any allocated objects passed in such as URIs or literals
should be freed. Adjust the code so that's done early.
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Free bag_predicate_uri.
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_grammar): For rdf:ID, move the syntax
checks earlier to save extra complexity on errors.
Generally update all places to free generated IDs and constructed
URIs just after making raptor_uri or raptor_term
* src/raptor_uri.c: Use raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference length
with raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string internally.
raptor_uri length is now unsigned int
(raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string): Add maintainer assert that URI
string is length it is declared to be.
(raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base): Use
raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference return value to call
(raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept): Correctly calcuate passed in
buffer length - it was malloced correctly.
(assert_uri_is_valid): Added.
(assert_uri_to_relative): Use above for checks.
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): set result_len when relative
is #frag.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Calculate the length of namespace
part of predicate URI correctly.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Namespace URI buffer was too short
by 1.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: Replace rdf_xml_literal_uri with
use of static rdf:XMLLiteral URI
raptor_rdfxmla_serializer_context loses rdf_xml_literal_uri
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init): Remove init with rdf_type_uri,
copy RAPTOR_RDF_type_term(). Remove rdf_xml_literal_uri.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_terminate): Remove free of
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c:
Replace rdf_xml_literal_uri with use of static rdf:XMLLiteral URI
raptor_rdfxml_serializer_context loses rdf_xml_literal_uri
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_init, raptor_rdfxml_serialize_terminate):
Remove init, free.
(raptor_rdfxml_serialize_statement): Use
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Now returns length of URI.
2010-01-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_generate_statement): Use
raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string for rdf:XMLLiteral datatype.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Use
* src/raptor_feature.c: Create feature URI prefix from counted URI
(raptor_features_enumerate_common): Use
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
Create daml namespaces from counted string URIs
Added daml_namespace_uri_string and daml_namespace_uri_string
statics for DAML namespace URI.
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_init): Use
* src/raptor_namespace.c: Create rdf and rdfs namespaces from
counted string URIs
Added raptor_rdf_schema_namespace_uri_len constant int.
(raptor_namespaces_init): Use raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string.
* src/raptor_uri.c:
Ensure URI string field is always set
Renamed raptor_uri_s field string_length to length.
raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base, raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept):
Use raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string with already calculated
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
Create constant strings / lengths for GRDDL predicate URIs
Added grddl_namespaceTransformation_uri_string and
grddl_profileTransformation_uri_string constant strings with
macros for lengths.
(raptor_grddl_parse_init): Use above to create grddl parser URIs
with raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_uri.c:
Added new uri constructor raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string
(raptor_new_uri_from_counted_string): Added
(raptor_new_uri): Now a wrapper around
2010-01-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Use raptor_term instead of URIs and 'fake' URIs
raptor_rss_group_map uses a raptor_term as identifier, not URI.
(raptor_free_group_map): Free term.
(raptor_rss_group_map_compare): Compare terms.
(raptor_rss10_get_group_item): Use terms in search.
(raptor_rss10_set_item_group): Use term to create a new gm.
raptor_rss10_store_statement): Replace URIs with terms from subject,
removing all fake_uri.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement, raptor_rss10_build_items): Use
item term for calling raptor_rss10_set_item_group
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Use raptor_term for rdf:Seq node identity and remove a fake_uri
raptor_rss10_serializer_context replace seq_uri with raptor_term*
(raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Free term.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Copy statement subject to get
seq node identity.
(raptor_rss10_build_items): Use seq_term for comparisons with
subject and delete fake_uri
* GITRepository
2010-01-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_lexer.l:
Make Turtle long literals count raw newlines
(Rule <LITERAL>\" ....): Count the raw newlines seen in the yytext
to adjust the line numbers correctly for long literals.
Fixes Issue#0000331
* src/raptor_general.c: ,
* Update DOAP with GIT information.
2010-01-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Always take a copy of world concepts so
they are consitently freed
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Use rdf namespace
raptor_terms to reduce raptor_term creations in parsers.
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Tidy code, moving URI
construction to local blocks.
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Use concept terms for refiying
predicates and rdf:Statement class.
raptor_rdfxml_end_element_grammar): Update to use concept terms.
