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2012-12-11 Dave Beckett <>
* .gitignore: Ignore CMakeTests.txt
2012-11-07 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Handle non-namespaced elements without crash in
Fixes Issue #0000521
2012-10-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #6 from ansell/master: Update turtle test
2012-09-23 Dave Beckett <>
Remove ancient moved to testing project
2012-09-19 Dave Beckett <>
* Merge pull request #5 from iskunk/drg-win32-2
Win32 parser-guess and DLL linkage fixes
2012-09-19 Daniel Richard G <>
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/turtle_common.h: Fix DLL export
linkage for internal functions needed by the test programs
This allows the test programs to be linked against a DLL build of
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c: Ensure that a small
system BUFSIZ does not affect parser guessing
raptor_internal.h: Ensure that RAPTOR_READ_BUFFER_SIZE is never
smaller than 4096. (It really only needs to be as large as FIRSTN
in raptor_parse.c, i.e. 1024, but 4kB isn't all that much nowadays
(raptor_world_guess_parser_name): Added a compile-time check to
ensure that RAPTOR_READ_BUFFER_SIZE is at least as large as
FIRSTN, because otherwise the guesser sees fewer than FIRSTN bytes
from the document.
2012-09-07 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c: Remove -m MODE from help
This option was removed in commit
f94fa561db05b21132b14a2b72f05b77e666c252 on Wed Apr 28 21:31:54
2010 -0700 as part of the Raptor V2 work.
2012-08-31 Dave Beckett <>
*, Require autoconf 2.62 again
* Update
* Echo autoconf args
Merge pull request #4 from iskunk/drg-win32 win32 and
autoconf-related changes
2012-08-30 Daniel Richard G <>
* CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt: Simplify CMake usage with
*, docs/, examples/grapper.c,
examples/raptor_abort.c, scripts/fix-flex, src/.gitignore,
src/, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/parsedate.y,
src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_concepts.c,
src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_json.c,
src/raptor_json_writer.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c,
src/raptor_libxml.c, src/raptor_locator.c, src/raptor_log.c,
src/raptor_memstr.c, src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_nfc_icu.c,
src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_permute_test.c, src/raptor_qname.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rfc2396.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_sequence.c,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_html.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
src/raptor_syntax_description.c, src/raptor_term.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_unicode.c,
src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_win32.c, src/raptor_www.c,
src/raptor_www_curl.c, src/raptor_www_libfetch.c,
src/raptor_www_libxml.c, src/raptor_www_test.c, src/raptor_xml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c, src/snprintf.c, src/strcasecmp.c,
src/turtle_common.c, src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y,
src/, utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c:
Remove all traces of win32_raptor_config.h
Remove the file itself, all #include uses of it, and all
references to it, as this file is no longer needed.
*,,, win32/,
win32/, win32/rapper.dsp, win32/rapper.vcproj,
win32/raptor.dsp, win32/raptor.dsw, win32/raptor.sln,
win32/raptor.vcproj, win32/raptortest.cpp, win32/raptortest.dsp,
win32/raptortest.vcproj: Delete win32/ subdirectory
The MSVC6 and MSVC7.1 project files in win32/ fail to build
current versions of Raptor, require external projects for Curl and
Expat which do not appear to be publicly available, are unlikely
to get the extensive work they need in the near future due to John
Barstow's busy schedule, and are redundant now that Raptor can be
built on Windows using CMake. Thus, out they go.
win32/ Moved up to, as this information
is useful, and CMake build support is not limited to Win32
2012-08-25 Dave Beckett <>
fix PKG_CONFIG_REQUIRES version vars
*, Allow xml2-config and curl-config
to work for libxml and libcurl
- report on source of xml, curl libraries in status
- remove extra oCPPFLAGS assignements
- substitute pkgconfig dependencies into raptor2.pc
2012-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_log.c:
(raptor_log_error): sizeof should take size of field not pointer
2012-08-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_libxml.c: Handle ret->checked field not being present
The entities checked field was added 2006-10-10 in
released in libxml2 2.6.27 on 2006-10-25
Fixes Issue #0000520
2012-08-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_element_content_type_as_string): LAST is not valid
2012-08-10 Dave Beckett <>
* RELEASE.html: 2.0.9
* win32/ in dist replacing README.txt
2012-08-10 Daniel Richard G <>
* CMakeLists.txt,, librdfa/config.h,
src/CMakeLists.txt, src/, src/,
src/, tests/feeds/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/feeds/, tests/grddl/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/grddl/, tests/json/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/json/, tests/ntriples/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/ntriples/, tests/rdfa/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/rdfa/, tests/rdfa11/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/rdfa11/, tests/rdfxml/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/rdfxml/, tests/trig/CMakeLists.txt,
tests/trig/, utils/CMakeLists.txt, utils/,
win32/, win32/README.txt: CMake build framework for
Raptor - win32
This commit is based on the email with patch that
Daniel Richard G. sent to redland-dev on 5th July 2012
lightly edited the email to fit into 80 chars and make more it
markdowny and turn it into win32/ -- Dave Beckett
2012-07-27 Dave Beckett <>
* Fix for flex version message from OSX
2012-07-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/
Protect macro checks for __GNUC__ are defined
2012-07-01 Dave Beckett <>
Set automake -W and gcc -W to same as librdf
2012-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* EXTRA_DIST: Remove ChangeLog NEWS since they are in
dist by default
* scripts/build-formats.c:
(sort_type_syntax_by_mime_type): Add explicit cast for ordering mime
Restore NEWS building to maintainer mode.
Reverts 979af117bb40de4e8391656b3e18f47f7096d1fc but requires to touch NEWS after a GIT checkout so that automake can
* updates
- Abort run if a configuring program fails.
- Generate NEWS with old timestamp if missing so automake can run
- small doc and message updates
* librdfa/strtok_r.h: Fix strtok_r typo
* docs/ Added raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv to EXTRA_DIST
2012-06-24 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor2_2_0_8 for 2.0.8 release (GIT
* librdfa/config.h, librdfa/rdfa.h: Fix fake librdfa config.h
* librdfa/config.h, librdfa/context.c, librdfa/lists.c,
librdfa/rdfa.h: librdfa config.h now includes raptor_config.h
2012-06-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_www_libxml.c:
Init / cleanup libxml nano HTTP library
(raptor_www_libxml_init, raptor_www_libxml_free): Call
xmlNanoHTTPInit and xmlNanoHTTPCleanup respectively.
2012-06-22 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/context.c: DECLARE_URI_MAPPING - start new namespace, do
not make a new one Call raptor_namespaces_start_namespace()
instead of raptor_namespace_stack_start_namespace() which copies
the namespace to the stack and then starts it.
* tests/rdfa11/ Update rapper and rdfdiff use like
already done for 'rdfa' tests
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(raptor_rdfa_start_element): Free attr if allocated
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: Remove include of raptor_nfc.h
2012-06-20 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 2.0.8
* librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/namespace.c, librdfa/rdfa.c: Build
fixes from Daniel Richard G.