* src/raptor_internal.h:
Added macros to access the static RDF namespace raptor terms
Added macros RAPTOR_RDF_{NAME}_term(world) to get a shared pointer
to the static raptor_term for rdf namespace concepts.
* src/raptor_concepts.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
Make a set of raptor_term for RDF namespace terms used in graph.
raptor_rdf_ns_term_id gains an alias RDF_NS_LAST_SYNTAX_TERM for the
last syntax term.
raptor_world gains an array of raptor_term 'terms'; not all of these
will be used, the first few are syntax only.
(raptor_concepts_init, raptor_concepts_finish): Initialised and
free the terms.
2010-01-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_block_set_field): Fix failure check
* src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c:
Turn two magic number offsets 0 into defines in raptor_rss.h
RAPTOR_RSS_LINK_REL_STRING_OFFSET for indexes into block
urls/strings arrays - both at offset 0.
(raptor_rss_insert_rss_link): Use above defines and remove fixme.
Update raptor_rss_block_fields_info to use defines.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: raptor_xml_writer_nsd_compare - Remove
FIXME; duplicating a 3 line function is not a worry.
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_print): Use world to report fwrite failure, remove
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: raptor_rss10_emit_item - remove
fixme now it is documented.
* docs/raptor-serializers.xml: note default atom:content type on
serializing to atom 1.0
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
remove FIXME no longer relevant
* src/raptor_rss.c:
Add some resilience to calloc/malloc failure
(raptor_rss_parse_init): Code tidy.
(raptor_rss_block_set_field): Add return value for failure. Check
for URI and string alloc failure.
(raptor_rss_start_element_handler, raptor_rss_end_element_handler):
Set parser failure and end on alloc failure.
(raptor_rss_insert_rss_link): Add return value for failure and check
for new field, string failure.
(raptor_rss_insert_identifiers): Add return value for failure and
check for above function failing.
(raptor_rss_copy_field): Return failure on string alloc failure.
(raptor_rss_parse_chunk): Fail to parse when
raptor_rss_insert_identifiers fails.
* src/raptor_parse.c: Make score sorting us a dynamic buffer in
(raptor_world_guess_parser_name): Calloc/free the array and remove
* src/raptor_grddl.c: raptor_grddl_run_grddl_transform_doc -
remove FIXMEs now that these are documented
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml: document more GRDDL parser features
* src/raptor_grddl.c: raptor_grddl_run_grddl_transform_doc -
remove FIXME now that the XSLT params are documented
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml: document GRDDL XSTL parameters
* src/raptor_abbrev.c: autodocs
* src/turtle_parser.y: remove FIXMEs
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Update test code to Raptor V2 APIs.
* src/raptor_concepts.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Do not try to make
an rdf namespace concept URI for the NULL name
* src/raptor_concepts.c:
(raptor_concepts_init): Return 1 if URI alloc failed not succeeded
* src/raptor_concepts.c:
(raptor_concepts_init): Return 1 if URI alloc failed.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Rename abbrev struct compare functions to standard naming.
(raptor_abbrev_node_compare): Renamed from raptor_abbrev_node_cmp.
(raptor_abbrev_subject_compare): Renamed from
2010-01-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c: GRDDL parser code style - whitespace, break
long lines, loop pre-counting
Whitespace around operators and break long lines.
For fixed size raptor_sequence or array loops, store size in a var
'size' rather than run a function on every if/while loop.
* src/raptor_grddl.c: code style: break into 2 lines the long
assignments to grddl_parser
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Update conformance urls and doc ptr
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Code style fixes - indenting, whitespace, add
vars to break long lines.
Code style, indenting and whitespace. Add variables to break long
lines especially error reporting Use __func__ for internal error
message rather than hardcoding function name.
* src/, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_concepts.c,
src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_uri.c, src/turtle_common.h,
src/turtle_parser.y: Update rdf namespace concepts to add
PlainLiteral, share across parsers
raptor_rdf_ns_term_id gains RDF_NS_PlainLiteral; reordered to put
together with RDF_NS_XMLLiteral, the other datatype.
raptor_world gains an array of pointers to raptor_uri* concepts.
turtle_parser loses nil_uri, first_uri, rest_uri that are now
available via the macros.
rss_parser loses rdf:type and rdf:Seq concept URIs that are now
available via the macros.
Added macros RAPTOR_RDF_{name}_URI(world) to get pointer to static
raptor_uri* for NS terms.
RDF/XML parser cuts down to just 5 DAML NS URIs to manage itself.
(raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept): now takes const name.
(raptor_concepts_init, raptor_concepts_finish): Added.
(raptor_world_open): Call raptor_concepts_init; re-order to init
URIs then concepts first.
(raptor_free_world): Call raptor_concepts_finish
Update RDF/XML, RSS and Turtle parsers to use shared URIs.
* src/fix-flex: alter lexer output to remove signed/unsigned
comparison that gcc 4.x warns.
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Do not strdup language in
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Change
raptor_new_term_from_blank calling semantics to copy id inside.
(raptor_new_term_from_blank): Copy blank ID.
Update all calls to raptor_new_term_from_blank to remove strdup()s
and add a few RAPTOR_FREE for generated IDs.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_statement.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
Change raptor_new_term_from_literal calling semantics to copy inside.
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Copy literals, optional language
and datatype URIs.
Update all calls to raptor_new_term_from_literal to remove strdup(),
malloc/free, or stringbuffer copy for literal string; remove copy
URI for datatype URI.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Rename RDF ns-checking functions and document
their returns
(raptor_rdfxml_check_propertyElement_name): Renamed from
raptor_rdfxml_forbidden_nodeElement_name and returns tri-state flag
(raptor_rdfxml_check_propertyElement_name): Renamed from
raptor_rdfxml_forbidden_propertyElement_name and returns tri-state
(raptor_rdfxml_check_propertyAttribute_name): Renamed from
raptor_rdfxml_forbidden_propertyAttribute_name and returns
tri-state flag.
Update callers to check for <0: unknown name, 0: allowed, >0: not
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Set raptor_rdf_ns_terms_info as unsigned int
1 bit so bool works
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Adjust raptor_rdf_ns_terms_info fields:
reorder, make positive and use bitfields.
Altered raptor_rdf_ns_terms_info field order to group flag
attributes together and use 1 bit each, make them positive allowed
flags rather than mix of forbidden/allowed.
Adjust the raptor_rdfxml_forbidden_TEST_name calling code to use
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Tidy comments for raptor_rdf_ns_term_id names
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Tidy RDF terms description
raptor_rdf_ns_term_id: Renamed enum from rdf_attr. Names are all
RDF_ATTR_[name] now.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Change raptor_new_term_from_uri calling
semantics to take URI copy inside
(raptor_new_term_from_uri): autodocs and call raptor_uri_copy.
Updated all calls to raptor_new_term_from_uri to remove a
raptor_uri_copy or add a raptor_uri_free as appropriate.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Make
raptor_abbrev_node use raptor_term rather than another embedded
raptor_abbrev_node loses the 'value' union and a pile of
sub-structure duplicating raptor_term* contents; yet another
librdf_node copy bites the dust.
(raptor_new_abbrev_node): Use raptor_new_term_from_term
(raptor_free_abbrev_node): Use raptor_free_term
(raptor_abbrev_node_cmp): Thin wrapper around raptor_term_compare.
(raptor_abbrev_node_equals): Thin wrapper around
Update all references to the raptor_abbrev_node internals above.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init, raptor_turtle_emit_subject): Fix a
couple of places where a static raptor_term was used for creating a
raptor_abbrev_node; now make a dynamic one so it can be reference
counted and freed.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_statement.c: Make raptor_term_print_as_ntriples internal
so can use for raptor_abbrev
(raptor_term_print_as_ntriples): No longer static.
2010-01-17 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/rdfprint.c, examples/rdfprint.c, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/turtle_parser.y, utils/rdfdiff.c: Rename
statement printing methods to raptor_statement_NAME() form
(raptor_statement_print): Renamed from
(raptor_statement_print_as_ntriples): Renamed from
* src/raptor.h: Remove unused typedefs for old URI handler code
raptor_new_uri_func, raptor_new_uri_from_uri_local_name_func,
raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept_func, raptor_free_uri_func,
raptor_uri_equals_func, raptor_uri_compare_func,
raptor_uri_copy_func, raptor_uri_as_string_func,
raptor_uri_as_counted_string_func: Deleted.