* RELEASE.html: 2.0.8
2012-06-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_parse.c: Lower min syntax guess score to 2 (Q 0.3)
* src/turtle_parser.y: If Turtle and Trig are both present, make
guessing prefer Turtle
Also score higher for Trig if 'trig' is in mime type
* examples/.gitignore: ignore rdfguess
* examples/rdfguess.c: Update rdfguess example code to read from
stdin or a file called '-'
(rdfguess_guess_name): Added and alter to accept file called '-'
as reading from FILE* stdin.
(main): Call above to support reading from stdin. Do something
with -h/--help
* src/raptor_parse.c: Be conservative in guessing syntax - scoring
too low is a failure.
(raptor_world_guess_parser_name): Set min guess core to 5 (Q
0.6). this value isn't exposed or user configurable.
Addresses Issue #0000487
* tests/feeds/ Fix output turtle files for out of
source tree 'make check'
2012-06-18 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, README.html, RELEASE.html: 2.0.8
2012-06-17 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_curie): Protect NULL uri lookup [clang]
* librdfa/rdfa_utils.c:
(rdfa_add_item): Protect NULL list lookup [clang]
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_curie): Protect NULL uri lookup [clang]
* src/raptor_namespace.c:
(raptor_namespaces_find_namespace): No NULL prefix for strcmp
* librdfa/context.c:
(rdfa_create_new_element_context): Return NULL on OOM [clang]
* librdfa/context.c: librdfa in raptor: do not print to stdout on
(rdfa_create_context): Remove printf with hardcoded message. if
malloc fails return NULL
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(end_element): Protect for NULL xml_literal before strlen [clang]
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_uri): empty rval check for OOM [clang]
* src/raptor_qname.c:
(raptor_qname_copy): Free new_qname on OOM [clang]
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 2.0.8
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Do not emit a Turtle (...)
collection if the list item is a URI
Fixes Issue #0000381
* tests/rdfa11/ 29 failures - 0114 passes
* tests/rdfa11/0114.out: Correct expected result based on original
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
Fix URI resolving with reference uri '?y'
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): When reference uri has no path,
copy the base path over.
(main): Correct the test case expected result for '?y' following
RFC3986 section 5.4.1 Normal examples. Add test case based on
RDFa 1.1 test 0114
* tests/rdfa11/ 30 failures - 0234 passes
* tests/rdfa11/0234.out: Fix test URI
* tests/rdfa11/ notes
* tests/rdfa11/ 32 failures - 0295 passes
* tests/rdfa11/0295.out: Update XML ns; remove non-ascii junk
* tests/rdfa11/ 32 failures - 0259 passes
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_curie): Get XML namespace from constnat
2012-06-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c:
Raptor locator accessor for guess parser struct
raptor_parser_factory_s gains optional get_locator method.
(raptor_parser_get_locator): Call factory get_locator method if
present, otherwise use field.
(raptor_guess_guess_get_locator): Added to get locator from inner
parser if it exists.
2012-06-11 Dave Beckett <>
* Compare libcurl hex vernums as strings
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Cast language length again
* src/raptor_internal.h: Remove redundant
* librdfa/ Add missing librdfa files to dist
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add prototype for
* tests/rdfa11/0226.out, tests/rdfa11/0226.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0227.out, tests/rdfa11/0227.xml: Updated RDFa 1.1
tests 0226 and 0227 after upstream change
Switches from (fake) rdf:inlist property to ex:inlist in namespace
2012-06-10 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa11/
33 failures
* tests/rdfa11/0221.out: Add <uri> rdf:value <foo> triple that is
also generated by librdfa
* tests/rdfa11/0218.out: Fix test URI
* tests/rdfa11/0201.out: Fix test URI to .xml
* tests/rdfa11/0220.out: Add <uri> rdf:value <foo> triple that is
also generated by librdfa
* tests/rdfa11/0197.out: Add other triples not tested in sparql
* tests/rdfa11/ More failures detail
* tests/rdfa11/0255.out: 1 triple plain literal test
* tests/rdfa11/ 39 failures
* tests/rdfa11/0061.xml, tests/rdfa11/0062.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0076.xml, tests/rdfa11/0077.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0172.xml, tests/rdfa11/0173.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0260.xml: Format some tests as XHTML1 as the only
expected input form. 0061 0062 0076 0077 0172 0173 0260 are
marked in the test manifest as only having a host language
* tests/rdfa11/0260.out: Fix test URI
* tests/rdfa11/ 44 failures
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_inscope_xml_language): Allow returning ""
* tests/rdfa11/0296.out: Add vocab triple and homepage one that
sparql ommits
* tests/rdfa11/0259.out: Add test URI
* tests/rdfa11/0258.out: FIx test URI
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Simplify and fix languag handling
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h: Move git-version.h
include to just one module to speed up recompiles.
2012-06-09 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa11/ 0295
* tests/rdfa11/0295.out:
Test passes if >0 triples are generated
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_parse_start): Set initial line/column to unknown.
* librdfa/rdfa.c: librdfa in raptor - pass back error line number
info to user
(start_element): Update locator from SAX2
* tests/rdfa11/ 50 failures
* tests/rdfa11/0189.out: Fix test URI
* tests/rdfa11/0187.out: Fix output vocabs
* tests/rdfa11/ 0304 note
* src/raptor_internal.h: Redefine rdfa_update_uri_mappings to
internal symbol
* tests/rdfa11/ 52 failures
* tests/rdfa11/0301.out, tests/rdfa11/0302.out,
tests/rdfa11/0303.out: Use exact output triples including
* tests/rdfa11/0258.out: 1 triple
* tests/rdfa11/ 53 failures
* tests/rdfa11/0272.out, tests/rdfa11/0273.out,
tests/rdfa11/0274.out, tests/rdfa11/0275.out,
tests/rdfa11/0276.out, tests/rdfa11/0277.out,
tests/rdfa11/0278.out, tests/rdfa11/0279.out,
tests/rdfa11/0280.out, tests/rdfa11/0281.out,
tests/rdfa11/0282.out, tests/rdfa11/0283.out,
tests/rdfa11/0284.out, tests/rdfa11/0285.out,
tests/rdfa11/0286.out, tests/rdfa11/0287.out: Fixed expected
output bnode subject to be test URI
* tests/rdfa11/0188.out, tests/rdfa11/0189.out: Add usesVocabulary
triple which comes from @vocab - why!?
* tests/rdfa11/0186.out: Add usesVocabulary triple which comes
from @vocab - why!?
* src/ Add librdfa/namespace.c
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Let rdfa_update_uri_mappings() handle RDFa
namespace starting.
* librdfa/, librdfa/namespace.c: Add namespace.c
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Handle @lang tag for raptor
* tests/rdfa11/0180.out: Expect 1 triple
* tests/rdfa11/0173.out: just 1 triple with a plain literal
* tests/rdfa11/ 58 failures
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(start_element): Do not abort @prefix handling too early
* tests/rdfa11/
0176 passes
* tests/rdfa11/0176.out: Use exact expected output for quick cmp
* tests/rdfa11/ Use cmp as a quicker test before doing
an rdfdiff
* tests/rdfa11/0107.out, tests/rdfa11/0122.out,
tests/rdfa11/0140.out, tests/rdfa11/0180.out,
tests/rdfa11/0235.out, tests/rdfa11/0258.out: Add expect 0 triples
* tests/rdfa11/0295.out: 0295 expected output
* tests/rdfa11/ comments
*, tests/, tests/rdfa11/0001.out,
tests/rdfa11/0001.xml, tests/rdfa11/0006.out,
tests/rdfa11/0006.xml, tests/rdfa11/0007.out,
tests/rdfa11/0007.xml, tests/rdfa11/0008.out,
tests/rdfa11/0008.xml, tests/rdfa11/0009.out,
tests/rdfa11/0009.xml, tests/rdfa11/0010.out,
tests/rdfa11/0010.xml, tests/rdfa11/0012.out,
tests/rdfa11/0012.xml, tests/rdfa11/0013.out,
tests/rdfa11/0013.xml, tests/rdfa11/0014.out,
tests/rdfa11/0014.xml, tests/rdfa11/0015.out,
tests/rdfa11/0015.xml, tests/rdfa11/0017.out,
tests/rdfa11/0017.xml, tests/rdfa11/0018.out,
tests/rdfa11/0018.xml, tests/rdfa11/0019.out,
tests/rdfa11/0019.xml, tests/rdfa11/0020.out,
tests/rdfa11/0020.xml, tests/rdfa11/0021.out,
tests/rdfa11/0021.xml, tests/rdfa11/0023.out,
tests/rdfa11/0023.xml, tests/rdfa11/0025.out,
tests/rdfa11/0025.xml, tests/rdfa11/0026.out,
tests/rdfa11/0026.xml, tests/rdfa11/0027.out,
tests/rdfa11/0027.xml, tests/rdfa11/0029.out,
tests/rdfa11/0029.xml, tests/rdfa11/0030.out,
tests/rdfa11/0030.xml, tests/rdfa11/0031.out,
tests/rdfa11/0031.xml, tests/rdfa11/0032.out,
tests/rdfa11/0032.xml, tests/rdfa11/0033.out,
tests/rdfa11/0033.xml, tests/rdfa11/0034.out,
tests/rdfa11/0034.xml, tests/rdfa11/0035.out,
tests/rdfa11/0035.xml, tests/rdfa11/0036.out,
tests/rdfa11/0036.xml, tests/rdfa11/0037.out,
tests/rdfa11/0037.xml, tests/rdfa11/0038.out,
tests/rdfa11/0038.xml, tests/rdfa11/0039.out,
tests/rdfa11/0039.xml, tests/rdfa11/0041.out,
tests/rdfa11/0041.xml, tests/rdfa11/0048.out,
tests/rdfa11/0048.xml, tests/rdfa11/0049.out,
tests/rdfa11/0049.xml, tests/rdfa11/0050.out,
tests/rdfa11/0050.xml, tests/rdfa11/0051.out,
tests/rdfa11/0051.xml, tests/rdfa11/0052.out,
tests/rdfa11/0052.xml, tests/rdfa11/0053.out,
tests/rdfa11/0053.xml, tests/rdfa11/0054.out,
tests/rdfa11/0054.xml, tests/rdfa11/0055.out,
tests/rdfa11/0055.xml, tests/rdfa11/0056.out,
tests/rdfa11/0056.xml, tests/rdfa11/0057.out,
tests/rdfa11/0057.xml, tests/rdfa11/0059.out,
tests/rdfa11/0059.xml, tests/rdfa11/0060.out,
tests/rdfa11/0060.xml, tests/rdfa11/0061.out,
tests/rdfa11/0061.xml, tests/rdfa11/0062.out,
tests/rdfa11/0062.xml, tests/rdfa11/0063.out,
tests/rdfa11/0063.xml, tests/rdfa11/0064.out,
tests/rdfa11/0064.xml, tests/rdfa11/0065.out,
tests/rdfa11/0065.xml, tests/rdfa11/0066.out,
tests/rdfa11/0066.xml, tests/rdfa11/0067.out,
tests/rdfa11/0067.xml, tests/rdfa11/0068.out,
tests/rdfa11/0068.xml, tests/rdfa11/0069.out,
tests/rdfa11/0069.xml, tests/rdfa11/0070.out,
tests/rdfa11/0070.xml, tests/rdfa11/0071.out,
tests/rdfa11/0071.xml, tests/rdfa11/0072.out,
tests/rdfa11/0072.xml, tests/rdfa11/0073.out,
tests/rdfa11/0073.xml, tests/rdfa11/0074.out,
tests/rdfa11/0074.xml, tests/rdfa11/0075.out,
tests/rdfa11/0075.xml, tests/rdfa11/0076.out,
tests/rdfa11/0076.xml, tests/rdfa11/0077.out,
tests/rdfa11/0077.xml, tests/rdfa11/0079.out,
tests/rdfa11/0079.xml, tests/rdfa11/0080.out,
tests/rdfa11/0080.xml, tests/rdfa11/0083.out,
tests/rdfa11/0083.xml, tests/rdfa11/0084.out,
tests/rdfa11/0084.xml, tests/rdfa11/0085.out,
tests/rdfa11/0085.xml, tests/rdfa11/0087.out,
tests/rdfa11/0087.xml, tests/rdfa11/0088.out,
tests/rdfa11/0088.xml, tests/rdfa11/0089.out,
tests/rdfa11/0089.xml, tests/rdfa11/0091.out,
tests/rdfa11/0091.xml, tests/rdfa11/0093.out,
tests/rdfa11/0093.xml, tests/rdfa11/0099.out,
tests/rdfa11/0099.xml, tests/rdfa11/0104.out,
tests/rdfa11/0104.xml, tests/rdfa11/0106.out,
tests/rdfa11/0106.xml, tests/rdfa11/0107.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0108.out, tests/rdfa11/0108.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0109.out, tests/rdfa11/0109.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0110.out, tests/rdfa11/0110.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0111.out, tests/rdfa11/0111.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0112.out, tests/rdfa11/0112.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0113.out, tests/rdfa11/0113.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0114.out, tests/rdfa11/0114.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0115.out, tests/rdfa11/0115.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0117.out, tests/rdfa11/0117.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0118.out, tests/rdfa11/0118.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0119.out, tests/rdfa11/0119.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0120.out, tests/rdfa11/0120.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0121.out, tests/rdfa11/0121.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0122.xml, tests/rdfa11/0126.out,
tests/rdfa11/0126.xml, tests/rdfa11/0131.out,
tests/rdfa11/0131.xml, tests/rdfa11/0134.out,
tests/rdfa11/0134.xml, tests/rdfa11/0140.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0147.out, tests/rdfa11/0147.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0172.out, tests/rdfa11/0172.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0173.out, tests/rdfa11/0173.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0174.out, tests/rdfa11/0174.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0175.out, tests/rdfa11/0175.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0176.out, tests/rdfa11/0176.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0177.out, tests/rdfa11/0177.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0178.out, tests/rdfa11/0178.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0179.out, tests/rdfa11/0179.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0180.xml, tests/rdfa11/0181.out,
tests/rdfa11/0181.xml, tests/rdfa11/0182.out,
tests/rdfa11/0182.xml, tests/rdfa11/0183.out,
tests/rdfa11/0183.xml, tests/rdfa11/0186.out,
tests/rdfa11/0186.xml, tests/rdfa11/0187.out,
tests/rdfa11/0187.xml, tests/rdfa11/0188.out,