* docs/rdfcat.c, docs/rdfprint.c, examples/grapper.c,
examples/raptor_abort.c, examples/rdfcat.c, examples/rdfprint.c,
src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/turtle_parser.y, utils/rapper.c,
Rename parser methods to all start raptor_parser_METHOD
(raptor_parser_get_feature): Renamed from raptor_get_feature.
(raptor_parser_get_label): Renamed from raptor_get_label.
(raptor_parser_get_locator): Renamed from raptor_get_locator.
(raptor_parser_get_mime_type): Renamed from raptor_get_mime_type.
(raptor_parser_get_name): Renamed from raptor_get_name.
(raptor_parser_get_need_base_uri): Renamed from
(raptor_world_get_parser_factory): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_parse_abort): Renamed from raptor_parse_abort.
(raptor_parser_parse_chunk): Renamed from raptor_parse_chunk.
(raptor_parser_set_uri_filter_no_net): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_get_new_generated_i): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_set_default_generate_id_parameters): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_set_generate_id_handler): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_set_graph_handler): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_set_namespace_handler): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_set_statement_handler): Renamed from
(raptor_parser_parse_start): Renamed from raptor_start_parse.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_libxml.c,
Adjust raptor_log_level to match log4j levels: add trace, debug, info.
raptor_log_level gains RAPTOR_LOG_LEVEL_TRACE,
match severity from trace level to fatal error. Add autodocs.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
code style
* src/raptor_parse.c:
* src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: autodocs
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c: Renamed
raptor_iostream_write_uri_v2 to raptor_iostream_write_uri and lose
world arg
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Rename
raptor_xml_writer_features_enumerate_v2 to
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c: Rename
raptor_error_handlers_init_v2 to raptor_error_handlers_init
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Fix debug calls to
raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples_v2 now called
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
Remove _v2 from raptor_new_xml_writer_v2 name and remove unused arg.
(raptor_new_xml_writer_v2): Renamed from raptor_new_xml_writer and
delete unused
(never used) canonicalized arg.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_parse.c:
Renamed raptor_feature_from_uri_v2 to raptor_world_get_feature_from_uri
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_qname.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
Remove _v2 from raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name_v2
(raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name): Renamed from
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c,
src/turtle_common.h, src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y:
Rename raptor_namespaces/stack functions to lose _v2 in name
(raptor_new_namespaces): Renamed from raptor_new_namespaces_v2.
(raptor_namespaces_init): Renamed from raptor_namespaces_init_v2
Also note where raptor_namespace_stack is static such as in
raptor_sax2, some tests and in raptor_turtle_parser.
* src/raptor_www_test.c:
Fix test o use raptor_www_new
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_www.c:
Rename raptor_www functions to lose _v2 in name
(raptor_www_init): Renamed from raptor_www_init_2 - internal.
(raptor_www_finish): Renamed from raptor_www_finish_v2 - internal.
(raptor_www_new): Renamed from raptor_www_new_v2.
(raptor_www_new_with_connection): Renamed from
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_locator.c,
utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c:
Remove _v2 from name and world arg from raptor_locator functions
(raptor_print_locator): Renamed from raptor_print_locator_v2 and
loses world arg.
(raptor_format_locator): Renamed from raptor_format_locator_v2 and
loses world arg.
(raptor_locator_uri_string): Renamed from raptor_locator_uri_v2 and
renamed to reflect returns a string not a raptor_uri*
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_json_writer.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_qname.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rfc2396.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_sax2.c,
src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_set.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c, src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y:
Code style:
use TYPE* var_name = RAPTOR_CALLOC(TYPE, 1, sizeof(*var_name))
This fix caught a few times where the calloc added an extra +1 -
presumably from the usual thing you need to do with a string
malloc. e.g. in raptor_new_json_writer(),
raptor_new_turtle_writer() and raptor_new_xml_writer_v2() which
probably were all from the same source.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Remove some un-necessary casts to (unsigned char*)
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
Remove some un-necessary casts to raptor_uri*
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
(raptor_json_serialize_avltree_visit): Use raptor_term_equals
instead of hand-crafted equivalent.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_json_writer.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/turtle_parser.y, utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c:
raptor_term values are now a union of uri / literal fields / blank
raptor_term gains union value with uri field, literal struct and
blank field for URI, Literal and Blank rdf terms.