tests/rdfa11/0188.xml, tests/rdfa11/0189.out,
tests/rdfa11/0189.xml, tests/rdfa11/0190.out,
tests/rdfa11/0190.xml, tests/rdfa11/0196.out,
tests/rdfa11/0196.xml, tests/rdfa11/0197.out,
tests/rdfa11/0197.xml, tests/rdfa11/0198.out,
tests/rdfa11/0198.xml, tests/rdfa11/0201.out,
tests/rdfa11/0201.xml, tests/rdfa11/0202.out,
tests/rdfa11/0202.xml, tests/rdfa11/0203.out,
tests/rdfa11/0203.xml, tests/rdfa11/0206.out,
tests/rdfa11/0206.xml, tests/rdfa11/0207.out,
tests/rdfa11/0207.xml, tests/rdfa11/0213.out,
tests/rdfa11/0213.xml, tests/rdfa11/0214.out,
tests/rdfa11/0214.xml, tests/rdfa11/0216.out,
tests/rdfa11/0216.xml, tests/rdfa11/0217.out,
tests/rdfa11/0217.xml, tests/rdfa11/0218.out,
tests/rdfa11/0218.xml, tests/rdfa11/0219.out,
tests/rdfa11/0219.xml, tests/rdfa11/0220.out,
tests/rdfa11/0220.xml, tests/rdfa11/0221.out,
tests/rdfa11/0221.xml, tests/rdfa11/0222.out,
tests/rdfa11/0222.xml, tests/rdfa11/0223.out,
tests/rdfa11/0223.xml, tests/rdfa11/0224.out,
tests/rdfa11/0224.xml, tests/rdfa11/0225.out,
tests/rdfa11/0225.xml, tests/rdfa11/0226.out,
tests/rdfa11/0226.xml, tests/rdfa11/0227.out,
tests/rdfa11/0227.xml, tests/rdfa11/0228.out,
tests/rdfa11/0228.xml, tests/rdfa11/0229.out,
tests/rdfa11/0229.xml, tests/rdfa11/0230.out,
tests/rdfa11/0230.xml, tests/rdfa11/0231.out,
tests/rdfa11/0231.xml, tests/rdfa11/0232.out,
tests/rdfa11/0232.xml, tests/rdfa11/0233.out,
tests/rdfa11/0233.xml, tests/rdfa11/0234.out,
tests/rdfa11/0234.xml, tests/rdfa11/0235.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0236.out, tests/rdfa11/0236.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0237.out, tests/rdfa11/0237.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0238.out, tests/rdfa11/0238.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0239.out, tests/rdfa11/0239.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0246.out, tests/rdfa11/0246.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0247.out, tests/rdfa11/0247.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0248.out, tests/rdfa11/0248.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0249.out, tests/rdfa11/0249.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0250.out, tests/rdfa11/0250.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0251.out, tests/rdfa11/0251.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0252.out, tests/rdfa11/0252.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0253.out, tests/rdfa11/0253.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0254.out, tests/rdfa11/0254.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0255.out, tests/rdfa11/0255.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0256.out, tests/rdfa11/0256.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0257.out, tests/rdfa11/0257.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0258.xml, tests/rdfa11/0259.out,
tests/rdfa11/0259.xml, tests/rdfa11/0260.out,
tests/rdfa11/0260.xml, tests/rdfa11/0261.out,
tests/rdfa11/0261.xml, tests/rdfa11/0262.out,
tests/rdfa11/0262.xml, tests/rdfa11/0263.out,
tests/rdfa11/0263.xml, tests/rdfa11/0264.out,
tests/rdfa11/0264.xml, tests/rdfa11/0265.out,
tests/rdfa11/0265.xml, tests/rdfa11/0266.out,
tests/rdfa11/0266.xml, tests/rdfa11/0267.out,
tests/rdfa11/0267.xml, tests/rdfa11/0268.out,
tests/rdfa11/0268.xml, tests/rdfa11/0269.out,
tests/rdfa11/0269.xml, tests/rdfa11/0271.out,
tests/rdfa11/0271.xml, tests/rdfa11/0272.out,
tests/rdfa11/0272.xml, tests/rdfa11/0273.out,
tests/rdfa11/0273.xml, tests/rdfa11/0274.out,
tests/rdfa11/0274.xml, tests/rdfa11/0275.out,
tests/rdfa11/0275.xml, tests/rdfa11/0276.out,
tests/rdfa11/0276.xml, tests/rdfa11/0277.out,
tests/rdfa11/0277.xml, tests/rdfa11/0278.out,
tests/rdfa11/0278.xml, tests/rdfa11/0279.out,
tests/rdfa11/0279.xml, tests/rdfa11/0280.out,
tests/rdfa11/0280.xml, tests/rdfa11/0281.out,
tests/rdfa11/0281.xml, tests/rdfa11/0282.out,
tests/rdfa11/0282.xml, tests/rdfa11/0283.out,
tests/rdfa11/0283.xml, tests/rdfa11/0284.out,
tests/rdfa11/0284.xml, tests/rdfa11/0285.out,
tests/rdfa11/0285.xml, tests/rdfa11/0286.out,
tests/rdfa11/0286.xml, tests/rdfa11/0287.out,
tests/rdfa11/0287.xml, tests/rdfa11/0289.out,
tests/rdfa11/0289.xml, tests/rdfa11/0290.out,
tests/rdfa11/0290.xml, tests/rdfa11/0291.out,
tests/rdfa11/0291.xml, tests/rdfa11/0292.out,
tests/rdfa11/0292.xml, tests/rdfa11/0293.out,
tests/rdfa11/0293.xml, tests/rdfa11/0295.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0296.out, tests/rdfa11/0296.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0297.out, tests/rdfa11/0297.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0298.out, tests/rdfa11/0298.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0299.out, tests/rdfa11/0299.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0300.out, tests/rdfa11/0300.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0301.out, tests/rdfa11/0301.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0302.out, tests/rdfa11/0302.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0303.out, tests/rdfa11/0303.xml,
tests/rdfa11/0304.out, tests/rdfa11/0304.xml,
tests/rdfa11/ Add RDFa 1.1 tests and expected failures
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Crash fix for @prefix
(start_element): Do not crash if strtok_r returns NULL during walk
through @prefix. Instead, abort attribute prefix search This
makes RDFA 1.0 test 0209 work for me
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Default for parser 'rdfa' is whatever
librdfa does by default
* librdfa/lists.c: Removed assignment of never-read 'triple'
variable [clang]
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Make failure to convert Turtle qname log as
level error not fatal
2012-06-08 Dave Beckett <>
* Restore README and NEWS building for building from
* RELEASE.html: 2.0.8
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.12,
Added ChangeLog.12 for 2011
* docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml: Updated uri tmpl
* src/snprintf.c: Prototypes for test functions to remove GCC
format warnings
* src/, src/snprintf.c: Add snprintf module simple unit
* Set CPPFLAGS temporarily before libxml and libxslt
* Make stripping -O flags (for maintainer) work
unless --enable-release
* --enable-debug no longer adds -g to CFLAGS
2012-06-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_lexer.l, src/turtle_parser.y: Remove fatal errors
when a Turtle qname cannot be found
(turtle_lexer_error): Renamed from turtle_lexer_fatal_error and
takes a log level and now is in varargs format.