Lots of consequent changes; mostly mechanical search and replace.
Removed several (raptor_uri*)value and (unsigned char*)value casts.
(raptor_rss10_move_statements): Changes but when zeroing uri /
literal, do that in separate steps rather than assigning to value.
* src/raptor_serialize_dot.c: Convert DOT serializer to use
raptor_term not local raptor_dot_serializer_node
Deleted raptor_dot_serializer_node typedef
raptor_dot_serializer_node_matches, raptor_dot_serializer_new_node):
Deleted and replaced with raptor_term versions - both based on
Code style fixes.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
Fix formatting in raptor_term_as_counted_string for blank and uri
(raptor_term_as_counted_string): RAPTOR_TERM_TYPE_BLANK and
RAPTOR_TERM_TYPE_URI code was wrong - bad casting.
2010-01-16 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge branch 'statement-term' to 'master' with
commit efd40982c2356eab8c37c1da1acd8b459ec06b56
2010-01-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_xsd.c:
Removed unused raptor_new_identifier_from_double and raptor_xsd module.
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
Updated RDFA parser to use statement and term object model
* src/raptor_rss.c:
Skip attempting to output predicates with no URI/namespace
(raptor_rss_emit_item): Check predicate_uri first.
* src/raptor_rss.c:
Free allocate raptor_term
(raptor_rss_emit_item): Free some predicate and object terms just
allocated. Code style.
* docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml: update generated docs
* src/raptor_rss.c:
Construct terms in raptor_rss_emit_item
(raptor_rss_emit_item): Use raptor_term constructors
* src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
Switch RSS parser and serializer internals from identfier to term
Compiles but does not fully work yet.
* src/raptor_internal.h:
Added raptor_term_equals
* src/raptor_statement.c:
Added raptor_term_equals
2010-01-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_parser.y:
Convert turtle parser to use raptor_statement and raptor_term
Change raptor_identifier to raptor_term
Change raptor_turtle_triple to raptor_statement
Code style.
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): Use copy constructor for term.
(raptor_turtle_new_triple, raptor_turtle_free_triple,
raptor_triple_print): Deleted
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_statement.c:
Add raptor_new_statement_from_nodes
(raptor_new_statement_from_nodes): Added
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
Update Turtle parser and serializer to statement reference model.
(raptor_turtle_generate_statement): Generate new term objects for
each statement.
(raptor_turtle_serialize_statement): Use correct reference to
statement fields.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_statement.c:
Made statement work statically and dynamically, promoting on copies
(raptor_new_statement): Added to make a new dynamic statement
(raptor_statement_init): Init a static statement with negative
(raptor_statement_copy): Do promote to dynamic on copy.
(raptor_free_statement): Do not free static statements.
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Do proper predicate creation
when reifying - this broke statement copying and rdfdiff.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_statement): Correct pointers to statement
2010-01-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
Code style and more fixing up RDF/XML raptor_term object use
Code style; introduce variables to break long lines/duplicate
expressions that hopefully the compiler will still optimize way.
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Free a locally created
reified_term object.
(raptor_rdfxml_process_property_attributes): Save a strlen. Code
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_grammar): Code style. Add
element_name_uri to remove several long lines. Add some OOM checks
when an ID/URI then raptor_term are created in two steps.
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
Update N-Triples parser to use raptor_term objects
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Use raptor_term constructors.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
More conversions of raptor_term statics to dynamic.
(raptor_rdfxml_process_property_attributes): Return failure error
(raptor_rdfxml_process_property_attributes): Convert more
static (on stack) raptor_term objects into dynamic/by-reference.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_statement_copy): Delete commented out old deep copy code.