{QNAME}: Call turtle_lexer_error with a regular error log level
and provide user level information on the qname that failed.
Updated other calls to turtle_lexer_fatal error.
(turtle_syntax_error): Call raptor_parser_log_error_varargs().
Fixes Issue#0000507
* src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c:
Pass in log level to parser error helper
(raptor_parser_log_error_varargs): Renamed from
raptor_parser_error_varargs and pass on log level to
* librdfa/, librdfa/config.h: Add librdfa config.h to
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): Bad cast for language len
* utils/
Improve building of rdfdiff
Declare rdfdiff as noinst_PROGRAMS instead of EXTRA_PROGRAMS, so
that it's always built (but not installed)
There is no need to mention rdfdiff in CLEANFILES, as Automake
already knows to clean it
* tests/grddl/, tests/json/,
tests/ntriples/, tests/rdfa/,
tests/rdfxml/, tests/trig/,
Fixes for out of tree testing
Place the path to rapper in a variable RAPPER that can be
overridden by the user and ensure all instances have a $(EXEEXT)
Use $(RAPPER) instead of the path to same in target bodies.
Place the path to rdfdiff in a variable RDFDIFF that can be
overridden by the user.
Use $(RDFDIFF) instead of the path to same in target bodies
* tests/feeds/ Fixes for feeds testing for out of tree
builds and portability
Do not use a variable containing a list of filenames both in a
target's dependencies and in the target body, at least outside of
maintainer mode. Make on Solaris 8 has a funny idea of how to
implement VPATH; it modifies the value of the variable by
prefixing the srcdir path to each filename therein, and this
breaks our rule code.
Remove the use of $? as this is not well-supported outside of GNU
Make and the semantics of it are not needed or wanted.
Adjust check-validate-atom target to look for input fields in
either builddir or srcdir since some are generated and some are
* tests/feeds/ TRANG in a variable and add docs ptr
* src/
Fixes for out of tree builds of library
Declare the turtle lex/yacc sources as BUILT_SOURCES, to take
advantage of Automake semantics for these.
Remove LEX and YACC variables, as these are already handled
Replaced all instances of $(srcdir)/.. with $(top_srcdir)
Added some guard logic to the turtle_lexer.c rule so that it
doesn't erroneously generate the target file.
Added dummy turtle_lexer.h and turtle_parser.h rules to satisfy
Fixed a typo in the raptor_parse_test rule
* docs/
Fixes for out of tree builds of docs
Removed $(builddir)/ from target files since that is where they
already are.
raptor2.h is a file generated by config.status, so it always lives
in $(builddir), not $(srcdir)
Replaced all instances of $(srcdir)/.. with $(top_srcdir)
Added "dist-hook-local: docs" so that the docs are generated
during a "make dist" if they haven't been generated already
(otherwise "make dist" fails when they can't be found)
* Quote testing $use_memory_signing
Make all AC_ARG_WITH(blah) options handle --without-blah correctly
Now these forms can be used
--with-foo - enable feature
--without-foo - disable feature
--with-foo=blah - enable and give a value
--with-foo= - (default action) enable and search for value
(not given) - (default action) enable and search for value
for --with-xml2-config, --with-xslt-config, --with-curl-config,
--with-icu-config and --with-libwww-config where 'no' can be used
to disable it and prevent automatic searches for the config script
in the PATH.
Fix some configure portability issues
Fixed a typo in the STRCASECMP conditional
Set CPPFLAGS whether or not the check for xsltSaveResultToString
succeeds, because AC_CHECK_HEADERS() depends on this and the
result of the header check should not depend on the result of the
lib check.
Put -DRAPTOR_DEBUG and -DMAINTAINER_MODE into the config header
instead of CPPFLAGS. This prevents the flags from potentially
being passed to "make distcheck" builds, where they can cause
trouble (e.g. absence of git-version.h header)
Removed -g from maintainer CPPFLAGS since it does not belong there
and add to CFLAGS when --enable-debug is given.
Fix README and NEWS building - only for maintainer
Generate NEWS in $(srcdir) as automake won't look for it in
Remove not needed dist-hook target since README and NEWS are
copied in by the standard 'make dist' mechanism.
* Support NOCONFIGURE variable, like Lib{XML2,XSLT}
2012-06-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/snprintf.c: Portability improvements to vsnprintf code and
(vsnprintf_check_is_c99): Initialize len to -1 when the variable
is declared instead of in the macro to remove redundancy.
(vsnprintf_is_c99): Check that len < size before looking at
tmp_buffer[len] otherwise we may be looking past the buffer size.
(macro VSNPRINTF_NOT_C99_BLOCK): free tmp_buffer when breaking out
of the while(1) loop. set len to a non-negative value in the
buffer != NULL case (raptor_vsnprintf2): Initialize len to -1 here
instead of in the VSNPRINTF_NOT_C99_BLOCK() macro. Return -1 if
format is NULL.
(raptor_vasprintf): Copy var args to re-use them when calling
* Make configure vsnprintf() check more
- Test program also needs <stdio.h> and (now) <stdlib.h>
- Declare is_c99() function as static to avoid "no previous
declaration" warning from GCC's -Wmissing-declarations
- Improved test to invoke vsnprintf(NULL, 0, ...) because on Solaris
8, the function returns -1 in this case but works normally otherwise
- Declare main(void) instead of main(int argc, char* argv) to avoid
"unused parameter" warnings
- Make test program return 0 if the test is successful,
as otherwise a false-positive result is possible (note that
AC_TRY_RUN() interprets failure to compile/link the program, etc.
the same as a non-zero program exit status)
- Make the test program return an exit status indicative of the
failure mode: 1 = non-NULL case fails, 10 = NULL case fails, 11
= both fail
- Use proper m4 quoting in modified code
* src/turtle_common.h: struct raptor_turtle_parser_s: trig field
is now int (compiler bugs)
* src/parsedate.y:
Include raptor headers here for CAST macros
2012-05-23 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(start_element): Start a raptor namespace for RDFa 1.1 @prefix
2012-05-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/snprintf.c:
(raptor_vsnprintf2): Fix uninitialized variable problems in non-c99
variant. Thanks to John Emmas for reporting.
- Compute len internally using int, not size_t as standard
vsnprintf() returns ints anyway. This fixes for negative value
comparison. Cast from size_t to int required for strlen() return
- Initialize len earlier
- Use passed in size if a buffer is given
2012-05-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Use #ifdef in parsedate code fragment
2012-05-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ win32 config
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(main): Store fread result in a size_t
* utils/rdfdiff.c: Fixed reference leak of blank->owner
* utils/rdfdiff.c: Add raptor internal macros when building
* utils/rapper.c, utils/rdfdiff.c: Need <io.h> on Windows for
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Removed const qualifier from
Fixes warning when passed as a non-const function argument
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(turtle_parse): Added casts to quell type-compatibility warnings
* src/strcasecmp.c: Removed needless <stdio.h> #include and main()
(assert_strcasecmp): Test raptor_strcasecmp(), not
whatever strcasecmp() resolves to
* src/raptor_xml.c: Changed quote to a char for better type
* src/raptor_uri.c:
URI test build fixes
Removed redundant WIN32_URI_TEST construct
Added STANDALONE cpp conditional around library functions
* src/raptor_term.c:
(raptor_new_term_from_literal): size_t and char casts.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Fix reference leaks for rss tag soup
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): Don't make a copy of
base_uri to pass to raptor_serializer_start_to_iostream(), because
this function already makes its own copy
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_feed_valid): Use time() instead of
gettimeofday() with struct timeval when HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY is not
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Moved the "atom:summary" short-circuit
up to prevent a potential memory leak ("predicate")
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Don't leak entry_uri
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Fixed some rdfxml parser memory leaks /
double frees
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_grammar): Fixed a memory leak
(raptor_rdfxml_end_element_grammar): Fixed a double-free() by
setting a pointer to NULL
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Broaden range of RDF/XML entity recognizing
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_recognise_syntax): Removed angle brackets
from the HAS_RDF_ENTITY* strings to allow recognition of documents
produced by Stanford's Protege software (and possibly others)
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_terminate): Fixed leaks when freeing
* src/raptor_log.c: Guard against a buffer underrun
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Change raptor_iostream offset type to
(raptor_iostream_tell): Cast it (BAD) to "unsigned long" here.
FIXME: Needs a new iostream API method that returns the full
offset as a size_t
* src/raptor_internal.h: Quell cpp warnings for undefined symbols
* src/raptor_general.c: Use RAPTOR_VERSION_STRING for
* src/parsedate.y: Quell cpp warnings for undefined symbols
(LookupWord): Use a cast to assign a size_t to an int
2012-05-17 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/rdfa/0304.out, tests/rdfa/0304.xml,
tests/rdfa/ Add approved test 0304 (SVG) - failing
* tests/rdfa/ 0294.xml now passes
* librdfa/curie.c: Do not match the 'xml' prefix in raptor
* tests/rdfa/ Remove unused unapproved test framework
* utils/rapper.1: typo
2012-05-16 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/config.h, librdfa/context.c, librdfa/curie.c,
librdfa/iri.c, librdfa/language.c, librdfa/lists.c,
librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h, librdfa/rdfa_utils.c,
librdfa/rdfa_utils.h, librdfa/strtok_r.c, librdfa/strtok_r.h,
librdfa/subject.c, librdfa/triple.c, src/,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c,
tests/rdfa/ Update librdfa in raptor to latest GIT and
make it work for RDFa 1.0
Add RDFa parser version aliases rdfa10, rdfa11 and default to 1.1
Existing RDFa 1.0 tests pass ONLY IF RDFa 1.0 is forced with -i rdfa10
* tests/ntriples/bug-481.out: Add surrogate chars to bug 481
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/bad-15.ttl,
tests/turtle/bad-16.ttl: Add (currently) bad turtle forms of bnode
* tests/turtle/, tests/turtle/test-38.out,
tests/turtle/test-38.ttl: Turtle test 38 for reading/writing
UTF-16 surrogates
Test for Issue #0000505
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Do not report double errors for Turtle
string decoding problems.
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/turtle_common.c:
Handle errors from raptor_unicode_utf8_string_put_char
(raptor_string_python_write, raptor_ntriples_term): Store result
in int and only use it if positive.