(raptor_free_statement): Just call raptor_term to free inner terms.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
Deleted raptor_clear_term and raptor_copy_term. literal languages
(raptor_clear_term, raptor_copy_term): Deleted - no longer needed
or used.
(raptor_free_term): Merge in old raptor_clear code here.
(raptor_rdfxml_end_element_grammar): A little OOM checking.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_end_element_grammar): Allocate new strings for
literals since they become owned by raptor_term.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c, utils/rapper.c:
change raptor_rdfxml_element
raptor_term statics fields to objects
raptor_rdfxml_element: reified, bag, subject, predicate and object
fields are now raptor_term*
(raptor_free_rdfxml_element): Use raptor_free_term on above fields
instead of raptor_clear_term.
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_handler): Do not assign world to
above fields - not allocated yet. Move setting of default
literal_language inscope to code near the line where raptor_term
for a literal is created. Start turning direct references to
raptor_statement field->subject->type into static raptor_term
objects (memset then assigned) for bags, reified terms,
collections, bags, reified statements, ...
First stage of conversion to allocated raptor_terms.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/turtle_parser.y, utils/rapper.c,
utils/rdfdiff.c: raptor_term and raptor_term get usages.
statement is pointer to 3 terms
Compiles, does not all work.
(raptor_statement_init): Init usage.
(raptor_statement_copy): Now just a usage increment; comment out old
copying code.
(raptor_free_statement): Free on zero usage.
(raptor_free_term): Free on zero usage.
(raptor_new_term_from_term, raptor_new_term_from_uri,
raptor_new_term_from_literal, raptor_new_term_from_blank): Added new
term constructors - taking ownership of their input objects.
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Create raptor_term objects to
generate reified statements. Update lots of uses in parsers and
serializers of object.field to object->field for pointer based
2010-01-12 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-iostream.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml: Update generated docs
2010-01-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement() now
takes raptor_term subject/ raptor_uri term.
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Use raptor_term fields.
raptor_rdfxml_start_element_grammar): Create static raptor_term
objects on stack for use in constructing parameter sets for
raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement. Several of these should be
dynamic and/or constructed once parser-wide.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_statement.c: Replace raptor_identifier with raptor_term
inside rdf/xml parser.
struct raptor_rdfxml_element_s updated to change fields reified,
bag, subject, predicate, object from raptor_identifier to
raptor_term. Also added a reified_id field for storing an ID used
for reification; not clear if this is entirely necessary.
(raptor_clear_term): Added based on raptor_clear_identifier.
(raptor_free_term): Added.
(raptor_copy_term): Added based on raptor_copy_identifier but not
calling raptor_free term on dest; call raptor_clear_term instead.
(raptor_free_rdfxml_element): Use raptor_clear_term to replace
(raptor_rdfxml_generate_statement): Updated to use raptor_term
field names. Some loss of clarity here since identifier URI/blank
node fields are merged into one void* term field 'value' for now.
raptor_rdfxml_start_element_grammar): Updated for raptor_term
fields. For capturing bag/reified IDs, use local variables rather
than overloading subject/reified/ fields.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Make
abbrev_node constructors/lookup functions use raptor_term
(raptor_new_abbrev_node): Pass in a raptor_term and use that to
find fields to copy.
(raptor_abbrev_node_lookup, raptor_abbrev_subject_find,
raptor_abbrev_subject_lookup): Lookup using fields in a passed in
raptor_term. Update callers to use raptor_term when searching -
means creating some static raptor_term objects on the stack for
now; will be either references or dynamically created when
raptor_abbrev_node / raptor_term node merge is done.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c: Added
raptor_iostream_write_term_ntriples and
raptor_iostream_write_statement_ntriples to public API
(raptor_iostream_write_statement_ntriples): Renamed from
raptor_iostream_write_statement_ntriples_v2 and loses world arg.
(raptor_iostream_write_term_ntriples): Renamed from internal
raptor_iostream_write_statement_part_ntriples and down to just 2
args: the iostr and term.
(raptor_ntriples_serialize_statement): Updated call to
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_statement.c: Added
raptor_term_compare split out from raptor_statement_compare
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_statement.c: Turn
print-part-of-statements functions into methods of raptor_term