Part of fix for Issue #0000505
* src/raptor_unicode.c:
Allow reading/writing U+D800 to U+DFFF (UTF-16 surrogates)
(raptor_unicode_utf8_string_get_char): Should be ok to pass
through. Leaving the BOMs as forbidden - definitely not UTF-8
Part of fix for Issue #0000505
* tests/rdfa/0001.out, tests/rdfa/0001.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0001.xml,
tests/rdfa/0006.out, tests/rdfa/0006.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0006.xml,
tests/rdfa/0007.out, tests/rdfa/0007.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0007.xml,
tests/rdfa/0008.out, tests/rdfa/0008.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0008.xml,
tests/rdfa/0009.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0009.xml, tests/rdfa/0010.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0010.xml, tests/rdfa/0011.out, tests/rdfa/0011.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0012.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0012.xml, tests/rdfa/0013.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0013.xml, tests/rdfa/0014.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0014.xml,
tests/rdfa/0015.out, tests/rdfa/0015.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0015.xml,
tests/rdfa/0017.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0017.xml, tests/rdfa/0018.out,
tests/rdfa/0018.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0018.xml, tests/rdfa/0019.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0019.xml, tests/rdfa/0020.out, tests/rdfa/0020.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0020.xml, tests/rdfa/0021.out, tests/rdfa/0021.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0021.xml, tests/rdfa/0023.out, tests/rdfa/0023.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0023.xml, tests/rdfa/0025.out, tests/rdfa/0025.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0025.xml, tests/rdfa/0026.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0026.xml,
tests/rdfa/0027.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0027.xml, tests/rdfa/0029.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0029.xml, tests/rdfa/0030.out, tests/rdfa/0030.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0030.xml, tests/rdfa/0031.out, tests/rdfa/0031.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0031.xml, tests/rdfa/0032.out, tests/rdfa/0032.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0032.xml, tests/rdfa/0033.out, tests/rdfa/0033.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0033.xml, tests/rdfa/0034.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0034.xml,
tests/rdfa/0035.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0035.xml, tests/rdfa/0036.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0036.xml, tests/rdfa/0037.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0037.xml,
tests/rdfa/0038.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0038.xml, tests/rdfa/0039.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0039.xml, tests/rdfa/0040.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0040.xml,
tests/rdfa/0041.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0041.xml, tests/rdfa/0042.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0042.xml, tests/rdfa/0046.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0046.xml,
tests/rdfa/0047.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0047.xml, tests/rdfa/0048.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0048.xml, tests/rdfa/0049.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0049.xml,
tests/rdfa/0050.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0050.xml, tests/rdfa/0051.out,
tests/rdfa/0051.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0051.xml, tests/rdfa/0052.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0052.xml, tests/rdfa/0053.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0053.xml,
tests/rdfa/0054.out, tests/rdfa/0054.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0054.xml,
tests/rdfa/0055.out, tests/rdfa/0055.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0055.xml,
tests/rdfa/0056.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0056.xml, tests/rdfa/0057.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0057.xml, tests/rdfa/0058.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0058.xml,
tests/rdfa/0059.out, tests/rdfa/0059.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0059.xml,
tests/rdfa/0060.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0060.xml, tests/rdfa/0061.out,
tests/rdfa/0061.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0061.xml, tests/rdfa/0062.out,
tests/rdfa/0062.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0062.xml, tests/rdfa/0063.out,
tests/rdfa/0063.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0063.xml, tests/rdfa/0064.out,
tests/rdfa/0064.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0064.xml, tests/rdfa/0065.out,
tests/rdfa/0065.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0065.xml, tests/rdfa/0066.out,
tests/rdfa/0066.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0066.xml, tests/rdfa/0067.out,
tests/rdfa/0067.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0067.xml, tests/rdfa/0068.out,
tests/rdfa/0068.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0068.xml, tests/rdfa/0069.out,
tests/rdfa/0069.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0069.xml, tests/rdfa/0070.out,
tests/rdfa/0070.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0070.xml, tests/rdfa/0071.out,
tests/rdfa/0071.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0071.xml, tests/rdfa/0072.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0072.xml, tests/rdfa/0073.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0073.xml,
tests/rdfa/0074.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0074.xml, tests/rdfa/0075.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0075.xml, tests/rdfa/0076.out, tests/rdfa/0076.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0076.xml, tests/rdfa/0077.out, tests/rdfa/0077.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0077.xml, tests/rdfa/0078.out, tests/rdfa/0078.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0078.xml, tests/rdfa/0079.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0079.xml,
tests/rdfa/0080.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0080.xml, tests/rdfa/0081.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0081.xml, tests/rdfa/0082.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0082.xml,
tests/rdfa/0083.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0083.xml, tests/rdfa/0084.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0084.xml, tests/rdfa/0085.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0085.xml,
tests/rdfa/0086.out, tests/rdfa/0086.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0087.out,
tests/rdfa/0087.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0087.xml, tests/rdfa/0088.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0088.xml, tests/rdfa/0089.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0089.xml,
tests/rdfa/0090.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0090.xml, tests/rdfa/0091.out,
tests/rdfa/0091.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0091.xml, tests/rdfa/0092.out,
tests/rdfa/0092.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0093.out, tests/rdfa/0093.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0093.xml, tests/rdfa/0094.out, tests/rdfa/0094.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0099.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0099.xml, tests/rdfa/0100.out,
tests/rdfa/0100.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0101.out, tests/rdfa/0101.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0102.out, tests/rdfa/0102.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0103.out,
tests/rdfa/0103.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0104.out, tests/rdfa/0104.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0104.xml, tests/rdfa/0105.out, tests/rdfa/0105.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0106.out, tests/rdfa/0106.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0106.xml,
tests/rdfa/0107.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0107.xml, tests/rdfa/0108.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0108.xml, tests/rdfa/0109.out, tests/rdfa/0109.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0109.xml, tests/rdfa/0110.out, tests/rdfa/0110.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0110.xml, tests/rdfa/0111.out, tests/rdfa/0111.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0111.xml, tests/rdfa/0112.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0112.xml,
tests/rdfa/0113.out, tests/rdfa/0113.xml, tests/rdfa/0114.out,
tests/rdfa/0114.xml, tests/rdfa/0115.out, tests/rdfa/0115.xml,
tests/rdfa/0117.out, tests/rdfa/0117.xml, tests/rdfa/0118.out,
tests/rdfa/0118.xml, tests/rdfa/0119.out, tests/rdfa/0119.xml,
tests/rdfa/0120.out, tests/rdfa/0120.xml, tests/rdfa/0121.out,
tests/rdfa/0121.xml, tests/rdfa/0122.out, tests/rdfa/0122.xml,
tests/rdfa/0126.out, tests/rdfa/0126.xml, tests/rdfa/0131.out,
tests/rdfa/0131.xml, tests/rdfa/0134.out, tests/rdfa/0134.xml,
tests/rdfa/0140.out, tests/rdfa/0140.xml, tests/rdfa/0147.out,
tests/rdfa/0147.xml, tests/rdfa/0172.out, tests/rdfa/0172.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0172.xml, tests/rdfa/0173.out, tests/rdfa/0173.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0173.xml, tests/rdfa/0174.out, tests/rdfa/0174.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0174.xml, tests/rdfa/0181.out, tests/rdfa/0181.xml,
tests/rdfa/0197.out, tests/rdfa/0197.xml, tests/rdfa/0201.out,
tests/rdfa/0201.xml, tests/rdfa/0202.out, tests/rdfa/0202.xml,
tests/rdfa/0203.out, tests/rdfa/0203.xml, tests/rdfa/0207.out,
tests/rdfa/0207.xml, tests/rdfa/0209.out, tests/rdfa/0209.xml,
tests/rdfa/0210.out, tests/rdfa/0210.xml, tests/rdfa/0211.out,
tests/rdfa/0211.xml, tests/rdfa/0212.out, tests/rdfa/0212.xml,
tests/rdfa/0215.out, tests/rdfa/0215.xml, tests/rdfa/0258.out,
tests/rdfa/0258.xml, tests/rdfa/0262.out, tests/rdfa/0262.xml,
tests/rdfa/0291.out, tests/rdfa/0291.xml, tests/rdfa/0292.out,
tests/rdfa/0292.xml, tests/rdfa/0294.out, tests/rdfa/0294.xml,
tests/rdfa/1001.out, tests/rdfa/1001.xhtml, tests/rdfa/
Update RDFa 1.0 tests
- Rename test files to .xml so expected result urls are correct
- Just approved tests
- Turned sparql queries into expected triple output
- Hand edited all negative tests to expect 0 triples
- Removed duplicate xmlns from generated xml
- 0201.xml 0202.xml 0203.xml are SVG not XHTML; altered expected
output triples
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_uri): Pulled from newer RDFA git
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(rdfa_init_base): Calculate buffer expansion correctly
Pulled from newer RDFA git
* tests/rdfa/ check-rdfa: Allow rapper result
warning (status 2) as success
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Do not generate blank node predicate RDFa
(raptor_librdfa_generate_statement): Return warning instead of
generating blank node predicate RDFa triples. Maybe should be
* Add strtok_r check for upcoming librdfa RDFA 1.1
2012-05-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_qname.c: doc
2012-05-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_libxml.c:
(raptor_libxml_resolveEntity): Init entity_input [clang]
2012-04-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_www_curl.c:
(raptor_www_curl_header_callback): Do not send CRNL to URI
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: Interpret Content-Location header as
absolute or relative URI
(raptor_www_curl_header_callback): Use
raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base_counted to construct URI relative
to current base.
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base_counted): Added
2012-03-30 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml: Update
api docs for turtle write fns
* Merge pull request #3 from Anchakor/node_rw_turtle_string
turtle uri and term writing/tostring functions
2012-03-29 Jiří Procházka <>
* src/, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
raptor_term_to_turtle_counted_string): add counted string
versions. style and docs changes
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'dajobe/master' into
2012-03-23 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor2-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/section-www.sgml: Add
raptor_www_set_ssl_verify_option to docs - missing 's' in sections
* RELEASE.html:
2012-03-22 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to 2.0.8
* Snapshotted raptor2_2_0_7 for 2.0.7 release (GIT
2012-01-29 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c, src/, src/raptor_libxml.c,
src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: CVE-2012-0037
Enforce entity loading policy in raptor_libxml_resolveEntity and
raptor_libxml_getEntity by checking for file URIs and network
for turning on loading of XML external entity loading, disabled by
This affects all the parsers that use SAX2: rdfxml, rdfa,
rss-tag-soup (and aliases).
2012-03-15 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Pass on options NO_NET and NO_FILE to RDFA SAX2
2012-03-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_general.c:
(raptor_world_default_generate_bnodeid_handler): size_t for
* src/snprintf.c:
(raptor_format_integer): cast for comparing width to len
* INSTALL.html,, src/,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_nfc.c, src/raptor_nfc.h,
src/raptor_nfc_data.c, src/raptor_nfc_icu.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_unicode.c: Use ICU to check for Unicode NFC
This commit removes the built-in Raptor code for checking that
RDF/XML literals in Unicode NFC. This is now provided by the ICU
library which is only linked in if configure is given the
--with-icu-config=PATH argument.
1. Removes a large compiled-in static dataset in the library and
makes raptor smaller.
2. Uses a library that is kept up to date for new Unicode
3. Should make RDF/XML parsing faster since it does not need to
check for NFC on every literal.
1. Removes an existing (but likely rarely used) feature
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c:
Run all tests, fix file decoding
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: size_t
2012-02-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/snprintf.c:
(raptor_format_integer): Return size_t for this internal function.
2012-02-17 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-option.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-sax2.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-uri.sgml: Update tmpls
2012-02-13 Lauri Aalto <>
require automake 1.11.2+ for -Wextra-portability
2012-02-08 Dave Beckett <>
* build/.gitignore, Add automake option
-Wextra-portability and AM_PROG_AR to make it happy
2012-02-04 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c:
Put raptor_option_get_count() out of the loops
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_new_parser): Set default strictness
* docs/raptor2-sections.txt: docs
* ChangeLog, RELEASE.html: 2.0.7
* src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
(raptor_object_options_init): Move default option settings here
* RELEASE.html, docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_www.c,
src/raptor_www_curl.c: Add options for controlling SSL certificate
Add options RAPTOR_OPTION_WWW_SSL_VERIFY_PEER for controlling
verifying an SSL peer. Takes an integer value: non-0 to verify
peer SSL certificate (default 1)
Add option RAPTOR_OPTION_WWW_SSL_VERIFY_HOST for controlling
verifying an SSL host. Takes an integer value: 0 none, 1 CN
match, 2 host match (default). Other values are ignored.
(raptor_www_set_ssl_verify_options): Added to set the verify
options on the raptor_www object.
Fixes Issue #0000469
* INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html, NEWS.html, README.html,
RELEASE.html, TODO.html, UPGRADING.html: 2011
* tidy xml parser message
*, src/, src/raptor_expat.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_sax2.c:
Remove expat support
Update configure to properly let you build raptor without any XML
support either - it only needs it if a parser that requires XML is
2012-02-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_check_load_uri_string): Failure returned
* src/raptor_uri.c: casts
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_from_uri_or_file_string): Never free
* src/raptor_uri.c: Make raptor_new_uri_from_uri_or_file_string
check for files first.
(raptor_new_uri_from_uri_or_file_string): If the arg is a file
that exists, use that as the path.
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_filename_exists): Added
2012-02-01 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_parse_chunk): Return parse errors to caller.
Fixes part of Issue #0000488
* src/raptor_json.c:
(raptor_json_new_term_from_counted_string): RAPTOR_BAD_CAST for
shortening size_t -> int cast
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(turtle_parse,raptor_turtle_parse_chunk): Return parse error
status to caller
Fixes Issue #0000488
2012-01-30 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_uri.c: More file
URI updates
(raptor_new_uri_from_uri_or_file_string): Added new constructor
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_counted_filename): Removed
(raptor_sax2_check_load_uri_string): Use
raptor_new_uri_from_uri_or_file_string() and just check for file:
(raptor_uri_uri_string_is_file_uri): Just check for file:
(raptor_uri_file_exists): Check if URI is a file URI and the file
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c, utils/rapper.c:
Consolidate URI policy checks and call SAX2 uri filter
(raptor_sax2_check_load_uri_string): add and use for policy
checks, making file URIs from canonical filename and calling URI
filter callback on SAX2.
rapper (rapper_uri_trace): Use trace word since it is not just
2012-01-29 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_set_uri_filter): Added to filter for SAX2
* src/raptor_www.c:
(raptor_www_fetch): Return status code from URI filter
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, src/,
src/raptor_option.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Add RAPTOR_OPTION_NO_FILE to deny
internal file requests
* src/raptor_json.c:
Handle size changing between YAJL V1 and V2
Use RAPTOR_YAJL_LEN_TYPE macro to deal with the arg type change
2012-01-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c: code cleanup
* docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv, docs/raptor2-sections.txt,
src/, src/raptor_uri.c: Rename file uri string to
match convention
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_counted_filename_fragment): Added to
return count lengths
(raptor_uri_uri_string_is_file_uri): Use
raptor_uri_uri_string_to_counted_filename() after a simple URI
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename): Renamed from
raptor_uri_uri_string_as_filename and use above.
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_counted_filename): Added using above and
returning count.
*, docs/raptor-1-to-2-map.tsv,
docs/raptor2-sections.txt, src/, src/raptor_uri.c:
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c: Add internal SAX2
enabled flag for enabling/disabling callbacks